Pisces men best love match for Scorpio women

Well... since I was still a kid - I knew, that Pisces is the best match for me - Scorpio. All my life I was waiting for a Pisces man... I had two serious relationships - with Scorpio and Sagittarius... with Scorpio it was beautiful and romantic but he was too mysterious towards me... with Sagittarius it was the other way round - he was funny, always happy and sex was great… but I felt like my emotional needs are unsatiated... I felt like there was very few deep conversations... and he didn't get me.

When I was just one month after my break-up with Sagittarius... I decided to move to another city and start something new - a new life. My cousin told me, that he has a friend there, that could help me find apartment and show me the city... This is how I met my Pisces :) : He came to pick me up at the train station. He took my luggage and we head to get taxi... and I was trying not to show, that my heart is beating so fast... It was amazing - June a year ago...and that month we were seeing each other every day... We talked for hours... He showed me the entire city... I felt like, I've known him all my life... After a month of knowing each other he said to me shyly - that he has got something to say.. He tried to get it out all day, but he couldn't.. and finally at the evening he finally said it : "I fell in love with you " ... and he looked so intimidated and shy.. I said quickly : " Don't be embraced - I feel the same way !!" his reaction was : "Really ?? and you're not trying to just make me feel better ?? " I thought it was so sweet !!!At the beginning I didn't know that he was Pisces, because he told me that he was Aquarius... That's what he thought. I asked what his birthday and it is February 20th... AND that meant he is Pisces... yey.. :D Its been over a year since we met - and we are together !!! I never thought, that my dreams can really come true... At the beginning I was scared, that this is too beautiful to be true... and I was scared that this will be over soon...I even wanted to break up with him for some ridiculous reasons... just to prevent - getting hurt.. He never let me break up with him... He always managed to talk me over and calm me down. Sometimes I can't believe it !!! No one ever told me so many sweet and beautiful things about me - not even my family... or my best friends... He said that he does not imagine a life without me now - That everything about our relationship is magical and wonderful... that whenever he is with me he feels like he is isolated from the rest of the world and he feels so calm... AND IFEEL the SAME !!! He is the most romantic, the most funny, gentle, sweetest person I know !! We hug all the time... Even our friends say, that we look like two little children giggling and goofing around... We waited for a year to have sex... A YEAR... hell of a lot of time !!! I even started to get worried, that something might be wrong... but now I know that it was worth waiting for that long ;> !! He is an amazing lover !!! This is everything and even more I could ever dream of !!! I love my Him !!! I hope it will last for looooong :> !!!

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I hope I could find him
by: Anonymous

Wow! That is beautiful. Like you I am still waiting for my Pisces soul-mate and I know there is no one other then a pisces man who can make me feel so loved and special.

I am 24 yr. scorpio and never been in a relationship with a man. Don't get me wrong I do have a lot of male friends and I do silently observe them to see how they will be romantically but somehow I just know the type of person I can Truly be in Love with and I know It's a Pisces male..

To some extent I know it sounds stupid and silly but for some strange reason I don't get attracted to any other type of men. I think most men don't like to waste time in emotional and spiritual connection, which is so important for me.. True Friendship and Respect is also important for me in a relationship, which I feel I can only get it through a Pisces (The right Pisces for me though)...I hope I can meet him One day...It wouldn't matter if we end up getting together or not but experiencing true love will be the most fulfilling thing in my life...

Pisces men/Scorp woman
by: Scorpio Sun/Leo Moon

That is such a beautiful story! I'm very happy for you! I've just met a wonderful Pisces and I have butterflies already! Hopefully it will be a fairy tale for me also. All the best! :)

by: ayesha

I'm a 23 year old Scorpio woman and I'm in love with a Pisces man. I've never meet someone so loving, sweet and understanding. He is very charming he makes me laugh and make love to me like no other.... and if your a Scorpio you no we are big on sexual satisfaction. Scorpio's love hard and are big on emotional connection. Scorpio's have no problem accepting you as you are, We are loving, sensitive, loyal, independent and very understanding. Yes we are the perfect match for a Pisces men period. We are the sexist sign of the zodiac. Question? who could better love you, accept you, and understand you on a unspoken level while at the same time give you everything you could possibly need or anything your heart could desire? Only a Scorpio woman... don't cheat yourself Pisces men if you have a Scorpio hold on to her she's heaven sent. She will have your back through better or worst, this love connection is truly magical I Love my Pisces man and I'm going to work hard and do anything and everything I gotta do to keep him
Sincerely a Scorpio; )

Looking for a Pisces Man ...
by: Linda

I am a Scorpio and I was stupid and married a Saggitarius ... It is a lousy relationship ... There is none .. He does what he wants and never listens and does not get me at all ... Needless to say I have been sleeping on the couch for lots of years ... Sex is no more ... I Need a new love , I want to find a Pisces Man ... Where are you ... I need to be loved and hugged ... No one hugs me either ... I WANT ROMANCE AND LOVE !!!!!!!!! I Need a New Love ... Oh please I hope you are out there ... Hoping Endlessley ... Always a Romantic ....

I'm in love with this amzing pisces man
by: Sassy Scorpio 2k11

Hey everyone I met my amazing Pisces 2 years ago today I was 18 going 19 and he was 24 when we met.
Well we didn't meet really it was more like how faith brought us together. He was arguing with my little brother on the phone who is a gemini and who is a libra-scorpio cusp got on the phone and I started arguing with him. He was very calm and laughing at me and then I shouted at him and he got scared, he said I was the very 1st woman outside of his family to shout at him like then I felt like crap and my heart started racing and I felt a connection with him. I asked him was he single and he said yes. To my surprise I thought this was pot luck. I gave him my phone number and we were talking for a week and he said don't get sacared I love you already will you be my girlfriend and then we went out on a date and it was like magic and when he kissed me it was like no other I had before it was emotional and passionate I told him there and then I loved him and he will be the only 1 for me. Then when we were 2 months together on my 19th Birthday 26th of October 2009 he introduced me to his Parents a Leo and a Cancer I couldnt've asked for a better present because I felt more loved. He then gave a charm bracelet with the charm of a scorpion on it and meant more to me than anything in the whole wide world and linked to it was 2 fish symbolising him . Then the christmas of that year he dumped me and I was sitting in the pub crying drinking my sorrows away. Thinking of him at every second, what he was doing, who he was with and why was it over but I knew scared him away. I had a miscarriage that night in the pub I didn't know I was 2 in a half months pregnant until I got to the hospital I gave him a call on my phone and told him to come up to the maternity hospitsl that I was having a miscarriage and it was
his child. He came up to me with tears in his eyes crying, blaming himself for leaving and he confessed to me that he still loved me and he was scared to give me a chance and I told I loved him deeply until his dying day. So we were back together and were inseparable since that day. Iam nearly 21 now he is 27 I think were going to be together for a long time because I heard him saying to his mother he is going to propose on my 21st bithday and iam also expecting our 1st child in december can't wait things are getting better and better Iam so happy I met my pisces man

I met my Pieces
by: Sasha

Thank you for posting this ... I share very similar experience. I am 30 years old Scorpio woman and I've met my Pieces man through work. He is 9.5 younger than me but he is what I've always wanted!I've been in two long relationships with Cancer and Sagittarius before but cancer hasn't inspired me enough and with Sagittarius it was total disaster. Now I found someone who can help me to become a better person. He is my everything. My best friend and the best lover I've ever been with. I've had many boyfriends but this is totally different dimension of love for me. Although, he is much younger and my friends and parents still don't believe in us, I think this could last very long. We are together now 4 months but it feels like forever. I love him with my heart but also with my mind ... and feel like passion doesn't have to control me again. Just pure love that is beyond emotions. I thank universe every day that I've met the One ;)))

I found my Pisces man!!!
by: Anonymous

I feel the same as your whole story! But we met off a dating site! Lol

After an Aries experience, Pisces male awaits his dream Scorpio
by: Anonymous

I am a Pisces male, age 44. I was not aware of zodiac compatibility until after it was to late (I entered a rushed marriage with an Aries woman). We managed to stay together almost 10 years. Had a few good moments in our early years, but was an unflinching relation overall.

My ex married as a virgin at 26, and for some reason she did not enjoy sex. Very career oriented, she was in constant competition with me, and disrespectful at times.

Because physicality we were comparable size, she was challenging me, assuming that in a direct fight we would be about even. Shortly before we separated, we had that physical confrontation where I put her to the ground in a second. She couldn't believe that my half-size biceps she was often ridiculing, could release so much strength. We were already sleeping separately, and after that she begun locking her room.

After the divorce I met online a Scorpio woman. She enlightened me about our potential great compatibility. Stayed in touch for a few months, but we never met in person. I remember the great conversations we had - and it wasn't just a bias or self-fulfilling proficiency. One was saying something and the other one was calmly continuing on the same subject. She was contradicting me at times, but it was always gentle, and I could tell the good intentions.

She was from Eastern Europe, and I was not an US citizen back then (it takes years for a permanent resident to bring somebody from overseas to the US) so I decided not to continue. After almost two year of silence, she wrote back to me a few weeks ago. She was married and was expecting her first baby. I had a feeling that I had never experienced - that could have been my child!

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