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Im a Sagittarius man..

I met a Cancer woman... instantly attracted (go figure) and flirting wasn't even a word for what we did... every subtle movement , hand gesture, every glance. oh god her eyes were her body's way of calling for me... this lust was border line obsession when she wanted me to feel that way. and it drove me crazy...

I have always been successful with women. I was always accused of being the player type because of my success with women... and I know the power I had over most women. but since she was soo good at speaking to me in ways I could have never imagined, I allowed her to almost control me (which I hate feeling) but I def didn't mind with her... im still in love with her... even though she has been having an affair with me... she would leave him for me... but the messed up part is he a close friend... I feel bad.. but everything still feels so right with her..

I try to keep my distance.. but every time we cross paths, eye rolling, back scratching, toe curling is def in the atmosphere... even though im in love with every physical attribute... her feminine ways.. so submissive and caring and passionate.. almost motherly... I adore it.. Cancer women make you feel like a man!! lol I know im not the only man in her life.. but she makes me feel like the only man that matters... I love life... :)

What could have been? I met a Cancer woman just a tad older than me and after a few months of getting to know her, she started to put herself in my path.

Within minutes of talking on the track where we both used, she was telling me, "I have HBO," yeah, I know. Still, I liked it and took it as a positive sign that she was quite interested and I loved here feminine wiles.

We would chat on the phone for an hour or so every other night and she was feeling it for sure. But then the swing came and when it did I was unprepared.

She then mentioned a boyfriend who was at first a doctor but I later found out she was masking the truth. There was somebody and despite the problems she talked of, she was too afraid of making new memories.

Oddly, she wanted to keep me on a string while having this guy too. I continued the chats for I enjoyed them and felt we would eventually come together, but that's when I learned that what I said would haunt me forever.

It's true, they forget nothing but as a Sagittarius, I forgive easily and look past slights. Still, once it became a bit weird, the relationship stayed that way.

I suppose the challenge was on for me, so I used some tactics which didn't go over too well. After telling her I would be meeting a new friend, she became jealous in a big way and seemed deeply hurt by it.

I don't think she had been totally honest about a few things, so she kind of brought this on herself. To make a long story short, she is indeed stuck in tradition and still on and off with the man she is so secretive of. She is afraid to make new memories and seems certain that I am a player of sorts which she cannot trust.

Truth is she let me in and that was rare, but I blew it without trying to before anything ever started. Every way that I read her and tried to please her was wrong along the way.

We still see each other, and I catch her cutting her eyes and wondering, but she is to steeped in the emotion and tradition to go out an a limb that is sturdier than she'll ever know.

I'm still crazy about her and know we'd click despite the horror stories that Sagittarius's and Cancer cannot get along. For one thing, I am not a typical sag, although I do have some of the traits.

Bottom line is that this match takes communication to work and without it, well, just move on. As a sag, I am very frustrated by this match and women and she is likely missing out on the love she seeks.

Cancer ladies, give us a try, we are not all by the book sag's. In hindsight, I said some hurtful things with the knowledge I have gained, but had she been honest and up front, it would have worked a lot better. Be frank with us and we'll love you for it without judgment.

I am open to suggestions as to how to mend this mess, for she is worth it and I would like to show her that this one sag is capable of settling down and understanding their needs.

I am a Sagittarius man, born on the cusp of Capricorn, and I dated a Cancer woman. The good times were unbelievable. Actually, so were the bad times. I believe that the more exciting a woman is sexually is equal to how emotionally crazy they are as well.

I met this beautiful young woman through a friend. She was a world champion flirt. She gave back as good as she got. We had fun together immediately. Our first dates were not like any other dates I have ever had. We went to the beach, and had sex. We went to the movies, and had sex. We went to an amusement park, and had sex, and got caught, and got thrown out. A lot of girls I had had relationships with previously were much, much more conservative sexually than me. She was different. There was nothing she would not do sexually and she was always in the mood, oh, except when we were fighting, which was pretty much always.

She had the world's wildest mood swings. I remember one time specifically; we were having a great time at the mall. Her friend was getting married in a few months and we were shopping for shoes. She asked me to come along to offer a man's perspective. We walked through the mall hand in hand, smiling, happy. Everything was going well. She found several pairs of shoes that looked lovely on her and worked with the theme of the wedding. I do not believe I did anything to provoke or antagonize her. Her shopping expedition was a complete success. Then, without warning, everything changed

She drove us to the mall that afternoon. She wanted to have an early dinner before going home. She wanted to try a new restaurant we had heard about, but didn't know exactly where it was (this was before everyone had GPS on their cell phones). After circling the same block for thirty minutes, then the next block over for another thirty minutes, and finally returning to the original unsuccessful block for an additional thirty minutes she says, 'Where we are?'

I start laughing, 'where we are?' 'I don't know Yoda' I answered. Please keep in mind that we had had a great day. We had fun. She found the exact shoes, IN HER SIZE, that she was looking for. We were laughing and we were in good moods. 'Yoda!?!' She began screaming; yes, screaming. 'What the [bleep] do you think I am? Who do you think you are? You disrespectful sob! You treat me like a buddy not a girlfriend!' She continued screaming at me for the next hour. I tried to apologize in between rants or when she stopped for breath, but it was too late. We never found the restaurant.

She drove me home. I thought that was nice of her. I half expected her to throw me out of her car (hopefully when it was not in motion) and I would have to find my own ride home. We rode in silence. We got back to my apartment. I said good night and got out. She leaps from the car and runs, RUNS, at me. I thought to myself, 'holy crap! She's going to kick my ass in the middle of everyone and I can't do anything about it, because I'm a man and she is a woman.'

I was wrong. She leaps on me, kissing me. She unzipped my pants and to cut a long story short, we had sex on the hood of her car, in front of my apartment. She wasn't exactly the quiet type and people were looking out of windows to see what the ruckus was. I zipped up. She kissed me goodbye and drove off.

That day was a modicum of our relationship. Needless, extreme fighting book ended by amazing sex. It didn't last. I couldn't handle the rollercoaster. The next girl was much more even keeled, but the sex was boring, which I was actually OK with. I would much rather have a relationship where I have an idea of what's going on then an emotionally crazy girl that I have difficulty keeping up with. I don't suppose there are any girls that sexually exciting but without the mood swings are there?

Sir, perhaps your woman was certifiable. We can be a rollercoaster, my husband frequently asks me to slow down.

But we f*^* your brains out, for sure. It is a little difficult keeping up with most of it, but well-worth the ride for those of us not actually certifiably insane.


I'm a Cancer woman and I am completely in love with a Sag guy. So it started like this: I was engaged to a Taurus about three years ago. Just six months before the wedding, my childhood crush (SAG) shows up.

Instantly, just a week after reconnecting we were having the best sex of my life (and of his life as well- let him tell it). We got along really well, I guess because I am very aware of my Cancerian vices and I did a lot of research on Sags once I realized how much I'd fallen for him.

Well the plot thickens because I decided to break it off with the fiance (which totally upsets my family) and a month after that I became pregnant. The Sag and I were very excited about our baby and building a life together. He transferred jobs and moved to my state to be with us.

Oh but guess what, my highly religious parents didn't approve of him and that began to drive a wedge between us. We ended the relationship mutually. For some very odd reason I did not hear from him for the duration of the pregnancy.

My ex-fiance comes back in an attempt to offer emotional support. Keep in mind by now I am 7 months pregnant and highly hormonal-- I thought my Sag had bailed out on me. The family sure did think so and weren't shy about letting me know it. Long story short-- I ended up marrying the Taurus who happens to be very good to my child.

The Sag shows up immediately after the birth of my son but doesn't give me any information as far as how to reach him. I was bitter so I married the Taurus. I later found out that my Sag had lost his job and went into hiding because he felt ashamed and inadequate. I wish he would have reached out to me because I thought he'd left me on purpose. He legitimated our son (now 2 years old) and now they have a very close bond.

The Sag and I are still in love and honestly, I am not in love with my husband. My husband and I have been exploring divorce recently because he feels that I should just do what makes me happy. My Sag guy is excited about the divorce but he also wants to give me all the time that I need to recover from the divorce process -- and then we will take it slow in restoring our relationship.

He admitted that he is still in love with me and God knows I love him too. This time around I don't care about my family and their opinions. I almost lost the love of my life because of appearances. I love him! I love him! And I can't wait to restore our family!

Well I am a Cancer woman. I met a Sagittarius man a year ago. I had just broken up with my boyfriend of 3 1/2 years. The sag pursued me with patience. He would sit outside my job for hours waiting for me. I was reluctant and scared because I was still in love with my ex.

Anyways I gave in and went out with the sag. The sex was immaculate!! We enjoyed each other so much. I was so open with him sexually. He was kind, and loving and respectful. He had all the qualities my ex didn't have.

We spent new years eve together and after 3 months of seeing each other he introduced me to his friends and mom. I was still thinking about my ex and left the sag and went back. He was devastated and called me despite my relationship. the more I pushed him away the more he came.

Anyways I got married. I was having the same problems with my husband so I decided to meet with the sag. He was so happy. When I told him I was married he was so hurt! Even though we kept seeing each other and I told him I was getting a divorce because I moved out. Then I started to see him less and less.

He started having stupid excuses about what he was up to. To make a long story short a couple days ago he told me there was a girl he slept with after I left and she was pregnant! Ha Ha Ha... and the best part is she doesn't want a relationship with him because he chose me. But they have an arrangement that he will take care of his child.

Well I didn't get divorce and stayed with my husband. And he is living just the way he likes it. The point is Sagittarius men are very sweet men but extremely fickle. Cancers are loyal and stable and yes we do love sex! But to deal with a sag takes a lot of patience and understanding. He wont treat you bad but he is a very busy I love him but I wont try to be with him.

I am a Cancer woman and I have loved two Sagittarius men. I have never felt so emotionally and sexually fulfilled as I was with both these Sagittarius' men. But Sagittarius men are busy as hell and love freedom. They are terribly unfaithful. They get bored easily.

However, despite themselves, they love the security and protectiveness of a Cancer woman. And they will always love you and will always be in and out of your life. Each visit as exciting as the first.

Yes, the zodiac prediction for Sagittarius and Cancer is doom and gloom, they fail to mention that Sagittarius and Cancer are soulmates, even though they are incompatible. Quite the paradox.

Only after 6 months of being married, my husband left me for an Aries woman. It's been 3 months now since we separated. I worked on myself first; built my self-esteem back, lost 20 pounds and realized a lot of things!

He said that the issue is not between him and the girl, the issue is between me and him. He told me to look at the big picture and forget all I know. For 3 months I've been trying to analyze what he said and it gave me a different perspective on love. I've been reading a lot of books lately too; about understanding men, true love, marriage, Sagittarius traits, etc.

I know myself better now and my husband as well. I completely understand him now! And I am so desperate to talk to him about everything that I learned! I am willing to give him a clean slate and start all over again---I want to be friends with him again and prove myself that I am still worthy of his love. But how do I start and do this? Should I call him first or just visit him at home?

I need some tips from Sagittarius men. Do you think my husband will give me another chance? Or is it really over for him? I want to let him know as well that I am willing to compromise; give him lots of freedom, understand and support him, be there for him. I want to give him many reasons to love me. I know he cheated but I am confident that if he is willing to give our marriage a second chance and prove him I'm worthy of his love, he will be able to tame himself for me. I want to save our marriage.

Well I fell in love with my kids father which is a sag, and he went to jail for stupid reason I was pregnant with his child he had issues in his life and so did I we loved each other very much never will feel the same with anyone else anyways I left him got married to an Aries horrible match had a kid by him .rekindle things with my sag he total already forgave me and still wanted me in his life now I'm divorcing this Aries while my sag is patient and yes he wants to marry me and have a son together. it has been 8 years since we were together but everything is still the same I love him more and our sex life is so divine its unbearable.

I feel in love with her after working together for a few years and one night the sparks really started flying, and it wasn't the fire! I felt like I could connect with her know her every thought as clearly as mine and we flirted for half a night. I was taken by surprise not really expecting this since I knew beforehand that we like each other but nothing more. It took a few days but I finally asked her if this is what w really happening and she just ignored it saying she doesn't remember and has a boyfriend. But she continues to play little funny games and since Im head over heels with her its hard to figure out what is really going on. Should I break it off completely or keep pursuing her until she changes her mind?

Hi. I am a Cancer woman in love with a Sagittarius man. by every definition, we are true to our signs. he has a notorious rep of being a Don Juan. and I am that loving, beautiful, fun, sexually passionate and sensitive type. I am motherly & nurturing to him. we both left relationships to be together. im scared to death. he has the worst sign in the zodiac for faithfulness. he wants to marry me& he say im the 1st woman he loved. sex is best we ever had. what is it really? do complete opposites totally attract? this is an emotionally crazy ride, I cant keep from jumping off of! why????

cancer lady here, I really like a sag guy. some of the comments are very encouraging. so I think I will go forward with it. Thanks!

I am a Sagittarius guy who has been dating this Cancerian women for 13 years. Yes 13 years....She is the stable and emotional person. They take a long time to come out of the shell and you have to be very careful and patient with them. They are one of the best cooks you will find. They will care for you and be there in the best and the worst time of your life. They will push you towards your dreams and support you in every aspect they can. You need to know one thing NEVER, EVER say anything against her MOM. even when she complains all you should do is listen. She dose not need your opinion. To woo her you have to use your artistic ways to let her know you love her and yes tell her that you love her. She is a very intelligent women and head strong. When she gets angry she will cry just hold her and listen. She may not say anything and so don't poke your nose and keep asking her what happened. They are fantastic in bed!!!

As for the Cancerian women , if you like to woo this guy , give him his best food and an ear to listen to. Take cues from his ideas and help him see if it is feasible or not. DON'T run his ideas down. keep him engaged mentally and he will keep coming back to you after his long trips. If you can trust him he will remain faithful. If you try to tame him and he realizes that then it will be long over than you thought. A little nudge here and a little nudge there will be sufficient for him to mend his ways.

If your relationship last long enough with him, he will know before you do. As for marriage the Saggi guy is very reluctant to make the move. Once he dose and you are in for it, go ahead and make the plans . He will show up , the guy is a man of his words.

I can go on and on but all I say is good luck and go for it!!!!!

For a Cancer women, this is fun relationship later in life, after kids are raised and you have a secure life already built for yourself. A sag man can bring fun, warmth, excitement, generosity to your life and still give you freedom to do other things you want to do. He'll never, ever smother you and he'll keep you on your toes! He'll also hop in a car or on a plane and go anywhere! Just don't look to him for security or a stay-at-home life!

Are there any people out there within a successful Sagittarius male and Cancer female relationship? and what makes your relationship work?

I just met a Sagittarius man, so I'm curious to see where this will go. He is married and so am I but we are both unhappy in our relationships and we seem to really click. He is married to a Taurus woman and he finds her boring. I am definitely not boring and am very passionate about everything and yes, I am a great cook! The Sagittarius man and I neither one of us has children, so if we do leave our spouses, at least it will be a clean break. We have a lot in common and both love our freedom. We will be working together for a while so it will be interesting to see what happens.

I am engaged to a sagi man, on our very first visit things simply clicked between us. with years I have learnt to be patient and this is one thing that attracted him towards me. being reluctant to married to me, he is in for understanding, compromise and shouldering responsibility but not at the cost of his freedom. being a one man lover its easy for me to trust him with his outgoing nature, and he is too pleased by my home loving nature, caring for him and his family. so he takes care of people outside home and I take care of people within home.

Today I ended my 4 year "situation" with my SAGG guy. Of course for us Cancer women, leaving is hard to do, but I knew in my heart that I needed to leave.

Do I believe that we are compatible? YES. But I do not have the patience to wait any longer for him to believe it too. I think that age plays into this situation too. I am 6 years older than him so he is still playing the field while I am ready to settle down.

Although we have always had an open relationship (both been thru relationships, had kids with other partners, etc.), more recently it has been harder for me to continue on more so than him. I do believe that if you have enough patience to wait for him and if he is totally worth it, do it. But it will take time for him to show love. For you SAGG males, just find a way to be gentle with us Cancer ladies. It's not hard to please us, just show you care and you will be treated like a KING.

I'm a Cancer woman....totally in love with a Sag man. My feelings are so strong for him that I feel like he's really my soulmate. I trust him but I don't know if everything he tells me is true. He says he loves me and boy do I love him but sometimes I feel like he's just talking. I feel SO uneasy with him though. I'm so afraid that he's going to turn out to be some monster that I had no idea existed. I'm afraid that I'm going to marry him and find out about all of this stuff he's done. I'm so afraid that there's more to him than meets the eye. He is legally married but going through a divorce. They were already separated when I met him but I'm afraid that I'm going to put my heart out there and they are going to somehow work things out. I have broken up with him so many times because of my uneasiness but when I'm not with him, my heart hurts so bad. He text me and tells me that he miss me so much and I miss him too. Sometimes I think "why am I torturing myself?" I just don't want to get involve with him and someone say, "he's still married". I just don't want that, I'm better than that. I just wish his life was more together than it is. I feel like I'm going to have a lot of "fixing" to do if I marry him, but then I really don't mind as long as I know he truly loves me like he says and that he's faithful. The last time we broke up (and it's always me doing the breaking up), I felt like I was nagging him to spend time with me. I felt that if it gets to the point where I need to nag him for attention then I don't need him in my life. I feel like there is baggage that he's bringing in the relationship and if I'm willing to work through that with him then the least he can do is give me the attention I need...geeze...but he just started distancing himself. When I asked him about it, he claimed that nothing was wrong but I know he was acting different. He got aggravated with me for bringing it up so I felt like that was my cue to move on with my life. Of course he got upset and said he was tired and moving on too. I was hurt by that because I can't imagine him sleeping with another woman. He's the only man I've slept with in 2010 and boy is the sex "OFF THE CHAIN". He knows what to do in bed....Wheewww!!! I love him so much. I had to eat my words and ask him if he wanted to hang out with me this upcoming weekend. He said he would like that. I can't wait to see him but I don't want to start the rollercoaster back over again. I just want to tame my emotions and I want him to not be so distant. He really does shut down and shut everybody out. He goes into hiding when he can't deal with something. Why is that? That scares me to no end! I need security and stability. I can't explain to the kids that daddy went away for a few days. I will not be there when he returns because that's too much for me. I think if we can get on the same page and let each other know what we need/want then we could make the perfect couple because I truly adore him and I can't not say that about my ex husband....I never adored him. My Sag is so smart and intelligent, it amazes me but I do think he's lazy and I wonder how much of a provider he's going to be. I just have so many pros and cons but one thing I know without a doubt; I love him and I want to spend the rest of my life with him. I just want to know that he will bring something to the table to make me feel safe and secure. Right now I'm just not sure what he's bringing and I deserve a lot. I spoil him rotten but I want to be spoiled in return but he doesn't have much money and I don't want to feel like I'm taking care of a grown man financially. I'm old school...he should be taking care of me. Either way, I still love my Sag and I know he has the potential to be EVERYTHING I want in a life long mate...I want to give it a try, but I'm scared...what should I do. Is he a bum and I just can't see it?

I am a Cancer woman and im in love with a Sagittarius man.. I just recently left a Capricorn and now im trying to start things new w the sag.. I have known him for about three and a half yrs.. I really love him and we have always been good friends.. I really want things to work but im a little scared to be heartbroken, lol.. things w the Capricorn were stable but they just seemed boring to me.. that and he was 8 yrs older than me.. the sag works out of state all week and I only see him on weekends, which sucks... bad.. but I really wanna make things work with him.. I know he loves me too and he wants to get a place together... All of this zodiac shit is making me so scared though! lol but I know I love him and I wanna be with him! I just hope it works out!!

My name is Aiyan, and I have to say Sag men are by far the most unexpected and thrilling partners! I was recently divorced from a six and half years of marriage to an Aqaurius/capricorn. The marriage was hell towards the last couple years. When I met mr Sag, I felt like I can really open up to him....and the funny thing is we both got divorced around the same time. I also agree, we as Cancer women are very caring, sensitive, and we'll jump to your request if we fall in love!!!! Our first date was WOW!! I would love to share it but just keep in mind it was not the normal first dates that people would do!!! It was consist of lake, sprinklers and playground! Yes Sag men are very tender when it comes to bedroom affairs, he is caring and always made sure I was satisfied.....we do have an amazing time every time!!! But, on the same token they are very blunt, and speak their mind without thinking it twice. but then, as time goes by he feels that I'm a very emotional creature and it is true Cancer women love hard and tender when they are in love and they will show you they truly care. I hope this relationship lasts, but it doesn't I can honestly say I have never been happier than now that I've met a Sag in Seattle!!!!

Sadly I trusted and fell in love with a Sagittarius man...who was the first one I fell for since my divorce. Our first date was not the typical date...actually I initiated...and now I looked back....I felt used and thrown away like an opened MRE as we refer to in the military...he is CHEAP, SELFISH, many times I would spit costs with him...and not once he offered to pay me back and on top of that the way he uses his words really hurt would never imagined a nicely dressed white male speaks so low to his so called girlfriend....Sag cannot seem to want to settle down, they FLIRT, sign up for online dating services behind people's back.....and expects people to cater to him!!!!! I even got this man his Bday present after the big fight....and his cheap ass never got me anything on Valentine's day!!!!!! I'm crushed by how he used me just to fulfill his needs when he wants to see me....I am a proud Cancer girl by the way. I would say his name because he just signed up for and the lies this man would say.....WOW but my story happened in bremerton WA

I am a Cancer woman a sag man hit my web page it wasn't an instant attraction for me but it was for him. he gave me his email address and said he would be waiting for me to get in touch so I did. when he emailed me back I cant explain it but I started liking him immediately, but you know us cancers we take a while to trust someone and we ask a lot of questions. but I am totally attracted to him but the horoscopes say different but I think I am gonna give it a try because god rules all

I am a Cancer woman and I'm so in love with a sag man... I model full time and he's a business owner so our lifestyles are like a movie. I have plenty of men around me but, with all the men in the world it couldn't compare to him. He's gorgeous in every way and I'm a very expressive individual. He loves my crazy personality and I love our intelligent conversations. Nothing feeds me better than a man with high intelligence vise versa. We live in different states but, always find a way to get to each other. I do trust him 100% but its up to him for me to continue to trust, so far so good. He's getting out of a divorce right now but, I don't have a problem being his back bone. I'm not a nag because I don't like to be questioned. My word should count for something if you trust me. He's scared to tell me he loves me so he showers me with things or expresses his feeling by being a Don Juan. I know deep down inside how he feels. Cancer women are very loyal no need for sugar coating. We bump heads sometimes but, who doesn't. I believe he's the one for me. I'm a very picky individual but, I study the person before I actually decide to date them. We were cool friends before we became lovers. I broke the ice of asking him out on a date. I am not a shy girl, have a very high sex tolerance and our sex is amazing especially when I surprise him with something new in the bedroom. He's great in every way and wouldn't change it for the world. I am soooooooo in LOVE with him and he knows it.

I am a Cancer woman with a sag man for 6 years, married 3. He pursued me hardcore. I was involved with someone else when we met. It drove him crazy. He wanted me sooo bad. I put him through hell. I was involved with the other guy while we were dating. I think what drove him most crazy was I was the first woman he ever pursued. He is gorgeous, so he was used to women chasing him. I gave him a run for his money. I was very cockey, just like him. He tells everyone he knew I was the one from the first date. His hands were sweating. He said I was the only woman who ever did that to him and make him feel insecure. He fought hard to get me and he did. I was always a little skeptical cause of his Don Juan history, but I wanted the excitement too I guess. Things were great until now. He really rushed things, faster than I was comfortable with, but I figured he must really love me. He told me he was in love with me first, asked to move in together, get married and start a fam ily VERY quick. He was more ready than I was, which was a little strange considering I am a cancer. I've been told I am a Cancer-Leo though (July 20). Def feel like I have more Leo traits when it comes to relationships, basically "the game". Now that we have 2 kids, a 1 1/2 yr and 3 yr old.........He has hit 30..OH what a phase!! He is looking better than he ever has and he just wants freedom. I am very full of pride and we are both very attractive. I won't stand for it. We kinda have a power struggle. We both know the other can be replaced easily. I thought he may have been cheating, but he says he just needs freedom... Attention is what he is looking for. I am just going for the ride, I love him to death, but he knows I am not the woman to stand for much. I will leave his ass if he continues to make me wonder.. It's exhausting and I don't have to deal with it. Basically...As conceited as this sounds.. I know I am the shit. I'm hot, love to have fun, smart, independent and get a lot of attention. I want him, but I don't need him. It would be so easy to leave him if I wasn't so attracted and the sex wasn't do damn hot... His wanting freedom is only pushing me away.. I just hope he knows what he is doing and if I do call it quits...I think he will regret...Other men are starting to appeal to me.. I love my husband and HAD everything perfect....until he started letting all the single / low-life friends get in his head and got that SAG way of excitement and freedom back in his head.

Hmm, im 25,soooo,Sagittarius men do marry Cancerian women, how long does it take for them to pop the question, I am a Cancerian women, need I say more? I think the longer he takes to ask me to marry him I may push him away. He is the sweetest most considerate Sagittarian I've ever met,cuz for some reason (cuz I had one before) these relationships last longer and go stronger for me, maybe because im adventurous too, but if he takes too long to pop the question, I might go tripping up a storm,cuz damn im moody an I nag, nag then apologize, then im insecure, then im secure, then im headstrong an stubborn, I am a dam rollercoaster and I hate being one. He tames me but I know deep down this was meant to be, he's just planning it right? He's never hurt me before, but a few mths ago he said, he can have many other girls but he choose to be with me, wtf does that really mean? regret, settle for less? We don't forget boys, always remember that, we don't ever forget, but you think what you say mean nothing n,hey what can I say, dont bite more than you can chew!

I've been dating a sag for more than a year now, and it's been amazing. We were both in long-term relationships when we met (a year and a half for him, two and a half for me), but sparks started flying as soon as we met. The attraction was undeniable. The chemistry was palpable. We just clicked and we've been inseparable ever since. It's hard to trust, especially for us Cancerian as sags are so carefree and hard to hold down. His being out without me used to be a problem, so I've been going along with him to compensate and he doesn't mind in the least. In turn, I've learned to become more adventurous alongside him. I've never had more fun in my entire life. He keeps me on my toes. He doesn't treat me like a delicate princess like other guys would. He treats me as his equal. We're very serious about our relationship at this point. Hopefully we'll make it to marriage.

I am a Cancer woman who has been dating a sag guy for the past 10 months. Actually we were dating before then broke up. We both when our separate ways, we both move overseas. He went to work and I went to study. He returned home two years before I did. When I went home for the summer vacation I met him again. The sparks started flying just as quickly as the first time and we decided that we wanted to be together. For the three months I was home on vacation our romance was really smoking, well smoking is an understatement, it was hot.

I had to go back to university and when I did I was really sad because I did not want to leave him. He is the first guy that makes me feel the way I do. I can be free around him, laugh around because he is really funny and oh my goodness not only is he intelligent but also sexy.

Well I was afraid of one thing and that is him cheating on me while I'm away studying. We spoke about that matter all the time and he tried convincing me that he isn't cheating but I think I know otherwise. The thing about that though is that I know he really loves me because he fights really hard to keep me.

Speaking of fighting Cancer women and Sag men seem to be fighting all the time but despite that we love each other. Well at least we Cancer women still love you guys no matter what. My boyfriend always says to me that I'm crazy but he loves it. As a matter of fact when we do fight sometimes him shouting at me turns me on. He don't really know that though, that a secret I'll keep to myself. Don't get me wrong though he only shouts at me when I shout at him and he has to be really upset with me to do it.

He keeps talking about marriage but because he walked out of my life once I'm so afraid that he will do it again. I guess I need to trust him more.

We talked constantly on skype for hours and at times he will call me on his phone. Phone calls are expensive though especially with the fact that we are on two different sides of the globe. Cancer women if you give sag men a try you will like every minute of it even when we fight with them.

I'm married Cancer women with Scorpio man in cyber adventure with Sagittarius, my husband knows.In first meeting he listened me everything and we had great sex.. but after 6 night times he started to ignore me and I started to behave like maniac, write him long messages, send songs, boring him, simply I can't stop.. he after 6 days accepted my invitation for chat, but said isn't in mood to chat with me, I asked him he don't like me more for ever, he said only that night. And I don't understand do our relationship over, or we are still in?! I try to find reason.. did I was very easy for him.. and he thinks that I'm easy for others or simply he liked short adventure with me? But.. I can't stop, I'm obsessed with him, he is hot, smart, our sex was like in real, I had what I never had in my real life. How can I beck him and have many nights with chat, sex or not doesn't mother, I like to be in contact with him.

I'm an all the way Cancer girl to the bone. I recently met a sag man on facebook. We have mutual friend and the man is HOTTT!!! We had a few chats, but nothing significant online. In one chat I finally put it out there.." Whenever you are in town get at me!" He replied telling me that he would be moving back to our town that following week. A few days went by and I received a message online with him leaving his phone number, and telling me he was here. We had a few conversations that were full of laughter and several steamy but very flirty text messages. He asked me to come over, and I stood him up. He called several times, and I wouldn't answer the phone. The next day I called him just to see his reaction to my flakiness. He asked questions, but said that he would give me another chance. Later that night (which was last night) we decided to hook up at the local park for a late night stroll. Reminding you that this would be our first time meeting one another face to face. The night was amazing!!!!! We talked, laughed, and very much flirted with one another. By the middle of the date we were holding hands and very much enjoying each other's company. I don't know what the plan is, but I am going to have fun. He did let me know that he will travel, and will not be in the same place for to long. I will enjoy him while he is here!!!!

I am a Cancer woman married for 11 years to a sag man. We instantly were drawn to each other. we started off like a roller coaster for the first year but after that it has been so great. We can open up about anything to each other and always have things to laugh about. I feel like I married my best friend really, how lucky am I. I am willing to give him the freedom he so desperately starves for because he has showed me how much he really loves me and how faithful he is. He always talks to people about me in a good way so a lot of times they cant wait to meet this wonderful person that he keeps talking about. We walk around very proud of our relationship.

Met and agreed to a casual, no strings attached thing with this guy. We're both singles. I'm a Cancer, didn't know it then, but found out he's a Sag. We're complete opposites as well. I'm more the free-spirited type, he's straight and narrow. Sex is fantastic, I can't get enough and I thought I knew good sex. We have some kind of chemistry. He keeps up with me in more ways than one.

We've been seeing each other for the past 2 years. We fight and he gives me my space and doesn't bring it up again. I like that about him. But for the most part, we get along great. I now want it to be more, I'm falling for him. I know I should stay away, but I always give in. I ignore his calls and texts sometimes, only to give in later. I like being around him even if we're just watching TV. He has said that when he gets a serious GF, then he will stop seeing me. I don't want that day to come. I have gotten to know him bit by bit and I'd like to know more. Every time I go over, I end up spending the night. We go to bed at the same time and when we both get situated, we both instinctively turn our heads and say goodnight followed by a kiss.

I have no delusions that this is going anywhere, but I can wish. I can be as aloof as he and not show my feelings either even though its hard. Sometimes though, he acts like he cares. Maybe that's all a part of the game, if so, then we're both playing to win. I go out with other guys and sometimes he knows and acts jealous, but I don't see why when there's no promise from him. The only reason I go out with other guys is because I'm trying to keep him at arms length-hoping I find someone else because I want more, but I want it from him, though. As long as he's in my life in that way, I don't see me giving anyone else a fair chance. Even though I don't sometimes see it, I know most men see me as sensual, sexy, attractive and intelligent. This Sag gets under my skin, though.

I'm going to take a hiatus from him. Or my intentions are to anyway. I don't fall easily for anyone because I don't trust people. So I know this is sort of serious. We don't spend that much time together, but I do miss him sometimes. He makes me laugh and we relax together. I feel like he's on my level and I don't have to explain things to him. I guess in the end I'm just gonna have to suck it up, wish him well, turn my back to him, and never look back.

Well I'm a Cancer girl, June 25th and he's a sag -Dec 4th and we've known each other for about two years and recently started dating. I've dated a sag man before but he sum how didn't have trust in me when I went away to the Dominican republic. When I came back he wanted to start the relationship again and he became clingy and I jus didn't like it.

My current sag is really spontaneous and outgoing. He hates boredom with a passion and love how independent I am. He has many female friends and I try not to be soo upset when I see them flirting with him cause I know inhale him:)

The only thing I'm scared of is his boredom. Boston is fun but everything is soo used up. What should I do? At the age of 17?

We always discuss sexual things, but I'm also scared he might will get bored of that too. Ugh, I need some help. Even thou I keep him on his toes. . .

I am a Cancer girl dating a sag guy. When I met my guy I was not interested at all and always pushed him away but the more I did that the more he kept trying and trying and got all sweet and romantic which Cancer girls love! So I started getting to know him as well he was really confident and knew what he was doing so I started falling for him and once I did my Cancer self came out and got a little clingy which sags don't like since they like a lot freedom. From then on he started to lose interest and broke up with me.

But he never stopped talking to me and since we were done I wasn't paying attention to him anymore and that's when he wanted me again. I did take him back but learned from the first time, sags need a lot of space and freedom and if you're willing to give those to them, they'll be sticking around

oh and also sags are very sexual so make sure you're up for anything or you'll bore them,,,

I dated a sagittarius male for two years. We broke up and got back together about three or four times, due to the fact that he cheated, I forgave him but seem to fall deeper in love with him, he is 25 and I'm 30. He recently came back and proposed in front of his family a month before the wedding decides he wants to wait but still seeing other girls. people say he will come back but I doubt it. I just want to get over him this pain hurts a lot. Any ideals

I am a Cancerian woman and I dated a saggy man for two years...currently we are not on talking terms but feelings are mutual...I am born on 8th July 1985 and he is 1 dec 1985... I don't know about the moon and sun signs of both of us. are we a good match or we are better as staying friends? will this relation lead to a solid commitment ?

Married Cancer woman, affair with married Cancer man. We talk daily, but see each other rarely... and when we do, the sex is so good and the conversation so deep and the connection too strong. We can't seem to let go of each other, no matter how much we fight - our fights are as intense as the sex. I agree with all of the things that have been said here, all of the comments ring true for us.

We are both older, kids raised, and have no interest in leaving our prospective marriages... or each other. There is something fulfilling in this relationship that we're not getting from our spouses, and so it goes.

I think Sagi man and Cancer girl can work if the communication works, and if you both understand the differences. It is also better if the girl isn't interested in marriage or settling down, as he can't stand that pressure. I think that's why it is working for us. I have my life and he has his, and when we are together, there is nobody else in the whole world.

The sex is CRAZY AMAZING! I mean wow. Before we met, I was having a dry spell and even though I liked sex and I always have, no one stokes my fire like my Sag. guy. We have marathon sex, he's adventurous, fun, insatiable, and has out of this world stamina. Sometimes I think I'm going to pass out from the pleasure. I want him always, and if our schedules persisted, anytime, any day, any way. Really. Its that good and I'm no novice to good sex.

We're not a couple but he's the only one I'm sleeping with and I'm pretty sure I'm the only one he's seeing on this level. I go out with other guys, but that's to keep myself from falling headfirst for this one. I think we go really good together because I was in a relationship w/ another Cancer male and it was too much for me. Years and years of him smothering me and our relationship was at best volatile. I am a little of a commitment phobe now and relish my solitude and independence now. Not looking for the said relationship. It seems so easy with us, we rarely fight, I am like there's no sense in it because it ruins our time spent together after spending 6+ years fighting with the other Cancer man, apologizing ad nauseam, walking on egg shells... I'm so over that. He's pissed me off and I, him but I let it go quickly because I'd rather spend our time laughing, relaxing, and being with him. We have disagreements of course, but we talk it out for the most part and never let it linger.

He's so conservative though and a little insecure, I sense. He has this outer shell up and if you see that, you would think he's an arrogant butthole. I just want to ruffle him, he's not so much so when sex is concerned though. Getting to know him though, he's totally different. He's sexy and he totally underestimates himself. He needs not to. He recently hinted at giving me a key to his house and I don't know what to make of it. I don't want to possibly cross over into unknown territory and change what we have here now, but deep down its a slow step towards what I want from him, but I'm not by any means rushing anything. We were talking about something the other day and I said that we weren't a couple and he said well you should just say that we are. Not giving an inch, I said, but we're not, that would be a lie! No one is going to believe that we are a couple. We spend time together and I go back home, he said something about me leaving the other day-like he doesn't want me to a lot of the times. He seems to slowly be becoming more affectionate. He used to sleep with his back to me but now he kisses me before we fall asleep when we spend the night together and he is more often now turning towards me and sleeping closer to me whereas he used to sleep on the other side of the bed and would move away if I drifted towards him in sleep . Cancerians read body language, so I know its major that he now sleeps touching me in some way-his foot touching mine, leaving my hand on his chest, etc. If I were to describe my idea of a perfect relationship, this would be close-barring a few things. Because of reasons unsaid on here, I don't think we ever will be an official couple... (Think his strict conservative outside and add the fact that we're not the same race-it goes against his upbringing, I think).

I know I'm falling, but I have no illusions. Call it typical Cancerian negativity, but I think he will choose his conservative appearance to the outside world before engaging in something that has been and still is debated as being wrong by people. I don't think I have the heart to do that to him anyway. It hurts like Hades being ostracized for being different and in love. I care enough for him to not want that.

I think he does like my doting on him though. We rarely go out, but we do occasionally. I like our alone time-we talk about the others week, listen, laugh, relax, watch movies, and its just us. No one intrudes on it. (I get the feeling that he's as private as I am). He is always stressed it seems and carries it around. He's almost always thinking, his wheels turning, its almost visible on his face to me. I listen to him, rub his back or give him a foot rub. Only then, while we're talking about his day, and I'm rubbing his back he falls asleep on me and totally relaxes. Then the visage he wears is gone. He won't fall asleep around anyone he's not comfortable with, I think.

We've been doing this for the past 2-3 years. I'm so hating this time of season though (fall) because I don't get to see as much of him because he works from early morning to late evening almost everyday. I stay busy, though and don't worry about it. I always let him call/text me first and don't always answer first or quickly-to give the element of him chasing me.

Its definitely not easy to gain my trust and affection, but this Sag guy has and above all he's a really good friend. He's smart, sexy, sweet (at times), driven, etc. I know we're not really compatible, superficially speaking but maybe because of our particular histories, we are. All these posts aren't lies, there's definitely something there between the Sag men and Cancer ladies. Even though I know we won't go the distance here in my situation, I believe what an above poster said about us not being compatible at all, but ironically we're soul mates. Something to ponder-I think its very possible if you can find your common ground.

I'm thinking for those of you that are in relationships, its gonna take some time to reach common ground and it will take compromise and some letting go of things that aren't important for the crabs. Both should be their own person with their own interests and lives. Just mesh them when you're together and it works-let there be no distractions. Because I cannot explain how relaxed, refreshing it feels when I'm with my Sag. I'm mentally, physically & emotionally at peace.

I'm a Cancer girl and I love my sag. He's just so freakin afraid of commitment though and sometimes I say things that I think pressures him or makes him feel like I'm trying to tame/trap him but I'm just making conversation, just asking a question. I tell him there's no pressure but I can tell he feels very pressured. I know he's the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. He always spends time with me, he introduces me to his family members and friends but then it's like he goes into a cave shortly after that. It's almost like he doesn't want me to get attached or read into anything but how can I not read into it when he's always with me and introduces me to everyone in his circle. It's crazy but I'm crazy about him and I think he's crazy about me to but there's always this wall up. Why is that? I think we both have one up, but mine is up because his is up. The chemistry is out of this world though and the sex is unbelievable. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to be waiting forever and he's never going to commit to me and sometimes I feel like we're just waiting for the inevitable. I want to say that so bad to him but I feel like he's going to go into his "commitment phobia" shell and push me away if I do but the bond is so strong, it's crazy. Whenever we're together, he's always touching me, in public or not, so how can we just be friends if he's always all over me. I have never in my life experienced a relationship like this. Probably because I just don't have the patience with guys. Either, you want me or you don't, but I really want to give it a try and just see where it goes. Perhaps, he's teaching me how to have patience. I would marry him today if he asked but I think we need to just lay low and get to know each other a LOT better as friends before we jump in as lovers. I think he'll show me who he is more if I stay his friend. I love him though and he knows it. What should I do....wait it out or just cut my losses and move on. Do I want too much too soon?

I 'm a 31 year old cancerian female seeing a 29 year old Sagittarius man it's so true , when we just got together sparks flew it was amazing but lately he has been distancing him self, and whenever I ask him what's going on he always says he's going change and make time for me. I think I'm too mature to be playing these kid games, at one point I'm like we should not see each other anymore. but then he comes around and says he cares about me And doesn't want to break up.but truth is we both are seeing other people so I kinda feel guilty that I want this so bad, I would like to walk away but it's hard when he says thing like I'm going to marry you we're going to be together he just keep sending me mix messages I just want us to have a mutual seperation,but I want him so bad,anyone with any suggestions, would love to hear them.

I 'm a 31 year old cancerian female seeing a 29 year old Sagittarius man it's so true , when we just got together sparks flew it was amazing but lately he has been distancing him self, and whenever I ask him what's going on he always says he's going change and make time for me. I think I'm too mature to be playing these kid games, at one point I'm like we should not see each other anymore. but then he comes around and says he cares about me And doesn't want to break up.but truth is we both are seeing other people so I kinda feel guilty that I want this so bad, I would like to walk away but it's hard when he says thing like I'm going to marry you we're going to be together he just keep sending me mix messages I just want us to have a mutual seperation,but I want him so bad,anyone with any suggestions, would love to hear them.

Hi. I'm a Sag-man in a bit of a quandary. The Caner lady in my life is polyamoric. She need stwo men to occupy her attention span. I being one; the other being her ex-husband of 7 years. She and I have seen each other during and have never had sex, though I've been blamed for it. She'll tell you the same. The reason I say "ex" is because for a Virgo - he's as smart as a wet bad of hammers and she did a lot of work to placate his bedside manner. He treated her like crap from time to time and as the years went by, she finally had to let him go by divorce. Only after losing 4 kids to Child services and living from shelter to shelter, the strain was too great. I love her and the kids but whenever I wanted to talk about us, she'd run away from the topic. I've only dated 3 women in my entire life and after finding the right one, I find myself at the same level of heartbreak as with all of my relationships, making it almost impossible to trust anyone. I've taken care of her and her husband on my dime for over 6 years and now, I feel so left out, used and not wanted. It's been this way since I was a child - abused from my mother - the constant inadequacy of being loved and when I try to find it, it runs away from me. She has some male friends that she's already had sex with and when it comes to me - I'm not even worth the time of day but everyone else is. I love Cancer women and in every sense of the word love. I just wish that someone would love me. I'm as faithful, loyal and as giving a man can be but in todays' world such old fashioned ideas are just that - old. Guess it's another cold X-mas alone...

My sag and I have known each other off and on for years and he was always right under my nose when ever I needed a good listener and someone he was right there. We had this amazing fling over the summer and blew each others brains out in bed.

all summer I couldnt stop thinking about him when I left.

I was in love... I still am.. we played the hot and cold game.

I am a true too true Cancer girl...and seeing this sag guy 4 almost 10 months now.He hums the wedding song for here comes the bride,when we're laying in bed together,and im like yea,ok.But we have so much fun.I think we make better friends than anything else.But a relationship would be really hot too.I mean not just cause I am a cancer,but we are the best!And I love to laugh and he makes me do just that.I also can be a hell of a comedian at times and he enjoys every minute of it.Although very rude and snotty they can be.At least thier honest and I have to respect that.Either way if it lasts or doesnt,i know for sure we'll always be a little bit more than just good friends forever..and he'll secretly always want me to be his one and only bride =)

I am a Cancer woman deeply infatuated with a sag man. We both are married and met through a mutual friend. I actually pursued him. We have been involved sexually and I must say the chemistry was awesome. The problem is, he will go long periods of times without calling or texting. I know he enjoys the sex but I often wonder whether or not he likes me the way I like him. He is 11 years older than I am. I also forgot to mention that when we are together we have lots of fun. We laugh all the time. We both are very unhappy in our marriages too. I haven't heard from him in almost a week. I've called and texted and he will not respond. I do not know what the problem is. Do you think he's gonna call? I know I haven't done anything.

these things are very interesting guys!!! I am encouraged :) because I am also crazy in love with a sag that I have not yet met, but we talk and I don't know if he likes me back lol...but I cant stop thinking about him 24/7 :)

I dated 3 different saggie guys, applaud them for their consistency .. Patience.. And .. They are really thoughtful to details.. I feel they fall in love or at least they say that too soon. I am a Cancer girl.. It was tough for anyone to break my shell, for me to trust anyone easily. not one but three saggie with the same style of chasing... Maybe they r in it for the thrill of the chase

I am a Cancer woman in love with a Sagittarius man, So many negative things are said about our signs being together. We've been together for 5 months and he says how he wants to have a family with me, He says he can see us being together forever. Now, He is not unfaithful at all, I actually cheated on him.(He knows we got through it) Our signs almost describe us to the T but not exactly. I am so emotional, and yes, Bitchy at times, but he completely gets me. I understand him too as well. We are deffiently ment for eachother. The sex is great. We never fight, Always talk things out. He gets mad easily which is fine because I'm the oppisite, I don't really get mad. More of just upset. He always wants to know what's on my mind 24/7. He is truly the only man I've ever loved. My feelings for him are undescribable. They're just amazing in every way and I can honestly say I can't live without him.

I am a cancerian girl with my sag man, he is everything! everything you could ask for, no diamond ring or anything could replace him. We are doing long distance at the moment, he lives miles and miles away from me which isnt very nice because I just want to be with him every single second of my life! we have seen eeacother a few times before too and it kills me inside without him knowing how much I want to be with him.. he's sooo loving, thoughful and caring, and very goodlooking too! are they all good looking? sag mans? lols but yes I miss him. thing is that yes Cancer chicks are very moody and he doesn't like me like that but he's still with me no matter what, we have gone theough alot. my parents don't like him, and grandparents don't like him too and some of my siblings, nobody supports me and I just need someone to be there for me, he's the only onw whos there for me, he helps me and cheers me up all the time. he's the fun loving one who always makes me smile, im h oping to spend the rest of m life with him. he's just everything! I don't wanna give up on me and him and neither do I wanna hurt him. I love him (:

I am a cancerian girl with my sag man, he is everything! everything you could ask for, no diamond ring or anything could replace him. We are doing long distance at the moment, he lives miles and miles away from me which isnt very nice because I just want to be with him every single second of my life! we have seen eeacother a few times before too and it kills me inside without him knowing how much I want to be with him.. he's sooo loving, thoughful and caring, and very goodlooking too! are they all good looking? sag mans? lols but yes I miss him. thing is that yes Cancer chicks are very moody and he doesn't like me like that but he's still with me no matter what, we have gone theough alot. my parents don't like him, and grandparents don't like him too and some of my siblings, nobody supports me and I just need someone to be there for me, he's the only onw whos there for me, he helps me and cheers me up all the time. he's the fun loving one who always makes me smile, im h oping to spend the rest of m life with him. he's just everything! I don't wanna give up on me and him and neither do I wanna hurt him. I love him (:

Cancer females. If you want peace in your life, don't even consider a single date with a sagitarius. I am currently in an unhealthy relationship with one.. and I feel like I love him, but he hurts me so much sometimes, that it's unbearable. I tried to leave him several times, but he keeps perusing me and this one is actually very loyal.. I can't help but forgive him and shortly after I get hurt again..

The sex is INCREDIBLE. Being next to him feels great and we have a lot of fun.. but it's just so bad when things go wrong... it's insane.

I am a Cancer woman and recently dated a sag. We had been knowing each other since I was thirteen years old, and I am thirty now. We ran into each other last summer, and the escapades began.

It was THE BEST SEX OF MY LIFE SO FAR! From that moment forward, I was addicted. I tried hard not to come on too strong, I did my research and he also made it very clear that he was not ready for a relationship & just wanted a homie lover friend, something I was also in search of. But I was immediately overly attracted and infatuated with this Sag who's sexualy energy & vibes sent my body into a frenzy just with thoughts of him. We'd have sex in the craziest of places, and I was right there with him, ready to go where no man has ever taken me.

But we'd make plans to go out on dates and he would have to cancel, he would tell me to call but when I did he wouldn't answer and we would go days sometimes weeks without talking.

The last moment we shared is when I felt the deepest connection we had ever shared. Normally, we'd have these huge all night F**K fests, some we'd wake up to, and resume for another 1 or 2 rounds. But on this night, my Sag man made love to me. It was intimate, detailed, passionate, slow & easy, damn near perfect. Althought I loved the way he'd twirl me up into a pretzel and sling me back into my original state with force and authority, this night I savored every scent, touch, breathe of this Sag.

And then I never hear from him again.

After which I realized I was maybe, falling in love with him.

I have tried to reach out to him, but gave up 2 months later.

My Sag man was recently jailed for a probation violation. I wrote him a letter, pouring out my emotions, wanting to know why he dissapeared, expressing the need to know, hoping this will bring me some closure. I have not been able to date another man, or be in the presence of a man that I am (on any other day) attracted to without thinking of my Sag. I miss him so, and occasionally compare the men I do date with him. They don't kiss like him, they don't look at me the way he does, they don't feel the way he does. My friends and family think I'm crazy, or just plain whipped.

It has been three weeks and I have received no response.

The creative side of my Cancerian sign has come out, and I've decided to write one final letter, with a few poems, and pictures to entertain while he is in that god for saken place....that I am quite aware he put himself into. I don't know if he has anyone in his corner, and although I know I should not obligate myself to that position, I would so glady do it if he responds and if it means I could see him, at least just one last time.

Any advice? I'm open to all critisizm lol!

Im a sag 3 and I have always had girls chasing me all over kingdom cum that until I met a Cancer girl, Wow she had me chasing her tail around why is that? Ill be honest im a great looking guy and she has a great body but the face is average why do she have so much control over me?

Because attraction is way more than just appearances. Think about it, the best sex you've had probably wasn't with the person you'd say was the most attractive.

I'm currently seeing a Cancer, and am a Sag! We've known each other since 6th grade, and for nine years after high school we had no contact. I was walking through a parking lot going to a store and she spotted me, and we re-connected as old friends. Since we were never more than friends in school, things became more intense even we went out just as friends for the first time after 9 years. We instantly connected and started pouring our secrets out to one another. It's been 2 months since we've been dating, and just now I've hit a tuff spot where she retreated into her shell. I'm a little confused because I keep hinting her that I want to spend time with her, but she's just so busy w/ work and her family that sometimes it makes me miss her sooo much. We have such GREAT chemistry, and when we kiss it's like magic! We get lost in each other, and when we do get together time just flies by. I think secretly, she keeps her self busy because she is scared of falling for me or because when we are together the intense wanting each other becomes a little overwhelming, esp. since we don't live together. We have yet to spend a night together, but I feel like once that does happen we're both sucked into each others traps. I miss her ALL THE TIME, and I text her many times a day telling her that I miss her.. the sparks are there, but understanding her can get a little confusing. I try not to analyze her because I can't figure her out, but one thing I've told myself to do is to stay patient, and keep the relationship open. Not to assume things, even she doesn't want to communicate everything she's feeling.. I make sure she knows that I can understand her, and that I am confident and can provide her security, and take care of her. I love to romance her, but she doesn't like surprises, so I make sure I give her little hints to let her know what's to come. She makes me feel good about myself, and I feel like she's there to listen to me. I just hope that the "moon," starts to show it's face soon because I'm missing her and starting to feel a little lonely. Her priorities are always family and work first, so I'm still trying to work on that detail about her, but I know that wouldn't bother me once she spends time with me. We don't fight, and whenever we're together our energies stay positive, and make us fall into a world that only we know/create. I really hope things work out between us for long time, and from the first day I've been straight forward in my wants and needs, and I keep reminding her that I would never lie to her, or cheat. She trusts me and I trust, since the first day. That's a rare thing with us because of past, but I can see her as a long term lover!! Just want to spend more time with her..

Everybody here seem to know a lot about sag men...PLS PLS help!! Mine is a different case.i'm a Cancer woman.this sag man and I got introduced officially and at that time he showed interest but I didn't 2-3 official meetings he didn't show much of interest but acted very differently (extra rude)with me.At last he helped me out of a trouble.We were out of touch for next 3 months.but I noticed him once or twice in the town and he was doing everything possible to get my attention.but I pretended as if I didn't see him.But the truth is i'm so so attracted to him that it makes me weak... one day he came up to me 'accidentally' :) and immediately took my no.and started calling the same evening.But there is not a chance for us to have each other or spend time with each other.I explained it all to him.and set a lot of boundaries and rules for us expecting he will get fed up and stop calling but No!to my surprise,he accepted all my conditions and agreed to be go od friend and never crossed his limits with me.but we both know that we have feelings for each other.

I really don't understand why is he staying.He possess most of the sag.qualities and he has told me that he has 'female friends' just like me.He told me that he observed me out and thought that I was lonely-which is true to some extent-i don't mind him having his freedom and I don't get jealous but every time I tease him about his interest in women,he takes effort to convince me that there is no such thing and i'm his special friend.For past one month we are in touch.He has given me the freedom to choose the time-and he calls back when he is free.and we talk about everything but we no more talk about our feelings for each other.i don't see him but he watches me when I go out -i caught that from one of our talks-with out me asking, he tells me when he is going out of town and we are in touch even then.some days it is just a good night text msg-but it has that 'understanding'..I sooo..Love him but I will never tell him..i can't..

Now ,i know sags get bored and lose interest very soon..we have few things in common and he discuss his career with me.and we joke a lot..he doesn't speak or understand much of English and I don't understand his language.he told me he took 40 read understand my txt msgs..why is he taking all the trouble ?i'm worried will he lose interest in our friendship.?What should I do to keep him to be my friend?please help me..I dnt want anything else but to keep him as my spl friend.How can I do that? Cancer and sag friends..pls suggest something..God bless you all...

I recently met this Sag man (Dec 6) and I am a true Cancer (July 17) very much unexpectly we were instantly attracted like two magnets. He was in his hometown to attend a graduation but was leaving to return to TN. We were together the whole night, just talking and laughing and connecting. He finally kissed and it immediately became very intense, as much as I wanted to have sex with him I didn't but I did end of jacking him off and he was fully satisfied with my caressing touch. During our all night date, he told me that he would call me on Wednesday when he returned home to TN. Well Wednesday has come and gone with no call from him. I now feel that I have been bamboozled and led astray. I really looked forward to talking with him and staying connected. He didn't give me his number because he lost his phone at the graduation, so I can't contact him and maybe that's for the good. So, I've decided that when he does call I will not be available and make him leav e a message trying to turn the tables. I really don't want to play this type of game with him. But I consider a man's word as his bond and if he can't keep his word this long distance thing will never happen and this is really getting me down, the unexpected. We are both in our 40's so I am over game playing so I am feeling very uneasy at this time. I would love to get some advice on this one.

I have been in love with a Sag man for the better part of the last 10 years...we met in college and the attraction was instant on his part. The attraction may not have been instant for me but its has lasted throughout the past ten years with no signs of fading...We are both married to other people but I cannot imagine cutting off contact with my Sag. We can go months without talking but our mindblowing sex is always on my mind...I almost wish we had never met because even though I do believe he loves me, I also believe that I deserve more effort on his part. I am not the typical clingy Cancer woman and I am all for his freedom I just wish I could lay claim to my Sag man for real...the sex is literally unbelieveable. Oh well. Guess pining for him for the rest of my life will have to suffice...

I'm a 20yr old Cancer female currently talking to a Sagittarius man.(He is 2yrs younger than I am)The moment I layed eyes on him I was lost for words,the attraction was out right RIDICULOUS!!His smile is what melted me,it was so sincere. My friend had to do the talking for me.In the end I got his number.We spoke every night before we went to bed and he would be the first to txt me in the morning.I told him I didint understand why I was so freaking attracted to him.He is such a flirt!! I must say he is driven, persistent,patient and a great listener.He has a very odd way of knowing what to say and making me smile uncontrolably. I must admit im very emotional at times,and it scares me that he might get tired of my mood swings and leave. But for some odd reason he doesn't seem to mind it.He can be blunt at times yet so sweet.We've been talkin for 2mths now and I still can't figure out why im so freaking attracted to him.He going away for school in a few months,just the thought o f him leaving makes me sad.We recently talked about officialy being together but lets say its easier said than done, I just hope that me being patient is going to be e worth it in the long run.

I am a Cancer woman and so into a sag man, been over a year now. All these posts make sense to our relationship, if that's even what it is. We have great sexual encounters. He is a single parent 50% of time, chef/manager and works 70-80 hrs a week. We meet up after late hours of his work, if he is not too tired. It is always amazing. Passionate kisses, the works. Although I am realizing by reading all these posts that my feelings and intuitions are real. He has expressed to time for a gf, as well as not having expectations of him. I was hurt at first, but after reading and researching, I really feel that he is truly given me all he can at the moment. I also, have been being needy and have know seen this as a "killer" for our encounters. We do have great intellectual conversations when together, as long as it doesn't entail talking about "us" and how he feels about me. However, he has expressed his interest in text and also the whole not liking when I said I found s omeone at a one time. hummm, he definitely is worth it I think, I just need to not be so emotionally needy to him. I will try, isn't that what I have girlfriends for anyways?? thanks everyone for your feedback, really helps put things more is perspective.

I am a Cancer woman and so into a sag man, been over a year now. All these posts make sense to our relationship, if that's even what it is. We have great sexual encounters. He is a single parent 50% of time, chef/manager and works 70-80 hrs a week. We meet up after late hours of his work, if he is not too tired. It is always amazing. Passionate kisses, the works. Although I am realizing by reading all these posts that my feelings and intuitions are real. He has expressed to time for a gf, as well as not having expectations of him. I was hurt at first, but after reading and researching, I really feel that he is truly given me all he can at the moment. I also, have been being needy and have know seen this as a "killer" for our encounters. We do have great intellectual conversations when together, as long as it doesn't entail talking about "us" and how he feels about me. However, he has expressed his interest in text and also the whole not liking when I said I found s omeone at a one time. hummm, he definitely is worth it I think, I just need to not be so emotionally needy to him. I will try, isn't that what I have girlfriends for anyways?? thanks everyone for your feedback, really helps put things more is perspective.

Im a Cancer woman & I recently fell for a Sagittarius man. It started out as friends where we would see each other at parties here & there but never talked. we both live on 1 side of the country but our families are on the opposite side of canada - coincidentally his families small town is beside my families small town. WE were both down south where our familys were and since our families worked all day when we were on vacation we decided to hang out ..seen we both same place on facebook. we went snowboarding and shopping went to restaurants just as friends - nothing had happened yet other then 2 friends chilling. after that we text about 200 texts a day 24/7 just mindless stuff like im eating pizza , we had very good texting chemistry. anyways then he stopped texting for 4 months and 1 day I was walking my dogs at a sand pitt where he dirts bikes and we talked for 2 minutes (i was shy) and I left and I texted him and we started talking again non stop. about 1 wee k later he text and asked where I was and I told him at a pub and he came down to have a drink with me after a few drinks we went to his place and made out then 2 days after that we went to a river and made out like crazy in his truck. then he left town for work for 1 month and we would message each other like crazy about how when he is back we would fish and boat and go to carnival and hold each other and how we missed each other it was perfect texting for 1 month then he said he couldnt wait to come see me and he would probabaly see me before he even brought his bags home..Anyway he flew back into town and he didn't show up, I had cleaned my house like crazy looked my best washed my sheets got rdy for him to come and he didn't show , then the next day he didn't show, then he did show up and we ended up making out for 1 week things were ok and we had sex his second week in town. After the sex everything changed he didn't have his phone on when drinking fri & saturday his phone would go straight to voicemail I was going crazy in my I told him to be more reliable and he said he would be...the next sunday we had sex and he left for work monday and was alrdy unreliable he didn't write me at all until I wrote him wednesday (3 days later) when I wrote I asked if he wanted to date since we had liked each other before our text break back when we were friends..he didn't want to date so I sent a huge long long facebook msg giving an ultimatum to date. he wanted to be monogamous so I figured why not be together if we liked each other,and now for last week he is acting so cold . when he texts its not the same at all. my long dramatic letter and his unreliableness drinking with girls phone off and not calling for 3 days from work has made us dead. either we will have to start fresh over time or its done..i cant write him a work to ask what his thinking because he wont reply to that tpoic anyways..ill have to wait and see him if I even see him..

Well, I am a Sagitarian. Yes, I like most to the Cancer woman. I do not understand why I always fall in love with Cancer woman. When I started to come to them, I did not feel attraction for them even though they are beautiful. But, eventually after I had long come to know them, I began to feel love for them. I think they are special. They were so charming .. especially in terms of their inner self. I know some say we do not have a horoscope compatibility, but, who cares. Horoscope is not a god, and we (Me and my last Cancer woman I loves) ... has already fallen in love. Love need knowledge, families also need knowledge. I think we will endeavor to mutually love each other. May God bless us. And ... We all too :-)

Well I can tell you that all cancers have a mysteriousness about them that completly drives a sag crazy. Even when these two if they both really love each other break up they always come back! I am a female Cancer and I have had my sag now for 2 years. He surprises me everyday! I have learned with these men when they are being insensitive or not like themselves to just ignore for now and talk to him about it later. I myself recently made a forever change due to a temporary feeling due to his insensitivity! All I know is I love him and know he is the one for me!!

I met a Sagittarius man two months back through mutual friends - we weren't in the same city. But we hit it off instantly, he cam to meet me twice in a months time and I told him I was looking for something concrete, something to hold onto considering my past relationships that were long and never went anywhere so I felt I had to ensure he knows what I wanted out of it. He was on the same page with me and was planning our future, everything he talked about indicated his willingness to make it work with me for the long run. Then all of a sudden, two weeks back he became extremely busy, he has been busy in the past as well but this time he was busy to the point that he wouldn't call or message and being the Cancerian that I am I could sense there was something wrong - I gave him space and time to get his work done and didn't push myself to make him uncomfortable. I let him breathe, even though I normally wouldn't, I wanted to be extremely patient with him I really liked this guy and didn't want him to feel suffocated. I tried ignoring it but the more I did the more frustrated I felt. He'd call once or twice a week from calling every day it had reduced considerably. I had a feeling something was up and it just wasn't right so I spoke to him he gave me work as an excuse and that he will be okay in a few days.

Then yesterday I called and spoke to him about how he had gotten extremely busy and it was beginning to worry me. He played dumb in the start and then after telling me he'd call me back he tells me something snapped inside of him and he didn't see a future for us. He had taken ten days away to think about it. I had seen it coming but I am really upset with the way he didn't even try or discuss anything with me he just ended it. I would have understood had we gotten into a fight or anything, I just didn;t ask for any reasons because for him to say he isn't feeling it was big enough a reason and I felt I had to keep some self respect intact. I can't believe he said he felt we weren't compatible when we were so well in tune with each other. Just don't understand.

I feel pretty annoyed but don't think he will come around to ask me back.

Cancer woman sag man

I'm a Cancer woman engaged to a sag guy, been together for 3 years and getting married next month. I've never been sure about anything in my life. The thing about sag men, they are very arrogant and insensitive sometimes, but sex is sooooo steamy evrytime.

Our highs are very high and our lows are very low, its like we got hold over each other. We are inseparable,inlove, and I'm so sure he is my soulmate, but when we fight its a war. But we just cant let go of each other. I'm too emotional and moody and the same time I'm very pesevering, beautiful hearted and motherly oh! and so romantic. and he is unemotional, insensitive, funny and forgiving.

But as we blend our relationship gets better, its like the more we fight the more we get close to each other. There is too much chemistry even after 3 years, and now we fight less and begining to understand our differences.

We are so inlove and happy and fighting lol!

Im currently dating a Sagittarius guy, its been about 3 months now and I guess weve decided that we are girlfriend and boyfriend now. I do really like him although I find him to be extremely disorganized and messy he is quite generous and has a great sense of humor unlike my Gemini ex who was so serious and had a attitude most of the time. My Sag is currently in the final stages of getting a divorce from a Taurus and so am I from the gemini. Both of our exes are trying to keep in contact and get back with us but we simply want to move on from them. There is a little bit of leeriness due to us still having ties to our exes but we really don't care anymore. With me being a Cancer im quite conservative and shy and my Sag is very adventurous and open so when we go out together we do have fun and he brings out the fun adventurous side in me. I can tell that he loves attention and even if Im around him and don't give him any affection he will become moody. He even use to say that I was cold but it is so not true because I love being around him and want to be under him but I don't wear my heart on my sleeve. I have noticed that he is a little impatatient and sometimes can be moody. We pick on each others energy very well. The sexual energy is very strong and fun as well. I keep hearing that we are not compatitible but I still want to take a risk and see how it goes

I am a Cancer woman. Seems like all my life I have always been attracted to Sags. Or Sag men have always found ME! Why? I am trying to figure this out. In high school my 3 year crush was on a Sag. he was my best friend but never my boyfriend because he was a womanizer. I ended up marrying a Sag. That lasted a whole year and half before he left me with our 9 month old and moved in with the girlfriend I didn't know he had. Now that I'm divorced I vowed to never ever date another Sag. But low & behold all that keeps asking me out or meeting me are SAG men!?? Why is this?? I don't even give them a chance anymore. Once I check the birthdate I stop talking to them. Is this wrong?

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