Pisces woman and Saggitarian man being intimate too soon

I'm a 20 yr old Pisces woman currently "seeing" this 26 yr old Saggitarian guy. I've only known this guy for a week and the sexual tension is CRAZY strong. He pursued me first and was very persistent. I could NOT deny his charm. I gave in and became intimate with him. The funny thing is IT'S ONLY BEEN A WEEK, yet it felt like we've known each other longer after conversing.

Here's the problem: as a Pisces, it is very natural in my nature to expect loyalty and have emotional demands after intimacy. I tried to draw the line between us before and after but it's just not permeating through his head. I wanted to establish an emotional connection first but didn't succeed. He promised that friendship was guaranteed and says he misses me, but it's SO hard to read him. I really wonder what his intentions are and if we'll work. I sometimes think that since the sexual chemistry is so strong it is the only solid ground that we have. Since he's emotionally distant I feel that I should give him a lot of space to roam freely and come back whenever he's ready. But I'll tell you one thing, I won't wait around. Why? Because 1)these guys like an independent woman with her own goal and priorities and 2)I have a life that doesn't revolve around him!

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Similar Story
by: Anonymous

Wow.. this is a little creepy. My story sounds so much like yours. I'm 20 and about two weeks ago i met a sag who's 27. We hit it off immediately, he took me out on a date, dinner and a club last week and this past weekend, we went to a bar and just hung out but the sexual tension was so strong that we ended up going a little too far too soon. I really wish I would've held out and made him wait because I really like him. Now I don't know what to think. He's a sagittarius so it's a given that he's a little distant, I guess I'm just use to guys always texting or calling or pursuing me a lot harder than he seems to be.

The age difference makes me a little nervous at times but I like him to much to let that become a problem. I just hope that me having sex with him so soon hasn't already killed the relationship before it's even started. He seems to really like me whenever we hang out.. he's already made plans for us to do certain things together in the future, he even told me he'd leave his door unlocked for me whenever I'd like to come over, which I loved, made me feel like he already trusts me.

I also just got out of a relationship of a year and a half with a virgo and O.M.G. that was thee most draining experience of my life, so my new sag is very refreshing and exciting.

I like him and I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this one. Best of luck to you as well!

Maybe you'll beat the odds...
by: Anonymous

I didn't look into the astrological signs when I was dating my ex-boyfriend, but now I wish I had. I'm 33 and he's 36...he's a heart-breaker and I want my soul mate. We had immediate chemistry and a strong sexual attraction, but that's all we ever really had. We loved each other, but his wanderlust and need to be free ultimately did us in, as I needed stablity. We moved in together very quickly, but he grew tired of it as soon as it became real. I fought hard to make it work...to the point of driving myself crazy. He ended up leaving in a nasty frenzy to go back to his ex-wife; someone who lets him roam free with his time and his affairs. I couldn't do that and that's what the Sadge is all about. I hope you are able to work it out with your new man, but it might be good to prepare for heartache now. Good luck!!

Life with a Sag
by: Anonymous

I'm a 24 year old Pisces and my boy freind is a 25 year sag. We have been dating for almost 2 years and it's been so hard! But for some reason I just can't let him go! The attraction sucks me in and I feel stuck on him. My mom says that he is fake, and my friends say that there is something shady about him. But, I still love him...

He flirts with his eyes to other girls all the time and when I tell him how I feel about that, he says that he does not firt with his eyes. When I look into his eyes it seems has if he is not sincere. I caught him going through my texts the other day, so that really made me think: what the hell he is doing behind my back?

Communication and Compromise is key
by: Anonymous

I'm a 25 year old Sag and I dated a 23 year old Pisces woman on and off for 2 years. It was very hard to communicate with each other. She broke up with me (the first time) because of what happened at a party we went to. We showed up, and within 10 minutes she told me that she wasn't feeling well, but she insisted that she didn't want me to leave the party. I told her that I would leave in a heartbeat and take her home. We argued about it and it felt like she REALLY didn't want me to leave. No matter how many times I said "are you sure?", she always had a reason why she had to leave but I should definately stay. She said she wanted me to stay because I shouldn't have to leave because of her. When I told her that she was more important to me than the party, she just repeated herself. Finally I gave in and said "Ok, I will talk to you tomorrow, hope you feel better soon".

Next thing I know, she broke up with me. Her reason was because she talked to her friends, and they told her what a jerk I was. I was left very confused. Days ago she told me that she loved me, and when I said "I love you too", she said "no you don't understand, I love you MORE THAN MY FAMILY, I love you more than you could ever understand". So I asked her, "Why did you decide to break up with me without discussing the issue?" "What did you mean when you said you loved me?" "Shouldn't we at least TALK about something before we break up?" The answers I got didn't really make sense, but they were tainted with lots of tears...

I understand I was in the wrong, and that I should have left the party regardless of what she said. But COME ON! I need at least a pinch of honest communication here. I compute words with absolute honesty, and I expect at least some honesty in my communication. The key to making a Picses - Sag relationship is COMMUNICATION. We are bi-polar-emotional-opposites. Opposites attract, but to sustain a relationship they must adapt and compromise.

Run while you can
by: Anonymous

Take it from me. It won't work. Sex is the biggest staple in a Pisces - Sagittarius relationship. He will suck the emotional life out of you. You two will never agree on anything and by you being the Pisces woman, you will do everything in your power to keep him because you are a natural nurturer and a idealistic believer in love. He will rain on that parade with a venegence. You will only be crushed in the end. Take for what it's worth. Good sex, but trust me, that's all it will ever me. A moment of sex and a lifetime of emotional misery. How do I know? I am a Pisces woman who was stupid enough to deal with 2 Sagitarrius men. Never again. Run baby, run while you can.

Ditto to "Communication and Compromise is key"
by: Anonymous

"Communication and Compromise is key" I agree with you %100...I went through something similar with my Pisces ex gf. I love(d) her more than I've loved anyone...but we had completely different styles of communication which led to a lot of confusion and pain, especially on my end. I think a lot of times, Pisces think that Sags don't care as much as they do because we don't express things the way they want or expect and then they punish us (cold shoulder, breaking up all of a sudden, etc)...if she would have better communicated what she expected from me I think we would have compromised and ended up with pleasing results for both parties. Sometimes Sags are clueless, emotionally and we have to be bluntly told what Pisces need from time to time.

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