Sagittarius man - experience from an Aquarius

by Val

I met and dated a Sagittarius man, for over 10 year's now, and we recently broke it off. Let me start by saying, I have NEVER in my life felt such an intense physical/ emotional attraction to a man in my LIFE!

We hit if off SO well, amazingly, from minute ONE. I have never felt so much attraction for a man in my LIFE! However, he is one of THE worst communicators I have ever known. That is a major problem. He also HAS to have constant attention by the opposite sex, ALWAYS, so while in public, if not flirting with, he is eyeballing (hard...staring, to try to get the girl's attention) each and every girl he comes in contact with.

It is unnerving. He has a way when we are ALONE to make me feel like I am the one, but I don't trust this guy. I have caught him in sooo many lies over the years-and he always blames others, it is never him. He cannot say sorry, he cannot admit fault. He is very charming but also, deceitful. I honestly think he is a sociopath, now that I found out what that means! How can a guy who is so passionate in bed be soooo unfeeling and mean/cold/hard? I love him, I think I always will, and I for sure won't forget him, but he cannot commit to just me. (Many of his lies include how he meets and 'gets to know' other women...while he tells me I can't have other guys as friends?

VERY controlling and bad temper to boot!) He seems to want a girlfriend on the side for when he wants to see me, but really likes to go about his life as if single. So, after a very UP and DOWN/stormy/steamy relationship, it is finally over. (We even broke up 2 year's ago, and after about 7 months, he begged me back!) I have to move on, but it has been one of the most difficult things ever to do. He didn't treat me nice AT ALL and yet, the close chemistry connection keeps me emotionally tied to him. I don't even think about other guys and not sure how I'll date again. :( He was not good for me in SO many ways, treated me badly all the time, and yet, I was and am CRAZY for him? MAKES NO SENSE!!!!!!!!!!

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sag guy
by: Anonymous

lol great story!..sounds alot like my past relationship but without the bad stufff lol but sum things there i must admit do apply to me..but srry it didnt work u had a great experience tho..

by: Anonymous

They are everything you describe. You will be fine with OUT

so can relate
by: Anonymous

omg I sooo totally and utterly can relate!! The chemistry I have with mine is like nothing I could ever imagining experiencing!!! Yet the relationship is TOXIC augh!!!!

by: Anonymous

I broke up with a saguittarius man 2 months ago... I don't exactly know the reason why we ended our relationship. He left me crying and never ever have the courage to speak with me after the break up. He is a LIAR! He always tell a lie. But inspite of this I do love him. I don't know how to get over with it.

So true!!
by: Anonymous

Omg im in a current relationship with a sagittarius and jezz he is exactly how you described, exept he doesnt mind that i have guy friends. And just today i was telling him how much i hate when he's with me and stares at other girls (he makes it so obvious) The sex is amazing nothing is ever boring, though its true nothing is ever his fault, always blaming others and does not use the word "sorry" not ever in his vocab.

same thing with me
by: Anonymous

i'm a virgo, and my relationship with my ex sag was exactly the same thing, we've been broken up for seven months but he does lil things to make me feel guilty (because i still do love him) that keep me here, i finally totally broke it off 2 weeks ago and am going strong i blocked his number but he still taunts me though text telling how much he misses me and loves me and wants to meant in the, which in his words means he wants me back completely on his terms. good riddance!!!!

sag man
by: Anonymous

I ahve loved a sag man for about 14 years . some of the things are true and some are just the guy that your with . a lot has to do with maturity and communication . actually talking to each other . being openly honest and not accusing each other . sometimes realtionships end beacuse the people in them have no idea of how to be in a realtionship ...

So right!
by: Anonymous

Sag Man, You are SO right on target!

The same boat
by: Aquarius

OMG!! this has been the hardest. i have never fell so hard for a man. with every lie with every action i cant get over him. I know hes bad for me but i cant get away from him. i cant even meet other people because im always thinking about him. SOS HELP!!!!!

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