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My Sag man and I had exchanged a smile that lasted for about 5 min in the middle of huge crowd of special 2 days event.. since then he was chasing me around. at the end of two days, we had our first conversation he expressed his love. I admit my heart beat so fast the first time I saw him.. exactly the same feelings he had. the second conversation, he proposed to me!!

My sag man can be something's too mean. He always want to be in charge and if something goes wrong then he gets really upset. He likes to express his feeling but only to me and no 1 can know what was said. every time I see him its like we just meet all over again. we argue a lot and when I say a lot I mean a lot, but then again when we make up its the best time in your life. when im mad at him he knows how to make everything feel better all over again and can change my mood in less then 30 seconds.

My Sag man and I get along beautifully; he asked to marry me after our 2nd conversation!! We are so deep in love!!!

My sag man is crazy and soo am I but we are complete different.. and I think that only attracts us more. sometimes I cant stand to be around him, but other days its like a lit fire in our relationship and its amazing. I love him and even when we are in public together people are always saying aww how cute... lol I love you Dustin

It's an extremely well-matched friendship, but Sags are too serious for Gemini's when it comes to romantic relationships. They always think too much! I guess it could work out, but it's always been a big problem area for me.

me and my sag man simply love each other...our differences bring us together and only make for a great conversation. I find him to be interesting and creative...he thinks im the same. :P

My experience with my Sag man has been amazing. I tend to have a lot of Sags around me...friends...sisters...and I appreciate them. When I think to much they make me see the beauty. They get me going. And I get them going. I love my sag man....we both have our moods and differences...but it makes us the same somehow. We understand each other well. Good luck to all sag and Gemini. ..I think your zodiac opposite is who you're supposed to end up with..soulmate stuff :)

I love my sag man. he is so honest and so romantic in his way. we are quite different actually, although the conversation is really amazing. Love him so much.

im a gem girl with a sag guy and we know what each others thinking b4 we even say anything ;)we do argue often but we don't hold grudges and we make up quickly!!!he always knows just what 2 say or do 2 ;)i do luv him very much but we do need our space and personal private time,i think its a great match if you give it a chance!!!!

My Sag and I make so much fire when we are together. The best love making I have ever had, every time. We have the deepest and sometimes funniest conversations about different life scenarios, philosophical ideals, etc. He is so smart, and so beautiful (eye candy). He loves to work out, I love to watch him move, yummy! He loves that I am conscious about my health and intelligent. He always comforts me and gets me to calm down or focus when I need it the most, but he loves to see me do my thing and be strong and independent. He is such a joy to have around because he is positive,when he is not, I take over for him and get him back on board. We enjoy our ride together. I'm just smitten by him. I can't let him go.

My relationship with sag was not so great. He did not have any emotions and when I cried he did not support me. He was all about work and just wanted me when he had nothing better to do.

I just met a Sagg. I am a Gemini. Was married to a Cancer for 20 years. Then only with people born within days of my ex (either Gemini, which I am, or Cancer). Never worked out. I cannot tell you how happy I am to have met my Sagg. Such a different experience. He is amazing, and such a better match.

The best match but I guess it is true what people say that they don't commit. my experience is that I feel like we are soul mates we get along so well not only emotinally but physically and mentally and I know for a fact we are too different people . if I am mad at him he will change me in few seconds and as well if he is mad I have the ability to make him laugh , which I suppose is good the only thing I am confussed is that we are great when we are alone , lots of laugh but when it comes to introduccing to his friends as a girlfriend he says we are not ready. we have common friends I don't know what to do because we are great its just that we need more time to get to know each other but hidding wont help us . Not that he is embaressed of me but we cant just tell them yet because they're jugment and we are just not sure. if anyone can give me an opinion if they had the same experience drop a suggestion

I have found my Sag man to be incredibly moody when 1) he's hungry 2.) he's tired 3.) he doesn't get his own way. Could this be all men :).

Generally speaking, Gemini ladies and Saggie men are a good combination - I think we are both a little quirky and have a bond that feels easy, but my problem lies when he gets bored or I get bored, the straying could occur.

I know my Sagg has a roving eye!

Itotally agree about sag man,i have been with mine for 6yrs,and let me tell you, swept off my feet for the first time and havent really came down yet!!!

I'm a Gemini female and when I met my sag I loved him at first sight!He is the first man to make me FEEL and not think emotions. I want to marry him and belong to him forever! It don't get any better then this!

I am married to a saggi man.he is not so romantic.he is having roving eyes.he get bored with things very quickely.i personaly feel that sagitarius are very cruel.geminis are moody.sagitarius man always try to make me feel that he got many experiance with sagitarius is ok

omg i've known my sag for like 11 years. friendly flirty battles from the start. and one day you grew insanely attracted 2 each other. we have been dating each other for like 3 yrs. but we are on & off. when I care 2 much I run away. when he cares 2 much he creates a diversion ie a chic.. smh its like everybody knows but us. when we are alone we are ourselves. in everybodys else eye either they know or cant exactly put their finger on it. I really love this man. I just don't want everything 2 fall apart. wehave a very mixed social circle.i don't wanna lose him. ugh

When me and mu sag first talked was online him in NY me in Cali it was love at first sight for both of us I moved to NY to be with him then we both moved back to Cali....we was fairytail spent 6.5 yrs together and 1.5 of those yrs in marriage unfortunatly they fall out of love just as fast as they fall in love we started fighting a lot and he stopped takin my feelings seriously and it made me angry he finally left me and once the divorce was final he married someone else and was having sex with both of us at the same time....without my knowledge so would I date another sag hell no there fake for the most part and have that go with the flow attitude and play the part well I know I couldve done things differently but you don't fall out of love that fast and just abandon your wife and tell people to tell her to get over you its mean and harsh I don't understand how someone could be so cold he was so amazing to me at one point I thought he was an angel he had me and everyo any else fooled.

the 1st sag man who writes in here, I gusse, well its been an amazing 9 years with a gimini girl, they are so amazing in every sense of the word. once she is a way I just get back to the sag habbit of flirting with other girls, I know I wont find as good than a gimini girl. I had another gimini flings it is always amazing. it took me long to stick to the one I love, is it me who can hardly be loyal or the sag in me?! anyhow thier sex is the most exploring type. I find them hard to orgasim, they think too much even during sex. I like that, love to explore, they love it too. yes we meet for sex then anything else comes after that. we totaly diff. I find her shallow and simple with deep understaning of everything, it just she likes to live in a simple way, no need for meanings and reasons.

my experience with my sag, was great. I believe, we both had a great time together. Unfortuantely, he was too young, which did not bother him and different culture which did not bother me. we loved each other. we had adventure, conversation, dreams. it was great. I miss him but we knew it had to end. I am a Gemini woman, cougar,lol, and he was my sag man,

I am a Gemini female and I have been friends with a sagi male for about 5 years. The most that I can say about this relationship is that I have never had a sexual encounter since My .Sagi baby is so sweet, he will give me anything if they had it. I can trust my sagi male with anything..and there is never a dull moment when I come around. He is always happy to see and when we make love it is like the 4th of July. I am always on cloud nine...LOve you Day Day

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