Pregnant with an Aries man

So im 7 months pregnant..and this wonderful Aries man approaches me, he finds out im pregnant but still decides to get to know me... at the time i was only 4 months pregnant.. well we talked for about 3 months... and i wont lie i have been up and down emotional and kinda crazy..and he noticed it. we stopped talking maybe at the longest for about a week due to my emotional ass and when we finally chatted about it he decided to let it go and we move on..he always said "i cant wait till you have that baby" he is a divorced man..father of 2 little girls 13 and 8..and when we chat he tells me how his ex wife misses him and wants to be back with him..after their divorce he got into a 2 year relationship with someone whom he claims was the worst girlfriend in the world and he's never getting back with her..well shes trying get back with him too..obviously the holiday season does this to i never said anything about these 2 women i just kept it in the back of my brain...well one day..we were supposed to meet up to go xmas shopping and spend time together.. which i wanted to take full advantage of..because i know how uncomfortable he is being out and about with me while im pregnant... so everything was fine when we spoke i told him i was going to get some clothes on and eat and will head over to his house shortly..he said ok.. well when i get close to his house..literally a stoplight away... he sends me this text about how him and his ex wife have to go to his daughters school for a parent teacher conference because they want to put his daughter in the gifted program and that it shouldn't take i said ok and since i had a friend who lived around the corner from him ill just wait at their house until hes done..he said ok...well yea.. he never text me or called me back that day i waited for 3 hours,he stood me up..which i thought was strange but i was also scared cuz it didn't seem like the next day i tried to call he didn't i texted him..he didn't answer..i waited about 2 hours and texted him. "what happened to you im confused you stood me up for 3 hours" he said that after the conference he cut his hand,,and then he didnt want to bother me so he just had his daughters mom (ex wife) take him shopping...i was soooooooo pissed...i couldn't understand the logic behind that..and behind you not having any courtesy to tell me to go home after you stood me wtf...all he cud text back was "i apologize maam"...i was like wtf..soo i asked him if him and his ex were going to work out there issues and he acted like i was annoying him..replying back.."its not even like that,trust me, i dont want to discuss this cuz im at work in front of people" so...i ended the convo basically telling him i took the day off to chill with him and i thought it was fucked up..but have a good day..he replied "you have a good day as well and once again "i apologize"..."...well we haven't spoke in 2 weeks..he hasn't called or texted...and we work in the same area.. he hasn't even came to see me..i admit in the past i was catching feelings and i even told him that and he told me he felt the same way..but...this behavior is so confused..hurt and pissed

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by: Anonymous


He likes a challenge.. Try not to think about it since you are pregnant, it might cause you stress. Why not try hiding from him for a while? better yet try hiding from him until you delivered the baby.. From other astrology sites, Aries men tends to be selfish... try being a little selfish too.

Dont be an easy prey for these rams. =)

Aries is- mindless
by: Anonymous

You have the right to piss at Aries. Try to be tough, hard, and selfish to that Aries girl. Restrain yourself away from him. He do not want to admit of what he has done-his consequence. This is just my little comments not advise. So, keep you pregnant and yourself as a priority and be healthy.
I knew exactly how Aries man is. I knew he is very tough and neglected me but ha, he cannot get away from me. I'm a true Virgo do not allow him to do that to me. Your pregnant is his responsible because it is his. You need to confront him, okay! Be strong, smart, and stay away from Aries-especially SEX. Good luck; take care.

aries im a a a man...................well to be honest im yours
by: an aries

lol we dont let one problem interfear with a life long of of being happy we are not mean people we have manners less than most but we know how and when to use it witch make it more affective. And its true we get tired of things really fast but when it comes to love its like your facebook account it never truly goes away.
you dont have to be worried about him cheating on you because he's more worried about being cheated on witch makes us put extra effort in to making there lovers happy.we are also romantic in a way thats hard to discribe.

Stay away fro Aries
by: Anonymous

Well I was pregnant by an areis to, totally selfish. Turned out after I told him I as pregnant he failed to tell me after I asked in the begging of our dating was he seeing, talking or dating anyone. Turned out he was in the middle of a divorce and was seeing three ofther women and skept with another women while he was married. After I told him I wa spregnant he said that it would help if I got an abortion.
When I refused and really told him about himself he then decided to some around and participate with whe pregnancy. Then he told me he wanted full custody and that i was just his friend, I let him know that i was not his friend and as a grown women I don't sleep with my friends. That's why there called friends not my boyfriends.Its true they like control of situaitons, will tell you what you want to hear. They hate being pushed around and their attention span is two minutes. mMost are mommas boys. If he was truly in love with his ex wife he will never put you first and he will allways keep a foot i the door with his ex so there is allways a possibility he can go back. Most aries men have slept with half their female friends. Can't be trusted allways read the fine print with them your better off dealing eiht them when you feel like it's and not being available to them. When your easy available they become board and start to look for the next conquest..... My advice Do You !!!!

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