Pisces Scorpio love story

I fell hard for the Pisces man in my life over 2 decades ago. I knew instantly when I met him that we were soul mates and would share a deep love and understanding forever. He was unhappily married at the time, and I was newly married, but this did not stop me from falling in love with him, but he will never know that because I could never tell him.

It would ruin our relationship as he is on his second marriage to a very nice person. I think we will be together in another life, but not this one. I feel committed to him in the strangest way, as if he were my significant other, but there is no feeling of possiveness or jealousy. The love I feel is so strong sometimes when we are in the same space I can feel my soul crying out for his. I sometimes think we communicate best in silence. I can feel the slightest vibrations from him, and I think he can feel mine. His eyes look inside of me and I can feel myself being undone, but there is nothing I would ever do to disturb his happiness and stability. I think he is the best lover I have ever had, but we have never touched each other.

Being the Scorpio is not easy-I have vivid sexual dreams about him all of the time, and have since we met, even though we were not together most of that time.

I hope all of your Scorpios out there are looking for your soul mate - the Picses man - this is the most harmonic combination in the entire zodiac.

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Pisces Scorpio love story
by: Anonymous

"The love I feel is so strong sometimes when we are in the same space I can feel my soul crying out for his. I sometimes think we communicate best in silence."

I wish you could just be with him and not wait for another lifetime! He probably feels the same. Thank you for writing that- I am in love with a Pisces too- one that is truely impossible (you have no idea)!

Love and Light

Pisces Scorpio love story
by: Anonymous

I'm a Scorpio woman with a Pisces man. N I love him! when I'm feeling sad he is always there to support me and bring me back up again, which I love. We met in high school. N he tells me how much he loves me everyday. He never gives up on me and says that we will never break up. He is a very smart person. and also knows how to cook do laundry and clean which was a total turn on for me! He is a very nice person and romantic he knows I love roses so he tends to buy me some. He is also very caring and extremely sensual in bed also very loyal! When Pisces men are in love with a woman they will never let go of them or give up on them which that's my case. He is everything I've ever wish for and we are getting married in a year.

It's never too late
by: Anonymous

Please, please, please tell him how you feel. My story is VERY similar to yours...I was also newly married and my Pisces man was unhappily married. We had 5 years of a hidden affair until I ultimately made the decision to end it and stay with my husband. It took me 14 years to find him and be able to reconnect again. He was again unhappily married and I had become unhappily married myself. I was determined to let him know I was still very much in love with him...but did not want to interfere with his life. We realized that we had been living with the same thoughts and dreams the years we were apart. And our love for each other only became stronger. I am happy to say we are now finally living our dreams. As my Pisces says "our story is better than a movie"...

by: Anonymous

I met a Pisces five years ago. The experience felt like love at first sight. At the time, I was not ready for a committment.
He is still in my heart and I pray for peace of mind. He has made attempts to contact me, but I was unaware that it was him. I pray that God guides me. I desire to be with him if it is meant to be/or I desire closure now.

i am amazed
by: Anonymous

by this reading. I am a Pisces woman that fell extremly hard for a scorpio man for many Years ago. When i saw him it was almost like a helo over his head. Like i had known him in an past life or something. We just flirted back then, sadly he had a wife and i did not want to mess up his life. I have never been able to forget him since. We have talked on phone, but never met. It's about 8 years now and i still can't forget him.

pisces female
by: Mimi

I am a pisces female. i also used to mess with a scorpio man while i was in a relashionship and he wasnt and then i broke up with my man who was a libra and tried to make things right with this scorpio and then things were going good with me and the scorpio 4 a while and then out of no where he just played me out 4 another girl. i know he is gonna come back 1 day but i dont know if my pride will let me take him back.

by: Ayla

Im a pisces woman thats with a scorpio and i fell so hard for him. But befor we were together he chased me and he never gave up until one night he just asked e out and i couldnt say no because i knew if i said no he would not be here with me not even as a friend. And at the time he was chasing me i was in a relationship " long distance one " But now were are happier then ever. He means everything to me. He treats me like a queen. Saying yes to him is the best thing i ever did. I LOVE HIM. His name is so sexy too Lorenzo 8D

happy ending?
by: cindy

I was 19 yr old scorpio teen when i first encounter my first love/a pisces man named gerry..( or at the time he was a boy of 21yrs old) I was working at abercrombie(a really a free spirit kid, i was)
Picture Under-age drinking, getting into gothic clubs/ house music playing old daft punk & fatboy slim.
I was barely looking for love, just fun in all the wrong places. We met off the internet. I had found him on a unknown personal website. We exchanged info..screen names, which was popular at the time. I had converse with him, not really thinking it would lead to anything special. Skip a couple of months to see the guy whom Im almost everyday instant messaging..gerry aka grotowski
( grotowski was his screen name..named after a polish screen director) I knew I was attracted to him right off the bat b/c I love theatre & his energy seem so kind, like he wouldnt hurt a fly..I felt instantly for a struggling theatre artist. Jump to our first date..it was a blur of magic & enchantment..something I cant describe in detail but will always remember. Our relationship had many ups & downs..twirls & cartwheels. I felt high whenever I was with him. And never wanted to get let down..even if it was the truth. I was in complete denial of ever losing him. Skip to I'm almost 30yrs old..Im in a happier stable relationship. But, I sometimes wonder if things could be different..would I be the one :)

Scorpio in love with a Pisces - wrongly
by: Anonymous

Finally found people who I can relate this feeling with. I'm (a scorpio) head over heels with a married Pisces woman, however I will never be able to tell her that. She seems happily married. Although when we meet and text each other, there seems to be a connection between us. Not like we flirt, etc. Maybe I'm just imaging, however there's something in the way she looks at me, something in the air when it is silence. I feel complete knowing that I know someone like her, even though I cannot be with her. She is able to read my mind, answer my questions without me even asking. We have a great deal of trust for each other. Just something seems strong between us. Maybe in one of our lives we were suppose or will be together. I'm in love with her but she will never need to know, because if you love someone you should let them be happy...

scorpio male wit pisces
by: rio grand

Omfg im n love wit my pisces girlfriend
Her name shay we met 4-19-13 we still together
We broke up alot bt always come back
To each other.. Her flirty side makes my
Jealous side tick lol.. Bt i love her we
Understand each other so much feel like
I already knew her smh.. Ily baby
Rio n shay 4 eva =)

Pisces woman still in love with Scorpio ex
by: 3rdDecanPiscesLady

I'm a 23 year old Pisces girl. I have been with a Taurus for 3.5 yrs. He is a good guy but I feel lost because our bond has never become as deep as the bond I had with my ex. He’s a Scorpio. I still dream about him, & wish I was with him. The first time we saw each other we were 16, he just moved to town & was a new student.He stared deep into my soul & I could feel his presence from across the room. Coincidentally, I was wearing a shirt that had his mom’s name on it. We talked for hours,we even skipped our next class to continue talking.I felt electric.I had found the guy of my dreams.He was passionate, poetic, artistic.No other guy can compare to him, he has an old-world charm that most guys don't have these days.It was like a fairytale,everyone knew us & thought we were adorable together.Our school principal even referred to me by his last name,as if we were married.His mom invited me to spend Xmas with his family across country in his hometown. But randomly, he broke up with me.The next day he said he wanted me back, tried to kiss me, but I pushed him away & told him that he can't come back 1 day after breaking up with me.He was livid & hurt.From then on, he was out for revenge.He flirted with girls in front of me,started fights with my guy friends.He got a new girl & used her against me.I became depressed,worse than after my dad’s death.I did cocaine to numb the pain; for the first 2 months after our breakup I didn't eat or sleep much.He also started doing drugs & stopped caring about school or his passion for art.We both skipped school in order to avoid seeing each other.Because of that, I barely graduated high school, & he graduated late.Even though he had a new girl(Taurus) he kept tabs on me after our breakup,driving past my house,asking people about me,& making fake pages to talk to me online.Yet he refused to get back together.He denied feelings for me,but he still called me "baby" when we were alone.The last time I saw him was 4 yrs ago. Then I moved away. A month ago,my mom said hi to him on FB,& he asked her about me.Then he sent me a message asking how I’m doing, we also talked about having sex.But he stopped replying. I sent him another message giving him my number but he hasn’t said anything.He could be trying to play me.But he posted 3 romantic songs that have connections to our past.One of the songs lyrics are: "Come back, this pain is killing me, It was hard to have you & lose you, accept and forget you. My life goes on but I still can’t help but feel I’m falling into an abyss. Life without you has no light."So that makes me wonder if he has feelings he is trying to hide/supress.It’s killing me inside, I want to be in his arms.I miss his deep love,his passionate kiss,the way he makes life seem magical.I want to go home,home is in his arms.I am tired of this pain.I want my Scorpion back.We have both grown up & learned some hard lessons,but at the end of it all,I still want him.He is my Richard & I am his Elizabeth.

I know how you feel
by: Anonymous

Your story is so beautiful..and sad at the same time.
I am a scorpio girl who loves a pisces boy for almost 3 years now. At the time I met him, he was deeply hurt by a previous relationship and wasn't ready to date anyone. I felt in love with him, though. And he rejected me, saying that he couldn't date me or hurt me. I tried to move on and forget him but failed. Many boys pursued me and I had several relationships after that but they all didn't last long because I always felt unhappy, as if there was something missing.
Now he has a new girlfriend. But I still love him with all my heart. I always think that he is my true love and I will never be able to forget him.
After reading your story, I really hope that you and your man can find a way to be together somehow. I know how painful for a scorpio woman to stay away from her love.

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