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I am not going to talk for all pisces men on earth. But I will say: if you are dating just be authentic and say what you want. It is only when there is no shadow of a doubt that I would jump. A long stare into each other eye is a great way...guaranteed. I love feeling the strength of character of the woman. But don't shy. It is hard to get a first grip but once the contact is made (complicity, the first kiss, etc.) The nightmare is done. The game is not my favorite thing...making sushi and having sex is way better.

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sweetness from u guys
by: Anonymous

Yeah I can confirm that: a long stare at each other eyes are magical! Me & my Fish 've been doing that for thousands times but still cant wait to do it again. He cherishes me and so do I (the sex is amazing btw) :D Keep the faith girls out there!

weakest men of the zodiac pisces man
by: Anonymous

pisces men are no good at all ladies i urge to run if you come across one. too much hassle , mamas boy, underachievers. run ladies run.

Defense of Pisces Men
by: Tilted Libra

I bet it is Earth(possibly Fire) signs that see Pisces as weak men. I see them as men who need to be nurtured which I personally find endearing.

Pisces Strength
by: Evolving Pisces

Our strength comes in our ability to love anyone without passing judgment and being able to be uncencerned with the material rat race that stresses so many even rulling them. A pisces will seek his own dream reguardless of others opinions even if he becomes lost in the depths of reality. You tell me that dosnt take strength and courage. People are too quick to judge and too shallow to understand.

Earth Sign
by: Anonymous

I am such a Capricorn and I just met my Pisces man I think he is great! I love a person who cares and believe it or not I am a very conservative type that most would probably consider dry. I just have to warm up to you. BUT! This dude in my opinion is awesome I love to feel like you give a dam and he definitely does. I am into sincerity and this man seems to be very sincere. I actually do not consider him weak at all, I feel any person who has the audacity to be themselves are quite brave. I am excited and just want to thank you beautiful men who happen to be this sign. Again WOW!

pisces men look for strong powerful women
by: aneka

I'm a piscian female myself. Yes I am emotional, dreamy, extremely compassionate yet I have my strengths too. I recently met this piscian and was excited that finally met someone with similar emotional makeup as mine. Very quickly I was disappointed by his lies. He lied about his living arrangements and job to start with. He lived with his mother. In fact now 36 and he had lived in that room all his life on a single bed but told me he had an apartment which was being reburshied. He lied about his job telling me he works in real estate where he was working for grocery shop unpacking and unloading. He always lied about his mobile being left at home and battery running out. Lol, on fridays and saturdays he would send me his foto tucked in bed at 6pm telling me he is having an early night then switch off his phone. I knew he was too weak to say he had other plans so he had to be dishonest. He liked dating rich professional oldr women and had been hunting for rich women in bars and dating sites. He wasn't even very attractive looking but was so vain and selfish and a control freak trying to pressure me to follow his rigid habits. He obviously thought I was a good catch so he invited me to his house and friends circle and within a very short time I discovered that the guy is a big liar. He even takes drugs soft and hard. Not just that he is a big fool to tell me about his rich women haunts. He is a big flirt too, flirting with any women in my presence and checking them out. He wanted me to pay for all the dinners which I didn't. Because he obnly went to his chosen places and even tried to order food and drink for me without asking me. I had to dump him. The next day he was out looking again but telling me how much he loves me and wants to change.

Piscian men are the weakest, most unsuccessful, deceptive liars, selfish, dependent, clingy, very needy and the most insecure men. Nothing positive will come out of a relationship with them instead you will be emotionally drained and finacially supporting them..

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