Pisces Women and Saggitarius Men: Fatal Attraction!

I'm a Pisces gal and from my experience with Sagg men alerts me that this combo is a fatal attraction. We clearly understand nothing about each other, which intrigues us and sucks us in. Pisces women get tricked by Sagittarius men's charm and then expect that they can reveal themselves emotionally to them, which in turn actually bites them in heart b/c Sagittarius hates emotional people.

Also, Pisces women's aloofness tricks Sagittarius men, and they in turn become uncomfortable when we think it's ok open up to them emotionally. We both(Pisces and Sagg) get turned on and off simultaneously. This makes the relationship toxic when both signs KNOW what they NEED(which is someone that'll make them happier), but are hesitant to leave each other because of hope.


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