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I am dating a Sagittarius man who I met through his cousin. I am an Aries woman. I wanted to just be friends and he agreed to friendship. The first date started out nice until he said something that set me off. He kept sticking around and apologizing over and over but I told him don't ever call me again. The night ended with his cousin taking me home.

He called me asking if I got home safely. I said yes and hung up. A few days later he called and asked for another chance. I gave him another chance to redeem himself. We have been dating for about 2 months now he gave me what he calls a pre engagement ring.

He is a VERY, VERY, VERY, INTENSE man. He calls me about 15 times or more times a day. And every chance he gets he comes to see me. It is an hour drive for him to come and see me. He tells me how much he loves me and tells me I don't know how much he really loves me. When we go out he always wants to hold my hand. If we are driving he wants me to hold his hands are rub my hands threw his hair. And he always wants to kiss me.

He kisses so passionately which can go on for hours. I kind of feel like if he would have his way I would be attached to him. Although it is nice to have so much attention. The way he looks at me with so much intensity. He tells me constantly that he loves me. He wants to marry me asap. He talks about us being together and how he wants me to be his wife.

He seems very possessive with me and wants all of my time and attention. He tries to get up in my head a lot. He wants to know everything about me. If I tell him something and haven't mentioned to him he gets upset.

He is very adventurous and I love that about him. We enjoy so many different things. And time seems to fly when I am with him. His mouth is what gets him in trouble and I get upset with him not being able to curb his tongue. I am thinking about carrying duck tape to solve that problem. (LOL)

The other night while he dropped me off home after spending a weekend. We kissed and he had tears in his eyes. I was like WOW he truly does love me. He is strange yet gentle, kind and truly lovable. And he really does love me. He would give the shirt off his back for me. I have looked for a man like this for a lifetime. He is 60 and I am 50. I think he may be the one. If he had his way I be married to him today.

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Tread with Caution
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry honey but this is their M.O. they're sizzling in the beginning and they love a challenge. Always be honest with yourself about what it is you want and don't let him manipulate your emotions by being overly affectionate or emotional. My sag guy was very aggressive and jealous and i told him i didn't want to be with him because of it, he cried and promised he would change and as soon as i let my guard down and let myself love him more, he became the exact same person i couldn't deal with. Obviously there's always more to the story and i don't want to write a book although i could but i felt personally once he had me he didn't have to Woo me anymore, the physical side dwindled as well as his need to express himself. For some reason that archer thing is real, because i could never get a good feeling of stability out of him and being a Virgo woman i NEEDED that.

Watch out for that one....
by: Anonymous

I don't know how old the story is about the intense Sagittarius man, but in case anyone else wanders in here and reads it someday, I just wanted to agree with the other comment.

This guy sounds scary. There are a lot of red flags in what you wrote. You really don't want a guy who's THAT intense and "into you" enough to call you 15 times a day or drive an hour one way to see you whenever he can, especially if you've told him you're not interested. It doesn't matter what the astrological sign is. These are all really bad things.

It's easy to get lured in by a man like this, though, because those qualities can seem exciting at first and make you feel so wanted, but believe me, this behavior gets old and can become abusive very quickly. He sounds like a guy I had a relationship with when I was younger. It was fun and sweet at first because nobody had ever been that crazy about me before, but he was psycho. I remember the day it hit me that I was trapped in a relationship with this super intense guy, and how I wished I'd never even met him. He became manipulative and knew what to say to keep me from breaking up with him. Like, threatening to hurt himself.

There's nothing wrong with a guy who's openly sensitive. ALL MEN are sensitive, whether or not they want to admit it. They are all deeply emotional, even if they seem tough on the outside. Men--in general--are just as tender-hearted as women, although so many women tend to think of men as unfeeling, callous jerks who only want sex. They can fall in love just as easily as we do. There's nothing wrong with a man being open and transparent with his feelings, but the guy you're describing sounds like he could be very manipulative, and possibly mentally abusive.

But there are certain traits that just aren't healthy and if what you wrote is true, your man's got 'em. Please, please be careful.

I broke it off with him
by: Anonymous

I had to break up with him. He was way to intense and when I told him I wanted to be just friends. His response to me was when he was driving me home. I should just run the car off the road and kill both of us.

So that was the end of it all. His cousin and I are bestfriends. So his cousin did talk with him. And he hasn't bothered me since. He told his cousin he was just joking around. However, I never did get back with him.

I ran into him a few months ago. And he wanted to get back with me. But I told him I have moved on. At that time I really didnt have anyone but lied just to make sure he didn't try to get back with me.

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