Sag woman with Leo man

OK, a little background and then a question...I'm a pretty typical Sagittarius other than the flirt thing. I think it would be fun to be a flirt, I'm just not. I'm also not opposed to being in a comitted relationship like some sites suggest. It just takes a very special person to grab my attetion in that way.

Like this Leo man I'm into right now. I'm not sure either of us has met a better match for one another. It's amazing. We just get each other! Of course the sex is amazing and we give each other gobs of attention even when we're not together. We've had strong feelings for eachother for a while now but haven't said the "L" word yet. He says he's never liked someone as much as he likes me as soon as he did.

He has a kid with his ex that left him a year ago and I have 2 kids with my ex I left a year and a half ago. We also live almost 2 hours away from eachother and it wouldn't be easy for either of us to move to the other's town.

OK, my question...We've been seeing eachother for a little over 5 weeks and he still isn't talking publically official couple yet(though he did say he's not seeing anyone else now that we've met). What's taking him so long? If it's meant to be, does the distance matter? Really, we seem like a perfect fit other than the distance.

Thank you so much for your responces :)

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by: Peter.

From the same birth sign!Fire signs,and get along well with Fire signs which accounts for LEO. Love is all important and necessary and should overcome the sex act.
The real necessity is to "know thyself"
because the Sagittarian is the seeker and usually
goes for metaphysics, if interested send an e-mail and I!'m in Istanbul.Turkey.


I'm a sagittarius and my children father is a leo he's my first LOVE! We were together for six years was planning to get married and everything.One day he was acting strange was like distant,my children were more important.Then just out of the blue he started coming home later and later.Our sex had begin to fade, being a mother your mind is on the children.I knew something was wrong couldn't put my finger on it.He was seeing another woman who worked in my field.He got an apartment with her and didn't do it for me and the children.After some years together and didn't marry her,she cheated on him!The same thing he did to me she did to him,there's some truth about KARMA!LEO don't usually play head games when they are serious about you! You have got to use your on intuition about your man!

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