Pisces men understand Scorpio women so well

Hi I am a Scorpio woman dating a Pisces man. We are so in love with each other he understands me in every way. He is the one that soothes me when I am having a moody day.

He is also very intelligent, he can cook which is totally a turn on for me. As to sex oh what can I say about sex well sex is off the chart. He is everything to me I cant wait to be his wife! I know he will be perfect husband for me.

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by: Anonymous

I am a Scorpio woman seeing a Pisces man. I am attracted to him which is rare at first and he is the nicest man I've ever kissed. I am feeling like the scorp up there... like it is too good to be true... we talk for hours and the time just slips by! he is serious about his future and has already "figured" me in there somewhere... I am ready and think that God sent the right one this time! I think we compliment each other.. he wants want I want and vice versa... and I will be there for him being a devoted Scorpio...although I am the stronger sign the respect is there so I will never step on his toes.. Pisces know best!!

Scorpio ♥ Pisces
by: Lady Scorp

I absolutely ADORE my pisces man!! We connect deeply on every level. My exes were a capricorn, 2x librans and virgo. They all lacked what my heaven sent pisces has in abundance...he understands me!!! When I'm down, he brings me back up with little to no effort. When we're snappy and irritated, we soothe each other. I am a much softer, more nurturing and caring lady thanks to my Pisces man. I love him so totally! We respect each other. I know I've got quite a dominant personality, but I find it so easy to let my Pisces take the reins, but will happily step in if and when he needs me to. He's a great dad, we have loads of fun and good times with our children. He brings home the bacon, I keep a clean, orderly, comfortable little haven, and happy children. I'll always back this man, be his rock, be his oasis, be there to hold him, support him and love him completely. Oh and he is so romantic, and I love receiving and surprising him back! Sex is absolutely mind blowing!!! Honestly, it's everything rolled into one fantastic event...Raw, lusty, tender, unbridled, sensual, passionate, etc...they all flow seamlessly into each other. It truly is amazing and we are totally in sync...Let's just say we instinctively know what buttons to push, so we push em all, lol!!! Neither of us has ever experienced sex anywhere near it's intensity in our lives. I'm a VERY lucky lady!!! (^_^)

q answered
by: Anonymous

thanks now i figured out why this particular guy never give up to win me he is pisces man!!

i will do anything to marry my Pisces Man
by: Anonymous

a good kisser ever is a Pisces man. i being a Scorpio i wish i could be with him all the time. he takes a lot of alcohol. am so worried that it might be too much.....but i think i need to do anything to have him as my husband

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