Pisces man wont open up

by Lady

I'm a Cancer woman and I've been dating this Pisces man for six months now and he hasn't told me how he feels about me yet. Crazy thing is he says we have a relationship and he doesn't even call me his girl only his boo. I don't get it we spend time together but I'm just confused on where we stand with each other. What to do?

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by: Anonymous

Pisces are like tht. they are the girls in the relationship. Be the guy.. be what you wish he would do/say to you.. trust me he wont let you down. Im sure he will tell you his feelings then.

by: Anonymous

Thing is we broke up a couple days ago....he says that he doesn't have the time that he had to spend with me and he will be graduating soon(college) and doesn't know where he will be. He also said its nothing that I did but if he had to move out of state that he didn't want to take me away from my family. He mentioned that he's working full time,in school full time and volunteering. I've told him that I'm willing to move to where he is if that's the case and I told him I loved him for the first time that same day. You think he will come back or if he's thinking about what I said? At least now that he knows I love him.

by: Lady

He opened up and said that he cares about me and that we could still be friends just not together. Seems a bit weird when this pisces guy make a decsion based off what he assumes. He assumed that we wouldn't work. Could he just be overwhelmed with school,work,graduating? What do I do because I love him and want to be with him

Pisces Guys Kinda Suck Sometimes
by: Pisces Guy

I actually am a pisces guy and I am more than willing to admit that we suck as far as over worrying with relationships.

All I can really go on to help you here is my own experience with some relationships so I don't know if I can touch down on all his feelings.

A: The breakup
This is the major one. Judging by the way you say he "didn't have time to spend with you" he feels bad that you can't be the priority in his life. He likely thinks nothing less of you and just feels that you deserve better.

B: Not openning up
I don't know that I can help with this one as opening up is something I have somehow recently over come, I tell a girl I like her within 24 hours of figuring out myself (lol). I will say that the best way to his true emotions would be to let him know that:
-You will not judge him, he's perfect no matter what he is/does
-You will still love him
-It's between the two of you
It will take persistance. You have to keep telling him that you need to be more intiment, threaten to leave, that will get his attention. And mostly, let him know that you NEED this, he doesn't want to open up but your needs are much more important than his.

C: Getting him back (if you want to make an attempt)
Pretty much just wait, he regrets it already. If it really does take too long tell him that you really love him, that you can live without perfection, it might be enough to get a chance to start over.

No two guys are the same so I can't guarantee that any of this is accurage but I hope that it helps.

by: Lady

Thanks for the reply but we already broke up. I am now dealing with another pisces that has a hard time staying in contact with me. He's not in the same state and goes to school and plays a sport for the school. We're just friends now so I don't want to nag about pushing him to communicate with me more since we're not together. The only contact have is through email. Lady I heard from him was five days ago. I really like this guy I just wish the communication was better.

my pisces man is immature and lazy
by: Anonymous

I have been with a pisces man for ten years he still has not proposed but says he wants me as his wife..he's 41 and I'm 35...it does not help that he is addicted to alchohol and smokes weed...I hear pisces who are addicts are a lost cause? He does have a good heart but to me comes across as lazy..even though hw has a good paying job..outside of work he never usese his hands..I have always felt like the man in the relationship..he is also very irresponsible with money and has not been a good provider..he lives In a delusional world and always plays the victim and fools everybody with his kindness...he has children and pays childsupport ..but is not a great family man....ladies enjoy your pisces man..but as for me I'm runnin as fast as I can...oh yea can anybody tell me y won't a pisces man leave a relationship..he's like a tick on my ass...by the way I'm a cancer!

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