Pisces mans ideal woman expectation

I am a Scorpio and was excited to meet a Pisces man, especially after learning that it's one of the best zodiac compatibility. This man seemed really sweet, caring, and we had a strong connection right from the start. He would call me all the time and we'd go out. When we talked again he told me that he was unsure about me because his ideal woman is tall (6'0) , blonde, and beautiful.. While I'm not a super model I'm not ugly either but am 5'3 and have dark hair. Then he told me that he is envious of his brother because his girlfriend is a great "gal" and so lovely. When I met her I felt sad because she fits the description of his "dream" girl.

Then one day he revealed to me that he has a son. I didn't think it was a big deal and told him so. But then he told me that his son wasn't in his life by choice. He told me he dumped his girlfriend when she told him she was pregnant and told her he didn't want to be a father. He by the way was 22 and she was only 16. Needless to say I was shocked. He said that his son has loving grandparents and that is the important thing. He told me that he doesn't tell people about his son but wanted to tell me because he wanted to be open with me about his past.

I tried to be as supportive as I could but inside I was disappointed. Then suddenly he stopped calling and told me he felt like I was cramming his space. I'm like what? He is the one that kept calling me and asked me out. I thought maybe he regretted telling me about the son. We were supposed to meet this week to chat but he's blown me off and not returning my calls.

I've been nothing but sweet to him and a good listener, so I don't know what his problem is. Maybe it's for the best considering I don't agree with how he treated his ex and his son. It's sad that he has this "perfect" woman expectation. Are other Pisces men like this?

Oh, btw, his ex,did not meet his expectations either. I saw a picture of her and while she is very pretty, she's red head, and petite.

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have hope yet scorpio girl
by: pisces man

i am a 22 year old pisces male, and just a year ago did i found my scorpio soul mate. the scorpio that i am with is 42 years of age, we are worlds of different and definitely from worlds apart, but through all of the cosmos and ever bit of matter that exist with in between, fate and the world has brought us together, and that my scorpio that i love, and that i will hold for ever until time and death separates us, i will still find my little scorpio in the next life and i know that this is true. and by the way, my scorpio that i love with dear life i not the kind of physical body type that i am most attracted to, but it is the spirit and the nature of my little scorpio is why i will never let go... and by the way, the sex is grand between us, it is most exciting, very intense and aggressive, and very dominating and very beautiful, but in the eyes of others would probably seem very nasty =P

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