Runaround Virgo?

by CCityCapricorn

I am 47 and I met this 42 year old Virgo man in November. He actually was doing some work for me and when I met him I felt an immediate pull to him although I ignored it then but I couldn't stop thinking about him. The next time he came over to work again and when I saw him he came on to me really hard. I liked it and I normally am not a pushover (just so that is straight). Anyhow because he seemed interested in me I felt a little more confident with him in January as I'd seen him a few times but without much but work being done. In January he seemed to have made a turnaround and seemed really cool to me saying he was a runaround and couldn't give me what I needed. This was a surprise and a little hurtful because I thought he did like me and was interested in me. Anyhow I just thought ok can't force it and so just decided to move on. Well in the past 2 weeks he's phoned me and once came over under the guise of work that he had to check on and stayed when I offered him a coffee. I always offered him a coffee or pop after the work was done as I would anyone. Then he tells me that same day as we were sitting chatting that he thinks about me and misses me? I was a little confused because I thought I'd gotten the brush off. Then he was over again to watch 2 movies we rented and had supper as well. He talked about a lot of things with me like about moving out of the city and could I work like that and about a lot of other serious minded subjects which I was pretty surprised...pleasantly but surprised about. My only concern at this point is if he changed his mind the first time on meeting like that then comes back at me like this will he change his mind on me again and leave me once I get my hopes up? I'm a widow so don't want to go through any unnecessary hurtful moments. He knows I'm a widow too. Can any virgo men help me out here with any answers or insights to what has happened and maybe a view of my own fear?

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by: CCapricornWoman

This is August 21/11 now and the Virgo man is still seeing me and seems to have warmed up totally to me. He did say as we started seeing each other a lot more that it wasn't anything serious. I said fine and said I would continue living my life as well :) Well I did but noticed when I had other outings without him (ie festivals) he'd phone me 6 or 7 times that day so I think what he says and what he means are different. I think anyhow. It doesn't bother me as long as I know how it is. I am not as concerned about him backing out at the last minute but still welcome any comments into his strange "opposites" way of communicating like the additional example above.

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