Sagittarius man in love with a Pisces woman

I am a 32 years old Sag male completely in love with a 30 years old Brazilian Pisces female. I can relate to all the accounts mentioned above. I was the typical philandering and fickle Sag and I have hurt her deeply in the past. We broke up at one point and didn't speak for a few months. We ran in similar circles but she would ignore me or go in another room when we were in the same environment. Gradually, after about 3 months, we reached the point where we could greet each other and eventually we grew to having conversations. We ended up rekindling our friendship in no time. I never thought she would trust me again so I never even entertained the possibility of us getting back together. I never flirted with her; I was just happy and content to talk to her again.

Well, to both of our surprises, we are back together. But the relationship is different for me now. When I say I want to commit to her now, it's not just words. I feel it in my core. I still may look at another woman and admire their beauty or sexuality, but the idea of sexual relations, even kissing on the lips, is (excuse the slight exaggeration here) almost repulsive to me. I truly don't want anyone but her.

Like I said, I have been with her before so I know the that I am committing too, but she is worth it.

My advice to all of you women, Pisces or other, is to be careful with Sags. It's not simply the case that we don't know what we want, we are just too optimistic to ignore the idea that there is something better around the corner. If we think we have figured you out and you can't offer anything new to the table, we are likely to get restless. To avoid this, you have to learn how to juggle love and friendship. We are loyal to the idea of friends/family more than to love. Love, is a metaphysical and psychological enigma and/or game to us. For this reason, many Sag's get the reputation of being able to separate "sex" and "love". But the foundation of any bond is a friendship. For example, my mother loves me yet she is my best friend. And on top of that friendship lies that even more specific mother/son bond.

Also, if you emphasis the friend aspect of the relationship more, you open the possibility for us to hunt or chase you. The "chase" is part of the love game that we adore. When we are on the hunt we can give even the emotional needy Pisces the emotional connection that they want. We will give you every sign that we want you without you asking. Lovers have sex or make out in the movie theater. Friends play tennis, Capoeira, or exercise together. Most times when we seem cold or emotionally distant, we need a friend and not a lover.

So when I say that I am in love with Mirian, my Pisces, I say this because she has become my friend AND lover. That is MY personal idea of a soulmate. She has everything I need in a friend and everything I desire in a lover. She may not know when I need the friend side of her, but our relationship is finally mature enough that I can tell her instead of running away from her.

I could go on but this is becoming a book. Good luck to all the Pisces/Sag relationships out there. You will have many bumps as EACH of you learn about yourselves and your partner. But if you both genuinely are open and perceptive to each other's needs, you CAN work. Mirian, te amo de verdade!

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It's SO great to hear this coming from a SAG man and not just a pisces female...
by: Anonymous

I'm a Pisces female and engaged to a SAG man...He and I have had more ups and downs than any other relationship I've ever been in and yes, there were Several times I wanted to throw in the towel and be done...In fact when we hit the 5th month in our relationship, I did...I was done...He didn't get me and I certainly didn't get him. I took everything he did and said personally. He joked around ALL the time and constantly teased me and at times would just take it too far. I'm a very sensitive Pisces. Well, with the constant teasing, without verbal communication to assure me he loved me, came distance and then the breakup. I was done. The way he expressed his love, which I found out later, didn't come across to me as love at all.
Our breakup was the best thing that ever happened to us though. I found myself missing my best friend and actually missing the teasing. Yes, I actually missed it, but I wanted to understand it better, so he and I sat down and I gave him the floor. He explained to me that he loves to tease and when he's able to tease someone and feels comfortable enough with that person, he does, and for him that's how he shows love.
Because he is so nonchalant and optimistic ALL the time, I didn't think anything phased him and didn't find that he cared about anything, but himself. He never got mad or sad or had any type of bad emotion. He was just content with his world and wanted to keep it happy all the time. You can just imagine how my typical Pisces self effected his world...I was emotionally driven, easy to react, sensitive, opinionated, always wanting to talk and communicate and the list goes on. I have to laugh because we have now been together for 15 months. It’s been the most rewarding journey I’ve ever been on!
He makes me laugh all day every day and has this very unique charisma that draws me to him. We play and are playful with each other. He keeps my heart and soul youthful. All too often I get pretty boggled down by life and responsibilities and can get easily overwhelmed.

It's SO great to hear this coming from a SAG man and not just a pisces female...
by: Anonymous

To the Pisces females and to the SAG men, with this combination of signs, I will say this to you...With compromise in mind, if you have any hope for this to not only work, but to have fun in your relationship where you can truly enjoy each other, it is So crucial to do everything you can to understand the reasons they do the things they do and say the things they say.
As a SAG Male, my boyfriend shows me love by being the person who stays level-headed and optimistic for us and keeps the relationship alive by keeping it playful. He enjoys his space and for him it's an hour of video games a day just to escape reality for a little bit. I have found this a worthwhile investment to be okay with this because his needs being met automatically gets my needs met. He's more affectionate, sweet, attentive and available...Yes, Available!! My favorite part!!
I can't believe how big of a deal space is for this sign!! If space is what they want, have them define the space they're needing. You might be surprised that it may not be as much as you think or as far away from you as you think. I used to take his wanting space so personally, so to the Pisces Female, I say this...
We are sensitive and tend to analyze everything to death. This has gotten me in more trouble with this relationship than anything. I have found that analyzing a SAG is a waste of time. There's nothing to analyze. What you see is really what you actually get with them. While we have a hard time understanding this simplicity, if you love your SAG man, find that voice of reason I know we all have hidden in there and remind yourself in that moment that just because he doesn't verbalize it or do something the way we think it should be done, doesn't mean he doesn't care. I have found he cares far greater than I had ever given him credit for. I just had to learn how he expressed it. And this is NOT easy. The great thing I have found about my SAG guy is this...He has So much grace when he sees the effort, or even when I react irrationally. I have found they have a lot more grace and forgiveness than you'd think and for a Pisces, I have a hard time believing we don't need that from time to time. :)

Brazilian Woman that is loved by Sag. Man
by: Anonymous

WOWOWOWOWO!! Your comments are so what I needed to hear. My friend calls friend calls me and show interest but he wants a friend and sometimes a lover. Im an older Pisces woman and he is a young Sag. you explained he to a TTTTT. I am his friend Im not looking for a husban I have experienced that. I read your post several times. A Sag Man if he takes to the time to understand the Pisces lady and our emotions he has a partner for life. You guys are great lovers and a lot of fun to be with with. You make some very out spoken comments which sounds insenitive --I think he is learning that its not always good to say what you are thinking especially if its negitive. Thanks again for your post.

Nice to hear!
by: Pisces female inlove with a Sag male

This is comforting for me since my Sag boyfriend of 5 years and I have been having problems lately. A month ago I caught him talking sexually to another girl throught texts and telling her he doesn't have a girlfriend (though we live together and have been together for 5 years) and that he actually kissed her once. That same night I found a text with ANOTHER girl that he went on a double date with. There have been other instances in the past where I caught him flirting with other girls as well. Don't get me wrong I'm not opposed to a little flirting, but he was taking these too far and being disrespectful to me and our relationship. About a year ago I broke up with him and he came begging and crying for me to take him back, that he really loves me and he is sorry. So after many tears I took him back and this past year has been amazing (or so I thought). Then I found the texts. I confronted him and basically broke down crying (which I didnt do last year, not infront of him anyway), he said that he was just flirting that it didn't mean anything and he shouldnt have done it, that actually he was planning to propose to me and confess about the girls and change his number and everything. He says he feels horrible about it and promises that I'm the only girl he really wants to marry and have children with and that he will NEVER do it again. He has since changed his number and deleted any girls from his phone (Which I can attest to).

It's funny you mentioned the friendship aspect cuz when I brokedown to him I told him "I thought you were my bestfriend, my family, we have a life together, how could you do that?" and that seemed to click with him and make him feel worse. Anyway we are planning to go to therapy to work on our relationship. I'm not ready to let him go because I'm super inlove, and I guess I'm just a glutton for punishment (I AM after all a pisces, lol). So hopefully we'll get to the place you are with your pisces.

Sag man is my drug
by: Anonymous

I really cant believe how spot on these comments are.... I have been seeing a sag male for 2 years now....( well actually, i have been having an affair with him)... Please don't judge, as i have been trying to resist the temptation for more than 4 years prior... First it was just amazing sex, once a week, no emotional ties. But the last couple of months we have been spending allot of time together. We see each other at least 4 to 5 times a week, and yes, i have fallen in love with him.. I don't expect anything more from him than what we have now, but how do i know if he has feelings for me. He does amazing, unexpected thing for me, but we have never talked about the feeling part of the relationship. All i want from him is just to acknowledge that it is more than sex... I am too afraid to just ask him.. Should i take that chance ??? Please help, as iit is driving me crazy....

by: cutlass

I am a sag male 35 and I date a pisces 40 and I grateful for you story and it gives me so much hope because I am so CRAZY about this woman. And I want to do so much for her but, sometimes I don't understand her. One thing I can say is that we are open and honest with each other, although our relationship is young I think that goes a long way. Thanks for giving me hope.

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