Pisces woman and a Sagittarius man

Hot and cold Yesss. I can totally relate .. I have been in a long distance relationship with this man for about four months . In the begining he would call me every night all the while indirectly letting me feel that we would be a good match. He currently works in a position that takes up alot of his time and that at times is very difficult for me,but I still try and cope... I really do have deep feelings for and I know he has feeling for me but he is so no nonsense its hard at times to figure if we are in good standing or not . I personally have had my own trust issues that made it crazy for a minute but through it all he hung in there. I still dont know feel confident 100% about our relations but im in for the long run . I have recently come to realize that these people really need there own space soo I plan on making him miss me for a minute no text/email/FB.. You know this hard for a pisces due to us wearing our feeling on our sleeve but for him I think I can make it work,at least I am going to give it a real "good" college try.

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Don't Be Fooled
by: Anonymous

Trust me, get out while you can. He will surely break your heart. No matter how you slice it, Sags and Pisces are like oil and water. Run!

Depends on the Sag
by: Anonymous

Find out his moon sign. If your Sag is a moon in Cancer like me you have nothing to worry about. I fell in love with a Pisces almost 6 years ago, she moved away and spent every day talking to her religiously and even visited her. I think she may have even loved me too at one point. When Sag falls in love he falls in hard and usually hurts himself and looks like a fool. Not that he really cares if it means getting his girl.

Pisces are the masters of daydreaming, imagination, complete nonsense, whimsical ideas, randomness, creativity and having their own world where anything is possible. All that = Sagittarian kryptonite. It's a match made in heaven that just never happens because one side (or both) may not fully understand the other and they're signs that need complete understanding.

Some Archers might have commitment issues but like I said, if he truly loves you he won't leave you for anyone.

PS- The whole loving Pisces people isn't based on this one girl. There's one who came before her that I sparked with and 2 others that I've met since and would've dated if one was a little younger and not married and the other wasn't engaged.

Feelings Mutual
by: Anonymous

I can totally relate to this. :-( I just wish it wasn't like this.

Hang in their
by: Rob

I am a Sagittarius man and I too am in a long distance relationship with a Pisces woman. I am CRAZY about her& I live on the east coast she lives on the west coast I am moving in 2 months for her because of the way she makes me feel. It was rough for us in the beginning but things are smoothing out and I would walk to the west coast for this amazing woman because she is worth it. She has changed me for the better and I feel at times that I cant live without her. So if your heart is in it DONT GIVE UP.

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