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all I can say that Sagittarius people make wonderful friends. They are extremely lively, positive and risk takers. We Capricorns need people like that in our lives!!!

Being a Sagittarius, I had a Capricorn girlfriend, and found her lack of communication and her lack of compromise a real obstacle! I had my faults in the disaster of this relationship, personally I blame myself for not being strong enough and patient enough and wiser to understand her better. But I'm only human...

Being a Saggi Man, I am very honest, carefree, and vocal about my feelings and what I need from a relationship. But a Capri girl is always very conservative, and shall never be opening up about what she feels, though she may secretly like or appreciate the saggi traits of openness and being bold.

My Sagittarius man was very closed, I could never even tell what he wanted. I guess being a strong Capricorn woman has its draw backs because I think my strong drive to share that I was in love with him scared the hell out of him. We are not even friends anymore.

my sag ex was so sweet but I am a cap female, he didn't and couldn't give me what I truly my case it was not at-all a good pair really...we really both were never with each-other...had a small 6months relationship and den broke up...!

Me and my sag boyfriend were deep in love but he felt as though I was overachieved and he couldn't provide for me. So he wanted to get his life together and come back strong. I still love him and we still mess with each other as if we were in a relationship. When we were together I never had a doubt in my mind that he did me wrong...

I am cap woman went out with a sag man. we were totally opposite. we were never on the same page - his idea of a relationship was for me signing up for facebook and communicating with him via this route - I didn't want to be another one of the many women on his page. mixed messages from him all the time - words didn't match his actions - confusing - waste of my time. I felt he had commitment issues - tendency to sarcastic - almost indirectly rude!

Married to a sag for 8 yrs. Never really know what's on their minds. Great provider. When they love you they love, there just a tad guarded.

I have had 2 Sag's in my life and they couldn't be any different! My ex was the perfect Sag. Everything written about them fit him to a 'T'. And the sex was out of this world, but afterward, it was business as usual. It took awhile not to take the 'see ya later' attitude personally. I'm sure it took him awhile (if he ever really did) to understand that one minute I can be cool and collected and the next a borderline nutcase. I also came to understand his lack of empathy/sympathy was not because he didn't care, he just didn't know how to give it. Just when I thought he didn't give a rats ass if I was upset, he'd surprise me with a cheer up visit. He was also quick with the sharp tongue followed by many an apology when he realized he crossed the line. The relationship ended when I decided I needed more emotional support than he could honestly give me. Though my husband is also a Sag, he has none of the traits listed! He's the most loving, caring, attentive loyal m an I have ever known and I love him with all my heart. The sex is different also. Its fine, but with none of the same wild abandon as with my ex. Again, polar opposites. I have come to realize over the years that I would take this not so conventional Sag, whom I know will love and care for me for life, then one who I can't trust to protect my heart and soul...

I think the "indirectly rude" comment sums up Sag's well. The key difference between them seems to be whether they do it accidentally, or whether they get a kick out of it. I wouldnÂ’t say I'm the most caring sensitive person out there (I'm a Cap woman) however I think most mature adults know when it's fair to be an ass, and when it's not fair. For whatever reasons it seems some Sag's never figure that part out, thinking it's their right to say whatever offensive thought passes through their heads at any moment. Like the rest of us don't have them..

Do Sagittarius men not like giving oral ?

I've been off and on with my sag for almost a year. (ima capi girl). I'm so confused with him that I want to say forget it!! yet he's so smart, sexy, adventurous, and money motivated, and when he does gives attention my heart flutters. The first time I broke up with him, I completely disappeared on him, changing my number and all.6 6months later FACEBOOK put us back together (lucky me) , and here we are again. I'm so happy I haven't fallen in love with this man, because I never know how he's feeling. He says things that give me hope, but are they good enough things to catch me? nope.. only God knows and time will tell. sags are a big mystery

With this relationship it requires a butt-load of compromise, the hardest thing is getting past our ways, and just actually listening to one-another. It's funny because the way we argue is for both of us to contradict our way of being. I love to be carefree but when trying to talk to my partner I wanna sort things out, while my Capricorn girlfriend wants to just drop it and let it cool down. It's confusing as f*ck but no-one said this was to be easy. I've learned a lot from her and couldn't be happier, hopefully it keeps rolling down this hill of refreshment.

I am a Sagittarius male and im am with a Capricorn women and we are very happy although most sites say it would be a hard match we work beautifully together

I'm currently dating a Sagittarius Male and I'm a Capricorn girl. I love him. Not only does he fit the personality trait of a general sagg, but he has other personality traits that make me wonder. They may be put as unemotional or rude, but he isn't unemotional. He's unemotional with those outside of our relationship. He actually was the first to tell me he loved me, and not on impulse. We've been seeing each other for almost five months. There are times when he acts like he doesn't care of doesn't have feelings. But, I know from the depths of my soul that he's a cupcake on the inside. I certainly express my emotions more than he does, but hell make his significant interventions and speak up at times. We've never had sex, but by our chemistry, I'm pretty sure that it would be extremely enjoyable. It would be something that we'd both participate in freely. As I'm Capricorn, but I'm also Aquarius. Born on a cusp, so I'm in between signs.

We're opposites in many ways, but it seems to work. From many people's viewpoints, I'm the angel and he's a demon. Due to my natural inclination to be polite and kind; and his to be mean, cold, and sometimes a little standoff-is emotionally. We've learned things from each other, and it's been interesting. I often wonder when he's going to tell me he doesn't want me anymore. Or when were gonna stop talking. I'm actually afraid of him; cause he has the ability to hurt me deeply, and there are many times that he hides his emotions from me. But, our closeness is a work in progress. Every day, it gets better. I love my Sagittarius!

I am a Cap woman and he is a sag man... yes ,the sex is amazing but I often feel I NEED more emotionally ,I am a DEEPLY feeling person and want the same can I learn to overcome this for this relationship?...who knows. But Ialso believe he is an amazing man and person. We lost a child in a short time together and he never left my side through it I need to see the other ways he shows his love for me ..

I'm a strong Capri woman. I dated a Sag for three years. We were amazing together. Although we are quite different we balance each other very well. He is still my best friend & we still hold a great love for one another. He is supportive 100% in every way, including emotionally. He is always atune to my feelings & knows what I need when I'm upset or stressed. He is great to empathise with others & cares for everyone. Very creative & loving. He is a bit guarded, but as a Capricorn I am as well. We have a great sense of communication & can read each other as if we are always on the same page. Most pages say these signs do not mix but this is the best, healthiest, and happiest relationship I have ever experienced.

i've just started dating a sag man, and I am a cap woman. I don't know, so far it seems pretty good and fun, but like most sag men I don't ever know what happens next or what he gonna do..

So our relationship has been the oddest experience I've had in life! We have been involved off/on for @ 10yrs, have great convos, share a similar sense of humor, & we have the most passionate sex you could ever imagine. I think we both realize that we could never be in a long term commited relationship though because he's very open, spontaneous & changes with the wind whereas I am very reserved, stable & can be downright boring at's a constant battle between heart/mind in this type of relationship!

I am a Sag Man and have been friends with a Cap girl for a long time. The attraction is so strong I cannot resist it anymore, she is so sexy but with a touch of vulnerability.

do Capricorn girls match better with Aries guy or a Sagittarius guy ??

Im a Capricorn woman who dated a Sag male for four yrs. The sex was great & he had a great sense of humor. However, most of us Capricorn women need to feel protected, secure & loved. Sags do not cut it in this area. Sag men are very happy go lucky and unstable. The minds change just like the weather. If you are interested in something short & fun you can go for a Sag man but if you want something more meaning this is not the ticket.

I am a capri woman and have dated two Sagi men..They are awfully blunt and honest and can really hurt your ego..I mean I would never dare ask my sag b/f how I looked in a particular dress cos if it was bad he would just say I look like SHIT..but that what I loved about them..they were so honest and when they talk you can be sure that it is nothing but the truth unlike all other men..

I have a child with a sag man and I swear these last 2years have been a crazy experience,i dnt know if he loves me or if he just deal with me becuz of our daughter, he plays with my feelns he messes with other people and let them chicks play on my phn,tell me that he love dis other chick den he tell me he jus tell her that cuz dats what she wanted to hear,one minute he say he wanna be with me den he tell me he dnt want no relationship, I dnt get them so ive decided to move on and now when he see's me he cant keep his hands off of me,now,can anybody explain dis shit to me cuz im confused im and love with him and I cant or dnt even wanna be wit no one else, he didn't use to be this way, he change after I found out I was pregnant with our daughter,he's a good father but as a man he sucks,he's childish,foolish and he do thngs just to get a reaction out of me,like y? he has hurt me like no one has ever and I cant stop thinkn about him, but I will never tell him that cuz instead of him telln me how he feels he will jus say I KNOW you LOVE ME GURL! BASTARD!!

I am a Capricorn woman who has dated a Sagittarius man for a month. The sex is great but as the other people have said about Sagittarius men I don't know how he feels about me or if I'm wasting my time. He keeps saying all the things he wants to do with me in the summer but that's the only thing I have to go on. Every time it seems like we are getting closer something happens either with him or me. This time it's with him & we haven't spoken in a week. I don't know what to think. I don't know if he will call me or if it's just over.

I am a Capricorn woman who has dated a Sagittarius man for a month. The sex is great but as the other people have said about Sagittarius men I don't know how he feels about me or if I'm wasting my time. He keeps saying all the things he wants to do with me in the summer but that's the only thing I have to go on. Every time it seems like we are getting closer something happens either with him or me. This time it's with him & we haven't spoken in a week. I don't know what to think. I don't know if he will call me or if it's just over.

I am a Capricorn woman I have never romantically dated a Sag. But two of my best male (1 & 2) friends are Sag. We make great friends and they are always looking out for my best interest and Support Me.Three days do not go by before I get a visit or a call from them just saying Hi. They sincerely enjoy spending time with me, They have had their own relationships and one of them has a family. I have gotten to know their significant others and their children,..The Three of Us Watched Superbowl Together and many other events. They Have met all the men I have dated in the 10 years that I have known them both. They are Loyal, Always good conversation, Mentally Stimulating and We make Great Friends (just Leave Sex or romantic relations out of the friendship equation) You will then be rewarded with a true friendship. Mutual respect.

It's amazing how true zodiac signs are. While every case is different, every sign generally fits their description. My story is the same as every capricorn/sagg situation. We pick up where the other lacks (I'm a Capricorn woman, he's a sagg man) and you'd think with a balance like that it'd be the perfect relationship right? Wrong! I've found that in the beginning of our relationship I loved the idea that we were total opposites and a complete balance of fun and seriousness, realness/optimism, caution and adventure, but as the honeymoon stage wore off I realize more and more just how much I actually DO need someone similar to me, rather than someone who has the traits I lack. Security is the most important thing to a Capricorn woman and the one thing a saggitarius can't provide. They are restless people and constantly need to be on the move which doesn't work with my need for stability. 'stable' is actually the antonym of Saggitarius lol. I'm currently deciding if I should move on or stay with my sagg. He's fun, optimistic, adventurous, and easy going but at the same time a tad irresponsible, impressionable, bad with money, blindly optimistic, and extremely jealous/manipulative. They LOVE their freedom but once they've found a woman they love they turn into the complete opposite, totally clingy and almost child like. What to do what to do..

I go with a sag and we engaeged and he makes me feel better everday day and smile everday it don't matter about the sign its what you make out of it if you really love them as you say you do then go for it don't worry what the signs say

All of this is overwhelming. I have been with my old man for 3 years now and we have a 2 year old son together. Most of the time I do and do and do for him, I'm not sure if it's the simple fact that he has grown way too accustomed to it or not, but life has been pure hell. We argue about the smallest things and are always at each others throats, I mean to the point to where I'm not suppose to have any male friends on facebook...get real. From my experience, I am extremely open with everything while he just kind of keeps his secret. He is my first priority, other than our son, while he makes me feel like I am his last, money is always the most important factor on his mind. This relationship is probably one of the most unhealthy ones I've ever been in, yet we both continue to try and make it work...only God knows how it will turn out in the end.

I am a Capricorn girl and my only 2 serious relationships were with sags and they both ended up with having a child together and then almost right away after that in divorce. I love them both still very much.I don't know why I still feel like there is hope for something like working things out and seeing if we can be together again. I hate it. I don't like what they have done to me but I forgive them and have that feeling of I need them in my life, why? Love hate relationship sucks! #1 calls drunk and said his girlfriend is jealous of me cuz im all he talks about,but yet he says he hates my guts.#2 just straight out just stop talking to me and I never see him.It kills me inside(the sadness)Ive never love anyone like Ived love these 2 men.Why am I so attracted to sag?!!! hope on my side never goes away like maybe one day things will be fine and we can be in each others lives again not necessarily as a couple but as friends.but they don't want to.what can I do? advice anyone?

im a cap woman and ive been going out with a sag man for about 4 months now and I couldnt be happier. im strong and have goals and he loves that about me he's picks me up when im down and I do the same for him. before me he was very guarded but with me he opens up a lot we are completly different but we match perfectly because we respect each others goals time and space. I found my soalmate. I just know it im a cap so we don't open up that much but with him im so emotional he helps me with as much as possiable and I do the same not to mention that the sex is bananas. he makes sure that he pleases me first and he always tells me how beautiful I am and yes sag men are very oral. lol I have no reason to do no wrong to him and the day I feel in love with him is the day I gave my heart away I thank god that he gave me a man that can handle my fun quite happy mad emotional self. and I hope I make him just as happy so sag and cap can make a beautiful couple when BOTH are READ Y.

I am sag dating a cappi girl, I find it very challenging that caps are such reserve women. I look for compliments or affections but she is so cold. I provide for her and motivate her for our future goals but I just don't feel her enthusiasm. Why are capricorns so closed and they expect us sag to wait on them until they are ready but the truth is Why should I invest in you if you won't open up or show me that your are worth it? I am getting tired of waiting we are just kissing for over 5 month now and I feel like damm, until when should I provide?

Im a Capricorn women and been wit a sag man 4 3 yrs. I have 2 sons wit him and one on the way when we first hooked up he didn't want a relationship wit me but I kind of forced it I but anywayz we grew 2 love each other and we bump head a lot because where so different but our love is stronger then our difference hope this helps

I am a Sagittarius that was married to a Capricorn for 25 years, at the begining there was a big nice attraction, the first 20 years I had a pretty good income, but when I lost my job our marriage came to an end, saddly she (and I think most capri-girls do) was very pessimistic, worried about everything, specially money, very demanding, too cold, always arguing about little things, quite the opposite to Sagittarius , I think it's the worst combination in the entire zodiac, I guess I was tired of her when we got divorced, though I miss her I don't think we are ever gonna get back.

im a Capricorn woman, dating a sag man, for a little over a year. he is older than me by 4 years, but it doesn't seem like it! I am an old soul and he is young at heart. sag men are guarded with their emotions, and almost seem unemotional, but that is not the case. once they let you in, you can see they are extremely emotional and have very passionate, deep feelings. sometimes, I have seen my sag boyfriend cry, something I never thought I would see! he cried over feeling like I wasn't there for him, and he had no one to turn to. they are extremely caring and supportive of their friends and loved ones, but have quite a temper, and can fly into a rage. however, they will forget what they were mad about quickly after, and move on to the next thing. he is extremely affectionate and the sex is amazing, very passionate, however he could be more giving. he won't give without receiving, which I find a little selfish but I accept it. as much as we laugh together and have fun together, I do need emotional security and he does not have the capacity to give it to me in the amount I need it. I want to be connected all all levels- emotionally, sexually, spiritually, financially- we are not connected emotionally or spiritually. he is not very perceptive of how I feel and he doesn't offer to share his emotions unless I prod and prod and force it out of him. capricorns are great at getting people to express their innermost thoughts and they want to know so they can be at one with their partner, but sag doesn't have time for this, and that is a huge problem between us. it is why we don't communicate all that well. great guy for now, but not forever.

Mmkay. So, I've been seeing my Sag man for a whole year and I'm a Cap woman. I love him to death! He is very analytical, and can be very cerebral...A lot of times, he acts like he doesn't have feelings, when I know he does. He never shows anyone his vulnerable side, but I see right through him and his facade, and I'm the only girl who he has dated that has been able to get past it. Hear him tell me that he's in love with me. Voice how much he wants to make love to me. And don't even get me started on the sex! Whoo! He is fiery. Energetic. Fun-loving. Loves to own me in the bedroom. He would love it if I called him daddy! (I read once that sag and cap love to own each other in sports).

Both of us are too passionate! He doesn't unleash all his because he'd be completely out of control. Maybe break my back or break through skin while sucking or biting on my neck...So, he holds back. I hold back, because I'm kinda still shy, but m passions keep thrusting to the surface. That man is a freak! And my temperament runs parallel to his when it comes to physical passion...To think if we both decided to unleash our restricted and hidden passions...No matter what type of birth control I'm on, I'd be pregnant.

I love him more than I've ever loved any other man, and I honestly wanna be with him for the long term. A lot of people say sag have little staying power, are promiscuous, and change with the wind, but for whatever reason, mine has a lot of stamina and staying power...I love him

I am a cap girl who dated a sag guy for a lil over a mth. We were actually introduced by someone I knew. However never actually met for about 7mths he was consistantly asking me out & I would always turn him down. In those 7mths we developed a friendship which was nice. I finally decided to take the plunge. Things were great for the 1st few weeks, amazing in fact. We clicked on every level possible, physically, mentally emotionally or so I thought. But outa no where he jus changed towards me. I hadnt even slept with him. Things ended b4 we even got to take things to that level. Thank god because I see now that would have been a total waste. We hardly ever saw each other. he lives 10mins from me an we"d hangout a few hrs a wk if that. Everything in his life came b4 me but yet he'd say sweet words but his actions rarely ever matched what he said. He made me think he wanted the same things I did but in the end he doesn't like anything that threatens his freedom. he is extrem ely selfish everything was all about him. Glad I saw his true colors now & not months later. By that point I woulda been so emotionally invested. & yes they r down right rude! I couldnt believe the stunt he pulled on me which was what inevitably ended us! I need more emotional connection & stability & a sag man could NEVER satisfy those needs. Just hurts how disposable I was to him. Mixed signals is an understatement! One min introducing me to his family the next blowing me off. It got so rediculous I finally ended it with him, it didn't end well. we don't even speak anymore. He was a complete waste of my time, such a disappointment- if I knew this was gonna be the end result I would have just kept him as a friend & never opened that door.

I Im a older Cap and his a young Sag. These articales were so helpful everything about both of us was true

I am a sagittariuos man and I've read all comments here as well as researched about the sagg/ cappi relationships from different sites. This is what I think about us sag and Capricorn unions. It will work I love my Capricorn women which is why I wanted to no what makes her tick. And I think my younger me would probally be not so sure and walk away from some io her traits. But as we both mature and learn what makes each other tick. That knowledge produces understanding. Opposites due attract and I think respect for the others ways makes us even closer. The goat to me grows more attractive with her age I met my adorable lady goat when she was 37 me 41. My main thing is trying to show her there is no other women that can compare to her. Yes I have to discipline myself I'm not perfect. We both need to learn from each other. I sense her fears and want her to no I care strongly. My advise to other sagg men learn her and gain her trust the lady goat might seem slow; be patient with her, they are extremely intelligent signs. they only no hard work so respect that aspect, still show them theirs more to life than just work at same they can teach us to control our lavish spenditure,they like fine things as do I quality over quantity I love that about her; she help sags control their lavish spenditures. Help your lady goat to relaxe and enjoy life with you. Be patient with them at times, but don't let them become work aholics, keep the foreplay going strong it benefits you and her as well; sex is great with a Capricorn . I adore my cappi she is amazing and they get better with age. Younger sags might not no what they got or mature, enough to keep such a prize. But we really do want what the lady goat has to offer. and I think they are a very complimentary and strong unbreakable union. That keeps growing stronger with time.

My Sag man and I had a relatinship back when I was in high school. It was great and unconditional. We moved after in different directions of the globe, but never forgot eachother. Recently we have found each other again. We are soul mates all the way. He is loving, kind, supportive, empathetic, romantic, and our sexual relatinship is non stop when we are together. He wants a long term relationship and currently working on moving closer to me to accomplish that. He brings out my flirty side and believes in a 50/50 relationship. We have discovered that we have many things in common, and are able to see into eachother's souls and read eachother's feelings. It's amazing. He does like his freedom, but so do I - which is strange for a Capricorn (like alone time). Always was told I have some Sag traits in me as well. Looking forward to building a future with him - wherever it takes us.

What put me off my ex, a sagi, was that in public he would be the centre of attraction with all his jolly, witty comments and cheerfulness. But with me he turned out to be someone stubborn, egoistic, extremely serious and finally even a coward when the topic would arise of telling his parents or facing mine. I found no stability in the relationship. When really angry, he would even laugh at my tears. I never felt strong with him.He never appreciated me for who I was. Didn't really take interest in what I did or what I wanted to be. I really think it's a bad combo.

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