Sagittarius allure

by Julian

I'm a rebellious 21 year old Sagittarius male. I find it particularly tantalizing when a woman is 100% sure of what she has and utilizes her power. Given that I am more than willing to delve into any realm that is open respectively for both parties, it is my pleasure to seek out any tricks or treats that lie ahead. The key is to be honest, be open, unafraid to speak or act in a non-traditional way, maintain sensuality while being spiritually equipped to handle emotional discomfort. be willing to try new things, and freely give of your self as if pain has no business in your happiness...

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by: Sarah

Haha Julian. I'm a 22 year old rebellious Aquarian female. Lets get hitched!

by: SassySag26

Very nicely put. Im a 26 yr old sag woman (duh) and can greatly appreciate your post..... Saggis have an extremely unique way of executing their personal/romantic affairs and i think you captured it quite well...many people who dont understand us can think we are ignorant and dont care about others feelings, when we are the exact opposite...

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