Sagittarius man attracted to his ex?

by anonymmus

My partner and I have been together a year and a half. Three month after we start going out together his ex found out and started threatening him of things she would do kill herself, because he was with another woman, she even sent her little daughter not his child, to his house while I was there to ask him why he has a girlfriend? One night I was at his place se called us 22 times and he did not answer, next day he told her that he has a girlfriend and she needed to move on. Since then she continues texting making excuses to meet him and flitting with him on the text calling each other sweet names. One day I have asked him have you heard from this lady again, he said no never, so I then a text came in to his phone and I saw her name in it, so I thought he told me the truth, I went to his inbox and found lots of texts and I felt that he had lied to me. I confronted him about it, he had talked to her to stop and changed his number. His mum likes his ex and, always sends them birthday letters and Christmas and they call each other, and his mum always try to make him sign the cards that his mum sent to her. She even encourages him o continue talking to her, she even tells him if he has problems is best to go and talk to her. They work at the same place, but I noticed that is always trying to dress up for his ex at work. Every time that there is a meeting at work and he tells me about the meeting and I know that she will be present because it is all staff, he always try to dress up more than he normally does for work or for any other big meetings. I don't believe that they have anything going on because she is in a relationship with another man. Do you think he is attracted to her?

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