Sag men :)

A Leo-gal myself is girlfriend to a Sag-man. Now. I think they're just whacky and up for any adventure, the reason why they don't always seem to be always in the moment and away up in there heads is because their thinking things, always and always.. They are never Negative, so you ever see? of course, if he ever is.. you just gently ask, be nice and respect his space, Sags LOVE freedom as much as anyone.

I don't know what he thinks and never will--buutt.. I fully love this silly toad. He does care, if he's doing something strange and outbursting, he's just showing off for you. :) Be Positive with this happy sap and you'll be fine,

As a Leo, I get nervous with this adoring Sag, anyone got any prep talks for me? would truly need one.

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be yourself
by: Darlene

I am a Leo female and my man is a Sag, He loves the fact that I am myself, I am open minded, funny, sexy, smart and not shy. They cant stand fakeness! and about him needing freedom, dont know much because he likes to be around me alot. We make each other laugh and we play alot! they are very adventurous and love to travel the world. We have only been together for 3 months but he was my boyfriend 15 yrs ago and we where seperated for reasons beyond our control. (parents) but we have reunited and plan to live our lives together. He is very open about his feelings and is constantly telling me he loves me and how beautiful I am. =D We are deeply in love <3

sag woman with sag man
by: sag in Dayton

i have a sag man and im a sag woman. we get along great the sex is of the charts and yes sag men give great oral sex all the time.

Aww thanks guys!
by: Sag men :)

Well, I've been with this saggy for 8 months now! (: I do get worried if I'm even SLIGHTLY negative he'll just get a bit niffy with me. But I do need to keep remembering that Leos are perfect when happy, Thanks for the comment lovelys! xx

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