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I've really been fascinated by the information on this site relating to Virgo - Pisces relationships, as so much of it is spot on! My Pisces man and I have fireworks in the bedroom - but due to our poor compatibility in the communication department, we are on the verge of a break-up.

Neither of us feels listened to as I try my best to reason with my Pisces man, whilst he feels that I don't validate his feelings enough. If I'm honest, have to admit that I probably put too much pressure on him, which makes him feel trapped and defensive. He escapes into his dreams and aspirations and I feel resentful because our reality is falling apart.

I don't know how long we'll be able to hold on. Sadly, I'm starting to understand that sometimes, even a lot of love is just not enough to make a relationship work.

I truly love this site with all the information that I have read about. I myself dated a Pisces man and it seems that we were soulmates but we just couldn't get it together he would escape and disappear and swim away I just didn't understand it was it me or him I would try to plead with him he just was secretive and had to many other things going on in his life I just wonder can these relationships work at all?

They can definitely work! I'm a total believer in astrology, but everyone also has free will. Just because you might have personality differences doesn't mean it can't work.

I'm dating a Pisces man, and I must say the relationship is the best I ever had. the sex is amazing, his touch is just right I feel like he's my soulmate. but we also have many differences, ii sometimes feel like my Pisces lover don't care enough about my feelings (he probably feels the same way too) and we're scared of each other. over all we love each other a lot and it feels like im with my soulmate :)

I really don't think that Pisces man and Virgo are best match at all. As me, I'm Virgo, my mother is Pisces. I love my mother and she loves me because she knew I'm a good child. She never think about my other siblings as much as she is thinking about me. I believed it is not fair. Other hand, my boss is Pisces man. I have nothing common between him and I. He and I have less communication at work. I'm scare and afraid of him as he is my mother some what. At work, he realized on me as a good employee. That all I knew. Also, I don't believe Pisces because, Pisces is flirting around and check all the ladies. That is not my problem. lol, lol. Does any Virgo like that? No! Probably not! All of the twelve Zodiac sign are different just as we have a different DNA. Lol.... But some how he is a nice boss. I'm not criticized him but I figure it out for the truth; many ladies like him; I look at him not that way. I never feel for a Pisces in a romantic way at all but with my empathy and sympathy. I knew who I like and long for my soul mate. I want someone who is challenge me and smart with lots of knowledge...Lol. Ask Astrologer, the secret key is on our palms as well as on our Date Of Birth. He's, lol... Virgo cusp of Libra; I just step back from my Scorpio man after his Birthday because we are too distant and he seems not care. Why bother??? I just give up and let him go because I love him enough. LOL...

I'm a Virgo and my boyfriend is a Pisces, so far everything has been great. I feel we are very compatible in all aspects of our relationship. However, his adventurous attitude isn't what I'm used to in my planned out life, which is surprisingly a breath of fresh air. He balances me in that way, he's teaching me to not be so serious about things while I teach him to think things through more often. He's very open about his feelings for me whereas I don't like to show it as much out of fear of getting my feelings hurt. He always listens to my problems as I listen to his. Although his approach to certain situations and his gun-ho attitude is a bit frustrating, it all comes with his personality. He always makes me feel appreciated, making me grateful for that. We have the major zodiac differences but all in all everything is good otherwise. The sex is great and you never have to worry about a boring moment, but there are times where it seems like they are crazy nymphomaniacs, they aren't, they just like satisfying you. If your a Virgo woman like me, all you need is a little patience and an open mind to adventure and you two will be perfect.

I am a Virgo and I've been on and off with a Pisces man. He is so open and sometimes I get too overwhelmed. I've been learning to deal with our differences because I believe we really balance each other out. He helps me to be less stressed and I help him to think before he acts irrationally. Our sex is the best I've ever had. He is seriously all about pleasing me and we can go for hours without getting tired or bored because we are both very aesthetic people. I don't know where our relationship will lead, but if we can learn to appreciate our differences we will have a long, loving, lasting relationship.

I'm a Virgo woman and I must say that, "all of the entries I've read, I found to be sooo true!" I am dealing with a Pisces man and we have a very intimate relationship, both verbally and physically, but the other part of his life seems to be so secretive and chaotic. I don't know if I'm making any sense, but Pisces being who they are, frustrates Virgo women to the core, because we are such well organized, open and easy going people. I won't lie, I truly love how spontaneous he is, it really gives me the balance that I need, in not taking every moment of my life so seriously. I'm VERY excited to see what happens next, I'm SOOO ready for a new kind of change. Hope it's for the better! :)

All of this couldn't be any more true. I'm a Virgo woman dating a Pisces man and it's the most exhilarating experience I have ever had in the relationship department. It's as if we both feed off of each other and can never get enough. Each time we are together is always better than the previous leaving us to wanting more and more. My Pisces man can be a bit secretive at times but I'm learning that with a little patience, he opens up more and more. The intimacy is absolutely amazing and we truly compliment each other. I never thought that I would be able to find someone in which I could do that. We are both very open-minded and intellectual people that consume each other with hours of conversations on any and all subjects. Our very first initial phone conversation when meeting lasted six hours! We are both very emotional people but in different ways. He is more open with communicating when it comes to expressing his feelings versus my expressing my feelings through actions but it seems to work well as we both love the attention either way. His intuition can be a bit shocking yet amazing as he is very good at reading my thoughts anyway. In my opinion, this is one of the best astrology matches there is.

I'm a Virgo woman and I am very much attracted to a Pisces Man, based on what I've read and what you all commented, I am definitely willing to give it a shot in the near future. Will be here again to comment on how it goes. Thanks all for the information.

I'm Currently in a relationship with a Pisces, and I'll say that it's good at the beginning and sometimes, but your romance fades a bit after. I'm young so I don't have SEX to enhance our relationship so.. yeah lol. I really have nothing to talk about with him and you just constantly worry, and blame yourself. But if you really like the dude go for it whatever, but just, the relationship won't last long.

I am a Virgo women and met the love of my life 10 years ago he is a Pisces man. I would have to disagree with what they say about our compatibility. I do believe it can be hard but me and my husband have the best communication ever. he is like my lover and my best friend. We have made an agreement to always be honest with one another and tell each other everything. all has been great and the sex is amazing. But he is very dreamy, he takes all my wishes desires or feelings into consideration as I with his. It is by far the best relationship I have been in. He treats me like a queen and I treat him like a king. In order for this match or any match to work a lot of good communication is needed.

I have read the above and it is sooo true....Virgos lack patience in handling a Pisces man. I am a Virgo woman always attracted sentiments .Piscean men are very sensitive towards Virgos needs....he is a gentleman. Virgos don't like hurting but when frustration sets in the Virgo woman explodes. It is not intentional or deliberately she does not want to hurt her man. It is only at the spur of the moment. So I think both partners need to have patience in handling the fights and the relationship will work wonders.

I started to date a Pisces man - we felt as though we new each other for longer than we have, but we love each other and when I am with him I feel as though I am 17 years old. He calms me where other men just frustrated me. He listen to me and I listen to him. He and I are a bit older and we both have children and our own homes. He asked me to marry him and of course I excepted. He treats me like a princess and he tells me he is my prince. The love making is absolutely wonderful and long lasting. My sister is a Virgo and she is with her Pisces for ten years plus he is ten years her junior. We all have our little secrets, as long as they are innocent and do not hurt one another, everyone needs privacy. We communication very well, he is very respectful and polite. We are attentive to one another's need and he is protective of me. So far so good, he is not abusive and he want to bring me everywhere with him. He is open to a lot of ideas and he bring new ideas to the relationship. I have learned the picking get less as you get older. Take good care of your man and work on the relationship - keep communication open - you reap what you plant - keep God in the picture too.

I have loads of Pisces friends and their my bff's [best friends forever] I like a guy who is a Pisces, I don't get him sometimes though but that doesn't bother me, it gives me a lil adventure to deal with, I like to figure people out, with him for some reason I don't mind not knowing much about him, it makes me uneasy but still, I just have the feeling that I don't need to worry, [my feelings r always rite surprisingly o-o they say Pisces r psychic but I'm Virgo and I'm psychic]

I need help I am a Virgo and this boy is a Pisces it seems like he never wants to talk to me like I have to do all the talking. Ideas anyone?

I'm a Virgo girl and I dated a Pisces guy. How do I get him back? they aren't really good with confrontation

I am a Virgo woman and I have a very close friend who is a male Pisces. We share our deepest thoughts and our innermost secrets with one another. Deep down I feel like he has feelings for me and I know he thinks that I have feelings for him. He's very overprotective of me and my current relationship as am I with his. We both still however encourage each other to remain with our significant others and we never disrespect them by talking down about them. It's just those moments when something goes wrong in one of our relationships we rely on each other to feel better. Most of the comments are true he doesn't express his feelings for me but it's like I know they are there just by the way he touches my shoulder or goes the extra mile to make me feel better and I do the same for him. I love the person that I'm with but I've always been a hopeless romantic and I am very passionate, Although my friend and I have never been intimate. I am just wondering if my friend is a actually my soul mate. I really feel like he could be sometimes. Someone mentioned soul mate and he looked at me like he never looked at me before. I asked him why he looked at me like that and he said he just thought it was interesting and he asked me if I thought it was interesting. I noticed that a lot of the comments say that Pisces men like patience and they need stability but before I get there, how do I find out if he really does have feelings for me?

Pisces men when they swim they usually will say "I've been so stressed out at work that I need some of my space. im sorry I haven't been there its just everything is so overwhelming"

Pisces men when they swim....they usually have a secretive relationship. they at times try to victimize themselves turn things around. that's in the beginning. but a good handful are typically this way. They tend to fantasize romance but attract the wrong people that then conditioned them to be the way they are. They don't want to hurt people but at the end it is because they lie a lot...not honest. that in itself is hurting someone. BEST PART is that they don't feel guilty.

the whole idea they are not good with confrontation is bullshit of them being able to trick you and play you....

Pisces are only good when you let them have that extra girl and freedom. overtime what happens is they just might fall in love and then truly be good.

I am a Virgo women who has been with her Pisces man for 7 years and it has been a journey. A good one he is without a doubt the best partner/friend and lover that I have had. As many have said and I agree is that the communication side is the hardest part and needs work. I naturally like to talk too much and he doesn't and any issues we have had is based on this also the older you get the wiser you get to understanding your man and vice versa but even with these challenges I would say its the best partnership ever!

I have been with my Pisces man for a year now. It has been a part of my life that I would never change and I hope to have him for the rest of my life. He has been my best friend and the most amazing lover! He has given me compassion and feeling that I never knew existed in a man. We share a connection when we touch and when we make love. I have never needed a man like I feel like I need him...and on the other hand, he reads my needs and full fills me on so many different levels. Of course, every relationship has its ups and downs. I feel that I can be very needy and insecure and suspicious of him. I know I drive him nuts with wanting our relationship to be perfect and I constantly want him to dote over me and only me. Pisces men do not take criticism well and it goes straight to their heart. I have learned to think about what I say before I spout anything out. It is very important for the Virgo woman and Pisces man to understand one another strengths and weak nesses. It is so very true that it is hard for the Virgo woman to give the patience that a Pisces man requires. However, I have come to understand, with patience the Pisces man will come to you seeking your affection and security. Bottom line...love them and hold them lightly!

I'm a Virgo woman having a distant relationship with a Pisces man who's so cold when we are communicating through cell phone, but when I push him to meet up with me, he's always there. I wonder where do we go from there? I enjoy every bit of everything that goes on when we're together, but I am strung out.

I am a Virgo woman to the tee, dating the epitome of a Pisces man and I love it! We are definitely very very different from each other in many ways- he's very free spirited and I'm structured. He's a dreamer and I'm grounded and practical. All these differences have taught me the importance of being flexible, patient, and accepting. His light-hearted outlook on life has taught me to laugh more and not get caught up in the little things. We have wonderful communication, laugh often, and share a very sweet and satisfying physical relationship. He is by far the most wonderful and inspiring partner I've had, and one I hope to have for a loooooooong long time :)

I'm a Virgo and my partner is a Pisces . He is indeed a dreamy type , he is often there for me . Tries to please me in every single way , he is very passive so expect for him to take the lead or to break it off . He is very devoted to what he has and sticks to it .

I'm a Virgo woman my boyfriend a Pisces. We have been together for a little over a year now. He always tells me I am his first true love and goes around telling his family this is my future wife she's the one! A couple of months ago we found out we are pregnant and I haven't seen him so excited. He thanks me all of the time for holding his baby and we will marry each other very soon. I feel like I've been with him forever. all of the information about Virgo-Pisces couples are true, but I found that we are growing from each other and learning how one another truly is. We always have a good time together and everyday seems to get better. Good luck!

I am a Virgo woman and I've known this Pisces man for 22 years. We are both 39 y/o. We had a very strong attraction as teenagers. When the other walked into a room sparks would fly. It never failed that we would gravitate to each other. At 17 we kissed and came very close to being physically intimate, but did not. Neither of us understood the intense chemistry we had back then. This strong soul tie is not for kids. Six months ago our paths crossed and I could feel him pulling me as if it were 22 years ago. I am a classic Virgo, but never have I felt anything this strong. He calms me, he's in tune with my needs, and has opened my mind to new things that make me a more balanced person. I can feel his energy in my body. When we kissed each other it was a spiritual connection. We have not had sex yet and I'm glad, because it has taken me some time to know his character, but we are moving closer to that point. He makes time for me and encourages me to be a better person . I know when he's swimming, I give him space and always let him know when we leave each other that I enjoyed the time we shared. It is the best communication I have ever shared with someone else. He has also helped me to better understand my oldest son who is a Pisces. When we are together, I feel peace...cosmic. Hard to explain, but I hope to have him as my mate forever. What we bring to one another is pure balance.

I'm 40 years old. I've known this Pisces man since high school where we were sweet hearts. 5 months ago we began talking and texting and it's been going on everyday since, sometimes hours at a times. I am beginning to have feelings for him. There are now moments when I think he doesn't want me to know whether he's feeling the same and other moments when I don't doubt it. We have not slept together yet, but are planning a weekend away together for my birthday next month. When I'm in a relationship with someone I'd like to know that I'm his focus as it relates to women. Not just having someone who makes me feel good for short periods of time. I'm a little worried about whether us getting deeper could ruin our longtime friendship. I enjoy him when we are together, he's very bright, and sexy, but so am I. Men are just as attracted to me as women are to him. We both also have egos that could arm wrestle for days, but neither of us feel the need to lead or manipulate each o there. If I tell him I want to go out he says let's do it! When I'm with him he is very affectionate, loving, and protective of me. He shows concern in my wellbeing and happiness. He encourages me in all areas of life, but that seems to be Pisces men. I don't want to assume because he expresses concern he is feeling something he's not. Being with him allows me to relax and experience new things. He is a positive force in my life, but is it anything more than that? I know that I could love him, but is that what he's asking me for?

hello, I feel that your idea of the Pisces is very negative.

you mention that Pisces are lazy selfless unintelligent and so on.

truthly I very much disagree to your wording.

myself being a Pisces 29.2.64.

i have two construction degrees, and I have worked for may years in my life and very hard construction work.

i have been a muscian for 27 years , how can you call that LAZY.....i would love to know what the plants have to say about ME?

im definitely all Virgo. my man is Pisces. we have been together over year and half now. I love him with all my heart. But this has been the most challenging relationship ever. He feels the same way. I have kids of my own and he doesn't. That's hard for him to accept them. But that's my package. We hardly get time together as we both work and he is into the gym for fighting a lot. Our communication is horrible. We have been on rocky road for two months straight now. Its almost unbearable. Im trying to be patient but its like I can't get thru to him. Im sure he feels same way but doesn't come out and say. As for intimacy. He is the best and we automatically connect in that area. I just don't know how patient I can be without destroying myself. When we are good we are great and feels like we can win a war together

I just started this relationship with a Pisces guy and am Virgo. its as fulfilling as can be though im getting to discover some stuff I don't like. im a Virgo, hello.im grounded while my boyfriend keeps flying away into a dreamland I don't think want to be.

I am dating a Pisces man and its the Worst relationship ever, he does not ever want to leave my house and go home he is clingy controlling and mean when he cant call the shots, he is very violent and I wish I NEVER got his Number or ever met him, Pisces are very violent people and he is a women hitter and do not wish a Pisces man for any Virgo women

Im a Pisces man, Ive been dating a Virgo woman for 2 months now. I know that 2 months is not long enough to know how the relationship is going to work out, but to this point it has been amazing. There are so many good things happening that its hard to explain, so far I don't feel we have had any communication problems...guess Ill have to see what the future brings

I have been seeing a Pisces for 4 1/2 years now and I must admit it has been challenging. He is a very sweet hardworking fellow, with a kind heart. Overall he is intelligent and that is what attracted me the most. Oh, I must not forget the sex is excellent as well. I am a Virgo also and he is a day-dreamer, he can talk for hours until it is time for him to talk about himself. He often goes off on a tangent (just talking) about anything and most I have heard a dozen of times causing my patience to run thin. However his talkativeness makes it difficult for him to lie if he tried, because I am first a good listener especially when I am trying to figure out what makes a person tick. Second, a very analytical person. As mentioned Pisces men are very secretive and this has caused me to observe him more. In fact, I have never experience a relationship that was similar.

Although he is secretive we do somehow compliment one another. In contrast, we live in separate homes but his actions defines him as a excellent provider. He is self-employed and his financials are similar to our communications up and down. Although he does not admit it, I believe his self-esteem is low most of the time because of his financial situation, and his inability to provide for me in the way in which I provide for my self, although he will never admit it. We motivate one another even though confrontation is difficult for him. Because of it I often wonder what is behind all the unnecessary conversation. I know without a doubt he cares for me, and often display it in his actions, even though he is not vocal. I am not certain exactly how I feel or if I would be willing to open my heart entirely if he choose to make more of our relationship. Because I do not feel entirely safe, but that could be because I have been independence for 5 years now and not certain if I am truly ready to make that kind of commitment.

Moreover, there have been times when I wanted to throw in the towels because of his lack of communication. But have since acknowledge that he does shares a little at a time. As for our relationship I often wonder how long it would last because although I love him. I truly do not know what the future holds for us.

We dated in high school 20 years ago and recently found each other again. The connection is crazy and we are feeling each other. However "we both" are cautious due to past relationships and hurts. When we are together, we really have a good time. Our bodies are ready all the time. We have not had sex yet, but we both wonder what sex would do to our relationship? Neither of us are ready to announce to the word we are committed. He has children and so do I. he's raising his son alone and I'm raising my children. We are both career people and have other things in common. As a Virgo woman, I have an unfortunate ego and so does he as a Pisces. In many ways we are a lot a like. One thing we know is we want to be friends forever. He makes me laugh and has shown me some of the sweetest and most exciting times of my life. But the thing is, he has women that he sees. My point is I have a ego that if the man in my life can't make me feel as if what I give him is out of this world; It's hard for me to be into it. He does that, but for how long? I do for him as well...stroke his ego that is.

I have fallen in love with a Pisces man. It hit me like a bomb, totally out of the blue and so so so unexpected. We have not had sex yet but the passion and desire is like a drug. I have never wanted anyone this badly in my entire life. I am scared to death. I can't be with a man who has a wondering eye. I can't be with a man who is flaky either. I am the worlds greatest communicator but I need someone who can take care of things. I can't be the care-taker in the relationship. He has to BE THE MAN! I am afraid already that we are doomed by reading this compatibility chart.

hi, m a Virgo woman, and like this Pisces man overrrrrr years like 4-5 years.he used to be my senior in high school though I nvr know him then. B4 he used to tell me he likes me, has on m a crus on me and all.. and then disappear for months.... then again come in touch. Finally these online things got over and I met him few months back.... later he said he already has a gf,,,, which was a lie... He turned back again few weeks back... talks to me for hrsssss. He is yeah rude a bit....at times but this time all he does is make me laugh and laugh and repeatedly say he likes me a lot. I also found he never had a gal.... now he asks me to marry him but I don't know if he is jus joking.... coz he comes regularly online but sometimes disappear or cut calls.... but called me when he hear I was sick . In the day b4 my birthday he forced me to say wats my feelings... he said he is serious about me.... but I don't know if he is joking or teasing me..or I m making foooooool of myself......... sang bda y song and went to sleeep without a word...!!!! wats going on I dun wanna get hurt... help me understand this quirky Pisces man

I've been married to my husband for 26 years, yes 26 years,


Sex is still good. Of course I would not lie, but me being a Virgo has go to be why!!! The sexual person that I am is attractive to the sensitive, warm hearted , kind loving. intelligent, good provider, patient, great father, secureman that he is. (a Pieces) We have the same faith and out look on life. We believe in God!!

I love my Pisces partner so so so much. we met in a really magical way, you can not even imagine! he is so kind and patient, so generous and always honoring me alot!

He was even waiting for me while he knews I am with another guy, he waited till it came obvious to me that I am not in-love with my ex...

He is so good to me, and he is so so shy!

I die for him...

Im a Virgo woman and I have a mysterious, loving, caring, highly passionate, adaptable, Pisces man as a lover... Ever since ive met him my feelings have been on a rollercoaster ride and so is our relationship, we have been off and on for the past 4 yrs. I truly do love him because of his character and most of all I admire his strength considering his dark past, in which I can relate to in my life as well. But the catch comes in when he gives me a taste of my own medicine. He is definately a challenge for me as i'am for him. In relationships I like to be able to put everything out on the table 1st, and I try to stay far from the blind side as possible. Well, as I listened to him put things out there on the table and after reading his sign, I can truly see why he is always finding hiself in chaos. Not to mention, for some reason I always find myself in a vulnerable state as far as my feelings are concern cause he's soo damn mysterious, I don't like this feeling and it makes me want to constently run the opposite way. Sometimes I feel like I bore him in which I probably do but its because I really feel like I cant take my shell off for him at least not till he takes off his. And I think he feels the same way about me.... All I can say is; me being a virgo, its true what they say about us being worriers, so I would perfer someone who could calm down my nerves, NOT make them worst by plucking and teasing them! He loves giving me affection and romance but I need more security and im not gonna give in till I get it. ....But through it all, I cant help but to be fully committed to him, even though we are still at our begining stages due to all the time we wasted by parting ways. Sometimes I feel like he is robbing me of my most prized possession, which is my heart. Its really not a good feeling, but it turns into a good feeling when I see his reaction to him finding out just how amazingly loyal i'am to him. ...i love him and even though this is a rocky road we on, I do feel like it will be worth it at the end of the challange.

I have been drawn to a Pisces man for the past 15 years. From the day we met sparks just flew! I am a Virgo woman and from the time our eyes met, we have this attraction that is unexplainable. He is a delivery man that comes to my work weekly, and our attraction is so strong, that it has turned into Love. We both have been married for years and know that this is wrong, and have tried to deny what we are feeling but our hearts keep getting in the way. I draw so much energy from this man I can't even explain it. When I don't get to see him, my energy level drops and I feel depressed and lonely. It is so hard to be drawn like this and not be able to be together. We know that being together sexually is wrong, but don't think we can put it off much longer, we both want each other in the worse way. We want to experience the true passion,and love that we feel for each other. This man makes me feel loved, he knows what to do and say to make my heart melt. I would do anything for him. WE are so much connected we can almost finish each other sentences, we know what each other is thinking. We can communicate with each other and tell each other what we are thinking and how we feel. I really do feel if he is not in my life, that the best part of my life will be only a distant memory, the love of my life will be gone. I do think he is my soul mate, how else can one explain it?

I am a Teenage girl Virgo and my boyfriend is a Teenage Pisces I love him with all of my heart and he does the same in return although I am always scared he is cheating on me or something of the sort. I am pregnant with both of our first child and he was so happy when we found out I was as well but I don't really know how to express my feelings and that makes it hard on both of us. I don't really trust people that well and he trusts me. Our relationship has its ups and its downs. We are known as romeo and juliet because of our love for each other. We have been together for 5 years now and we are still going strong. Therefor this is proof that it is possible for a Pisces and a Virgo to stay together although both partners must make a effort for it to work. I am not one for believing that the month and day you were born in affects the person you are. I didn't always have trust issues that was formed over time. So please take into consideration that just because one wa s born in January and the other in august doesn't mean that you two cant be in love. The world is full of possibilities this is just another of them. Good luck to you all. :)

I am a Teenage girl Virgo and my boyfriend is a Teenage Pisces I love him with all of my heart and he does the same in return although I am always scared he is cheating on me or something of the sort. I am pregnant with both of our first child and he was so happy when we found out I was as well but I don't really know how to express my feelings and that makes it hard on both of us. I don't really trust people that well and he trusts me. Our relationship has its ups and its downs. We are known as romeo and juliet because of our love for each other. We have been together for 5 years now and we are still going strong. Therefor this is proof that it is possible for a Pisces and a Virgo to stay together although both partners must make a effort for it to work. I am not one for believing that the month and day you were born in affects the person you are. I didn't always have trust issues that was formed over time. So please take into consideration that just because one wa s born in January and the other in august doesn't mean that you two cant be in love. The world is full of possibilities this is just another of them. Good luck to you all. :)

Well im a Virgo woman and im not like the typical virgo, im not like that atall I don't like being organised I love spontaneous and fun and just doing whatever but im with my Pisces and we havent ha sex yet but were guna and when I first met him, we had already been texting for about three months but when I did first meet him, it was weird he made me feel something I had me feel something I hd never felt before and I ended up kissing him a lot and getting veryy touchy, but he has that affect on me, I become this crazy girl whosse up for anything, but he does annoy me so much sometimes and I don't have very good patience and I cant say I love him, even though I do I don't wana say it to him because im scared and im not that type of person anyway to be all touchy feeliing lol

I'm a Virgo woman, 19 years old, and I've been in love with a Pisces man for roughly 8 years. We lost contact 5 years ago, and I never stopped loving him. I thought about him, and wondered how he was, constantly. I missed him, felt empty without him. He was my best friend, after all...

About 4 months ago, we regained contact and were talking a lot, just like we used to... Then I finally plucked up the courage to tell him how I had always felt for him, and discovered that he felt the same way.

But we didn't make anything of it, we were just friends. It killed me, that we both felt this way, with the matter unresolved. I waited for some time, and eventually, we did get together, and I was so happy.

I did everything in my power to make that man happy, but it all felt like nothing was ever good enough. But, I let it slide, because he was the one I had been waiting for, for so long.

Problems arose when I wanted to talk about things with him, discuss feelings and emotions, but he was so closed and secretive. At first, so was I, but then he urged me to open up to him, so I did.

But low and behold, that still was not enough for him.

He didn't ever understand my passions, and how frustrated I'd get with myself over the faults and flaws I could clearly see in myself. It annoyed him, but upset him at the same time.

I worked so hard to change my self criticism and self esteem. I changed my appearance, as I used to dress so outragously different to most, I did everything for him.

He lives over 100miles away from me, but I every week, I'd make the effort to travel to him and see him for the whole week. I appreciated the fact that he was busy, so the fact that he never visited me wasn't an issue. In fact,the distance itself was never and issue.

When we were good, we were happy, his friends had never seen him so happy before, and nobody had ever seen my so happy before. But when things were amiss, I was painfully depressed, whereas it seemed that he wasn't bothered in the slightest. This, of course, hurt even more, like salt on the wound, if you will.

So, one day, I was painting him a picture, a really romantic one, where you could see the love in each brush stroke. I told him I was 'just painting a picture', and told him that I was unhappy with it, I felt it wasn't good enough. I started crying, because, I wanted it to be good enough, and it seemed that the damage was irrepairable.

He then told me that I was being 'stroppy and childish', that I shouldn't get so worked up over nothing. But to me, it wasn't 'nothing'. It's my lifelong passion, the thing I live for. It upset me that he didn't understand this...

Needless to say, two days later, he broke up with me. Said I was far too emotional for him, and he thrives off of loneliness.

I believe that we could have lasted forever. We could have made it work. I suppose it was just a matter of time, patience and dedication. He lacked patience with me, as well as dedication. And I lacked the ability to trust and believe.

I am a Virgo Woman and I am dating a Pisces Man... we are very much in love. He and I are both calm and normally are eager for the same things and avoid similar situations. We both love our "down time" and have fantastic chemistry. We don't have the most compelling conversations, but when we do talk, we hold good conversation. We don't have the best sexual compatibility but I think that is his inexperience more than anything else (he was a virgin when he and I started dating). We have an excellent friendship as well and I don't think I could ever hate him. He makes me feel completely comfortable (he is far larger than I am) and we haven't had any serious arguments. Less than a handful of "tiffs". I am convinced that if he and I get married, friendship would "replace love" and we could make it through anything. He is one of my best friends. I love him to pieces.

I have known this Pisces since high school. over 20 yrs. ago. We reconnected almost a year ago. And set out to be friends again. Eventually we became lovers and decided to try our hand at a relationship. We encouraged each other, we made each other laugh, the sexually chemistry was wonderful. Things were going well until we got een closer it seemed to have gotten to real for him. He lost his job and then he changed. He called me and broke up with me over the phone. There were may excuses he gave. none made since. He was finished with me is all. There was no more mystery left for him to dream about. Regardless of how good I was...Pisces never see things in this world, only their own. This is what allows them to tell themselves what their doing is okay. They take counsel from their other self. It's there alter ego who determines what and who they will be from one day to the next. Pisces will always be no more or no less than what they desire at the moment. They want F REEDOM at all cost. They are a collector of souls that they carryout into the sea and store up for days when they have no idea who they are. The intelligence they project, the talent they exude, the charm they give, the compassion that appears to of quality etc....all belongs to souls of others. They are true actors. The beauty and love they possess is like a ritual dance before the kill. They live by the old saying when it comes to their prey..."Dazzle them with brilliance or baffle them with bullshit". Which ever works best in any given situation. But the soul they snatch is one that's dead anyway. It's a soul full of doubt, low self esteem, fear, anxiety, neglect, hurt and pain. Once the Pisces has snatched these souls...THE PEOPLE are restored, stronger, and better for it. IT'S Pisces WHO WILL LIVE AN ETERNAL LIFE haunted by the souls he possess, stricken with confusion, voices in his head, never being free of his demons, always obsesses with wonder and turmoil of his actions, scared to really know himself, tortured by acts of his own selfishness, deceived by his alter ego. WHY? you ask...his alter ego is afraid of being alone. So this is the rule they BOTH live by in order to stay together. You will never really know anyone, especially Pisces because he will never know himself. He doesn't know if his thoughts are his or yours, he doesn't know if his fears are his or yours, he doesn't know if his goals are his or theirs because of the souls that haunt him. he has tricked, manipulated, bewildered, and deceived so many people that he will never know which soul to trust. Therefore he walk a thin short line in life tormented by his decisions, often needing rest from long exascerbated journeys. Tired from life, tired from cheating, tired from his thoughts. Yet like a parasite he feeds of of souls daily. People person? Yes indeed... Pisces don't get many chances to change? Yes they do...they simply have done so much, they really don't believe they can live a GOOD life. The guilt for the things they have done is way too much for them and it's the alter ego who possesses them to the point where they are NOT STRONG ENOUGH to break away from a world full of deception and darkness. Those of us who encounter this creature should know HE is merely a puppet being led by the one who rules him down under. SO, THANK HIM!!!! Thank him for cleansing your soul of all that is dark, so that now you may live in the light of day. Reaching your goals and following your dreams. He will never know such beauty or peace. He will only live life through a glass window watching others with envy because the cord that binds him to the underworld is short. So pitty him, for his eternal life is doom. Thank You PISCES!!!!

I secretly love order but am a chaotic, insecure 44 yr old Virgo. I've fallen in love with a well ordered, organised, arrogant 53 yr old Pisces who most definitely lives in his own reality. He has never even lived with a woman or had a relationship longer than 4 years. He has sapped the calm from my life because he hasn't connected with me and yet knows I am loyal and generous and will hang around. I feel sure he is seeing other women, looking for some impossible dream girl. I wish I hadn't become so attached because once I begin loving it is irretrievable.

Well I'm with my second Pisces Man. I'm a Virgo woman and I can't help but to be attracted to these fishes. The psychical and mental attraction is so deep. Pisces men have this thing about swimming away...but they always come back, sometimes that's a struggle but I can't resist when he comes back to his comfort spot (me lol)

my Pisces crush has my head spinning, so much im on the internet researching our compatability and researching Pisces traits since I have never been with one before. I just recently started a new job, & on day one I noticed this guy & we couldn't keep our eyes off of eachother! to other people he wouldnt be a "smokeshow" but to me, I have this crazy intense attraction to him. he's totally my smokeshow! I have to get to know this guy. fast forward a week turns out he's the owner. roww roww... but that doesn't stop me. fast forward another week of sexy stares and googley eyes, I find him in a great happy mood and confront him. we had a mutual friend in common & got into a convo about that, which ended with me asking him to come have a drink with me. he was a gentlemen! I had the best time with him! that night he asked to continue our evening at a near by hotel. im extremely interested in this guy that I denied the invitation so he wouldnt find me easy or too eager. eve ryone likes a little mystery. for the rest of the week work went by with me longing to see him again. I texted him one night to see what his plans were and he turned my invite down. its been a week and we havent been alone to talk about our first hangout outside of work. im extremely nervous that I did or said something that turned him off. but after reading other peoples stories, and learning that Pisces men tend to daydream & take awhile to ask for another date, it gives me a glimmer of hope but not enough. ive never been so confused in my life. I feel like we could really enjoy each others company but like the first time I have to make the move but feeling shy cuz my second attempt got shut down. I don't want to scare him off. I would appreaciate any advice sincerely, boston

I'm planning to go live with a Pisces male roommate, we are not a couple. I'm a Virgo female! What do you pleople think?

My Pisces man drove me crazy. I was married to him for 17 years. I am a Virgo woman, love this man with all my heart and soul, loved him beyond love. He was so insecure and jealous, he drove me away from him. He went into some fantasy land. Sex was great, but could not take him to church, or to any outside functions. Things started to turn abusive. I tried but had to let go. He was the greatest love of my life, but GOD love is greater. I wish him well, I pray for him. Our divorce is final. Know this Virgo woman is healing. GOD is GOOD. GOD BLESS

I'm a Virgo female who met a Pisces male on internet dating site was instantly attracted and made love for 3 nights. Everthing was so perfect, he never let me spend a £ and was so gentle & spiritual. Unfortunately I lost my job just before I met him and havent found one yet. He told me that if I find a job we can give this relationship a shot. I'm soo attracted to him but so helpless since I never found a job. He stopped communicating with me but only texts me on special occasions once in blue moon. It really hurts to see him swim away. I want this fish back so badly but my ego dosent let me chase him. I'm a typical Virgo and like to be chased. I love him so much have let him swim away but deep in my heart wish he'd come back to me one day. he's a typical picsees and i'm a typical virgo! I'm soooo CONFUSED at the moment. Its too painful and a horrible feeling. I totally agree that PICES & Virgo is a very difficult match.

I'm a 25 year old Virgo woman, dating a Pisces man for a little over three years now. We are still so very very much in love. I am not entirely a typical Virgo. I am passionate, outgoing, caring, loyal, strong-willed, determined, and have an enormous heart. My man is very compassionate, loving, attentive, caring, sincere, and thoughtful. The sex is incredible with my Pisces is incredible, as we both have a deep passion and bond with one another. I would consider myself so lucky if we were to ever get married, my Pisces well he's definitely a keeper. When a Pisces man says he's truly devoted, you should believe him.

i'm a Virgo and i'm inlove with my Pisces :3 he is so perfect for me that I keep wondering if it's real or not *sigh* he's to good for me =3 i'd do anything for him (yes he is secretive but I am too so yea ^-^)

I really hope this is a article that will be posted. I say this because this is an opposite affair here. I am a Pisces man and I have the love of my life that is a Virgo woman. I start when I was 12 yrs old I knew the Virgo girl through my younger brother,the two were play mates and we lived only 1 block apart. Lets speed to 7th and 8th grade. This is where I seemed to be more attracted to her than ever. Though we were both shy we always found some sort of way to flirt. We went to seperate schools. She went to a catholic private school and I went to a regular public highschool,mostly for the sports experience and having more chance to go somewhere with it. Fast forward to 10th grade I had found myself in a relationship with a what is actually a better match for a pisces,a scorpio. We got along wonderfully and were like best friends,had the same interests and everything. The romance only lasted a few months. I was heartbroken and very upset but I found a way to get o ver it. Now back to my beautiful Virgo woman,we had finally found our way to each other just a few months later. I was so very happy and rehabilitated,I found myself never wanting to be away from her. Unfortunately due to my sexual and secretive nature of being a piscean, we were torn apart. It was her who had set me free off into the ocean again,I had a broken heart and found myself really just in a situation that could be summerized by a quote,"you don't know what you have until its gone." I begged and pleaded for her forgivness for about 6 months and I had finally given up and found someone to heal my heart. The fling only lasted 2 weeks,but she was someone who I wouldnt, and still have never forgotten but the reason was my Virgo woman had found herself wanting me back and I didn't quite understand but I was indeed still in love with her and as we know,virgo and Pisces are opposites. Opposites that are drawn to eachother,with the saying "opposites attract." I had always treated my love with love and affection,and I always wanted to treat her with respect and be there when she needed me. Yet again,I had found myself being secretive and flirtatious which is in my nature. Still no excuse. I was being pushed away by my Virgo in the sense that this was also her nature,virgos always want to be your number one,your all seeing eye,and your center of attention. I found myself with my 2 week fling. I will make notice that she was a sagittarius. The two of us had a good run but never really got to know each other on a personal and intimate level. I had found myself always just trying to be happy. I had hurt Sagittarius with her basically being my rebound or run to girl. My Virgo lover had been hurt and although that happened,the two of us found our way back to eachother. Things had gone well and we found ourselves together for a year. Unfortunately I had found myself hurting my sweet Virgo woman. The next summer,about to be going on 2 years,I have found now that it was the complications of being in a Virgo piscean relationship...i had ran to the Sagittarius the previous summer and admitted it a year later in grief and sorrow. Being ashamed and curious to if our rough edges of our Virgo piscean relationship was just karma from the affair with sagittarius. My Virgo had accepted me for my honesty and we moved on past it. I,throughout the relationship with virgo,have always loved and cared about her,and I guess just had a dumb and ignorant way of showing it. The two of us moved past it and we continued to have our issues. January had come and I was working in a clothing story selling items. The Scorpio woman had walked back into my life. I had gotten her number and we kept some what little contact. I found the couple problems and issues from our personal lives pulling us farther and farther apart. I ended up finding happiness and serenity in the Scorpio finding my chance to finally ask why the Scorpio had hurt me and released me from the beginning. I found the reasons understandable and I then saw myself in a postion to prove her initial reasons for leaving me wrong. Wanting to prove myself with her I moved very fast into our relationship. We lasted a great "6 months" and I had finally run into a wall...with the day I hurt the Scorpio was the day I hurt the sagittarius,but was the day I truly became the happiest when my Virgo woman and I were united and became a truly,no matter how it seemed,sincere loving couple. I had let the Scorpio go. Me and my Virgo struggled to get along both learned things along our heartaching and stressful journey we continued to talk and work on our relationship. In saying that I still had the Scorpio in the picture. With a love triangle still going and continuing ever since I became envolved with Scorpio for the 2nd time I had always somehow felt pushed towards Virgo and as if I just always wanted happiness with her. Things have continued to be difficult and we are working on our problems,learning to understand even each others basic personalites,I still always love her and I am now mature enough to have figured out my wrongs and rights. I will continue to grow with her even if we never find our hearts together again. The triangle had pushed her too far over the edge and she now to this day may 11 2011 she seems to me to be somewhat committed to wanted to let me show her and have to work for her instead of the other way around. I will no longer hurt her or break her heart,I know my wongs and I will only continue from here to do what's right,with her and for her. I will love ashley nicole thomas for the rest of my life and be committed to her if she finally finds a way to be with me. Although ive moved past the happiness we once shared I found a true best friend in the Scorpio and if I could have my way I would love to have that best friend and continue to love and eventually marry my Virgo woman. I wish to propose one day,settle down and have a family with virgo. She truly means the world to me and I am so excited to have a future with her if that is possible. Like I mentioned we are now to this day talking and spending time together but not yet a committed couple,and we both hope to have fruitful and happy futures ahead of us with eachother. I you ever wondered what happened to sagittarius, she is living her still young life with her man,in which I cannot name his astrological sign because I do not know it...and they are as happy as can be and in a wonderful relationship. I know one thing that I would never do anything to hurt my sweet Virgo woman again. I will always treat her with respect and I will continue to learn new things about her,I truly do learn something new everyday. I will respect her and treat her with love and she is honestly the one woman that I want to spend the rest of my life with and treat her like a queen and I hope we continue to learn and grow with each other and have children. This being irrelevant,I still will say it but I never had a great childhood and wasnt taught much but my mother did what she could. I will hope to have a family with Virgo and give my family a life I never had and teach them things I was never taught. I have learned so much thoughout the time ive been involved with her from dec 24 2006 I am truly sorry for the hurt ive caused and I have been so ashamed of the things that occured but I will make everything up to her...I never thought id find someone that id be so drawn to but if you are drawn to,even your opposite and you fall in love,then you should make it your life priority to make that person feel like no other in your eyes...like a king,a queen,love them with all you have and treat them with respect and never ever harm them. Give them the best life and most importantly...make it your number 1 to really give it your all to understand them and get to know them understand how they work don't ask why because thats just their personality. If your truly in love and your a Pisces man and you love a Virgo woman...it will be a long rough rode. You'll butt heads you might hurt each other because you don't understand eachother. Let her explain how she is and what would make the two of you roll smoothly. Love her,keep her safe,dont hurt her,and learn to understand her strange personality,...it will be difficult but if you commit then you will succeed.

I'm a Virgo girl and I dated a Pisces guy. Yea its true our sexual times and great. He knows how to turn me on. He can be rlly sweet at times. I know as a Virgo I have the tendency to criticize and get cranky and I try hard to bite my tongue. But I hate liars. I know he is extremely sensitive and I try to be very patient with his feelings. But he doesn't consider mine at all. This relationship is very painful and I'm very hurt at how mean he's been. I try to contemplate everything he's ever said and how great and wonderful it was in the beginning. As much as I love that guy I have to let him go for good. I know deep inside he has this fond and caring feeling towards me, thats why he keeps coming back to me. I know he is acting odd and mean because he is no longer sober anymore. But its no fun anymore this relationship. Sometimes I wish I never met him, because he's caused me so much inner pain.

I am in love with a Pisces man and I think that this realtionship is just God's gift. We are compatible at all levels. Loving comes soooooo naturally to him. I love to to care for him like a baibie. I guess you just have to treat him right and he will give up his world for you. My man was just a flirt before he met me and my love completely transformed him. Just love him more with each passing day.........

I'm a Virgo woman in love with a Pisces man. We have had an on and off relationship for 2 years. We're currently off for the past 2 Months and I miss him very much. When we were together he drove me crazy. He would retreat into his self and push me away this makes me feel that he don't care for me. Wh

I am a Virgo woman and I am with a Pisces man. Our relationship started a little over 2 years ago as being just friends, in fact best friends. When we first met, we connected pretty well. At the time I was really insecure with myself and vulnerable so I really felt I needed to be loved. He never really wanted to show how he really felt about me, and so I was confused and it was hard for me to know if he had feelings for me or not. But as far as being friends, it was awesome because we was inseparable. We did everything together, went every where together, and at the time I couldn't understand why I was so attracted to him. As our friendship went on, we became intimate with each other. All though we was intimate, we still hadn't officially considered ourselves as being in a relationship with one another. Our sex life was awesome, I felt the connection to be so passionate, and expressive. Well anyways just 6 months ago I got pregnant, and that's when we officially con sidered ourselves as being in a relationship, even though before then, everyone around us could see that our relationship was much more then just a friendship. He was very excited when he found out I was pregnant, which eased my mind because I was a little afraid what he would think or say once he found out I was pregnant. But I've come to realize that he really wants to make me happy in every way, and he gives so much and try's so hard. We communicate pretty well, we do have our ups and downs, but we some how sort them out in our own little way and in our own time, which doesn't take long. It's almost like we have our own world together that no one else seems to get. We do have a lot of differences, but he really does balance out me a lot. If he's not around me when I need him most, I feel lonely and lost. We always text each other while he's at work. We can't get enough of each other. This is by far the best relationship and longest relationship I've every had. Despite the bumpy road we've traveled on together, It really has been a nice experience for me. With patents, understanding, willingness, and lots of love, Virgo and Pisces is by far, in my personal opinion, the most compatible out of all the signs. You just have to have faith that the relationship will work.

I am a Virgo women and I met this Pices man a few months ago. I thought he was interesting really not much more and being polite I gave hime my number when asked. He texted me once and I never heard back from him. Fast forward to today our paths crossed and I was impressed by his polite and very gentalman like behavior. One thing led to another and we ended up having sex. It was beyond belief! There is this intense crazy sexual energy that I have never felt before. Being the guarded, controlling Viro that I am I could never let him know about this power he has over me. All I can think about is when will I see him again, it scares me to death becasue I hate feeling out of control. He joined the service and will be gone in 3 months but all my level headedness is out the window. I know in the end I will end up being heart broken but I can't stop this crazy passionate feelings. I thought I was crazy until I read these posting all of it is sooooo true!

after reading all, I would like to add mine, I am a Virgo woman, married to a Pisces man for a year and some months now and although I can not say it's the perfect marriage, I can say its been very interesting and challenging. truly Pisces men are very secretive, that's the one thing that makes me go ahhhh!!! they would never tell you a thing unless you find out yourself some how, or you cajole them incessantly. but I can honestly say they are very hardworking loving and caring and with patience,and God in the picture, the union will work.

well my man was a pisces.but it is end now. he is such a liar that is hard to imagine.nt judgemental too.almost psychic. he is a smoker,always stays in bad company.Moreover he pressurises me to do physical activity which made annoy.as far I m only 20 and our relation was about 3 month!!!he spends more time only day dreaming!!which put me in deep flustration(i m a virgo)ya it is true that we deeply luv each other but it seems that there was no understanding,i try my level best but all in vain thats why I decided to end it.but it is true that Pisces are child like,gentle and sweet.n I still luv him a lot.

Me and my old man Pisces is thirty years apart in fiftys. We quarrel often but sex is great. However, I don't know how much more stubborness I can take. I suggest health alternatives, because he don't like the doctor or medicine; but do he listen? NO! So, I just told him I will not tolerate him being a part time lover. Pisces version: my Tenderoni who is 30 years younger hasn't truly experience what love between to people is. Dating never should be about age but about the people and who they are to each other.the sex is great, but the lack of mutual affection needs attention. Bringing baggage to the relationship never works for any couple at any age. The two of us should build on the love that we can give too each other and keep it moving.

Im a Virgo girl who has a Pisces suitor.. We don't have relationship yet since I told him to wait.. He worked abroad and I don't know if his true with his feelings.. He was so patient and kind.. Its like im the bad one and he's d good one.. our relationship as friends is cool

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