Pisces smoothes my Scorpio rough edges

I'm in love with a Pisces male. Me a Scorpio, and it's been rocky.. Because he doesn't like drama, and Scorpio’s can be that.. not because we want to, but because we're just trying to get the Pisces male to communicate.

Scorpio's assume all the time when we can't get the Pisces to talk back. And that upsets the Pisces.. but at least we finally got him to open up... we break up often, but it never last over night seemly.

We tend to understand each other emotionally, but Pisces male needs to know that Scorpio’s need to feel loved.. we need to be touch, communicate, encouraged. what ever just do something... it seems like you have to take the lead most times because Pisces are really too slow for Scorpio women, but we don't mind. if that's what it takes..

Pisces seems to make Scorpio’s rough edges smooth, at least for me, because I’m liable to say anything although my choice of words maybe wrong I mean what I say. I have to learn to choose the words when talking with him. Very sensitive and you can easily run them off. But if it's really love he won't be gone for long. If it's real... that's my experience with my Pisces. I love him more than life itself..

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Scorpio rough edges
by: Anonymous

Many years ago I fell hard for a Pisces. Of course, I didn't know he was a Pisces at first and it took me some time to realize that this guy was made for me, just the way we were so in tune with each other that we didn't need words to express what we were feeling. In my heart I never felt that way about a guy and I dated a few guys but none touched my soul the way he did. Our time together and my dream was short lived.. he was older than me and just got out of a relationship. I was seeing him with other girls and just thought maybe I was this type and made a mistake in reading him. I eventually moved away, brokenhearted and sad. To this day ill never forget those few summer days spent with him warm in my heart forever.

by: Anonymous

can anyone answer me why pisces man attracted to
scorpio woman?

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