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I would really like to talk with an Aries guy or someone who has been in my situation that can help me make sense of this and give me advice on what i can do. I am 48 and really dont think I should be still feeling this way, why cant i just let him go, why am i so obsessed, naturally this is not something i can discuss with him being an Aries male. i want to win him back but i don't know how i lost him. i found that reading the post 5 back was like reading something i wrote, are Aries men all the the same. Like to chat with you some more.

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I am a Aries guy
by: Anonymous


I am a typical Aries guy 49years of age and virtually all the things that are said about Aries is true. I can handle anything a women can dish out at me but there are a couple of things that really kill a relationship for me and they are mind games, trying to make me jealous, looking at other men and any form of deceit. If you have played out any of the above then you certainly will have lost him. if you want him back then the only way you could do it is be totally honest with him, admit any game you were playing and make sure you are looking very sexy. The combination of your boldness to admit the truth and your sexy appeal will again ignite his fire again.

Hope this helps

no games
by: Anonymous

I did go to a good friends place (no sex) Male...posted the pictures of him and his horse on the internet...I am sure he saw them. I also saw the girls post that he was banging on the internet...I guess I was just trying to let him know that he was free to do whatever he wanted. I was cool with him sleeping around or whatever (not so much I was kinda hurt) He and I were 1500 miles apart at the time. He is the only person I want to be with. I have not slept with anyone since I met him. Not even him. Is there anyway to convey this to him?

be honest and you'l keep your aries man
by: Nelton

Hi, I am an aries man, you want to have your aries man back...One word...HONESTY...and yes,put on something sexy.

aries and scorpio
by: Anonymous

I've known my aries for 11 yrs now and I'm a scorpio. I've notice he would always stare at me like he never seen a girl like me before. He started telling me he loved me 6 yrs ago and I blew it off like nothing but deep down inside I loved him back. since I was married to his best friend he was still with his girlfriend which he is now married too. That summer before he got married he made his move and we spent the whole summer together he told me he was in love with me and wanted a family. However, a couple months before he got married he wanted me to choose between my husband and Him but I had to stay for my kids until I can get out of my situation. We spent everyday up until he got married he told me we will be together but he has to deal with his issues first. He stopped talking to me like I was nothing to him now should I wait around for him or just move on? I never loved someone with all my heart

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