Question about Leo Men

by Leo woman

I met this Leo guy on some forums, we quickly found that we had a lot lot lot in common and had a mutual attraction (at least as far as personalities and photos go, we've never met in person yet). It's been 6 months since we started talking and I know he's a very moody person, heck, so am I, and he has had some recent problems with family so he's been feeling rather down.

There are times when he'll go a week or two without even talking to me, but when he finally picks up the phone it's as if nothing has changed. He's dropped major hints that there's a possibility of us getting together (for example, we've finally made some concrete plans of me going to visit in a few months and he has joked about not letting me leave, etc) or of him seeing long-term potential in me (saying I have a hard of gold and he loves that about me, saying he thinks I would be an amazing wife/mother, etc) and that's not what I'm wondering about.

My question is, these absences, are they normal? People have told me it's just him being depressed and too self-absorbed in his depression to acknowledge anyone else. On another note, it could be me being too self-absorbed and rather unreasonably stamping my foot and saying "I know you have stuff going on but what about ME?!" Keep in mind we live in a different country and a different time zone, so I realize he can't be there to talk on the phone as often as I want him to, nor do I expect that. Just wondering if any Leo men out there could offer some insight. Any advice would be appreciated.

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