Relationship with the Scorpio Woman

by Gary
(Davenport, IA, U.S.A,)

After an extensive relationship with a Scorpio woman, I feel that I have enough knowledge of these women to analyze them as partners very well. My relationship was sometimes very hard emotionally, but physically was always very satisfying.

The Scorpio woman is sometimes outwardly shy, unsure of herself and is very much concerned with how people view her. She comes alive in bed, however; these are very phyical women who love to try new things, and are not afraid to show affection in public; in fact, they will encourage their partner to be the same way. She is extremely loyal and romantic, and if you are good to her, she will reward you ten-fold.

The Scorpio woman loves nature, really loves animals, and is a very spiritual person. She trusts her pets more than she does her family, sometimes! She is always cordial. She loves being around men more than other women; she sometimes has feelings of rivalry with women, especially those her own age. She will forgive a lot of transgressions, and expects to be given the same forgiveness if she errs. She is easy to talk to, but has very strong opinions on things. Be careful with any criticism regarding her belief system, or she is liable to defend her positions with forthrightness and determination. Do NOT ever question her loyalty!

What I love about Scorpio women is their romanticism and their tenderness. Expect cards or flowers or small tokens when they are not expected. She will always find ways to let you know how much she cares about you. But be wary of the Scorpio when the weather is bad; their spiritual side can turn dark with hazy skies or winter storms approaching. Encourage her in her hobbies and share your interests with her, as well. Though she loves sex often, she's also a cuddler and sometimes just desires you to hold her close; make sure to always tell her how much she is needed by you.

I can tell men here without reservation that you will have a rewarding time with a Scorpio woman. If you treat her fairly and lovingly, she will never fail to give you the same. She is not afraid to scrap, though, and when she is spoiling for a fight, be prepared to go the distance. Scorpio women are competitive to a fault; they don't like to lose, and never intend to do so! She can be a tomboy, but that's just on the outside. Deep down inside, she's all woman and will prove it to you every time.

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