Praise your Leo man in bed

by Sage
(New York)

My Leo and I were finally getting down and dirty and I was wondering what kinds of buttons there were to push. So I played around and kept saying things between my chorus of moans like "Oh f you're amazing!" "You have magic hands" "Touch me right here...yes" "Give it to me!!" things like that (some of them actually felt kind of awkward to say, but I think the blush-worthy stuff was really entertaining!!)

Anyways, after saying all this stuff and stroking his ego, I'd find him going harder and better, as if to prove everything I was saying :) IT WAS AWESOME. And not only that, but if I DON'T feed his ego while we're doing it, I think it gets him confused and he tries extra hard to get me to pipe up! it's such a win-win! He goes to sleep proud of himself , I go to sleep satisfied :)

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