Pisces men cheating

by Chyna Malone

I dated a Pisces and he cheated on me numerous times before I found out. He also was very good in bed but never was into PDA. My brother who is also a pisces always cheats on his girlfriend but claims to really love her, like my ex boyfriend did. Almost every Pisces Ive met had a cheating problem yet were very emotional about their lover.

I think Pisces are very confused..

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by: Cabburh

A person can love and cheat, you know. But it's immature and irrational, indeed.
But then, all men are cheaters, they WILL cheat on you someday, somehow, somewhere. You just can't trust... so just have fun with them, keep yourself away from love (because they can't love, too, unfortunately), don't treat any man with too much attention or tenderness and please, never ever believe any of them! For your own good.

Bull shit
by: Anonymous

Plz 4 da love of god. im a pisce's man n that comment about all men cheat is some bullshit. Ur just a bitter ass woman. now to address the question. We have a very wide eye. Though we may be in love as the ocean we are wide and deep and connect easily with many. Its not that we dont love you its that we are not 100% pleased and therefore we go out seeking the parts that we are missing. We want the full package and even though its a hard thing to give us it is possible. We know at the end of the day we love you but we still have a need to have that other part fulfilled until u can learn to do so.

by: Anonymous

First of all, your missing piece, or what ever you just said, which is just a piscean trait, of making excuses for doing things that are morally wrong....was totally a reason why you are probably having issues in your relationship. Its called IMMATURITY!!!! You need to be by your self for a while and think some things through. Maybe there is no such thing as a perfect woman that can suit all of your so called "NEEDS"....this infuriates me, because im a cancer woman married to a pisces man. If he ever said some shit like this, i would leave his ass so quick, he wouldn't even have known what hit him. Its such a sad world, that ppl can't just love and be greatful for what they have. Like if you don't get what you want for her, or him leave them alone. Why make someone suffer for your so called loss. Be by your damn self then. Maybe that will teach you to concentrate on wht you have rather than what you don't. PERIOD!!!!

by: Anonymous

Im a virgo woman,n a relationship with Pisces man!da relationship is tough.his not faithful at all.thinks dat Im cheatin on him ,which Im not.every single day his sayin I sleepin with a man.r his da man he could fuck anyone he want.oh,Im a woman dont have da right 2 fuck.his a selfish person,cuz he only want fr.his self when he borrows money frm.me,he says dat he dont owe me nothin.his not respect n also his rude.dont want 2help me pay the bills.he works n when I get wat tmy check want to use my money,dont knw wat his doing with his check.he told me I have to take of him.n tis situation I dont knw wat to do,cuz I love him to much. N also hidin his cell phone,he puts it n his pocket while he sleeps.I dont trust him,n he also dont trust me.Im true to him,he doesnt knw dat..........

tired of the BS
by: beauty & brains

My man is a pisces and he's very loving but he's not very responsible nor does he respect me as much as he should. Its been three years we have a a three month old daughter together but I'm really tired of him hiding his phone going crazy when he thinks I have it (which I never do he misplaces the damn thing all the time) and all these people telling me he's talking to multiple females. I give him my all I've never cheated never even talked to another guy but that doesn't matter to him he just wants to do what he wants to because he thinks I'm never go leave him. I will be forced to do just that if things don't change though because I don't want my daughter to think that this how love is when she gets older. Pisces men are great people but most of them can't stop cheating for whatever reasons..

by: Anonymous

You people are sad indeed. I'm a Pisces. Even if I wasn't I would still think anyone who believes that someone born under a birth sign is a cheater is so ignorant it's hilarious. I've been with my girlfriend for 2 years'. I would rather die than be unfaithful to the girl I know trusts me as much as I do her. You girls probably are older though. And have had shifty boyfriend's I imagine. Best of luck. Hopefully you can stop being so bitter and close minded someday. A lasting relationship takes. Honesty. Dedication. Trust. Love. And make sure you can talk about anything under the sun without fighting [:

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