Pisces men and depression

by Trish

I am a Scorpio woman, who doesn't easily get attracted to guys. Funnily, Pisces always caught my eye. My first love which started off with a mistake was with a Pisces; I was young, naive and he was being a teenage boy as well. His birthday is on the 3rd of March. I thought we were in love. But it turned out after four years of on and off relationship, I realized I was just being used.

Basically, he's a different kind of Pisces, not sensitive, not caring, not poetic, not in touch with his soul and not loyal. I asked his sister once if he was ever hurt by any of his exes. She said nope. What he has in mind was money, using any girls he can for his own benefits. and i got to know bout it. it was a dysfunctional relationship basically.

He was my first love yet he wasn't the only Pisces. He left a deep impact in my life in good and bad ways. So i promised myself not to ever fall in love again with a Pisces. Yet, after him, i was with another Pisces, and another half Aries/Pisces guys which were rebounds to me as the previous relationship really affected me. And after almost a year we unofficially or officially broke up (i also have no idea), I went to a club this one night, and my attention were caught by this one guy, and he didn't notice it, his presence just grabbed my attention.so, we were looking at each other and flirting but he didn't approached me. luckily my friend was there ad she saw us, we were talking bout that cutie sitting at the corner, annoyed with us not doing anything to each other, she went to the guy and asked him why he didn't come to me,and i obviously tried to pull her back to me, embarrassed but somehow i get to have a quick chat with him, exchanged numbers, and he went missing for couple of months.

I ignored him yet he was still on my online social networking medium. So after that two months,i decided to delete him coz just wanted to cleanup my friends list, he didn't talk to me online as well. The first time i tried to delete, i didn't, coz my heart said no, then when the second time i was about to delete him,he came online on MSN and chatted with me and now he is my boyfriend,who is a really loving, caring, sensitive, gentleman (to all the girls) but i know he's being a Pisces.

I can say, i fell fast for him, it's only been three months since we've been in a relationship. everything seems to be fine. he's also recovering from previous relationship and so do i, I've been compromising. on my part ive let go the previous hurt but not entirely bc im sacred I'll get hurt again. and on his part, he's been a good boyfriend only that sometimes he needs his time alone like during weekends which is the only time i have to spend with him), and he's been disappearing which hurts me bc Ive tried my best to put aside my hurt but still it seems that he hasn't.

Once, two weeks after his 'disappearance' period i went online at his house,and he was asleep and his acc was signed in. so i went through the inbox and i found out that his ex messaged him wishing him to become a better person and he only replied a lyrics which says in conclusion; let him go, bc he feels like shes been tying him up. So i got the answer of his 'disappearance' period. I was a bit upset, bc I don't know if his ex gives him such a big impact, can he even try to forget her.

Ive tried to forget my bad past,and still trying though everyday I browsed my ex's facebook. but it's just frightening to know that he can be badly affected by it. I once called him few times,he dint answer,instead let his best friend talked to me and I wasn't in a good mood.I fear that he'll take me for granted and My heart itself is at fragile stake. but he's such a lovely boyfriend.

Only this depression mode of him scares me to death and i don't know what to do of it? Anyone have any advice?

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same story
by: cya

Wow, all pisces men stories are similar...I was in love in one pisces guy 11-12 years ago, when I was 17. Our "relationship" was a joke - I initialized our dates, and for couple of months we had only 5 or 6 dates. I did and tried everything; except I didn't sleep with him then, nor ever officially broke up with him. It was very strange to him - I suddenly became cold, but kind with him. I ignored him, and voilla - he started to get close to me, sometimes only in a friendly manner, or sometimes in terms of making out,kissing. But we became friends: visits for birthdays, parties now and then, we went to the same clubs etc. Couple months after pisces guy, I met one wonderful scorpio guy and we are still together:) But somehow pisces didn't want friendship, he wanted something else, I think not relationship, but someone with whom he can flirt, make out and stuff. Most of the time, I ignored such intentions. Even as a friend, he disappeared, like he wants from people to run after him and ask about him or to be crazy about him:). I strictly controlled myself not to bother him more than once in 2-3 months, because I knew if I did, that he would just swim even further from me. Now I don't consider him as a friend. Now we chat through MSN almost on daily basis. I avoid the chat when I see him online. If I log in, there he is...thats why I know he is hidden, and waits for me:) He likes to show me some parts of his body via cam:) Also he wants the same from me. Sometimes I am ok with that, because it can't hurt me, it's not reality. But I don't see all that as interesting. Even though sometimes I do things he wants, and pretend I'm fine with it. But the benefit is that after such things, I do disappearance act, and he is after me. He texts, asks questions, all day looks for me on msn,skype etc...It can be really big pressure, like I would rather run away somewhere. Sometimes when I don't text back, I KNOW he becomes nervous and thinks about me even more.

same story II
by: cya

I guess that in one way I ve got the thing I wanted. Him to be always after me. But now I see it's not so interesting:) Because it's not the way I wanted. I know he has feelings for me, but I wanted him to love me at least half as I loved him. Maybe he wants the same from me - to be always the one who gives him compliments, to shower him with attention etc. If so, he became the victim of his own game. And as long as it is the case, I am satisfied B) His new idea is to see each other. But "not for sex because he wouldnt cheat on his girlfriend" :) yeah, right..
My advice to you, Scorpio girl, is to play it cool; but not to hurt him anyway. Be careful with the words or behavior (be gentle lady as you are, it helps fishes to feel like they are real men:))) Be kind, meet his demands & conditions even if he doesn't deserve this, and THEN insist on your own independence, your own time, just for yourself or for your friends. Once he realizes that he mises the girl who always was and is his support in every way, he probably would try to be more thankful and kind to you. They are so nonchalant, spontaneous, and oh so go with a flow guys :rolleyes: If so, make it as your advantage - if you know him well, you can easily predict his behavior and to plan your own moves ;)

What does he want??
by: Braz Scorpio

Hey! Maybe you can help me figure out this Piscean guy. I´m a Scorpio and 15 years his senior.
We had business together - still do- consulting.
Well, he´s my private student.Married.
He used to have classes at my place and the first day he came, he met ny boyfriend, who lives in a different state.
I was amazed when I met him ( we met at my place, too; he came to me as a recommendation from a frined of his who used to be my student ages ago.).But, I never toed the ethical line that separated us. He had classes with me for 2 months and he always did or said something to make me believe he desired me.
Then, he simply disappeared. Two months later, he resumed classes and he continued with his innuendos.
But I was as firm as a rock. I smiled and found them nice.
Two months ago, I started going to his office building for our tuitions.Out of the blues, he spills the beans about his failing marriage. By the way, that day was their seventh anniversary. He told me his wife shrugged him off every occasion she had when in bed.
He went on to tell me that he hadn´t had sex for four months and that he had decided to see other women for sex. To my amazement, he said he wanted to do it with me.
Well, it took a lot of thinking from my part despite feeling really honoured that a cute and charming guy like him would want to be with me in bed.It also took a lot ot scheduling and rescheduling with me tillk, one day -finally!_ he came to my place and we did it. It was good!.
So, what really gets on my nerves is: he keeps scheduling a date and, due to his very busy agenda at work, he cancels on me.
What I want to know is: Is he serious? Or is he having fun at my expenses? Does he take pleasure in making me a fool to wait for him when he is not coming? I want to make it clear that from the beginning he said it onlu sex. Fine by me.My boyfriend lives a thousand km away from me and doesn´t get to see me very often. That´s why I felt inclined to accept this sex thing on the side. I have feelings for both guys but the Piscean one is starting to get on my nerves with his 'business above all' attitude.Help, anyone? Thanks!

by: Yamini

Hey scorpion girl... i just wanted to tell you that you misunderstood a piscean man...
i m in relationship with a piscean man and he is sooo sweet... stupid, innocent and my baby..
i agree that he becomes physical before getting emotional and this doesnt mean he dont love you... this only means he loves you more than you love him and he never takes so much time to know you and then to start loving you... he loves you from his heart and want you to be hers and be at his side forever...
i know he appreciates beauty but he can never live his life with a beautiful women if she doesn't have a clean heart...
anyways this is it... just try to understand him and give him so much of love so that he can never leave you... :-)

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