Sagittarius and Scorpio match

by james dean
(new york)

Im a Sag and it just been two weeks since we stopped talking. It started when i dropped by her house on the weekend. I did't call first and when i rung her buzzer she said that this was out of my character and that in need to call her when i knew boundaries. she also had company upstairs but i didn't look into that. Normally I wouldn't have done this but she this was actually her apartment and not just some room she was living in so i though things were different. I could understand where she was coming from but she has gone on to my friends and myself how she claims me and she wants us to move in together and get married. But only two days later this happens. In the end i left her alone for the time and when i go on facebook she has BLOCKED me from her page and so i can't contact her or see her. keep in mind i haven't left a comment or anything on her page. I really wanted to work it out with her but i want her to respect me as well. I have other ways of contacting her like hr work and cell phone but i don't wanna come off as weak. Is there anything i can do or is it just over now?

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Let it go
by: Ray

As a Scorpio woman . . . Nope, once she has blocked you, it's over. She doesn't want you anymore, so move on. If she takes you back, it will just be to play with you until she gets bored. I speak from experience.

You are on the right track
by: Anonymous

Hey, It's not like you stunk into her home or anything,
if you both were planning on moving together you should not have these boundaries build so high up, in fact they should be coming down slowly, rather than rising up. I think it's possible you should find out if something happened in between these two days that changed the game plan. Maybe she is upset with you because of something else. If she was truly upset with you for you simply dropping by her house, then you do have a problem, and make sure that that is the reason she is upset with you. If so, then think about how separate you might feel once you get into marriage and etc., and if you can't even imagine that, then you will have to reconsider the whole relationship man. Stay strong, don't fall weak.


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