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I'm an Aries woman dating a Sagittarius man. Oh my god, it's crazy how well we work together. He reads my body intuitively and always says that it's me that touches him. He's funny, adventurous, outgoing, and he loves to dance. Me too! All my friends think he's great and his tell me they're happy he found me.

It was love at first sight, passion from the onset, cohabitation within 3 months and engagement after 5. We're not rushing the wedding, it's still over a year off, but there was no reason to wait. He loves me more than life and I'll never find a man more perfect. I won't even look. How can I? I can't take my eyes/hands off him..

I am an Aries woman with a Venus in Pisces. I gotta say Pisces often has a much bigger influence on me than the Aries at times.

I've had interactions with Sagittarius men so it is an ideal match but being a sentimental sensitive Pisces doesn't sit well with the somewhat detached rather flirtatious Sagittarius. Although, his Venus was in Aquarius........

Im an Aries woman with a Sagittarius man partner and we fell in love in high school, although we went our separate ways for about 6 years we re-connected last year and 4 months later we were engaged!

It's now 8 months along with another 6 months till our wedding and we are as strong as ever. I can't tell you what an amazing relationship I feel I have, he's in the British Army and I live in SA and we're moving in together when we get married and moving to Germany!

Full of adventure and also the need for maturity and communication. And he has it ALL. I'm ecstatic, but also treading softly as I don't want to lose it x

I am with a Sagittarius man and let me tell you, we are in love. I don't think I have ever been with anyone who has read me better than my man. It's definitely a solid match!

I am a Aries woman with a Sagittarius man. Never in my life have I been with someone who reads me like he can. His touch, his mind, his overall senses and mine are combined.

I am an Aries woman and I have only been dating my Sag for a month, but the connection was immediate. I have never dealt with a man who knew when I needed to be touched, held, kissed or hugged without a word from me. I hope our story ends as good as some of these.

Im a Sagittarius man and I freaking LOVE Aries women they are the perfect match for me I just want more :)

im a Aries woman in love with a Sagittarius man I love this man so much he's there 4 me in ways I thought no man would ever be he knows what's needed when its needed and vice verse. when we're apart we can't wait 2 get back in each others company its just feels good and right when we're together. I love that man...

Best sex of my life!

I am an Aries woman married to a Sagittarius man for almost 20 years. He's HOT! He is the one person who knows me inside and out. He is smart and great in the sac! He goes off with his friends a lot but that doesn't bother me. He always takes good care of me and I do the same for him. I love my sag!

I am Aries woman and have been trying to go out wit Sag man. He asked me out maybe 5 times and only 1 time we got together. He constantly changes his mind just few days before we actually have to go out but after some time passes he AGAIN asks me to get together. It is getting really annoying. What is wrong with this pic, Sag men, please can you maybe explain to me. If he doesn't not like me and does not have intention in getting together with me WHY he keeps asking for a date????

im a Aries girl and iv been dating a sag for a year and few months. we plan on getting married. :) he is soo sweet and cares a lot for me as do I for him. he says im the only one for him. we get in fights a lot sometimes but we both over come them. and Omg he is sooo good in bed a lot better then the other people iv been with. I LOVE HIM! and cant wait till were married. :D

Ok, I am an Aries woman in love with a sag man. We have been just friends communicating on and off for 8 years now - with this attraction that seems to get hotter as time goes by. He is everything I want in a man and always tells me I am beautiful... not to mention he gives me the most passionate hugs and he holds my hand and tells me he loves me, not to mention he looks at me with this stare that drives me CRAZY! He has talked about dinner and we still have not gone! He has told me he has been attracted to me outside and inside since the day we met, but he has not tried to sleep with me.... He periodically answers my (quarterly) emails and (annual) calls! I am married, but recently ended that relationship and he says he did not want to come in between my family.... Does this man really love me? Or did I just quench his thrill of the chase?

Im an Aries woman with a Sagittarius men. we are great 2gether, but he doesn't want a relationship. we are like best friends with benefits I guess. how do I make him commit? an Aries woman and I feel like were not compatible... we argue a lot, and he can be sweet but he does irritate me...he's not considerate of my it because im so into my self and don't have any trust for guys....Idk help me plz

I never dated and Sag man before and love to date one after reading these motivating stories.

I'm an Aries girl in love with a Sagittarius guy, we went out for nearly a year and accurately, he was very much romantic as he was intellectual. I want him back so wish me luck, he's both so stubborn and clever but I'm so attracted by this blushing and flirting with our eyesÂ…

Aries and sag do get along not when then are too young. It works when they are older because you find out soon there are too many other zodiacs with that kind of compatibility.

Not when they are young - true that. Both too feisty and have trouble appreciating each other unless you've seen how bad other signs are lol. I know I wouldn't trade my Aries gal for anyone else, though 10 years ago I might have given up due to some of the fights. Now I just think of them as a necessary evil and look forward to the make up sex. Actually, not anymore as I've discovered that a good hatef*ck actually resolves arguments way better than arguing does, and my Aries is the first woman I've known who seems okay with that. Another reason we work so well. I'd advise any other Sag/Aries couples to try that sometime :)

Same Sag guy who posted above. I forgot to tell you how funny this woman is. She can get me in stitches most of the time. I've never met a girl who has timing and ideas. I generally tend to be a funny guy but she keeps me on my toes. My Virgo friend helps to keep me on my toes too but she is something else. She seems -kind of- tomboyish but growing up those were always the hottest girls in my opinion along with athletic girls (my ram tends to be a little athletic and tomboyish!). I respect her strength and confidence. Never tell her she can't do something - she'll prove you wrong, but not before she's hurt that you underestimated her.

This girl is also smart. I'm not too sure on how well people see this besides me. All of her advice is good and thought out. She has the ability to pick optimistic outcomes and they usually happen for her. When it comes down to problem solving she always amazes me and makes me jealous when it comes so naturally to her.

The combination of confidence, grace, humor, sexuality, intelligence and honesty just steals my heart. Nothing else in life can even come close to touching.

-Sag (I'm going to stop talking now... hopefully too much damage hasn't been done, and thanks for reading)

I'm an Aries and have been talking to this Sagittarius for almost a year, and we finally admitted our feelings. I absolutely adore him! He's funny, intelligent, confident, outspoken, and everything I love. I'm so happy I found him!

I'm a 20 yr old Aries girl who is best friends with a 20 yr old Sagittarius guy. I love everything about him. His humor, personality, character, the way he looks. I feel like he's my perfect soulmate. I feel like he's broken my heart. One of our mutual friends could tell that we were very close, closer than friends. We talk everyday and he calls me on his breaks at work. He asked me how I really feel and I couldn't deny that I loved him.. He has told me that he loves me before but as a good friend. This friend took my secret and told him despite my wishes to keep it a secret and keep our friendship above anything else. When he found out, he told me he was willing to admit he cared for me more than friends as well but I told him he didn't need to change or do anything. I know he needs his freedom more than anyone. He's in a band and looks forward to meeting many girls and having experiences that I can't give him. I would feel selfish taking those experiences away fro m him. He wanted us to try being together romantically and I explained to him that it was an important decision and everything it involved and questioned whether he was really attracted to me. The next day he had changed his mind completely and told me he just wanted to stay friends. I was afraid he would cheat on me as a boyfriend and that he would lose the honesty we had between us which is impossible as a couple. I wonder to myself what made him change his mind so quickly and If maybe he would think of being with me in the future. I told him before we decided to stay friends that he should know my feelings for him won't change and he said, "Don't wait for me. If you meet someone, go for it." That really hurt to hear but I'm talking to new people now and trying to see him as a friend. What do you think will happen?

me and my sag man always argue but we really love each other so much. even if we are far from each other, we tend to be loyal and honest as it is. I'm really happy I found him and vice versa.

I'm a Sag ,I dated my Aries girl for nearly 3 yrs but then she ended it. She got bored of me I guess. truth is I got bored too.

If you saw us together even now you would think what a perfect couple we are. we still talk, laugh even go to shows together but she doesn't want a sexual relationship, just to be friends.

You see ,Sagi and Aries ,it doesn't always work out but good luck to you all, I hope yours does.x

im an Aries girl. I met a Sagittarius guy in school this year. we finally got to talking this year when he told me he had been trying to get in contact with me. he had said that he had seen me around school and he always felt completely distracted from everything when I came into his view. we had decided very soon after talking that we should start seeing each other so we did.. but things between us changed dramatically about two weeks into it.

he became a lot more distant and as a result I yearned to feel closer to him, this caused many problems, we started to fight constantly and decided to end things.. unfortunately im still in love with him even though we are on a 'just friends' basis.

I'm an Aries woman, married to a Sag man for 12 years now... He loves me so much and I love him, we are the best of friends! But lately I've been desiring some sexual freedom, so when I flirt a bit, I keep running into more Sagittarius guys... we just happen to find each other! I think their bright eyes and smiles drive me crazy so I just can't resist! Plus, I'm pretty hot, so they can't resist either! ;)

am and Aries woman going out with a sag he is so sweet and caring but the thing is sometimes he ignores my txts why is that?

oh my god the sexual chemistry is what drives me crazy the Aries and sag"s have it!!

I have a baby my sag..we both love each other a lot but we argue all the time... we do get over it and the sex is AWESOME!! BUT im gettn feed up wit the aruguments and heart breaks...

I dated a Sagittarius man for almost 2 years. He was great but too jealous and controlling. It has been 5 years since it ended because of our constant fights and I still haven't found anything that compares to what I had with him. He knew exactly what to say, what to do, and how to do it to drive me crazy. Though we fought a lot, we would forgive and forget until I was tired and somewhat bored of it. Some times I wish we could see each other again (sexually) but he hates me even more for it.

i'm a sag man i've been friends with my Aries for about five years now and I recently asked her out. shes seriously the best girl i've ever been with. she completely understands me physically and emotionally and I would never trade what we have for anything.

I am an Aries woman with my rising sign in Cancer and I just started something with a Sagg guy. We meet over facebook (we actually went to the same high school but didn't know each other then) and we have only hung out twice but our chemistry is amazing. When we first started talking it was like we had known each other for years and when something is bothering me he just finds ways to make me laugh; he is hilarious.

When we hang out he makes me feel really comfortable and makes sure I'm taken care of. He opens the door for me and pays the bill at dinner. He is very charming and manly and I respect him very much. He says I am hard to read which is good because from what I understand Sagg's like mystery. I've also read the Sagg's are the most unfaithful sign but my Sagg has been cheated on before and I think he'd break things off before ever cheating himself.

We talk almost everyday and we have like everything in common, its really weird, and I hope I get to see a lot more of him. I love fire signs but for a long time I wasn't interested in Saggs because all of the other guys who I've dated who were Saggs just didn't get along with me at all. I think its the fact we have so much in common that makes this work out better. I just got out of a 18 month relationship a couple months ago and I'd have to say that that is the reason things didn't work out with him, he was a Pisces.

We havent had sex or even kissed yet but I have a feeling it'll be really REALLY good.

Sagittarius mens are really controlling...and the first and last one I had was very, very controlling and very abusive...i dint like it one its hard for me to see myself with another sagittarius...

I am an Aries girl and I seem to always attract to sags immediatley. I always find that I am a lot more into them then they are into me. I dated a Scorpio for 4 years and he was crazy possesive and now I am single and seems every man that I meet that I like is sag! they have great initial attraction in the beginning but I feel like they can never give me all the attention that I yearn for.

I've been having a little something with a Sag man (im an Aries woman) and its like we talk everyday over the internet and we've hung out a couple times but I'm afraid thats all he wants from me. I'd like to get to know him better in person but I really think he's just comfortable and content being a bachelor in his bachelor pad. I'm an Aries so I can be a little controlling an impatient, especially cuz I want to know what's going on between us. I'd love to be with a Sag. When we do hang out he is so polite and makes me feel realy comfortable. He told me he does have problems trusting women but I've done everything right so I don't get it. I think I just have to keep giving him time.

i'm an Aries woman who dated a Sagittarius man. we were absolutely perfect together...until he cheated on me, denied it, & completely ignored me because he just didn't want to deal with it. awesome.

I am an Aries currently dating a Sagittarius man and so far I love him he's fun loving caring independent and can get mad a lot like today we are mad at each other but we still love each other. They usually say that Aries and Sagittarius makes good couples. They have their differences but they put them aside. I love my boyfriend he's the best I ever I had he shows me love except when he's mad. When he's mad we don't speak and I get sad. But we still love each other!

i'm a Aries woman,i used to date a sag. I broke up with him due to the constant argument, disagreement and him constantly accusing me of things I wasn't doing. plus he drank alot. sometimes he would not answer my calles for three weeks straight.i grew tired of being depressed over him, I met a new man who is also a sag. we been in a relationship for a year and a half, he ask me to move in with him 4months after we started dating. I hesitated for a while but I eventually I give in and did. we argue bitterly butlove each other very much and he show my daughter so much love.he's like nothing I ever experienced. he knows everything about be without me saying a word. he can tell when something is bothering me and he knows when I need "some sex" is like he reads my mind. the only thing that bothers me about him is when he's angry he seems to lash out at me for no reason. he use provocative words on me constantly when we argue and I hate the names he calles me because I do not represent any of them. my love for him is decreasing because of his filthy mouth towards me. everything else that I look for in a man he has except for that which I mention above. he kiss me good night and when he wakes up or going out the door, he makes me tea in the morning. and he watch my daughter for me on days that she don't have school, but I can't seem to get over the fact that he use those kinds of words on me. what should I do? should I run out of this one or annoy the provocative words? it really does get to me when he calls me names.

I am an Aries woman dating a Sag Man and it has been a bumpy road. Our time together is always fun, exciting, sweet and cherishing. He has neglected me for other women before in the beginning, but that stopped as soon as I ignored him and showed him that I would be just fine without him. Once he realized that I can easily move on and he could lose me, he straightened right up.

We are now better than ever - I couldn't ask for anything more than him. Ive dated other sag. men before but him and I just connected. He makes me laugh, I have fun with him, he's VERY loving, caring, and has a good heart. He's someone I can play with and who supports me in my decisions. he's always there for me emotionally.

But in return I give him his freedom, I never nag on him, joke around with him. I also have my own life and when he is with me I become his happy place. We have fun together.

It took some work but, what relationship don't you have to put a little bit of work into? and plus, thats what makes it more intense is how we fight for each other. I love that Sag.

wow... im an Aries woman & my Sagittarius boo is soo amazinggg!! we've only been tlkn for a solid two months but it feels like 4everr. wen I first saw him I thought he wass sooo adorable wit his cute ass smile! he is so freakin hilarious!! his humor is so natural, like we can jus sit on tha coach and all you wud hear are our giggles. I think its so cute how he can be so goofy around me & I think he likes tha fact that I dnt judge him wen he does so. theres so many hilarious memories installed in my brain wit him. I love tha way we communicate with our eyes. we dnt have to say a word to each other to kno what we wanna do, or say, or think. i've never had a strong vibe 4rm a man like him ever! the times wen we had sex felt like we were making love. its so passionate & im always wanting more! it drives me crazy how I drive him crazy. its like we feed off our vibes to create an even bigger & hotter fire between us. I love his eyes & his lips tha most. he's sooooo sexy to me . ughh I cant wait to see him. its been 3 weeks. ohh he better prepare himself. i've already warned him ;) lol

I've been with my sag for 4 years but what bothers me is that he can be a flirt and then I begin to doubt about him...other than that he is loving caring very romantic and is always there for me no matter what. We recently haven't argued anymore which kinda bugs me cuz I love our makeup sex! Oh yeah our sex equals two thumbs up. :) so far he's been faithful and he always always wants to be with me and invites me to go with him everywhere..I find it funny how he doesn't go somewhere when I tell him no and it bothers me cuz I try to give him as much freedom as possible! We have spoken many times about marriage and he wants to move in already but he's 22 and I'm going on 20. I don't know why I've been feeling a bit weird about our relationship like if its gonna end soon or like were gonna get bored of each other. But despite everything we love each other a lot! I think sags and Aries are perfect match!

I'm an Aries Woman with a Sag man. We have been together for almost 5 years. I can say that he is the best choice I've ever made, compared to all the other signs I've been with. Even though we live 77 miles away from each other, communication is our worst problem. Sometimes he goes for days or even weeks with out answering or returning my calls. But when he does finally call me he acts like there isn't a problem, and gives me stupid excuses. There's never a time he doesn't have an excuse. When we are together everything is GREAT, its like we were never apart.. But when we are apart, he makes me feel far away. He only calls when he wants to talk, never answers when I want to talk. I try and reach out to him, but he doesn't care about things that aren't a big deal in his eyes.. I just don't know what to do. I love him and I hate him. He says the right thing at the wrong time. I've tried to leave him 5 times.. never happened. I want to leave but he finds a way to make me stay but I hate he takes advantage of me.. What should I do?

I agree with all the Aries women there is defintely chemistry between an Aries and Sagittarius. I've been dating my Sag boyfirend 4 4yrs now although we argue and breakup. We always end up getting back 2gether its like a magnet attraction. I luv my Sag his smart, funny and he spoils me rotten, he is such a sweet heart =D

Ive been dating this Sag man for almost 3 years, we have our arguments like all couples, but for some reason, we can not stay away from eachother. Everytime we see each other its always like the 1st. We give each other space like how we like it, but I know he loves me and he's not ready for a commitment, and everytime I try to leave, he pulls me right back in. He tells me all the time that he's madley in love with me, I always surprisely act like I don't know. The key with them is to be honest with them, (or at least act like it lol) they love that, when you are around them, always smile and gingle at/with them. When you are in there presents, show them how much they mean to you, and when you are not with them, DO NOT make the intiative to call, text, etc.... When they call you, call them back, when they text you, text them back. (not right, right back)... But, we as Aries don't know how much we can take with them being so free, but the feeling of the Aries knowi ng that the Sag knows she is the one, keeps us staying!

I am an Aries woman and I am in loooove with my sag man. We met in college and once we saw each other we were instantly attracted. He wsa my first and we were in a relationship for over 7 years! I did not want it to end but he wsa involved with another woman. I guess I made him feel so comfortable and I did not give him an ultimatum. We reconnected 10 yrs later but we are both married now and I know we were meant to be but now things are different. Oh well, he will always have a place in my heart.

Being an Aries woman, I love my sag man. he's everything that I could ever hope & ask for and I don't have much experience in relationship because I'm so young but we've been together for four years and it feels so right. we are apart for sometime but when we are together it's like we've never been apart. we tend to have disagreements because we aren't able to see each other on the reg. but still we overcome that and understand that eventually we'll be able to share all our time together once we're married. The arguements sometimes scare me because recently they've been leading up to break ups but the good thing about them are we always find our way back to each other & the making up part feels so good. he's like my other half that I never knew was missing until I find him. we keep each other laughing and smiling most of the times but our arguments are sometimes overheated. he has trust issues and can be controlling but im trying to prove to him that he has nothing t o worry about. our chemistry is so natural and we feed off of each other. we can read each others mind & we know what to do & when to do it depending on the other's mood. he is my motivation and I am his. he's my strength and he keeps me going through the day whether i'm mad with him or not I still think about him when my day is going bad & immediately I have a smile on my face. I love this man with all my heart and I wouldn't trade him for the world. he keeps me sane. I believe i've met my match at such a young age & im proud to say it and im willing to be committed to such a wonderful warm loving person that I can understand inside and out.

Hmm.. I went from one sag man to the next, with the exact same birthdays lol! The second one and I have been together for 6 years now. And only just got back together after a month apart, again. Being an Aries female I like attention and love and hugs, which is something that wasn't instilled in him as a child. However, I think this time he realised that I might be lost forever, so he kept trying, and now we find ourselves in each others arms once more. Yep, the sex is hot and intuitive. And I'm hoping (it actually feels different now) that it all works out this time...

26yo Aries girl & 21yo Sag man I dated a sag man since 3 months ago till now...i's a new experience for me because this is the 1st time I fall in love with a sag man and seem like a long road & unpredictable journey I have with him. it was start very nice and smooth chemistry in between but then it turn upside down.we live far in different city, we don't talk as much as we do now. to be honest he's really type of a perfect man for me but I don't know how long im going to survive this kind of relationship that bring too much upside downs and make me feel like a lonely fool most of time...

I've been dating my Sagittarius for a few months now, but we couldn't be happier! I'm an Aries female and sadly I can't take Leos(our #1) i've noticed that they make great friends, but they were always too clingy and as a woman I can't take a man with more Moodswings then me. With My Sag I don't have to worry about that :] He's able to get me out of my bad mood and relax me in seconds and is always joking around and laughing and is never jealous. Admittedly he's reckless and aggressive, mine has a habit of punching walls, but he's never boring to be around and he's such a sweetheart to me.

Sagittarians can be hard to pin down and don't try to no matter how much our Arian blood likes the chase. If he cares about you enough for it to work in a relationship he'll tell you. I wasn't looking for a relationship at first, we were just friends with benefits because I was tired of having failed attempts with other zodiacs. My Sag decided that he wanted more and told me he only wanted me and no one else and asked if we could please make it official. There's no one on earth who has ever made me smile more and he talks of the future often which is surprising since he's known to dislike commitment.

Once you've got him treat him well and expect the same. Keep your own interests but never lie or ignore his. Support him in his goals and enjoy the sex because it's the most amazing experience ever. I left that out since it's widely known to be absolutely steamy :D and that expectation is definitely not let down. After classes on Friday I went to his apartment and we didn't move from his bed for 6 hours... no one fell asleep either xD even if they say sag+aries young doesn't work I hope we last because this is better than anything i've ever had.

im an Aries woman and I met my first sag about five years ago mind you I was 18 at the time he was 29 ive always liked oler men so this wasnt an issue but because of my being youngi didn't realized what I was doing and still wanted to play. requardless from him being a sag I never really had to worry bout other girls he was a very particular kind of guy. nonetheless he has always been my shoulder to cry on and a very good friend I always feel like I can be myself or say whatever with out being judged. he just wont commit after all this time and now im ready to settle down

but.....i just met a sag thats closer to my age and it seems that we get along like peas and carrots its an unspoken bond he affectionate enuff to not be corny but sexy as ever with a sexy raspy voice and the sex is amazing it gets better everytime even if we do it more than once in a day hell last night I cant even say.....but thats my boo thang

im an Aries woman and I met my first sag about five years ago mind you I was 18 at the time he was 29 ive always liked oler men so this wasnt an issue but because of my being youngi didn't realized what I was doing and still wanted to play. requardless from him being a sag I never really had to worry bout other girls he was a very particular kind of guy. nonetheless he has always been my shoulder to cry on and a very good friend I always feel like I can be myself or say whatever with out being judged. he just wont commit after all this time and now im ready to settle down

but.....i just met a sag thats closer to my age and it seems that we get along like peas and carrots its an unspoken bond he affectionate enuff to not be corny but sexy as ever with a sexy raspy voice and the sex is amazing it gets better everytime even if we do it more than once in a day hell last night I cant even say.....but thats my boo thang

Aries woman and Sag male. We were somewhat friends in college I dated his best friend. We always had fun no major attraction. Fast forward 12 years later...long ditched his friend (although they are still friends) we started to hang out and WOW...I approached the WRONG guy back in 1997. This Sag is sexy smart EXTRA fun to be around. Sex life I am not sure unfortunately he is married now. BUT I would LOVE to find a guy like this one! I kick myself in the ass after everytime we hang out like such a cool and sincere guy. Although he is married and as a friend I can see his committment issues many speak of.

Im an Aries woman and Im currently dating a Sagittarius Man. we've been together for 2yrs here comes Septemeber. Our relationship is a love coaster, we have good and we have bad. The good out weights the bad by a long shot like most of you said the break ups are temporary because somehow, we find our way back. Its almost like we belong.

Dont get me wrong theres times I have BIG Doubts because He's a lot older than I, 21 years to be exact. My Sag strongly feels He's the smartest in the world well he thinks he knows everything.

Most times I feel a little detached when He makes me feel unwanted or when Im not #1 in his life. Like now, We will be having a baby here comes Aug, and believe me this pregnancy sometimes makes me feel like im lossing him then it feels like Im in it alone.

He doesn't want to do anything far as this pregnancy goes. I have childbirthing classes this month and He doesn't care to attend any. He doesn't even want to know the birthing plan. Im afraid that if I keep stressing to him how important it is for the baby and Me, he will get upset and just walk away. He has 7 other children and I feel like He put more interest in them than ours being on the way.

Someone please tell me if im just over reacting with or I shouldn't be blame myself for him not wanting to put interest in our kid.

I am an Aries girl and met a Sag man in March. The first night we were kissing in the club as if we had known eachother,(I am really not that type of person). He is really sweet and thoughtful, and our chemistry is great. I wonder where this is going.

I met a sag when I was seventeen and fall in love. I've been dealing with him for eight years now and I don't know what's come over us. He confuses me, its like when we're together everything else doesn't matter. he treats me like Im his girl an yet he treats me like the rest of the girls but still expects me to there when he WANTS to be there an feel thats unfair to me. Why would he one minute act like he loves me, wants to be with me and cant live without me but then turns right around and ignores me, say Im too emotional when Im only giving off what I get(love)and disappears. Is it him or is it me because this ishh is driving me crazy and he knows it. he knows me better than I know myself and I know him too but the way he's been acting towards me lately make me feel like I made a mistake. Mind you I'm soooooo head over heels in love with this man and I truely believe he feels the same for me, but I honestly feel and think he just doesn't know how to show me; due to h e's been a playa all his life, use to being in control and taking care of by women rather he'll be with them(relationship wise)or not. I don't know what to do, Im so confused. A part of me just feels like its probably not meant to be and the other feels like just give him time and space(a bigger part says time and space)and we'll see. I love him so much its scarie, Ive NEVER met anybody where I COULDNT control my feelings for them...smh,I just wish I could get threw to him besides giving space because I've giving him more than enough space at a time and its still not right.

Hi! I'm an 18 year old Aries girl and my Sagittarius guy is truly a blessing in my life, but there's one problem. He lives in texas and im here in south carolina. We meet on facebook about a year ago and from the very beginning we hit it off well. Even though with speculations of the distance and the age we are , I feel like he is truly my soul mate. We love the same things , have the same view and life goals , share a wonderful sense of humor , and most importantly we both have a love for god. its almost like were both the same person. even though we have not yet met in person (though we have skyped , sent pictures, and videos) I know I love him. Theres much I have to learn about him and his personality , and the only way that will happen it by eventually seeing him in person. we spend almost every night on the phone from 10pm till 3am (which is bad because he has school lol) and i'm planning on surprising him for his senior prom and showing up as his prom date :) im saving up now for the flight and looking for ward to that butterfly feeling when I see him in person for the first time. With us being young he still speaks of wanting to eventually marry me and have a future life with me . I look forward to our life together in the future whether we are just friends or lovers. He's my love and my best friend and I hope and pray that he remains in my heart forever !

This is my second experience with a Sagitarius man and it's was love at 1st sight (we knew each other through facebook). Since the very first day we chatted with each other, we got hooked. He has this charming attraction which I'll never found in other signs and I'm madly in love. The negativity is I have to keep my jealously in check coz he's flirting to other women and kept calling them with endearments(baby,sweetie). It's hard to remain calm and cool throughout the flirting process. But still at the end of the day, he came back to me saying I'm the best girl he ever met...I've made the choice of keeping him forever eventhough we'll best friends..

I'm an Aries woman have been in a 5-year relationship with my Sag boyfriend. I always thought Sag men were too boring for me. I was often attracted to the Virgos & Scorpios who were always hurtful. I found them attractive because they gave me the runaround. Eventually I gave this Sag guy a chance. I found out how easy and effortless it was to be with him. Of course, I was much older so learned that men who appear mysterious and exciting don't necessarily make great long-term partners. Unlike the Virgos & Scorpios, my Sag man was extremely honest and independent - 2 characteristics I admire in a man. At the same time, he lets me be the center of attention without feeling insecure. He has always been supportive of my dreams and is always knows when I need TLC and my space. We don't even try and yet the relationship works. He said for him it was love at first sight. He said, I look good, feel good and smell good! Even after 5 years, he brings me flowers for no reason. When I thank him for the flowers, he'll say, "Yes the flowers are beautiful but not as beautiful as you." In the mornings, sometimes I wake up and find him staring at me. I tell him not to look at me as I just woke up and don't have any make-up on. He says I look like an angel and I am naturally beautiful. He remembers all the little things that I hear women complain their partners don't pay attention to. He never fails to ask how my day was at work & school when I return home. He always makes sure I have eaten and that I feel good about myself. Always encourages me to drink water and exercise. Massages before sex and during my periods are awesome. He is a hopeless romantic while I'm the aggressive one always looking for a fight (for no no reason!). He says he is the lucky one to have found me. In the first year of our dating, he said he would be honored to be my boyfriend. I mean can you believe that. Who talks that way? I just think I was the one who got lucky when I decided to go to Starbucks that day (05/28/06). He says the stars were aligned that day for him to meet me. He is never jealous or possessive, yet he never makes me feel unattended. There's always the right amount of space (something that both the signs need). He takes off golfing, fishing, snowboarding, hunting and I love that because it gives me the space and time to do my own things, like shopping, dancing, socializing with my friends and family.

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