Sagittarius husband lost interest in sex

by usha
(mumbai (chembur))

My husband he don't show any interest in sex or to talk about sex i know he likes it but dont know what stop him. He even stops me if i try to become aggressive i am an Aries girl. i want him to be my man.

Anyone have any advice?

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More girly then aggressive
by: Slick

From my experience with my sag guy, he probably has a lot of worries or frustrations on his brain right now. its hard for him to be really open to sex mentally when his brain is cluttered. so if you guys are having problems right now, try not to overwhelm him and just let him cool down for a few days. don't be too aggresive be sort of girly cutesy then tempt him with his favorite part of you should do the trick if not i have other tricks

open your eyes..
by: Anonymous

Listen to me and listen good your man likes or
have thoughts of other Men, you need to be careful because this happens all the time.. what you need to do is pay close attention to the things he does, you are the person that he suppose to want to make love to everyday and if u are not getting that something is wrong lady.
lets get it together now u cant be that slow..

by: Anonymous

I am a Taurean married to a sag for 19 years and we are HOT together. Even if we are mad, I can say a sexual comment to him and hes ready to head for bed. We bump heads in other areas but never in bed. The horoscopes does say you (Aries and Sag) will have trouble sexually....

it sucks
by: C Taurus Girl

ive been w/my Sag for 11yrs & i know how u feel its a horrible feeling because i have needs too and he sleeps w/his back torwards me, but during the day he is so sweet and waits on me... but at night i feel like a roommate
and it does not say anywhere tht a aries woman is not compatible in bed. us taurus woman r not compatible
so dont believe tht comment. sag r hard to deal w/because they r not honest. another woman breathes in their direction they r gone.... they will never leave u, but they wont always b faithful. they r like children tht have tht look at me syndrome, flatery is their weakness.. u want him back??? this is what u do.... make him believe u r seeing someone else... u dont have to cheat, just ply the role. go get coffee out of the blue... tell him u have errands to run, miss his phn calls... dont allways b available for him... u need to do this now while u guys r still not tht bad.

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