Relationships with Pisces men

by Stacy

Well I came here and saw soooo many comments on my experience. I lived with Pisces male for 8 yrs. It was pretty rocky the last 2 and we split up twice. They are everything listed here by other posters. Hypocritical, jealous, selfish, mean, ect. After the first split he came back 3 months later and was a new man, for like 6 months.

He would not sleep in the same bed for 6 years. Then all of a sudden did. And kept sleeping in the same bed until the final split. I had to drag every emotion out of him. Would not commit. But I knew he loved me. Sex was awesome! But we split for good this time. We continued seeing each other for 4 months after this last split, he was well aware of my feelings and how I wanted to get back together. We would be together all weekend and everything was fine, but he would basically ignore me all week. I was getting really hurt and mad by this and we would fight. Then an old flame came into his life via Facebook and he dropped me like a bad habit.

I was devastated! Within days he was "DONE" with me! Now I hear she may move in after only 4 weeks together, and she's going through a divorce and has a kid! Im shocked! We have/had no children. I have never been so hurt in my life. He has scarred me for life too! I loved him so much for all of the "good" qualities that he has. But there was so many bad qualities that I really don't know why I was so heartbroken. He was a very sweet and kind and calm guy, but could turn into the complete opposite in a heartbeat. And he held a grudge. He would withhold sex all the time.

Well now I just started dating a man, and guess what? He's a Pisces! LOL Don't know where this will go, but i'm not too optimistic....LOL Ill tell you one thing though, any signs of flaky-ness, or indecision, or thoughtlessness and i'll be gone. No way will I endure the mistreatment I did for 8 yrs again.

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