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I recently started talking to a Leo man about two months ago. We don't live in the same state so we usually just text and call each other. About a week after we started talking he was saying i was perfect for him and that he really wanted to try dating.

So we've been dating for a little over a month now and I've grown so attached to him. He is EVERYTHING i could ever wish for and more. I love how confident and strong he is. But, i think this is where i made a mistake...

One night i told him i loved him (as a person). He didn't ask me or tell me that he loved me, but me being a Libra, if i feel strongly for someone i tend to let them know. He sort of said something like this, "Are you IN love with me? =)"

I told him that i wanted to take this slow and that it'd be awhile before i could finally say that I'm in love with him. He seemed perfectly okay by it.

Recently, we haven't been texting as much. I usually have to text or call him first. I think fair is fair and that things should be equal, but i just let him have his way.

Today, we were texting and he told me that there was this girl. It was a girl he had been in a physical relationship with. i asked him what and he said o nothing. i text him back and ask what and then an hour later he text me back saying that he became busy and told me that the girl was "on him". I took it literally and flipped out.

After i calmed down i asked him more about it. He said that the girl was texting him and said she missed him, etc. But, he wouldn't tell me what he said. He offered to tell me and i said no and he immediately said "OK!" like he was excited that i didn't want to know.

The rest of the time we were on the phone i was sort of quiet. He kept texting ( i could hear him) and i asked who it was and he said it was the girl. Right now I'm texting him and he'll text me like every 30 minutes.

Is there something going on? Is he cheating or just playing mind games? I honestly love him and don't know how much more i can handle..can someone please help me on this?

I'm not scared to ask him i just want someone to give me a little insight on Leo men and this situation please. It would be greatly appreciated

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Sorry to be so blunt......................
by: Ginnene

Just read your story. Can I say it's got nothing to do with being a Leo Man. One thing you must do absolutely before you get involved with any guy is check his availability!!!! This means is he free (seeing anyone, even a bed buddy) and furthermore is he emotionally available (is he holding a flame for another woman). It saves a hell of a lot of heart ache if you take a real good look at a guy in dates 1-4. Don't be afraid to ask - guys don't lie in the start so that's when you need to find out. They start lying when they get involved cause they sense how you will react. Pull away from him and see what he does. If he's really interested you will soon know-trust me. Sorry to be so blunt - best of luck G ;-)

Good advice
by: Anonymous

Some very good advice above. Ask a guy very early on.. don't assume and don't wait till you're "a couple" as he's far more likely to lie at that point.

Sun signs point to a LOT of common factors, but they don't explain every detail of someone. You need a personal reading to get to the detailed stuff.

dont sweat it too much step your game up a bit ;)
by: Anonymous

It is said tht we leos have a strong sex drive and I'm not gonna lie i believe that that is what may be happening, he ay not be cheating on you or fooling around with the other girl physically but maybe verbally which will giev him some kind of release if you don't do that with a leo it tends to push them away from you. A mistake that I believe is explaining further on why you're not in love with him. Some leo men like to at least be told every specific reason as to why they are being treated or ignored a certain way. Or why they are unwanted. If anything try to activate his sexdrive towards you and like they say flatter him it is the easiest way to get him to want to talk to you more. Not only that but be romantic with your text messages or calls, suggest romantic ideas, it is something that lions love the most.

luv a leo
by: Anonymous

u messed up with the love-him-as-a-person thing..especially because ms. lass from the past is blowing up his phone with big romantic declarations (the kind leo craves, she has history w/him and likely knows this).
leo is loyal, even at a distance..but with them its go big or keep going. your expression of feelings sounds tepid. heat it up.

Leo Male
by: Anonymous

Leo's tend to be fickle....he's probably trying to play mind games or testing you,to see if you're the "one"...imo i think you should juss stop talking to him(for 1-2 weeks) and see what happens next...and see whatsup with his status/availability...oh and DONT SAY I LOVE YOU......yet...see what happens next and if something good happens then cool if not...find another man that'll give you his time and dedication....hehe =)

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