pisces woman aries man - advice needed!

by dee

Advice needed. Met an Aries man whom has just left wife - whilst I wasn't attracted to him initially he grew on me (like a wart I think). He made the first move of going for coffee but I wanted that on neutral grounds (live in small village with gossips). Once he knew he wasn't getting his foot through my door he started texting me.

He did the normal Aries man things of asking direct and searching questions which I answered honestly. Thinking he was the usual direct and honest Arian man he had purported to be I had no problem in being equally direct. But it seems that me being direct has backfired and he told me that I should have held back on information and just drip fed him because he gets scared of the words 'honesty' and 'relationships'.

I was shocked but this didn't fit with the usual Arian traits. Anyway because I wouldn't sleep with him his texts got nasty and he said some horrible things - intentionally to upset me. Then he said we could be friends cos I wasn't his type. I was really confused cos I couldn't see how you could judge someone just on the basis of texts and this seemed at odds with most Arian men.

So I told him to stop texting me on personal stuff and just phone me if he wanted to talk. He is training my dog and so we will have future contact (in a few weeks). He hasn't rung me at all or even contacted me to do with dog training and seems to be very stubborn and determined. I sent him a text with a kiss - it being Valentines and I didn't want him to think I don't care cos I do. I am just confused by his behaviour and how I should or shouldn't behave. Any advice?

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by: hafsah the scorp

LOL oh boy am i a pro on them. well they are the most confusing ever in the zodiac when it comes to getting there heart or attention if you do not know how. well lets start with playing hard to get, and never give them to much info, always keep them guessing for more. don't talk alot let them do most of the talking, they are very about me people and do appreciate people who allow them to talk. give small responses and with them responses make a challenge they love that. and make them think they know everything basicly let them win lol you have to have a balance when dealing with them dont be weak but at the same time balance things out. if you become boring they will seek another guarentee. alway be suprising and fresh with info about your self. if you don't seem energetic, and always doing new things they will find you boring and move on. say flirty things to them then withdraw shyly and run and watch them chase you like you have never been chased lol. they are the peter pan of the zodiac so remember 1 famous word you will hear in a argument is what about me ..... oh yes they are selfish, me people and dont comprehend give and take. you still want him ? lol just ignore him don't tex or call don't show you are interested at all play like he don't fase you and watch what happens. i can go on and on trust me i know them like i know myself... goodluck hun

by: Anonymous

Have to phone him in two weeks to arrange for my dog to be tested. How should I be when I go to see him? Should I be friendly (normal self) or a bit reservewd? Don't want him to think I am pinning for him? He did say to me that I am not his type and then continued to be suggestive and send sexual comments (all via text of course), but when you speak to him on the phone he is like a little boy. I sent him 3 kisses via text yesterday just to tease him but knew he wouldn't react so wasn't surprised to hear silence (haha). He has been typical Aries in that he finds it easy to make nasty comments - the initial ones were said in the normal bull in a china shop Arian way (not meant), but the last lot were said to wound. That's why I said to him that I didn't want any more texts from him other than to do with dog training as he was using it as a vehicle to be nasty and then you would get a text later with him being really nice. Got p'd off with that so said he should phone me if he wants to chat about anything other than dog training. He then tried to turn it around on me by accusing me of being too analytical and upset with him - comments which I said were not the case as I wasn't mad or being analytical. Advice please anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by: Pisces Woman

This website and the comments from the fabulous people has been a godsend and really empowered me to deal with and understand better this Arian Man I like. I would encourage anyone who is confused etc to read all the experiences as whilst they are individual to each person and the varying circumstances, alot of them really do identify the traits (good and bad) of Arian man. If you can start to understand how they tick it really is a big help in trying to determine whether they have a place in your life or not. They are by no means the easiest starsign to understand or get a long with so well meaning friends offering what is normally good advice is often misplaced on these guys because they are not the average Male. They are selfish & self-centred both intentionally and innocently. They have foot in mouth syndrome and often say hurtful and offensive stuff - sometimes to hurt/offend the person concerned and sometimes innocently said because they are tactless and dont consider others in the way they do themselves. It's all me me me and they are really childish. They are sexually motivated and my own experiences mirrors many others in that they are easy to turn on and off if you know what buttons to press. Yes you have to stay a bit mysterious and they often tell you they aren't interested in you when they are. They are power hungry and want to be in charge all the time. Like every relationship there is always give and take but these guys can take things to the extreme by taking but not giving so much. The best piece of advice I have read is to not chase them - they must chase you and do not just sleep with them so quickly because they are the ones who definitely look for quick shags and then walk away because they have lost interest. They have their sensitivities and often it is a game of chance to discover what these are. The one I like reckons he is direct and in some ways he is, but not in a face to face manner so much. I have figured out that he isn't as confident as he likes to make out, but he does have a very big ego like the majority of them. So let them do the talking, which is what they love, restrict what you reveal about yourself and dont chase them. Whatever, a relationship with an Aries Man is by no means an easy choice. It is important not to allow yourself to be treated or spoken to like a doormat as weakness is something he doesn't like despite his dominant attitude to most things. They like a woman who will challenge them not just agree with them or be too subservient. They are passionate men. Its never too late to learn how to deal with these guys. Two weeks ago I was really upset and confused and through reading all the comments and life experiences it has really helped me change my life around and now I am so confident and happy in dealing the situation.

aries man advice
by: hafsah the scorpio

Its me again. well when you go to see him act as if you just don't care of who he is look distant in the eyes, that will spark his challenge mode. he will then start to try and ease things up with small talk or smiles. thats all you have to do just act like its just buisness thats all. and don't send him tex messages with kisses it not letting him chase you and if he can't chase you its not a challenge he will get bored thats why he didn't respond to the tex. and never let him know what your doing and what your doing always say i was bizy lol i wish you good luck...

by: Anonymous

THX for your great advice. He did what I thought he would do and wait until Valentine's day was passed and then texted me asking me what the xXx stood for and making two silly suggestions. Answered him by saying what they were for but it was obvious he knew already and tried to make out he had forgotten about V day (yeah right haha). He thanked me and said tht was really nice of me. After i sent a short response he then txtd back and told me to watch a programme on tv, txtd back to confirm I couldn't as didn't have satellite. He then explained it was abt how to win the person you want, body language etc. So didn't respond anymore. What do you think i should do now just stay silent and remain distant but happy and my normal self. I know Aries men like eye contact etc which was why I thought it might be better initially to give him eye contact. Many thx

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