Pisces wants Scorpio woman back!

by Shawn

Hi everybody, I'm looking for help from the Scorpio women here. I miss my scorpio woman, we broke up a month ago for something foolish I did. Long story short we are in a long distance relationship. We were having some issues, I went out with a co worker(female) who was also having issue with her man. It was purely platonic, but of course she does,t believe that. We talked a few days ago, but she is still upset, she says she wants to work it out but doesn't know how we can. Do I have any hope of regaining her trust and getting my scorpio back?

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by: Anonymous

She is fiercely jealous and always will be. It can be suffocating. She will always question you and then a couple of weeks later, question you again to see if the answers are the same. Very hard to gain back their trust (even though I know you did nothing wrong). Are you ready to live with interrogation and suspicion? Is she worth it?

sticky situation
by: Love in WI

i am a scorpio female who is in love with a pisces male. I am a very needy women when it comes to pisces male. he is the only one that can satisfy my emotional need which is pretty high. when scorpio women thinks there is another women, less alone knowing it is another women, u have truly lost her. Im going through this as i speak. i love this man, but i do not want to get hurt because my love runs deep for him. I had to stop the relationship because i was scared i may hurt him by me naturally being evil when my hurt is broken. so, to call the relationship off was to protect him and me. i know it sounds crazy, but that is why we scorps are so complex and misunderstood. We never ever want our man to give to another women his emotions like u did sharing with the other lady about her woes. i totally understand why she cut you short...we feel u should have known better and that it can easily happen again. we scorps want to feel special, the only one for you, irrestible. when we do not feel that way...watch out cause trouble is coming.

just my personal expeience i am going through being married to a taurus male who did th exact same thing but with a women he works with...and i do not trust him like the old saying goes, no farther than i can throw him. basically, i do not believe a word that comes out of his mouth and the words of i love u prior to the incident either. i never looked at other men, now i am... i found a pisces and i never know of love so pure, real, and at first sight. well i knew him for sometime and he was n a relationship. i never thought that we would hock up and becomes emotional buddies. we r only just buddies cuz he says he has been hurt and its hard to trust or love again. I know pisces r everywhere as far as paying attention and wanting their space, but i need to see him...to relate to him..and he draws back when he realize he getting closer to me. its back and forward...i can only think there is someone else when he says it is not. I initially wanted to leave the taurus and run to my soul mate, but he claims he is "out of his element" when he is around me and i guess being cautious, but at times when im about to give up cuz im feeling he wants to leave me alone, he comes back and is the love of my life. some say pisces will not give u their attention wholey to noone, so to get some is an A+. Is that true? can someone answer that question.

sorry for the rambling...just a women with a lot of passion and love and no one to give it to...therefore im lonely....


its quite simple
by: Anonymous

Scorpios simply want to feel appreciated. If u do want her back, show her. She will come back to u if she feels it is genuine. I am a scorpio woman in a very similar situation except the guy in my situation got a girl pregnant. Kind of unforgiveable in my case. As for your situation if she makes it hard for u, she's just being stubborn and making u pay for the emotions you've caused her. Deep down she is as sensitive as they come and it'll work itself out in the end.

scorpio woman
by: Anonymous

I am a scorpio woman and had my trust broken by a scorpio man (not pisces), but as a scorpio woman i am hard to please and stubborn. All i can suggest is if you truly want her back and are prepared to put up with some harsh comments and her probably constantly reminding you of what you did for some time, then just do what you can to make her feel special again. Build the trust, tell her you want her back, no mind games (scorpios hate mind games and will always suss you out with interrogation), be honest, no lies, no bull, just explain and say how sorry you are. Think hard though, because if you want a relationship where you can have friends of the opposite sex, scorpio (as a bit of a sweeping statement) are very jealous by nature and you may run into many arguments. Personally i hate to be kept in the dark, I'd rather know the female and feel included than pushed out (just for future reference, although i appreciate it's difficult with the long distance).

Bring the light out!
by: Beth

Hi Shawn,

Although we are in a horoscope compatibility page but i would say, being realisticly logical i just as important. Of course, bearing note on the horoscope's character is critical too.

Advice: Bring the platonic (woman) out.
There's no quickie solution to this issue. Right now, u do not have a chance of explaining and neither will u be capable of doing it since (i believe) your ex was the one who called it quits.

Now u said this is a long distance relationship, are u both country or state apart? Are you readily prepared to do what it takes to get her back or are you just eager to get it back because of feeling guilty of being misunderstood?

Ask yourself...
Let me share with you a story of a Scorpio woman and a Pisces man in the next comment...

Pisces-Scorpio Love
by: Beth

This Pisces guy is a MCP (Male Chauvinist Party) who would liked to be "served", be it from the daily tasks to chores and to his favorite dish or cuisine.

The Scorpion woman who was deeply in love with him no doubt knowing all of the above, enjoyed doing every single bit of the above without a word of complaint.

Some years down the road... There were some misunderstandings that resulted the end of the relationship.

Although there were calls, emails, msn messages, letters left for her almost every other day - but there were no sign of the guy visiting her. Some weeks past, somehow the usual routines of the ex gradually ceased. The lady deemed that the guy was not keen anymore so she moved forward.

It was not long that one day she received a message during office hours, asking her to wait for him at a waiting area outside the building when she knock off, that he had something to pass her. She checked with him on what would that be but there was no reply. At the back of her mind, she prepared logical possibilities of the relationship coming to a final end - to return her stuffs.

She walked to the area and saw her ex, she was presented with a couple of mid-sized plastic bags. She felt a sense of grief when suddenly the Pisces guy told her to hop on his bike and to send her home. He did not sent her to her door, just showed a grin and rode off.

She noticed there was a container and an envelope. She opened to find a letter and it reads..

"I knew you were a great cook as i was your biggest fan, so it was not an easy task for me when i wanted to try out something you like, it was especially challenging when i had never whip a single decent meal before. These few weeks, i had been to several bookstores and consulted some chefs and finally, my mom! I tried a few times and failed terribly, there were too many spices & ingredients to take note and anything lesser could not make it tasty.. i really could understand why you refused to whip-up this dish whenever i requested. The worst is that i had to be scolded by mom that i am impaired in cooking and as well as the whole of kitchen! I hope you wouldn't mind the bad taste although i personally felt it was rather okay. Lastly, i hope you be able to give me a rating after that! Cheers!"

You could possibly guessed what happened to this couple after the lady filled her stomach? Yes they patched.

Oh ya, last but not the least, after that the lady got to know the Curry Chicken dish was not done by the Pisces guy - it was bought from some restaurant. But anyways, that became a routine complaint that the boyfriend "cheated" on her...

Yours truly,

Scorpio woman married to a Pisces man
by: Anonymous

Dear Shawn:
As a Scorpio woman the best advice I can give you is to be totally honest and genuine abs secure about everything you do from now on. If you remain true, your Scorpio woman will feel less paranoid and more trusting of you. Also, as a precautionary note, try to avoid having further intimate contact with that female friend until your lay personally meets or knows her. Once she knows what your femal friend is all about, she will definitely trust you more. Patience is key in this relationship, but I guarantee it's totally worth it in the end!

I'm a scorpio women
by: Anonymous

Flowers her favorite. Apologize sencerely. If it's not real don't bother.

so you want her back huh?
by: Beautiful Scorpio Girl

well as a Scorpio girl I don't have any experience yet with a Pisces man, BUT I believe you can def. get her back, you just have to prove how much she means to you, I suggest doing the "little things" to win back her heart and affection. Be absolutely genuine with her about how you really feel about her, now I def. don't believe she's ever going to forget what you did but if she's anything like me she should be able to put it behind her for now.

I wold also like to make a great suggestion for everyone, when in a relationship especially with theses two signs ALWAYS, and ONLY focus on gratitude for your partner, from experience this is very magical/powerful, and can improve the relationship for the better. HONESTLY, instead of allowing fear of loosing your significant other to creep into your heart, and thoughts. CHOOSE to focus only on all the things you love about your partner, and everything about them, and watch the magic transform your relationship before your eyes

What you did wrong
by: Anonymous

The key to keeping her happy....is...AFFECTION AND ATTENTION
You made her feel second best. That just doesn't work.
She has a lot of pride.
You have to give her mountains of AFFECTION AND ATTENTION NOW

Scorpio female here
by: Anonymous

Hi Shaun,
I'm married to a Pisces. Unfortunately us scorp women absolutely need to be able to trust our man. And to me, the best way to keep trust is to not be in a situation where "things" could happen in the first place. Period. You may have been wanting to be there for your female friend, but to a scorp woman - she expects you to be there for her, not another woman, friend or not. Just the way we tend to be, it may be hard for you to accept, but you can't change us. As with any sign, we all have our expectations in relationships, and you have to either be willing to deal with her needs and expectations, or not. Sorry you're missing her so much, I understand why, we do tend to have a magnetism that most people pick up on. But honesty, we do not forget when someone wrongs us, and it really hurts us cuz we give 100% to our man. If we aren't respected completely, then we feel we've waisted our time and energy and we don't chew on that well. I hope it all works out for you, hopefully she can forgive you, but trusting you again may be an issue, she wasn't there to see that nothing happened between you and your friend. Good luck Shaun.

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