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I am a Capricorn woman desperately in love with a Virgo man. He travels a lot so we don't get to see each other very often but when we do, everything is amazing! A month ago, I did something that upset him but didn't know it at the time. I learned through an email later that night and because of the way it was phrased, I answered with an apology and proceeded to tell him what I needed. Apparently something I said really hurt his feelings.

We have not spoken on the phone in a month but are communicating through e-mails and text messages. He tells me he loves me and misses me but is asking for time to figure things out.

For anyone who can understand a Virgo man, how long does it usually take to figure things out? We seem to really understand each other and I am learning a whole new set of rules to being patient. I just wonder if we still have a good chance of continuing into a long, steady relationship?

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Several times the age of the universe

How long does it take a Virgo to figure things out? Oh boy, loaded question. I once spent two years researching which TV I should buy. For a Virgo, sometimes coming to a conclusion is less satisfying than just continuing to think.

It's slow, but what you don't need to worry about is that he has actually stopped thinking about it. Slim chance of that!

lessons learned since my original post
by: Leila

Thank sound just like him. It's been a year now since I posted that question and it has been an interesting ride. It's hard at times but I have really learned a lot and know when he doesn't call it's not because he doesn't love me, he is simply analyzing and thinking. I no longer get suspicious wondering if there is someone else (true nature of the capricorn). I simply go on and do what I need to knowing I will hear from him in his time frame. I do still send a short text msg ever so often to say hi but I no longer go overboard and drive him further to the edge.

Ladies, the virgo man is very complex and if he truly loves you, he will let you know in his time and his own way. It may come in his actions and not words so be on the lookout. He may seem at times to plan far ahead, get you dreaming and then back off making you wonder what you did wrong. What I know now is it wasn't all me....he needs to be sure you are the one and he will NOT commit until he is absolutely certain.

If you truly believe your virgo is worth it, try to understand him, give him time and NEVER criticize him when angry, publicly, to family or friends. Find a calm and constructive way to bring things up and make him comfortable enough that he wants to open up to you. Otherwise you are dead in the water unless and until he rebuilds trust in you. Do not lie to him, that is unforgivable. Be strong, confident and not too needy. He will like it at first but it will wear on him quickly before he regresses. He seemed to like the chase better than being chased.

These were soley my experiences that I learned from the man I love. I have since sought out my virgo friends asking questions and learning everything I could to make our life richer together. Again, it has not been easy for either of us but we have gained a lot of knowledge and respect for each other and we believe we are soul mates meant to be together.

Good luck in your journey.


I want to understand my Virgo man
by: Anonymous

I am in a long distance relationship with a Virgo male who is 6 years younger than I. It is a new relationship only a month old. He had put up a post on facebook and I straight away assume it was aimed at me. But he told me it wasn't. I kept saying sorry anyways. And since then he has ignore my chat msgs on facebook. I called him once on his phone but he never answered my call. I left i love you notes, i miss you, and you don't want me is it notes. Now i feel like i may have went overboard on apologising. I don't know what to do anymore. It has been four days. I can tell you he is the one I love. After six years, he is the one and I don't want to lose him. I want to understand him. I want to understand my virgo man. I'm 36 year old capricorn woman.

Taurus and Virgo
by: prettyheart

I'm a Taurus woman dating a Virgo man. This is the slowest I've ever gone with someone. I too thought what is going on, when he would act quiet while we texted. I wouldn't talk to him for a few days then when I would contact him he would be really happy. And when we'd see each other he'd be all over me asking why I didn't call him sooner. Something I didn't expect since I thought he didn't care otherwise he'd contact me, but on the contrary he likes when I contact him first I have noticed. I am usually the one to contact him first. We've been dating for four months.
On the phone or texting he is different than in person. In person he talks alot, but texting he doesn't talk as much. On the phone he acts casual, like a caring boyfriend who thinks I'm pretty. I get frustrated alot because it goes slow and I hardly see him, so I try forgetting about him, but then when we talk again he accuses me of being with other guys and says how much he cares about me. It's all very odd because he doesn't talk much when we're not in person so I take that as he's not passionate about me, but when he sees me he says how beautiful I am and doesn't stop hugging and kissing me.

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