Questions for Scorpio men

What sign were your favorite relationships with? and what are your favorite features of some of the other zodiac signs??

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by: Anonymous

well i can tell you who i don't really like and that's for sure Aries.

Gemini's are a bit slutty seeming.

I think virgo and pisces seems like push overs.

Cancers are compatible because they are easy to relate too.

I like Capricorns and Aquarius and Sagittarius and Libras in general.

Scorpio on scorpio doesn't work for me. Too moody lol.

Not easy as seems
by: Anonymous

Virgo is not too easy. It is all depend on what situation is. Virgo do not like to fight. Many take advantage of Virgo because Virgo understands and loyal but not to the point that Virgo give or surrender herself free. Otherwise, Virgo sees those motivation and how far they go. Nobody can tell what is in Virgo mind. Remember, every sign has two side-Darkness and Lightness. Look at Virgo deeply if you can. Sooo Beeeee Careful with Virgo on the other side, Ha,ha,ha...From a Smart-perfect Virgo.

by: Anonymous

Scorpio and Scorpio is just wayy too much fighting and trying to gain the upper hand lol. Virgo is a little too serious for Scorpio. I mean her way of thinking was just nothing I've ever dealt with before. But she's cool. With Aquarius well, she was just too.......out there. Very beautiful though. With Taurus, she cheated and after that my feelings just kind of died right then and there. Umm, let me think...Pisces lied wayyy to much, thought I couldn't find things she didn't tell me out. lol Don't worry I didn't date everyone. Yet. Last but not least, Cancer. BEST MATCH IN THE FREAKING WORLD. I LOVE HER TO DEATH, AND I WILL MARRY HER. WE WILL BE TOGETHER FOREVER. SHE'S MY HEART AND MY SOUL.

this is just me
by: Anonymous

i like dating taurus (tauruses?) because i find them to be fun yet challenging at the same time...ive had long relationships with taurus and enjoyed every moment

signs compat
by: Anonymous

virgo - level of interest is medium to high. She's very detailed in everything.

Gemini - level of interest is high. She's quick witted and easy going. Fun to be around with.

capricorn - level of interest is high. I like her patience n loyalty. She's very dependable.

So far, I like Capricorns & Gemini's most.

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