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by Halloween

I am a Scorpio female and I have been having a sexual friendship with an Aquarius male for about two years. He has never been to my home but he always invites me to his. Whenever I visit him he is very accommodating and always makes me feel like a queen. He waits on me hand and foot. He is very generous, thoughtful and our sexual compatibility is out of this world! He loves to take care of me orally but he always wants sex in the "doggie" position. When I asked why, he stated because he likes to be dominant. I assured him that he is in charge of our relationship and one of the major things that I like about him is his dominant nature. I love a manly man that can take control and is not foolish, which he is not. Why is he afraid to let me put it on him??? Also, he is always stating that he wishes we had met 10 years ago. What's up with that? Is it because he's been married and divorced twice? I have learned to give him his space and I do not call him or pop up at his house. My phone number has been the same for more than 13 years but he keeps losing my number or changing his. Our routine is to run into each other at the same night club. when he sees me he lights up like a firecracker. He acts as if he is extremely attracted to me and he treats me like I am his woman in public. He always begs me to go home with him and of course I always give in. We have repeated this cycle for two years. One thing I noticed is each time we see each other he opens up to me more and more about his personal life and finances. He recently introduced me to his daughter but we still do not see each other often. I have been trying to understand him and continue to give him his space. I am patient and I really want this man. I like my freedom too. Is he into me or just playing with me?

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Good luck!
by: Anonymous

I had the best sex of my life with an Aquarius guy. he suddenly disappeared .. I was heart broken. I have not heard from him. Good luck!

Aquarius and Scorpio
by: Anonymous

Well I'm an aquarius man involed with a scorpio woman as well and trust me he really does like you to the point he wants to be in love with you just give him time and also show him that you can be compassionate and romantic and he will open more doors for you trust me it works I head over heels for my scorpio girl and I'm getting ready to buy an engagement ring for her!

good luck!
by: Anonymous

Same here . I am a Virgo lady and i had the best sex ever with an Aquarius man. He got mad for a simple thing and disappeared over night without any explanation, How SELFISH is that!!!!
I am sure it gets to a point were they regret it when it is already too late to come back!!!What a shame . I think Aquarius men get scared of relationships. They are very insecure emotionally!

Thanks for the feedback
by: Halloween

Thanks for your comments. I would really like to hear more from Aquarius males about their thought processes.

Re: Aquarius and Scorpio
by: Hope

May 9, 2010

Hi, and congratulations on wanting to present your Scorpio with an engagement ring. How long did it take you two to get to that point? What would you describe as some of the challenges between Aqua man/Scorpio woman pairing? What do you see as the strengths in this pairing?

I am a Scorpio woman involved online with an Aquarius man. We are around the 6-month mark and will just be meeting in person at the end of May. I felt early on that something would special would come of our first online contact on a professional forum. I never have really dated, but seem to be able to identify serious relationships at a first meeting.

He, on the other hand appreciates the slower unveiling of our friendship. It has been sort of a one-step forward and two steps back approach on his end. I am okay with this now that I understand the pattern. I have also curbed my natural instinct to be honest and upfront about how I feel about him.

We really enjoy each other and get along so well online. I hope that will be the case when we actually meet face-to-face. Like other Scorpio women on here, I would be greatly appreciative of any helpful insights (good and critical) that you can share about your experiences. Btw, we are:
Scorpio sun/Scorpio moon
Aqua sun/Scorpio moon
How about the two of you?

Good to see you here Hope.
by: Scorp42

I have been missing posting on this site. For the scorpio with the 2 year meetings with your aquarian. I must say that the aquarian man moves slowly but it is all very calculated. I have been involved with my aquarian beau for almost 2 years now. It has been one heck of a rollercoaster ride but finally we have reached a fantastic place in our relationship. If he lights up when he sees you and wants you in his space (his home) he is just about completely hooked. Make sure you don't give him too much information about your feelings for him. Trust me you don't have to, he already knows. My beau randomly tells me exactly how I feel about him. You may take this as arrogance at first but it's not. He is expressing his intelligence and also letting you know that he acknowledges how you feel. I have finally verbalized to my aquarian that I love him deeply and he knows I have his back. He gets embarrased a bit but he loves it. He has never told me to my face however he gives me cards, flowers and text messages expressing his love for me and that he will always take care of me. Be patient and enjoy the ride. Hope I would love to hear more about how it's going with you and your online sweety.

Update on Scorp Female/Aquarius Male
by: Halloween

UPDATE: I ran into my Aquarius male lover / friend at the nightclub recently. Once he spotted me he made his way over, we embraced, he kissed me all the way down my neck, then started to suck on it! I wanted him so badly, in fact I was hoping I would run into him. He asked me how long I would be before leaving, I said shortly, he said the same. I thought we agreed to seeing each other later so I went on with my night and he did the same. He and I danced with several partners and all was well. Many men were trying to talk to me that night and one started buying all my drinks. One of them was a different nationality from me. At one time I was holding a conversation with 3 guys at the same time. I carry myself like a lady at all times and I do not allow guys to touch me. All of a sudden I see my dude embracing another female and leaning down to either speak in her ear or hear what she was saying. I didn't react. He then started holding yet another female but this one he kissed and sat on his lap!!! Was he trying to tell me that he is king of the game and to watch how he plays and not to get jealous? Or was he telling me he is no longer interested in me? Of course we did not go home together this time. He hasn't called me and I will not call him. If we see each other I will not mention his past actions because I value our future. I do not like seeing him be intimate with other women when I crave it so much but I am patient. I feel him craving me and burning for me. What do I do now???

aqua guy hasn't called?
by: Anonymous

I met an aqua guy last thursday. I noticed him when he walked in the lounge, while I was standing at the bar. He ended up across from me and I noticed him starring. He happened to know a friend who I was talking to and next thing I know he's made his way over to us. My girlfriend & I made our way to the bathroom and when we returned, my friend was introducing me. My friend told me later, 'aqua guy' asked him to introduce him to me. So we had brief convo and he invited me to come to his table when I was ready. He didn't ask for my # which I thought was odd.
Another friend of mine had a table next to his and we chilled.

To make a long story short, he always starred at me but wouldn't have much to say. He'd stay in my space but appear to be doing his own thing, kinda observing me. I asked my friend was he scared or shy and he said jokingly that he was good dude, but that I had probably intimidated him. 'Aqua guy' did make me a drink & thoroughly engaged me with his eyes all nite. It was clear mutual chemistry. I felt myself getting impatient, though it was well hidden. I did have a good time and towards the end of the nite, my girlfriend and I decided to leave. b4 we do, he and I talk further and he finally asked for my # b4 walking us out to the car.
I did ask him if he was shy and he said no, to prove it he asked if I wanted to hang out further. I let him know where I was coming from in asking. I also asked if he put in work & effort, he replied all yes's b4 opening my car door (I declined his hanging out further).
He didn't call or text to make sure we got in nor did I hear from him the next day. The following afternoon (yesterday)I texted saying what's up. That night I was leaving town. He never replied. I don't get it. He pursued me, seemed so interested. Idk if I should write him off or expect a call/text @ some pt. I am turned off though that he hasn't responded or reached out. After a few more days of no contact im sure I'll be over it. What is his purpose?

by: Anonymous

The answer to why he hasn't called you is because to an Aquarius man that makes no sense. He isn't clingy, so hes not the kind of person to be txting you goodnight or whatever when you just met him. He doesn't like overly emotional intensity with someone he doesn't completely trust. He was just trying to play it cool and not seem like he was obsessed over you.

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