Quite the potential love story. Leo and Scorpio

by Anonymous

I am a scorpio woman that is currently restarting a relationship with a leo man. We just reconnected recently from a relationship that occurred as teenagers almost ten years ago now. When we initially dated, it was intense, scary and a very romantic like the stories you read in the novels. Within a matter of weeks, he was planning our future and telling me he was in Love with me. I was a late bloomer so I was definitely not prepared for this, heck just a hug had me tingling which was scary to me. I most definitely was a bookworm so this was all new to me. I was completely swept off my feet and totally scared so I broke it off with him because I thought I was too young to be tied down in love at 16. When we finally reconnected, he told me he never stopped caring for me and over the years I had heard that the women he dated always had a similarity to me. What made me decide to try this is because he explained that I have been the template for the woman he really wants to spend his life with. Even his mother has been heard a time or two asking about me. His former wife was greatly offended by the mention of my name at a family function. We live in a small city so everything gets told here. I knew he wanted more with me, but this is showing me how much. We have both been married, so we're coming together with a little more experience this time. So here we are ten years later back at it and this time it's just as intense, but with more understanding between us because we have such a history.Plus, I have grown into the woman I 'm intended to be, so I think I can handle the intensity now. What I wonder now is will he be able to handle me? Well, let's just see what happens.

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sounds familiar!
by: Anonymous

I was looking a little more into mine and my current boyfriend's signs and ran into this article and can't help but post!
I am a scorpio female and he's a leo male. We dated when I was a sophmore in high school, and wasn't prepared to handle him... I divorced last year, and because he so frequently comes to my mind I decided to write him, (10 years later) and of course a few months into talking to him, here I am wondering if this opportunity will succeed and last. I couldn't let it pass me by... I would have never considered moving out of state for any man... bu he's always been exactly what I wanted.

too funny
by: cher

I was 16 when I met my Leo, and for the past 12 years off and on, we have talked, we have built an amazing bond and now I am going to see him in May, for the 1st time since then... I am so excited to finally scoop him up:)

question please help
by: Anonymous

I dated a leo man for four yrs, broke it off with him and now it's been a year, I want him back. We have always kept in touch, little text messages nothing too personal but we made sure we stayed in each other life. we have met up a few times between, some with frens and some alone. He has not dated anyone else but I have. I do not know if he wants me back, we did not talk about that but he is sorry for hurting me and I thinjk he was hurt I dated someone else. What should I do I am very in love with him. I broke it off with him last year, I feel he didn't love me and didnt trust him when he says he do, he cried when we broke up. please help!

For the girl above me
by: Anonymous

This goes to the lady above who broke it off.

I am Leo man my woman(Ex) she was Scorpio she the one who wanted to brake up which she never gave me a real answer it was always either we are not compatible either i am not productive enough or to controlling which not true not always no one is perfect but hey everyone has excuses and none of those had nothing to do with our relationship cuz i knew me and i knew her not 100% cuz she was so dam private with her life it took me a day or two to figure out one thing about her. I know we Leo man are kind of controlling and hardly admit that we are wrong and like to be treated like kings but i know me as Leo i did everything to make it work with her i read about how Scorpio woman how their ways are and tried to combine my sign and all positive things with hers still nothing she had no patience mostly to pushy in life and to demanding more like my Mother and always thinking about her self. And i really loved this woman and still have feelings for her we had a very strong relationship in beginning it was so good like i felt like i was not touching the ground she caused a lot of pain in my hear emotions all shattered cuz i let her have my heart cuz i though i could trust her for life and though she would never hurt a fly but she came out worst even after we broke off i drove almost everyday to her place trying to talk to her she would be mean, say crazy things like i am psycho thinking of me as a negative person like i was trying to hurt her which i never done nothing wrong to her but respect, love and loyalty and she would still stomp me down with her attitude, i even did things that only real man do for their woman fix stuff in their place decoration i did all and i am not b.s here cuz i would not waist my time here if i did not had this experience and you above me that let that Leo man go that is the biggest mistake you did in your life when it comes to relationship i am pretty sure you know the answer to that being treated like a queen it sure does feel good doesn't it and there is a lot of guys out there that see woman only as a one night stand just for fun but man like the guy you left it could of been a never ending story between you and him and if i could give you an advise. In life try to take people that love you and willing to do anything for you more serious because its worth living for cuz it is a real thing not something that comes and goes like Money. You have a great one.

Need advice?
by: Anonymous

im a scorpio woman grew up in the same neighborhood as leo man. I didnt realize he had such strong feelings about me . Now back in the states after 10+ years. He tells me hes feelings, I was a little afraid about letting anyone get close to me. I tried to break it off before it started. Now its about 4 months now hes distant for some reason . Should i have not .. Let him in or is it me, or is he going through issues. I'm very lost. ANy advice..

young Scorpio woman older Scorpio man
by: Anonymous

Hi I am a 22 year old female Scorpio and im involved with a 39year old Leo male I been dealing with him 2 years now we have our rough patches but I need advice he very stubborn and I am but Im at the point where im not my dominant self at first I was ok with him being able to soften me up but in starting to feel weak and I don't want to fall off with him like usual do with any other male who wanted to be with me and I ran way from them but he the only one I want to run too I love him he is all I want . I'm close to his family and everything but he is still iffy and it saddens me that I have change and he still
Is iffy I love him but I have yet to say it he has said he love me but I haven't not knowing if I open all the way up he will let down love is strong not iffy or sometimey and I want to be sure should I sit and talk to him give him everything of me love is strong

another ex-girlfriend in love
by: just me

I was reading your story and it is amazing the similarities!
I’m a scorpio, in love with my leo teenager ex-boyfriend. But now I’m 46 and he is 49 and we didn’t see each other for almost 30 years!
When I was 16, I broke up with him, and I think it was because, like you, I was a little scared with so much intensity and so much planning, for a future that I didn’t want to be already written.
Now I feel so prepared to be with that man, who tells me he never forgot me.
But now we have so many things in the way to resolve (we are not single…), I’m afraid we can´t achieve it on time.
From the bottom of my heart, I wish you all the best for your relationship with your leo!

Scorpio Leo relationship
by: Anonymous

I'm a scorpio girl.. And I'm only 16 at the moment. I found this thread really crazy and weird, Im am practically in love with this boy who is a Leo. I've known him for a very long time but we didn't become acquainted until the beginning of sophomore year. Before becoming friends with him I could not stand him at all. Me and him haven't been official but we are friends on and off. We could go months without talking and then one of us decides to communicate with the other out of nowhere. It's on and off but we both do make sure we are in eachothers lives. He always checks up on me, and I always check up on him and tell him when I miss him. He goes to me for help when he really needs it and he always remembers the important things like saying happy birthday. Although talking to him is really confusing he makes me feel whole and right now we are just really young, I'm 16 and he's 18. I hope down the road we continue to be in eachothers lives. Even though we haven't been friends for more then a year even he says it feels like Hes known me for so long. I'm the type of person to stick around, so I hope he is too. Our friendship is complex yet great b

Leo Man Scorpio Woman
by: Anonymous

I'm a true Scorpio previously married to a Sag .. Not a good combo but I was in too deep with the family/white picket fence/American Dream. We lacked emotional and communication needed to sustain life with kids and beyond. Now I'm seriously dating a true Leo that after 2 failed (unfaithful) marriages is smitten by my Scorpio allure, independence and financial stability. While I love his strength, sense of pride, protection, caring and loyalty, he's scorned from his past which comes off to me as overprotective and untrusting ... his follow through is a bit less than desired. He also struggles with giving me any space and communicates fear of losing me which comes off as needy. Is this Leo too set in his ways to handle this Scorpio and keep her happy long term?

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