Pisces Men fall in love quick?

by Monique
(Jersey City, nj)

I'm a Gemini woman and I'm dating a Pisces man and he seems to be falling in love quicker than I am. Do they just feel like they're in love quickly and then get bored after?

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Pisces man
by: Anonymous

They do fall in love very quickly and they don't get bord that easily. It is said that pisces men go well with libra ladies,cause they are the ones who can understand them better then anyone else

by: Felice

I am a libra and I am dating a pisces man right now. I really feel that he is special, as sensitive as I am and we have a lot of similar interests. We seem to look at things the same way so far. I really hope that this will work out. The saying libra understands pisces like noone else make sense. =)

gemini & pisces
by: Anonymous

I'm a gemini female and I love boyfriend I've known him for 3years n he's romatic an a very understanding person. We both are attractive individual hope he married me some day...we both in our early twenties...the key point to this relationship is honesty & confidence....gudlucks

by: Pisces_Capricorn

I'm a gay Pisces female and dated a Gemini/Taurus bi female and it was hell on earth. We can't communicate, we fought like there was no tomorrow, she was insensitive, judgemental and critical. No matter how much I cared about her, she could never satisfy me emotionally. I'll never go for another Gem woman again. No offence, but Cancers are much more suited for the emotional, loving Pisces. Now that's a match made in Heaven!

Pisces guy dating Cancer girl
by: Anonymous

So I've been dating this guy for about a month and i can belive how the time has flown! In a good way of corse :) . I'm in love with him I think and he's definatly in love with me. We both live far away due to me moving recently but we both make time to talk to one another. He's really sweet and is funny. I recommend if love compadibilities really do relate to astrology signs that this is a good match.

Gemini girl nd pisces man <3
by: Sushiie

I'm 19, gemini and i'm dating a pisces man. It's just been few months and i've never been so happy in a relationship before. He's romantic, caring, cute but sometimes i'm scared that he'll cheat on me like my ex-scorpio boyfriend. I hope our relation goes well and that he'll stay faithful to me :)

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