Pisces man trying to save the world

by Tracy
(Seattle, Wa)

Everything you have written about the Pisces man describes my ex-boyfriend. I'm a Leo woman. He would always put off being with me to go help anyone and everyone. He was always trying to save the world, but forgetting about the people in his life that truly loved him for him. He also was the person in my life that turned me on to some really kinky stuff which I am very grateful for. But in the end it didn't work because I needed a bit more attention than he was giving.

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Leo, Care and Feeding of your Pisces Man
by: Anonymous

Your claws are much sharper than you know and it's easy to hurt your Pisces man without meaning to. I'm in love with a Leo woman. Last night she ripped my heart in half accusing me of cheating(flirting) with some woman on facebook who asked to friend me. I had asked my woman if she knew this person and I was questioned/accused of cheating. Her way of accusing came more as a warning that "cats are very jealous" and I'm not allowed to flirt but she can. I have no cares in the world if she's flirting as long as her heart belongs to me, however, be aware of the hurt you can put on your Pisces.

You want and need the love your Pisces man will shower you with. You also need to protect him from yourself if you want to keep him. A Pisces man with a broken heart won't survive long without you working to be more sensitive and careing. IF you take care of his heart you'll have him for the rest of your life IF you choose to.

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