Pisces Sagittarius attraction

I'm a Pisces girl 24 met a Sag guy 27, almost 5 months ago. We were instantly and strongly attracted, he IMMEDIATELY starting chasing after me and I gave him all the right signals but didn't jump into anything! He was always texting, chatting, saying amazing things, was totally adorable, I was falling in love. Then on a date he tried to get physical but I wasn't quite ready, but still made it abundantly clear that I liked him. The next day, he said, lets never see each other again. AAH!! Then 2 months later randomly got in touch and invited me out so we went out and it all heated up again, then he was off AGAIN. Didn't hear for weeks, then he was back, then gone. I was totally confused until I figured out he was a Sag. Now I'm not going to bother. I would say that the Sag/Pisces attraction is strong but a relationship with a Sag guy is near impossible!! Don't bother if they're playing games. They probably wont be ready till they're like 40!!!

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Pisces Sagittarius attraction
by: Anonymous

As a Sagittarius guy, I'm like totally offended by some of these posts. Lol For all the whining on here about how much Sagittarius men suck, do you know why Pisces women go for them so often? Because we know how to treat a woman like a woman.

Tell me you don't secretly find it flattering when the nasty vulgar Sagittarian tries to make a move? Tell me you don't prefer a strong, bold guy over some effeminate man-elf who wants to read you poetry in bed and then cuddle?

The problem with Pisces women is that you think you want a best friend, when really you want a lover. Well guess what? Unless you plan to date women, then men are supposed to be childish, arrogant, poor communicators and all the other stuff you're whining about.

Sag guys aren't dumb. We wont let you feminize us. If we did you wouldn't be here complaining about us being selfish. You'd be here complaining about us being boring!

RE: Pisces Sagittarius attraction
by: Anonymous

To the Sag male that just replied: BOOOOOOOOO!!!

As a Pisces WOMAN I would LOVE to know why "men are supposed to be childish, arrogant, poor communicators".... that really doesn't make sense to me!
*sigh*... leave it to a Sag to be bluntly ignorant. smh

sooo true
by: Anonymous

As a pisces women i dooo agree with the sag male above its totally true i fell in love with my sag man at a speech and debate tournament it was liike power and confidence was seeping through his pores i found him completely irresistable i had to have him. Sag male u are most def correct.

Pisces Sagittarius attraction
by: Emily

to the anonymous, offended Sagittarius guy.This should make you feel better. I'm a Pisces female & what I'm about to write will probably not sit well with many. Oh well. THERE IS NOTHING HOTTER ON THE PLANET THAN A SAGITTARIUS MAN WHO WANTS YOU! NOW!I'm a Pisces female & dated a Sag guy for awhile (actually 4 years). We had a lot to offer each other & got along pretty well. The attraction was immediate & intense. Talk about melting the paint off the walls. As long as Pisces can keep her feelings in check & not get so friggin emotional. Its ok to be in love with your Sag guy just give him all the freedom he needs, its ok if he flirts & he WILL! Don't accuse him, Don't try & tie him down, be open & adventurous. Chill & have fun. Sags are great guys. Theres give & take in EVERY relationship. The payoff with a Sagittarius is totally worth it. I learned how to really live & enjoy life....

sagittarius girl
by: me XD

Its true its so true pisces men are allways chasing me but all in the wrong way too emotionally full on too soon too clingy i need something stronger and more physical and exciting to feel any attraction.

To the Saggitarius male that commented first:
by: Anonymous

Uhmm, I know a male Sagittarius that is REALLY feminine, haha. But I'm a pisces and I would prefer to go for a Sag if anything. You guys should give pisces a chance and just say we're too clingy and we'll adapt. That's one of the things pisces is best at: ADAPTATION! Woo! I love Sagittarius for their passion <3

It can work!
by: Bryce

It can work out, Pisces just have to adapt to the Sag's needs, which should be easy for Pisces because we can go from crowd to crowd and fit in perfectly.

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