Question for a capricorn man

by Patty

Hi, I am a taurus girl and I recently found someone after 18 years. He is capricorn man. I sent him a card at christmas with a recent photo, kept the msg brief and left a contact. He responded that night. He was curious why I was writing him now. I told him that I never forgot him and he has always been in my heart. He wrote me 5 more times and in detail. The last time he wrote was the first week of Jan. and I havent heard from him since. I dont know why.... It is May now. However, I have continued to write him short msgs on Tues and Sat. everytime he opens my email- I am sent notification. He usually opens them within an hour sometimes its within minutes. Sometimes he will re-open an email 7 -10 times. Is this good or bad. Is he interested ?

I do miss him and honestly, I am still in love with him, although I never told him. Too shy.

Is this typical for a capricorn man? What can I expect?

thank you

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wow, so similar!
by: Anonymous


This sounds like my situation!

I think he likes you. He keeps reading your emails so he is definitely considering you as a love interest.

MY first love is a capricorn, 25, Dec. We started talking again through email in 2008, he told me about his wife hesitantly and I was sad but fie of course because he is happy, or so I thought. I turns out that since we found each other again, he hasn't stopped thinking about me, nor I to him. He wanted to start again with me but this was concerning for obvious reasons so after a few months of emailing I said that we should go our separate ways again. Now after 6 months, he has emailed me and says he hasn't stopped thinking about me and wants to separate from his wife to be with me again. Once again I am extremely confused but oh so back in love, well I never fell out of it. Years ago I had moved away, young and all, and we never really broke up, or fell out of love. We are soulmates. See how things go.. It is not my business what happens with him and his wife, he needs to make the change.

Hope this helps?

faced this situation
by: dont ask dont tell

i can understand that you really are in love with this capri male. there is something u cant ressit. what i believe is that he is considering you a very special person but dont keep your aspirations high as he might be in love with someone else. capri males dont keep themselves away for a long time. but you occupy a special place thas for sure. capris love to read personalised emails over and over even if they are 10 years old.
so there is nothing exciting for you as of now. surely if there is somethig he would write you or text you or perhaps call you in late evening. just to know if you are okay ! if that happens, then you are surely climbing the ladder upto his heart.
hope this helps you.

capricorn male
by: Anonymous

Yes this behaviour is soo typical of a capricorn male. We obsess over anything we have an interest in. Reading the mail over and over is probably driving him mad, he is weighing all of the options and deciding if you are for real or not. If he hasn't mailed you back he is still waiting for more from you as he is probably super busy with his life. Good luck.

question for a capricorn man
by: Patty

thank you for responding. I am still hopeful. He has re-opened one of my first emails ( Ive sent over 300 since Dec. 09) 28 times, twice in July. Still no response- its Sept. To the capricorn man who responded, what should I write or say? ( Its hard for me to be suggestive or forward, I dont want him to be uncomfortable or spook him.)
I think he pretty much knows that I feel strongly for him.

by: Anonymous

he is just testing your loyalty, coz i am a capri. i love to do that...we do that cause we like keep writing to him, and i also love a taurus woman..totally..i love her sense of humour, and playfullness...i guess you can also try that

by: patty

Thanks :) Your response was helpful. I have written with humor and playfullness although not intentionally, usually its just how it turns out, but those are the emails he reopens the most. So your right, thank you again.

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