Possesive Taurus man

by Anna

Ive been friends with my Taurus for two years, and we didn't express our feelings in that length of time, until finally i did. he has become possessive it seems since he"s overly sensitive about my honest and faithfulness. he says he's not normally like this, that he had just gotten over a Sagittarius who lied and cheated on him constantly. should i believe him because he doesn't want me doing much of anything with out him, i cant be with any guy alone unless im related, and he's acting a bit whiny, always wanting me around, and having endless conversations of how he feels and how he just wants us to work out, saying im special and he knows im trust worthy, he's just worried and i should help him, but how do i know he doesn't just want to control me? it was never like this when we were friends. Ive never been a cheater, and he knows this because i went to him for relationship advise all the time

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Tough one
by: Anonymous

Hi Anna,
I myself have been in a long friendship with a Taurus, who is that guy for me, and he just told me I've always been that girl for him! Each person is different but Taurus are Possessive & thats how they show their affection for you! I hear once your in a relationship with a taurus it will be the best, loving, affectionate relationship you'll ever have.
good luck!

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