Pisces woman ended things with Sagittarius man

LOL this is funny! I'm Pisces lady, naturally, and I've been with three Sagittarius ex's! (18 with 21, then 20 with 22, and finally 21 with 25)! What's hilarious is that I was the meanie who ran off at the first sign of commitment. I guess it was a race and I beat them to it, truth be told each of them were fun in their own way; the first said he fell for me cuz I'm confusing and he had fun chasing me until I went out with him, the second said he could never be mad at me when he wanted to be, we hooked up after staring contest and the third was a player who said he wouldn't mind trying the "one girl" thing with me but it didn't last long at all he just wanted the whole buffet instead of his own damn table. I should have been more fair but none of them grudge me today, the last two gave me credit for jumping the gun, we talk now and then!

I've been daring--dating the nicest, but craziest martial artist for 8 months now and he's such a silent softie I love it, cuz I make fun of him all the time! To be honest, the first 3months or so I had no idea he was a sagg he seemed so much like a Scorpio! He accuses me of being the blunt one, and I'm always telling him he looks too ,much into things lol!

I'm not the most gorgeous thing out there, but his comical jealousy makes me smile to no end. He makes me feel good about myself and is always considerate and asking how everyone is doing. When we go out and I mean anywhere he's asking me if the waiter wanted my number or asking why my dreamboat coworker talks to me so much when he comes to pick me up to see his parents, I tell him cuz we're arranging how he's going to sneak over to ur parents so we can have a horrific affair! I adore that we actually do trust each other and have the patience to do everything 50/50. I couldn't ask for better, our families get along great and we both got the party/clubs/flings out of our systems since both of us have pasts, been cheated on and abandoned others. We still do things, just different things like hiking, most of our friends are losers who still drink too much so we go our own way instead. At this point we accept our past flaws and see them as experiences which made us turn to better ours elves, we both agree that bullshit is for people who can take the smell! (25yr old paramedic chipmunk Pisces with 25yr old fitness instructor Tasmanian devil Sagittarius)

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