Proud Gemini Woman

by Michelle
(California )

I am a Gemini. i read this article and thought how true. i have to admit i have a hard time making up my mind. i do get bored rather quickly. i like to have both hot and cold. best of both worlds. when it comes to partners, i have dated aries and that wasn't so pretty, too controlling for me not enough patience. i also dated Gemini and it was like having four people in the room. unstable. ultimately i consider myself a nice person, sincere. More than often it is considered being a flirt. not intentionally. i feel like i can be on time only when and if i care about something. i love to read, all the time. i like to know a little bit of everything. i like to put it as a Gemini is a sample platter not an entre. : ) for those who are not lucky enough to be a Gemini, maybe this helps you understand the twins...

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So true!
by: Anonymous

Totally agree with you!

We Are Gems
by: Nina

You sound just like a gemini. We are the most fun sign there is and we are simply misunderstood. We are generally not the problem in a relationship, because we are so flexible, adaptable. We are the only sign that can mimic all others. And the cool thing is, as for me anyway, we can be what we want, when we want, and be happy.

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