Pisces man thoughts and viewpoint

by Artem
(Los Angeles)

I'm a Pisces man. I read almost all of the comments you ladies posted about your experience. I can't speak for all of us but our sensitivity can be a big problem and too annoying. I know that most of the girls want a confident strong man to rely on. Not that we are weak but we do need support. As they say: If a man is a head then woman is a neck. Do not date Pisces if you expect they do everything for you.

You should be a girl who can support them in hard moments; even if you don't know how just bring them optimism, tell them they can. I believe the reason that Pisces are this way because of its sign, which is 2 fish swimming different direction. They can show you love one day and be closed in themselves the other. This is confusing and I understand why you ladies don't like it.

The biggest obstacle in Pisces life is to make those 2 fishes swim in one direction. It may seem easy to somebody but its a hard thing to do and they might use some help. Too much love is also a bad thing. You can't let them relax. Pisces need to understand that they can't let their other bad fish to loose you. Someone said about giving them their space. Due to their sensitivity Pisces might have many female friends. Again can't speak for everybody but most likely they are just friends. Ladies please don't be to jealous, only if there is an actual reason. If Pisces loves you he won't cheat.

I like how somebody said that Pisces are less likely to have one night stand. Its true sex is a sport for us, it is exchange of high intimate feelings which makes Pisces good lovers. (its not show off its your words ladies) The majority of you had a bad long term relationship with Pisces and they kept coming back and back again. This was the case when Pisces picked a wrong direction, against the water flow and then realized they did the wrong thing. That's what I did with my ex and feel terrible.

After all the lies (sometimes for no reason), going on my stupid principle and my ego I lost the most important person in my life. I know I won't make that mistake in the future and we, Pisces, usually learn the hard way. But I know Pisces who have changed, evolved (as some of you said), and overcame their bad sides and emotions. These are the men you want. My advice to men who feel as I do: You can change guys don't upset your loved once for no f***ng reason! Just put your fishes to the right direction.

To you ladies: Don't listen to stereotypes. If you see that his fishes move different direction, show him the right direction and I promise you won't regret. I learned the hard way. Hope nobody make my mistake and that I was helpful.

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Libra who loves her lost Pisces
by: ZeZeLoves

My sons father just left us 3 weeks ago. I am a Libra woman who is in love with a Pisces man. We have a son together who is two. We were each other’s rebound the first time around and I got pregnant. We were not together when I found out. He was in a rehab for alcoholism when our son was born. He is now 2 years sober and everything we had in common seemed to bring us closer. We had such fun together; we were on a spiritual journey together. He even joined my church with me which he initiated and said felt right (even after leaving) and tested living together which he initiated and said he loved. He told me he loved me every day.. Then poof, gone. said he was not being honest with himself or me and he didn’t see him spending his life with me, that he feels like I picked him and he was just going along becuase it was the right thing to do. I didnt persue him in the beginning, was just myself and we came together. Eventually I did push for things on occasion and I know that was wrong. If to do all over I wouldn’t get wrapped up in society and their ideal of love. I love him, will he come back? or did he never love me like he said? He slipped and called me honey on his last visit with our son and invited me to come along on the next visit but said it had nothing to do with us..Im so confused! Seeing posts like this gives me hope but I dont know if it is false hope. Help me please, I felt God brought us together and we were meant to be.

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