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Dated 4 Sagittarians - they are perfect match for an Aquarius woman.

I'm an Aquarius woman who lived with a Sagittarius man for 9 years. He was my soulmate, we had lots in common. We both valued our independence so spent some time separately (even at parties, holidays). There was very little jealousy and lots of trust in our relationship. Neither of us were prone to cheating, but he was very flirty and needed lots of attention from others as well.

I read all information about Aquarius woman and Sagittarius man on this website and can tell that every word is true. That's exactly what my relationship was! Even this part:

"Other more emotional or clingy signs might see this relationship as detached or somewhat lacking, but to you both valuing the intellectual side of a relationship so highly, it's perfect just the way it is." Yes, some of my friends pointed that and said that we "had nothing in common" after we broke up lol The truth is - we were both happy, that was just perfect for us, we had lots in common :)

I had a very strong emotional connection with 3 other Sagittarians after that. I feel instant attraction to them even before discovering that they are Sagittarians ? I've met them all online (so emotional/intellectual connection comes first).

If you are an Aquarius woman Sagittarius man is a perfect match for you.

I am an Aquarian female and am having a very deep and intense relationship with a male Sagittarius. "WOW" love everything about this relationship, I feel like I am in a Bubble enjoying it do not want it to ever burst!! DG

I'm an Aquarius woman that's been with a Sagittarius man for 7 years and I love our relationship. I believe it's a perfect match. as they say, air fuels fire!!

I'm an Aquarius woman and I am deeply attracted to my Sagittarius neighbor. Every time he and I see each other we always have something to talk about. There's just something about him that I'm drawn to...

I just met an Aquarius woman and its like we've known each other for years , this is really interesting beginning.

I'm an Aquarius woman who is in love with a Sagittarius man we had the best relationship ever but I was in school and spent most of my time in books and when we were together the sex was magical but he partied a lot without me and slept around so when I found out he had a baby by some other girl I left him and dated an other Sagittarius man and the same thing happened we are still friends and chat with each other everyday but one thing I still love my first Sagittarius man and he loves me to cause after the break up he told me he has never stooped thinking about me and we gave it another try and we do our own thing people say the we are not together cause we are always with friends but when we are alone we understand each other the sex (OMG) oh my God the sex is great! great! I tell you and there is no jealousy but he is protective freedom is great and that's what we love

I'm a Sagittarian guy and I've known this Aquarian woman since 9th grade, and I've been drawn to her ever since, it's like when we're together there is nothing else in existence, we of ten lose contact with each other, but every time we re-unite it's a perfect unity. I think she might be the one.

Emotionally, I was the happiest with my Sag...I found my self to love him very quickly, but more importantly, I FELT loved quickly. We had such a deep understanding of one another, we seldom fought. When we did though, the fights were as passionate as our love making, however we always managed to compromise putting each other's feelings in mind. Sex with him was also the best I ever had.

I am an Aquarius girl with a PERFECT relationship. I am very young but I know it will last. We have been dating for 2 months so far. I have to move to a different state, but we are still planning on MAKING it work. We still plan on getting married one day, and I am moving back when I get old enough to move out so we can be together. Our anniversary was today, The 11th. We are so happy and perfect with each other. My friends always tell me to dump him cuz they think he is ugly and fat but I don't think so, I think he is EVERYTHING I have EVER wanted and EVERYTHING I NEED. I love him so much and I never think about dumping him. My life has been the greatest since we've been dating!

im an Aquarius woman & just started dating a Sagittarius man & I think its love we just complete each other in a weird way & we haven't had sex yet but I cant wait

I am an Aquarius woman and have recently begun seeing a Sagittarius male...from that first night I felt like I'd known him forever...instant was mind-boggling, and its even crazier that others wit our signs say they feel the same...I guess its just meant to be, lol

I am an Aquarius gal, and he is a Sagittarius.....Can I say wow!!!!! We have been dating for quite some time I'd say 3 months but it feels like we have known each other for long because we enjoy the different activities we get into, even if its just lounging watching a movie we have a blast! And the fact that neither of us are clingy I guess is good on both ends.....We do have great communication and that is something I appreciate the most.....If we don't talk everyday which we do just for a few seconds to hear each others voice, we always text......I enjoy his time its always a smile on my face when I think of him.....I hope everything goes well between us, but I say this is my first guy that I have no worries about...So good luck to all you aquas and saggs!!!!!!

(Please note not every sagg guy is the same I've dated one asshole back in the day and he was just the worst! and get this; on how it ended he just stopped calling. he dodged my calls and all...but sends me an email 3 years later seeing how I was doing, I was nice to him, but in my head I wanted to say jump off a bridge lololol..)

I'm an Aquarius female my man is a Sagittarius. We communicate so well. He cooks for me. ( He's a great chef. ) awesome with our children. I admire his determination he's never jealous and he doesn't try to control me as many men do. He gives me freedom to do what I want to do. And sexually, OMG, now I understand what trey songs is singing about ( your gonna think I invented sex ) also a Sagittarius man. He is always open to try new things very romantic with the right touch of kink. He treats me like a queen and is protective of me. I think every female Aquarian should have a Sagittarian man, or at least experience the relationship between a male Sagittarius. You won't ever regret you may hurt if he leaves or you leave him, but you will always remember that sag male. And he will never forget you that I can promise you ladies.

hi, im an Aquarius woman and I have only been in love once, and it was with a Sagittarius man. We have never been totally over each other, and have been on and off for six years... its hard to explain, its almost like we were meant to be. Yes he is not possessive, and he is not the most cuddly, but intimacy makes me nervous, so its a great match. We care for one another, and at the same time we value our individual time apart. its really odd, but it works great. other people find it hard to understand our relationship, but we feel like its perfect the way it is.

I am a Sagittarius male who has encountered an Aquarius woman through a dating service, we haven't met yet, although we've been chatting for the past month, she calls me often and I call her often as well. But she is a bit hesitant to meet me in real life. What is required from my side to ensure that I don't annoy her enough for her to slip way? I'm really mad about this girl and I want to make sure I don't screw up. Any advice please?

I am an Aquarius woman and I have had a crush on a particular Sagittarius man for about 12 years (although I have obviously dated a number of people in between). It hasn't ended up in a relationship but it has come close quite a few times. I have never experienced chemistry like I have with him. I really hope it works out someday.

I am An Aquarius women and met a Sagittarian man on line in a chat room 6 months ago. We have fallen in love with one another.. I truly believe he's my soulmate.. The sad thing is we are both in unfulfilling marriages with children and live in different countries. We are having a 3 month separation to try and work at our marriages.. It's only been 1 day of non communicating and I miss him terribly. we have also spoken on the phone and it was wonderful!

I am an Aquarius women, I have been talking with a Sagittarian man online for the past month. I feel like deep inside I know he is the one, I have never felt like this with anyone before, and never wanted anyone that much before. I feel like I can tell him anything, because it feels like we have known each other for such a long time. its the best feeling ever,, im so happy with him and I really wish we end up together. wish me all the luck pleaseeee :)

Im a Sagittarius guy and im talking to an Aquarius girl right now she's sooo gorgeous and when we were hanging out I was in love I just held it in so much I know me and her are gonna be together for a long time to come and she feels the same love for me she's so outgoing and friendly and did I mention SEXXXYY!! I love you Aquarius women!! :)

I am an Aquarius girl and im dating a Sagittarius guy and he is funny I like him a lot he cares for my feelings! he is very nice he's funny he have some flaws but they r little flaws he have a temper tantrum but he knows how to fix it. and I got us a theme song my mecedez fest master.p called I forgot but yea Sagittarius boys r fun to be around!!

an Aquarius is really something. you'll think about her night and day. she has this great personality and style that just makes you get lost in everything she does. she ahs a great sense of humor and class. im not with her but man I cant wait. its just feels like you're on a million stars with her.

Dating a sag. man I am Aquarius I must say he is one douchbag..... He doesn't communicate well but when he does he says he loves me and what not, and I feel it but I don't know he confuses me!

ok... I don't want to jinx it, but I know what all of you are feeling cuz I feel the same thing!! I know this Sagittarius guy, I met him thru another person. And may I say, WOW!! When I first talked to him on the phone, I was telling him things I never told another soul on this Earth.. I feel like we may be soulmates or something, the only thing is he just got a divorce and he was in love with her and still pining over her.. I wouldn't really worry about it, but she's an Aquarius (like me) so on that note I'm really hesitant about it. I haven't had sex with him and I probably won't. I don't wanna be the rebound girl. It's probably break my heart.. But I know what you're saying about Sagittarius men, because we click just like old buddies. He's not clingy and neither am I.. Just thought I'd throw my 50 cent in.. LOL

omg!!!!!! I luv my sagg to death he is so charming sweet funny he his everything he is the cheese to my macaroni. he is so spoiled by me though he needs a lot of attention and affection but will never be clingy he is my baby we are so in love and the sex (we invented it together)

Im an Aquarius woman and just met a Sagittarius man. Although we haven't met yet I did feel a instant connection I cannot explain. I hope it works out when we meet.

I like this sag we always had more of a distant friendship with lots of fire and desire. I recently seen him after two years and he was so sexy inside could not control myself. I want to know more about him on a deeper level but I find it hard to open up slowly that is how I am dealing with this.. I hope that he can understand what I want from him....

My Sagittarius man is my soulmate. He used to be a player. I am the first woman to make him say, "Ahhhh. So THAT'S what love is. Ahhhhh. So THAT'S why men stay faithful."

Why stray or look elsewhere when you have a found perfect best friend whom you'll always have a blast with (and hot sex) right here?

This couple will just be drawn together. It's like sparks fly from even across a room. It's just kismet with these two.

I'm an Aquarius lady who not to long ago meet my soulmate, a Sagittarius male. From first date I thought "wow! Where have you been all my life" sexually wow, but he's been in love before & pulled out because he doesn't think he can ever trust or believe women again. He says he wishes I was the one he had loved but his past experience changed him & he does not want to hurt me although he has feelings for me. He says I'm to good & don't deserve it, his lack of trust & disbelief. What do I do. How do you get over this? I know he's the one, and he claims the same but doesn't think he can truly love again. How can I help him get over this fear. I would never deceive him or hurt him but how can I make him get over his past relationship? He's such a beautiful person, he deserves to be happy even if not with me. Somebody help me.

Omg. I just met an Sagittarius guy and I'm an Aquarius woman. Everything I ever wanted was in this one man I never thought I would have met such an guy. I feel as if I'm in wonderland. Things are perfect although life can't be that way, but it is for us. Even our fights don't last long. We love each other that much! Love, Money, Sex and even our conversations are just perfect!!. My god be praised!

I am an Aquarian woman who dated an older sag. male almost 10 years ago for a brief period while he was separated. I felt instant chemistry and went on two trips with him. His carefree ways, unbelievable charm, and that ability to make me FEEL and laugh have left an indelible mark on me. Occ. we have touched base, as we have both moved on, but every time I talk to him, I get butterflies and those old feelings from years ago come flooding back. It's is so sad because I know the feelings are there but it's like this guy is scared of me. What's a girl to do...

I am from India and I am sag man and my love is a Aquarian ...

she is the most intelligent person I have ever met. we have loads of fun together. we never have one dull moment so far. we fill in the negatives of each other . beside love, there is a strong friendship underneath our relationship. as pointed out in so many other websites and article , we both love freedom. I cant live in a relationship which doesn't offer me freedom.. she is a person too loves freedom. we both know each other very well and give enough breathing space for each other. quarrels are rare , even if they occur , they are just passing clouds. I had a relationship with Cancer previously which was a total disaster, and as many article suggested , sag and Cancer don't go well ... but sag + Aquarius is the best...

I'm the Aquarius lady and I met this sag, at a club. he asked me to dance. gosh it was so cute!! he hovered around my group of friends just trying to get up the courage to ask me. and when he did I said yes right away. I normally say no, but there was just something about him. I cant explain it. anyhow after dancing that night we hung out and it was amazing!!!! I didn't know walking around Walmart could be so fun. funny thing is when were together it feels so good but vary frustrating at the same time cuz im so sexually attracted to him. bad thing though he has a GIRLFRIEND! they live really far from another and let each other hang out with other girls and guys, Gah! it sucks but at the same time I enjoy are friendship. Were both vary flirt and I know by the look in his eyes he likes me more than he should. lol All in all I feel like ive known him for years even though we have only hung out two times. plus we text all the time when were apart. I feel bad cuz he already has a girl but I just need a friend to kick it with. just moved here. well I hope all ya Aquarius ladies enjoy your Sagittarius fellas. I know I am :D

I'm an Aquarius woman and a little over a year ago I met an Sagittarius male on a dating site. Our attraction was instant! Within the first few emails, we were hooked. Our interactions, however, were not quite as calm or smooth going as some of the other posters stories. We clashed often over things, and I found him to be moody and temperamental at times. Despite it all, he would return like a sweet puppy apology in hand, and at times, I would do the same. We would continue on as if the previous clashes had not happened at all.

Oddly, despite the intense attraction, mostly mentally, appreciatively, physically, we never acted always choosing relationships with people who were not each other. When those relationships end, some how we find our way back to one another over the months. This time is no different. We once again picked up where we'd left off back in January. The craziest thing is it was as if we hadn't skipped a beat, as if we'd never parted or stopped talking. The attraction is as intense as ever.

When we interact it like being swept up in something that lack words that would adequately describe what transpires between us. Intoxicatingly magnetic I guess is the best I can do to describe what I feel when I talk to him. he describes feeling similarly, the thing is his response to the feelings we experience is different from my own. I relish the feelings while he seems somewhat troubled by them. Naturally his reaction and uncertainty make me uncertain.

For the first time we're actually making plans to meet, but because of the above mentioned uncertainty, I'm not sure we should. He says he wants to give us a go, but I don't want to end up in one more dead end relationship. I also don't want to miss out on something that can be truly amazing. I mean what's the chance of two people constantly returning to one another time and time again? This man could be my soul mate. I'm really not sure. All I can say is, pretty much all that has been said about the electricity between these two signs is very true. What he makes me feel is amazing.

I am a Sagittarius man and ended up going to this party to meet with this girl I have been wanting to get to know better.

Well she is cool but keeps her distance and I was starting to feel like I was the little puppy dog following her around and she didn't even pay attention to me much so I kinda did my own thing, I was up to play a set ( I was one of the Dj's/producers playing the party) when I looked up and I saw this gorgeous woman walk down the entrance stairs into the living room area in slow motion! omg my heart was pounding.. long story short, We ended up together all night laughing and kissing and wrapping around each other all night even though every guy wanted her so bad! She told me SHE was the lucky one. I was so flattered! Each kiss was amazing and full of life! I haven't felt like this in so long it's scary. I'm scared to let my guard down, I don't want to wake up if I'm dreaming! Man she is so beautiful in so many ways, can't wait to see her pretty eyes on mine this week! Thank you for posting everyone! I'm ready to be happy!

I have been chatting online with a Sag. man and I am an Aquarius woman. I haven't dated for over 18 years. I lost my true love to Cancer last year. But after reading everyone's comments I am truly encouraged to go the extra step with this Sag. man and agree to meet and date him.

Thanks everyone for words of hope. If all you say is true perhaps I will find love again with this Sag. man. Good luck everyone. Danielle

I am a SAG Man & I've gotta say this match is darn AMAZING! Today was my first date with an Aquarius woman; this girl so understands me!. We met at a chat site and its like even before we met in person, for sum strange reason felt like I knew her way before!!!!

I met my Sagittarius guy on line, I am a crazy, inconsistent Aquarius woman, at first I didn't think much about him, I only valued his heart, and so the communication went on for 3 months, I wasn't physically attracted to him either on webcam, but somehow couldn't stop talking to him, ,, he on the other hand was crazy in love with me, we shared a lot of our experience and on the 2nd month the love and sex chatting started, he was really hot and good at it , when it was time to meet for real IT WAS AWESOME !!, I was so instantly attracted to him , he delivered everything he said he was , and MORE, we have been very close but haven't had sex yet, because we are waiting to get married, is silly since we are both divorced but we are so convinced we are made for each other we want this union to be perfect, wish us luck people !!!!!!!!!!!!! =) Cami and Jayson

I feel the same from all that I read. Even though my friends around me think he is just wrong for me, I know that he is not. It's almost like I get him and I know half the stuff he says and does is because he doesn't want to get hurt. This is our second round at dating because he ended it with me 2 years ago. But now he seems to be distancing himself again from me. I don't know what to do? I really don't want to lose him again. I feel like we are both being very cautious.

I have a Sag boyfriend right now. We've been together only three months, meeting through a mutual friend. From the second we saw each other we were DRAWN to each other. Despite that, I never thought I'd see him again after the first day we met each other, shockingly he pursued me not even 30 minutes of getting home to take me out for lunch... from there we were inseparable.

He has a past, some Sagittarius individuals can be prone to promiscuity, he's one of them. I've been cheated on in the past so naturally that wasn't music to my ears. I know he would never do that, it's more emotional baggage just messing with my head.

Even though I know these things it's sometimes hard due to our relationship being long distance right now (I see him every couple of weeks, military). I find myself getting lonely and insecure in our relationship at times. I've never been one to become attached to someone in such a way. We've already talked about our future together, marriage, kids, the works... Sometimes I feel like the reason I get insecure is because of how fast our relationship came to be, it's too good to be true sometimes! The time apart is worth the moments we have together, without a doubt.

The only negative would be sometimes we have communication issues when we're apart. I guess that just comes with the package when in a long distance relationship.

Overall, out of all of the signs I've encountered I KNOW I will spend the rest of my life with him. He is mine & I his. He's the first person I feel like isn't judging me but loves me for everything I am. I can finally be vulnerable with someone.

It's pretty cliche, but I look back at my past relationships and totally see how they were there for a reason, they were all preparing me for him and leading me to him in one way or another. Funny how fate works. :)

I am an Aquarius women in love with a sag man but there is a problem I have a man but I love this sag so much. I cant stop thinking about him and I believe he have someone too but I love him. I don't know what to do can someone help me please... he tells me all the time he loves me but lately it feels like the relationship change. I don't know what to do

I, an Aquarian woman, seen a Sagg man from across the room. Instant love! I am not a shy one, but it took a few more sightings before I had the confidence to approach this gorgeous piece of architecture. It only took two seconds to start touching each other. He as well had been watching from afar since the first sighting. Because of our life situations and past experiences we choose not to rush into a "relationship". So dating was on the horizon. We were always able to read each other very well through body language and eye contact, so I knew how he felt about me. Mr. Sagg just could never verbally express this. Mr. Sagg seemed too frightened of any type of commitment, and you would think that I (the Aquarian) would be the one to fear this. After about five months of dating he let slip how much he likes me. When he realized he had done this, our relationship just went down-hill. He quite calling me before I would call him. He would make sure he called m e back later instead of just answering my calls. He quite being so touchy/feely. He never asked to split, but I couldn't handle feeling ignored. I really adored everything he was and was willing to give him the world. But truth being-Saggs are just as distant as everyone thinks Aquarians are. Sometimes they just can't face their fears no matter how much of the world they're promised. So beware of heartbreak with them.

How can this feel so right, I a Saggy, and her; Aquarius, only just really met recently and I feel that she has been in my life for so long and has been my missing link. Our communication is open and clear and leaves the need to want more. She is so compassionate about her thoughts and feelings, I just want to kiss her all up. I am graced by her eyes and her smile melts my soul. I have never met anyone that feels so inner linked to me, that its almost like young love; wanting to just enjoy her everything. Thank you K for being as wonderfully beautiful inside and out, your friend K!

I'm an Aquarius woman and recently met this Sagittarius man at the club, I stepped out of my comfort zone and let him take me home on the 1st night! I was pretty drunk, but remember it pretty vividly I asked him not to have sex with me but he did anyway! It was ok! I remembered really loving his scent! Any who a couple of nights later he calls and says he's in my neighborhood, but because the 1st night was just ok I didn't really care whether I saw him again or not! So I let him come over we chilled in the car and talked for a couple of hours, great time! I let him come upstairs! We talked about the night we had and he insisted that nothing happened the alcohol ruined everything! If you say so I said! Anyway were on the balcony and I mean I have never felt hands like his before, he must have massaged me for hours! Oh my God! When we did make love it was the best ever! I mean ever! I didn't have to tell him anything! He already knew! Haven't seen him in 3 weeks now though we text everyday! He has children and so do I! I miss him so much! I think I love him!

I'm an Aquarius woman and I met my sag man 17 months ago on-line and it has changed my life completely. Nearly everything I have read here is describing my man's personality and the exact way we both felt when we met. We talked for almost a month before we met and it was amazing just how compatible we were in every way possible. We both knew that we had found what we had been searching for all our lives, we are now in our fifties and been married before. We love being together and our intimate moments are incredible. I love him so much and we have talked from day one about being together, but life keeps getting in the way and we have to deal with one hurdle after another. I thought we were so close in making our dream come true just recently, but he has been holding back and I don't know why, because he says he wants the same as me. I am so unhappy right now, because I know we should be together and that whatever life throws our way, we can and will survive so long as we have each other, if only he could see that.

I think maybe it's over for us and I don't understand why because I know I will never find another like him, he is my soulmate, lover and best friend and I miss him so much.

Im a Aquarius woman... I met this sag man when I was 7 months pregnant with my first and only child. I was married at the time. He then moved in with us and stayed for about a year and then he moved about 45 min away. He came down to visit and he expressed to me how much he loved me and I expressed my feelings as well. It didn't help the fact that my marriage was already bad (he was a leo) (bad idea). Im now getting a divorce and visiting my sag man on the weekends and looking for an apartment closer to him. The sex is the best I have ever had!!!:)

0mg! I am comp in love with my sag we've been together for 1 yr & 4 months! we had an instant connection! (: I found myself telling him everything like he is my personal diary! I LOVE him so much! he used to be very flirtatious but he changed for me & I love him we have our fights but we always work it out! =]

I am an Aquarius women happy married to a Sagittarius man! its been 3 yrs and I can say its only the beginning! the love will keep on growing and growing, friendship also.. :) good match!

I was with a Sagittarius guy for 8 months and it felt like years I really loved him we were the perfect couple just that it was the first time for both of us falling in love and I unfortunately didn't know how to work things out and I was always trying to get him jealous because I thought he didn't care about me and he got tired of that and broke up with me because he stopped loving me and I missed him a lot at first but I think im over it now he has another girl but o well but I hope one day we get back together because I feel like we are meant to be.

I am a very excited Aquarius women reading all this!!!!! I met this sag man a year ago he worked with me for about 4 months and I looked forward to our conversations everyday there was a amazing connection from the moment we said hello (on both sides) like electricity to metal! we were both in failing marriages with children in the mix ...... we lost contact for about 6 months but I thought of him often... he contacted me with the news he's divorces was final and mine I just filed for... we r meeting up this week I can not wait to see where this relationship can go whether its a great friendship great sex or the best love of our lives! :)

have been a relationship with a sag man for two and half years. He makes me laugh, we have great conversations and great sex. But he is a flirt and needs female attention. As long as I understand that jealousy is not an issue.

I'm an Aquarius woman and the guy in my place of work is a Sagittarius. he is married to a Scorpio but got no children, I like him so much. but I don't want to be much close to him. cuz he is married.

what's really awesome that every time I'm upset or sad, I go and take a walk alone, and then he is there walking the opposite way, then we start chatting and he changes my mood 180 degree.

I just met an Aquarian woman literally 2 days ago online. I mean we chatted for a little bit through the forum, but had our first conversation a couple of days ago. I really don't know what's come over me, but she's all I can think about.

I get lots of attention from women, but none of it seems to matter anymore. I even have her on my phone as my screen saver as if I needed any more reason to keep her in my thoughts! lol

I'm just really hopeful and optimistic that this can be something special. Don't dare tell anybody yet, as I'm sure all my people will think I'm crazy! lol

Wish us luck!!! Nah, come to think of it, nevermind... we won't need it! Even the stars are aligning for us!

I am an Aquarian woman and I met this Sagittarian man online about 2 yrs ago I have only seen him once and I must say I thought it was love at first site. I have the strongest feelings for him we talk like we have known each other forever. We haven't had sex yet and I cant wait I really do hope it is as magical as I have read here!

I have been seeing a Sagg guy on and off for a few years I am an Aquarius it's hilarious reading this forum as at one point he tells me how madly in love with me he became and I run and vice versa. This time around we vowed to not be afraid of our feelings and to let it flow to see where it takes us. We have always enjoyed each others company and can laugh and talk about anything. Our sexual chemistry has always been magnificent and we really enjoy one another's company. I have experienced times when I nor he wants to be under one another and we have mastered giving each other short breaks but when we come back together it's magic. He is the total package and sexually we send each other to the moon. I desire him when he is not present and our chemistry and willingness to please one another words cannot describe. I am totally into my Sagg Guy and I know he is into me.

I met this Sagittarius man about three weeks ago. I was quite surprised to see me introducing myself first. FYI, it just ain't me. I didn't know what had happened but I was so attracted to him.

Well, I forgot to tell you, I'm taking driving class this break and he is practically my instructor.

From the first time we met, I just know that something will happen. Something positive for sure.

Every time we met, we could just talked and talked. One subject to another. We got along so fast and so easy. I feel comfortable around him and so does he (I supposed).

Our session should have ended two weeks ago but it haven't. We just intentionally canceled our schedules so that we could extend our class. He surely knows that when this break end, I will be very busy and he might not able to reach me.

He already told me that he likes me, but I still haven't replied any word. I do like him, but I just don't wanna end up as one of his toy. He is a player though. I guess he's got to have patience on me. Beside we both agree, hard to get, hard to let go, and I wanna be that girl.

Wish me luck :)

OMG!!! Majority rules!!! I am an Aquarius woman and have been seeing this Sag guy for almost a year, and although we live in different states, we are oh so connected!! He tells me he loves me and thinks of me all the time. Every time we've seen each other it's like this cosmic force that connects us. The 1st time we made love, OMG, OMG!!! Every touch was magnetic!! As if it was meant, we both picked up on it and had to laugh. I plan to marry this man. Smh..... It's feels meant to be.. never have I felt this feeling with any other man (sign). Real Talk!!! I Love him soo much and when we part...I just started crying .... like my soul was tearing apart!! Good Luck to all these compatible relationships...just let the cosmos work and don't think too much into...have fun!! :) I know I will!! :D

I am an Aquarius woman and just went on a second date with a Sagittarius man and all I can say is it was amazing! We are getting together again tonight and hopefully many more!

I am an Aquarius, I was with this Sagittarius guy, and he was very emotionally attached in our relationship. I was less sensitive so I said things which was kind of meaningless to me at times, yet it meant and bothered him a lot..

After a year, he felt tired cause he felt that in this relationship, he was the only one giving in, so he started to ignore me and broke up with me. We've broke up for about 2 months, and I still miss this guy.

Has anyone met this problem? Or know what I should do under such circumstances to get this guy back? :)

My first kiss ever was with an Aquarius girl. Wonderfull, sexy, I would have kissed her all night long. She was like drugs....I will never forget her, although we are miles away.

I am a Sagittarian secretly dating an Aquarian and I must say that this relationship is very rich intellectually.

However, I do feel that neither of us are detached emotionally, even though we do pretend and play a lot of mind games, there seems to be a great deal of empathy.

We both have Cancer moon signs btw and I guess I'll see how this goes as I don't have a good reputation with long-term love and the Aquarian does....

I am Sag just broke up with Aquarius woman. I loved her very much she seemed very needy and impatient. I could not always meet her needs quickly enough and in the way that she wanted. Although I care a lot and want to give all I can her needs exhausted me. We had a lot in common had great conversations, great sex at the start, both writers, both artists, both performers, both very intelligent, but she seemed not understand when I asked her to be patient. She also misunderstood me as I created boundaries. I can see clearly the dynamic. She seems not too. The more pressure for more sex, more caressing, more attention, more giving, all the time 24/7 eventually left me wiped out. What a shame.

I am a Sagittarius man falling faster than hell for this Aquarius woman. We went to school together but never spoke with one another until some what recently. I never stop thinking about her. I will just about die if I scare this beautiful girl away and not get the chance to experience a relationship with her.

I am an Aquarian female and have been involved with 3 saggie men, one I am currently in a relationship with and it is a wonderful match! The sex with all three of them was out of this world! Never have I had better! Phew!

Hi im an Aquarian woman and have just started talking with a sag guy! I left 1 comment online, and he phoned me strait away!! I have never felt a connnection like this with any1 before? I also feel like I can talk to him about anything, I will wake up a few seconds b4 I get a txt from him? there is a telepathy there with feelings, is so wierd I cant explain it! but it feels fantastic! and I havent even met him yet! He phones me all the time, he is 1000 miles from me, but I will meet him in a couple of weeks and so looking forward to it! our convos are very heated, as in sexual, also interlectual, I think he just gr8! I hope it works out as wonderfull 4 us as most of the stories on here that I have read! Maybe it is time for me to meet my match, my soulmate the love of my life? wish me luck! =) live and love life people! go the Sagittarius/Aquarius team! =) xoxo

I'm a Gemini woman having a affair with a Sag man who is married to a Aquarius woman. I think Aquarius woman give Sag men too much freedom and then when things get out of hand,they turn a blind eye.

hi, im an Aquarius women in love with a sag man. we met 4 years ago and went on one date after that date he told me he enlisted in the army so after that we just stopped talking, but just recently I found him on facebook added him of course (i haven't stopped thinking about him since our first date). he asked me out and I said yes, so now were dating and its crazy cause theres this instant chemistry between the two of us. sadly he's in another country because of the army but everyday we chat through webcam, and everyday I count the days till he gets back. this is the first sag guy i've ever dated. its great I love it.

Well there's only one thing I can conclude form everything i've been reading here. & that is Aqua girl & Sagi guy make the worst match ever when it comes to a happily married life. Most of the stories over here have only been going on for a short period of time. Most of the relationships are almost ALL about sex!Not that it's not good, but I feel Sagi men tend to take it to sexually sometimes. & yes, as you may well have guess i'm an aqua girl. Most of the stories here almost always start out of infidelity. this is NOT a good sign! all I can say is sagi men are full of crap. they think they are in love with that one special aqua girl, some of them might even be pretending, when in fact they are not, & they almost always end up cheating on the aqua girl. One thing I have to say is that listen to your friends & family when they say he's not good for you. Chances are they are absolutely right. You're just blinded by the goodness of the sex to notice. Truth is, Aqua gir ls & Sagi guys are so like each other that it's almost impossible to work it out. Both love their freedom & can't stand to be tied down. Both are prone to flirting & cheating. Yes of course, the sex is good but that's about as good as it's gonna get.

I am an Aquarius woman married to a Scorpio man. Never have I been more miserable from his secrets and deception. I'm too curious he says, I'm too needy. I'm becoming very impatient with his possessiveness, clingy tendencies, and his leap before you look attitude.

About almost a year ago he introduced me to his friend, I'll call him SagMan. From the moment him and I met the attraction was instant. Over the next few months our conversations becoming deeper and more stimulating. I pine for this SagMan!! It's not easy admitting to myself that Scorpio's lies and constant needy emotional turbulent lifestyle does not suit me. I'm ready to divorce him. I ache to run away with this SagMan. He respects that I am married for now and I do too. Our relationship is not sexual, it transcends above pure lust, this mental and emotional connection we share is such a treasure. From what I've read here if our emotional affair ever gets to that point SagMan and I are in for an inciting, thrilling ride! I can't wait. SagMan J how I am completely captive to your charms, intellect, humor, and your intense burning bright blue eyes always gazing toward the horizon and future. My deepest desire is in you. For I know with our powers combined we could make each o ther happier, more content, and definitely loved. Your Aquarian A

I'm an Aquarius girl and have been dating my Sagittarius man for 3yrs. And I have to say, Sagittarius men are the perfect match for Aquarius female. We have great sex its never boring,deep interesting conversations. We're not only lovers but also best friends.

Sagittarius men are truly the greatest!

Im an Aquarius women "talking" to a Sagitarius man... We do give each other are own space... I just feel like ive known this man my whole life.. no one has ever made me happier! Were like bestfriends and lovers at the same time... its wonderfull! Now weve only been seeing eachthother for 3 months.. but I know that this feeling is love... Sex is great were so passionate and theres so much lust between us I couldnt ask for anything more.. I hope to marry him one day and carry his children!!!

Well my current guy friend is a Sagittarius he is the sweetest man I know... Because he can keep up I think LOL we are perfect and now I know why... all of these things are true and I cant wait to get farther in to our journey

I met a Sagittarius man about 8 years ago. At the time he was head over heels in love with my beauty. Complimented me many times upon first sight. We communicated off and on through business means. Now we've recently reconnected - granted its business again. I'm a little confused and need the advice of a Sagittarius man or another Aquarius woman. Whenever we meet at our appointments he greets me with a big hug. In the car I'll get an occassional pat on the leg. He doesn't correct those who compliment us together (we look great together) as if we're a couple. At the end of our meetings I'll get a hug with an added sqeeze and a kiss on the cheek. I emailed him in great detail about my attraction to him and he did call me a few days later to say he'll discuss it at a more convenient time. I'm just head over heels in love with him, don't want to embarrass myself or even approach him with a kiss etc. What should I do? Is it something there? Should Aquarius let Sagittariu s men take the lead?

Im a 21yr old aquriaus women and dated sag's in the past the sex and kissing is great but they are soo arragont!! The last sag I dated robed my mobile and played me up agaist another girl so ov course iv never spoke to him since and the sag b4 him lovely lad at the begining and then he theatend to hit me I couldt even talk to my boy friends without being accused of not all ov them are trust worthy .. I have told myself now that im not going near another sag boy since it always ends up in tears I have got my eye on a cappie but they are so hard to understand

Im an Aquarius girl met a Sagittarius guy dated but I was kind of detached but fateful you could say the relationship was pretty good. Were still friends we keep in touch ( He still has feelings for me ).From Aquarius Sagittarius relationships do you think I should give him another chance?

I'm an Aquarius woman in love with a Sagittarius man. It's crazy because it's a long distance relationship. He is a childhood friend and it has been over a decade since we've seen each other. I was lucky enough to find him on Facebook and we've been together ever since. I love him so much and can't wait for the day I see him again. It seems as if we never lost contact. We see each other everyday through video chatting. The only thing missing from our relationship is the physical contact. Other than that it's the perfect relationship. I am in love.

I'm a sagi man, and I met just under 2 years ago a woman at work, she came out with me for the day and for me it was love at first sight, and I felt an instant connection with her, something which I have never experienced before, not only that she is the most beautiful woman I have ever met, she is of course an aqaurian woman, we have got so much in common it is hard to believe.

She moved to my department 5 months ago and I knew she was engaged to be married, and she did eventually get married in june of this year.

About 2 months ago I told her I loved her, I simply couldn't keep it in any longer but she told me she didn't feel the same way back, strangely I didn't feel heart broken at the knock back she gave me, we had bben talking on the phone at some length and e-maling each other but recently she said the guilt had got to her and she wasn't going to e-mail anymore, I still feel very close to her, I see her every day and can't take my eyes off her, and I also feel so drawn to her it is unbelievable.

I really do believe she is my soulmate, I love her so much but it seems I am not going to get the woman of my dreams as she is married, I have never pushed her to leave her husband basically out of a sign or respect for her and I am not the type of person to break up a marriage.

I really don't know what to do as I think about her all the time and I don't think I will be complete unless I am with her. I am at a loss as to what to do if anything at all, but I know she likes me, and I think that she has feeling's for me although she would never admit it.

Can anyone offer any advice as to what I should do, because I think I will go stir crazy.!!!!

I'm a sagi man, and I met just under 2 years ago a woman at work, she came out with me for the day and for me it was love at first sight, and I felt an instant connection with her, something which I have never experienced before, not only that she is the most beautiful woman I have ever met, she is of course an aqaurian woman, we have got so much in common it is hard to believe.

She moved to my department 5 months ago and I knew she was engaged to be married, and she did eventually get married in june of this year.

About 2 months ago I told her I loved her, I simply couldn't keep it in any longer but she told me she didn't feel the same way back, strangely I didn't feel heart broken at the knock back she gave me, we had bben talking on the phone at some length and e-maling each other but recently she said the guilt had got to her and she wasn't going to e-mail anymore, I still feel very close to her, I see her every day and can't take my eyes off her, and I also feel so drawn to her it is unbelievable.

I really do believe she is my soulmate, I love her so much but it seems I am not going to get the woman of my dreams as she is married, I have never pushed her to leave her husband basically out of a sign or respect for her and I am not the type of person to break up a marriage.

I really don't know what to do as I think about her all the time and I don't think I will be complete unless I am with her. I am at a loss as to what to do if anything at all, but I know she likes me, and I think that she has feeling's for me although she would never admit it.

Can anyone offer any advice as to what I should do, because I think I will go stir crazy.!!!!

I'm an Aquarius woman. I've dated a Leo, Capricorn and Pisces... which in the end, the Pisces was too emotional for me, the Capricorn slept around with other women and was too "judgemental", and Leos NEED attention like they have ADD!

When I met my Sagittarius, it immediately clicked for the both of us and we've have NOT separated since! I love that he's a optimistic person, he's also a clown at times too. Of course every couple has a fighting moment, but the love making is freaking awesome! I'm happy and I count my blessings every day I have this man in my life!

hmmm, Im an Aquarius woman, ive dated libra, gemini, cancer, Aquarian and I married a Pisces sex was great eventually but too emotional and negative..marriage didn't last long..well went out with some school mates for xmas eve 2010...and flirted with this guy from school, he's a little cutie always has been, never ever thought of him like that b4, but lately my mind has been changing..maybe he could be..on FB today actually I just noticed he is a, everyone's posts on here amazing..ive started thinking of him in that kind of way and im itching to hangout with him again, talk more, laugh more lol...especially now that im moving away in 2 weeks time..hope he is starting to see me in the same light as I am seeing him..cross fingers for me...ive always wanted to be with a sag man, but I have never met one..well actually I have known one all my life, but didn't know his birthday, thanx FB

Ok am a aqui girl dating a sag for 2 years, the 1st 6 months were great, I had lots of cash sex was great and partying non stop, some 3sums that really bothered me and killed me from inside even though we have liberal thoughts the thought of our man wanting us to do things with other woman when we don't agree is a killer ladies you know what I am talking about, he is super jealous but calls me jealous, he's possessive needy needs to be with me all the time, I pay for everything over 2 years now, he tells me to not talk to any exs is constantly jealous, texts me all teh time to make sure where I am constantly once called me 10 times in a row, didn't pick up my phone, girls aqui once you try and get your indepandance back beware, your wonderful sexy 1 year old sag who's great in bed and tell you he loves you every 5 minutes but doesn't prove it by getting a job and helping to support you, until you give an ultimatum that he turns on you, sag s have a great way of tell ing you to shut up and twisting your words against you, after a while an intellectual girl like us shuts down and stops communicating all together, you know you are being used by a lazy person who will run away one day cuz he's hot and sexy and go to any other girls couch or pussy for the next 6 months you are just a warm whole for him for the time being (sorry this is the kind of vocabulary I am learning from the sag, crude crass and no communication skills,) tells me to remove all my social sites, doesn't let me talk, tells me to shut up I am a miserable aqui girl, I was with an Aries for almost 13 years it was the best but no great chemisty, girls you want to pay good attention, great sex but no communication, brake it up after 6 months cuz your sag will turn on you if you talk back or try and communicate in a philosophical way, they are bad for you and will make you cry everyday after 6 months cuz inside you know they are not right for you, you know they are strong sexy and assholes cuz they say what we think but tell other persons in theirfave, we sometimes have more tact and after 2 years you will get tired of the childish behaviour aqui girls need a non player, pay for your sex don't date the sex, they sweat talk you take your money and only want 3sums it's theit way of doing "legalized" cheating. I did love but he pushed me away by being controlling, jealous possesive clingy and demanding all the time, every aqui girl knows that is a no no, good luck to you all, he also flirts with girls and tries to push 3somes on me, if I were single no problem but aqui girls don't like cheaters who try and be playboys on OUR TIME! we are players too but don't need to date players, just have sex with them.

I am an Aquairan woman seeing a Sagittarius man. We have been friends for 31 years. We would talk on and off but never acted on our feelings. We always had a great chemistry between us. Now we have a great relationship between us. We are both driven and both in the same profession but did not know until we got back together again as friends and now as lovers. 31 years of wishing and living and the wish has finally been answered. Glad I/we wished for this!

I am a Sagittarius man secretly dating an Aquarius woman. We met through an organization that we were both affiliated with. The first time I met her it felt like time stood still. She was SOOO beautiful. I didn't pursue her at first because I thought she was out of my league, but one day she just happened to call me to say hi and we ended up conversing for hours. I found out that we a lot more in common than I thought which made me even more attracted to her. Over time we noticed that we were extremely drawn to her. That feeling grew more and more overtime. We're still very discrete with our relationship but our bond gets stronger and stronger. Even when we have our arguments and trials our strong bond to each other always prevails. The passion is amazing, the conversation is fun, and the sex is GREAT. This girl has changed my life and I can definitely see a future with her

ive been with my sagi man for 7 years now, it was llove at first sight. we had the deepest connection and we now have 2 children.

however, he cheated on me in dec 2009 with another aqurian woman! and although I a have forgiven him, I don't yearn for him sexually, its now a chore, he bugs the hell out of me by simply trying to talk to me.

he is trying so hard but I feel now that the trust has gone, what we had will never ever be replaced.

hes still my best friend and I love him but that love has changed. im no longer in love with him.

i resent him asking me to make him a sandwich, before I would have made it without a second thought.

so sagi men - if you want to keep you're love alive, keep it to you're one woman!!!

I am a Sagittarius man an I been with my Aquarius woman

for 3 years an its the best this the longest ive every been in a relationship I cant explain how it is cause its no words you can put to it we fight then make up seconds after but after the sex is the best its like every time I she comes over my house I cant stop smilling when she near me an she make me horny every time she touch me I get a chill threw my body

when I read all these posts it trips me out because everything everyone is saying is soooo true!!!

i am an Aquarius woman he is a sag, we have soooooo much connection but we live in two different states!!!

And every single time we see each other the sparks just fly again the connection is there and we vibe super hard!!!

this is a great relationship I feel like I have known him for soooo long and its only been 4 years ...we totally understand each other and we are sooo passionate about eachother<3

I'm an Aquarius woman and he's a sag man. We met a couple weeks ago at my job. We sort of had this vibe from the very beginning. We began to chat and the conversation lasted well over an hour. I gave him my number and its been on ever since. The chemistry is great. I like this guy a lot and neither one of us are looking for anything serious, which is fine with me being that I just got out of a relationship with a controlling Aquarius man. It seems that he may try to latch on though, because he's already calling constantly and doing whatever he can to see me. Hmm....sounds like fun to me!

I'm an Aquarian female & have been with my Sag for about 6 months. Just like everyone is saying in here, the connection was intense and like nothing else. Sex was so incredible that we would both feel things on a different level that we've never felt before.

I felt incredible around him, but we fought a lot. Little things, but he had bad communication skills (even though he was a big talker/lecturer). We were so similar that we butted heads a lot and I would shut off emotionally immediately and just break it off. He didn't get how I could turn to cold so fast but that's just how I act when scorned. But once I'd cooled down my feelings for him came back to the surface.

He took the break-ups very seriously. His heart was torn out.

Then a few days later we'd get back together, and it would be like nothing had happened. After more and more break-ups it took a little longer to get there, but then we would and we would look at each other and know that we both felt the most intense love ever. We both had Scorpio Moons which helped, but I think that it increased our chances of fights going bad, and my Cancer Rising made me more moody and emotional than the typical Aquarius.

It's like we can't keep away from each other. It's gotten to the point where we both intellectually know that we are right for each other, but at the same time know that we keep fighting and so we just wont work. We don't have HOPE but we wish that it would work.

But ever since the beginning, even when it's been good, it's been impossible to focus on anything, our minds turned to mush while we experienced this incredible intense love 'stuff'. Then when it went bad because we had already connected so deeply, all we could think about was each other and days and weeks and months went past where we noticed that the only time we ever got on with things in our lives, was when we were set on being broken up forever (and that didn't last very long).

So basically, and Aqua and Sag are guaranteed to have great sex and an intense connection. The rest is up to you. Listen to each other, be patient, both show and give your love and attention always. Don't let jealousy ever get in the way or it will destroy you. If things start to get tense, cuddle, get close and you will feel that connection and it will bring you home.

Good luck everyone! Aquas and Sag's are one of the most compatible matches ever, so make it happen!

I just met this Sagittarius guy, we been knowing each other for like eight days and already we had three arguments and he stood me up two times. I told myself this is bulls**t and I can't be bother,but I feel like I knew him for years.He keep asking me to be his girl and he know that I have someone already. I don't know why he want to confuse me like this.I like him so much.I never had connected with anyone so fast. He makes me want to leave the one I am with and start a new relationship,You know us Aquarius girl love new.

I've meet a sagitarius man about 1 1/2 ago, dated him very briefly I so agree with all the Aquarian ladies, omg, unfortunatly for me, my experience was cut short( not his fault) & it left me with this feeling of what if?I've never felt that instant conection, the ' where have u've been all my life?' I feel so empty, at times I even wish I had never experienced it, that way I wouldn't know any better. It's been a while & I still cry every night to sleep not really knowing why but unable to stop it. When you know you found him( you're soul mate) how do you move on? I will but will never forget him. Wish all you Aquarian ladies & Lucky sag men all the happyness from the bottom of my heart.

I am an aquari woman and have a major thing for a sagi man.... everytime I see him something new and cute and squeal worthy happens. I am drawn to him and am never ever at a loss for words. He amkes me rediculously happ. all signs point to yes and I am making my move tomorrow!!!

hey all those Aquarius gal can you tell me what r the things you like about the sagitarius.i am a sagi and don't know how I gona impress Aquarius without even please tell me why aqurius get attracted to sagi.let me mention I am not handsome nor smart. just little different from others in every sense. please reply

I want to reply to this sagi man here -->

I'm a sagi man, and I met just under 2 years ago a woman at work, she came out with me for the day and for me it was love at first sight, and I felt an instant connection with her, something which I have never experienced before, not only that she is the most beautiful woman I have ever met, she is of course an aqaurian woman, we have got so much in common it is hard to believe.

Can anyone offer any advice as to what I should do, because I think I will go stir crazy.!!!!


in my opinion (coz im an Aquarius girl) --> I need to tell you this. Aquarius woman are very very loyal. even if she feels something for you, when she get married she had given all her ability, life, commitments to the life she's in now.

eventhough deep in her heart she might think you are her soulmate, but she will never betray her husband. unless her husband cheated on her, you might have another chance. n_n

I am an Aquarius dating a Sagittarius for 2 months. Every moment we spend together is wonderful. We argue every now and again, but they never last long. Even though we are in different states and can't see each other as much, we have every intention of making it work :) I can not think of life without him. We have already talked about where we'd get married and where we would live, etc. etc. Even though a lot of my friends don't find him attractive (They think I can do better) I don't want anyone but him. And I ignore people when they say they don't like how we get along (we joke around a lot, they don't think were serious) they don't know how well we get along and how sweet he can be :)

I fall madly in love with Sag men. They excite me on so many levels. I love the similarities we share creativity, passion, travelling, day dreaming, tenacious ambition and open mindedness. I always fall hard for a Sag man. They crave aqua women because we stimulate them intellectually and our spontaneity. Right now, I'm seeing a Sag and I must say I fell head over heels and dove right into him. I feel like he is moving at a snail's pace, while I just want to be with him. Everything I've read and consulted about Sag men says to be patient...and patience is not the virtue of an Aquarius in love. We give each other space, he keeps in contact and we see each other very often, but it just leaves me wanting more. I feel if I pull away he will stray, but I hate that I feel like I'm the only one driving. Advice from another Sag man...

I am an Aquairan woman seeing a Sagittarius man. We havent started to go on a date yet, but we are trying to set a date. I just feel like I meet him already for some reason . Everytime he sends me a text I get all over excited that I jump around the house and cant wait to read his text and his on my mind 24/7. Never have I felt like that over another guy, everytime we talk he just understands me like no other. We talk on the phone at nights and text each other every day. I just cant wait to meet him and see where it gets us but I got a pretty good feeling about this guy ! Wish me luck !!!!

I see lots of responses from the ladies, I am head over heals for one of you, however she confuses me, & makes me not want to see her, because im arrogant I guess, no. I just don't like to be shot down, because after all im the archer. in the manly way of things im supposed to shoot you down, & by all means you have already wounded me 1st. cruel creature, we work together, & we have hung out on the weekends, but @ work you don't want to have anything to do w/ me it seems. I can see that would be wise don't get me wrong, I am completely slayed, & it is most irritating w/ the lack of response, cause she knows!!! ive had brief sentences here & there since the last time I saw her for hours on the weekend, in the last 3 weeks. torture I say!!!

I want to reply to this aqua girl here-->

I've meet a sagitarius man about 1 1/2 ago, dated him very briefly I so agree with all the Aquarian ladies, omg, unfortunatly for me, my experience was cut short( not his fault) & it left me with this feeling of what if?I've never felt that instant conection, the ' where have u've been all my life?' I feel so empty, at times I even wish I had never experienced it, that way I wouldn't know any better. It's been a while & I still cry every night to sleep not really knowing why but unable to stop it. When you know you found him( you're soul mate) how do you move on? I will but will never forget him. Wish all you Aquarian ladies & Lucky sag men all the happyness from the bottom of my heart.


i've been through all you mention dear. I once thought that this sagit man is my soulmate. but the problem with sagit man is, they cannot makes their heart certain for us; Aquarian girl. they kept finding for something or someone better. even if someday he will come to you and say "i think I miss u" don't believe it for god sake. he maybe think that contacting you is a mistake.

they even pessimistic about love. if we don't react positive or I should say 'playing hard to get' he will probably back off. he would gave you up. he wouldn't want to chase u. maybe because of his ego or he think its embarrassing for being rejected. and of course you couldnt forget him. just as you meet someone else that you think is you're soulmate, then you will be able to take him out of you're heart.

one negative thing about us: Aquarian is we tend to think too much about the past. that explain why you wish you never even had known him. you would wish to have an accident and suddenly you forgot him. like you never know him before.

come on girl! Aquarian girls are strong! just keep looking for you're soulmate. but if 'he' is the one for you, keep praying then.

Aquarius girl.

I want to reply to this sagit here-->

hey all those Aquarius gal can you tell me what r the things you like about the sagitarius.i am a sagi and don't know how I gona impress Aquarius without even please tell me why aqurius get attracted to sagi.let me mention I am not handsome nor smart. just little different from others in every sense. please reply


1st, you cant pleased an Aquarius without even trying. she likes intelligent talks. its like intrigued them. its like giving them an electric shock. the more you talks, the more she wants to keep talking to u. the more issue the more attraction.

sometimes, they can just interested in you by naughty & interesting way of look you gave her. naughty eye gaze is sooo much sexy.. but then again, she would seek for the intelligent in u. after that, if she stay around, then she's interested.

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