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I'm a Leo woman seeing a Sag man now, some of it is true, I want to say, however; let a Sag man win you and KEEP winning you always, if you're a Leo woman, don't pick up the phone first, when he wants you he'll call, not as a Sag, but as a man. No matter how long you're in a relationship, every four phone calls he makes, you make one. And ladies, read the "Rules", it will help you tremendously not to screw things up when you meet an exciting Sag, or any man for that matter.

I'm a Leo Woman and I'm currently in a relationship with a Sagittarius man. We've been together a little bit over a year now and He's been the best man to me. I could not ask for a better man. Knowing how Leo women are, we tend to search for love in the wrong places and end up getting our heartbroken by some guy who does not adore us. I connected instantly with this man when we first met, it was almost like he knew me since forever. He inspires me to explore, travel, and discover the world. This fills my heart with light and warmth and it fulfills him to his heart.

My Sagittarius man is by far one of the most nicest guy I've ever met. I can't complain at the fact that he adores and loves me dearly. This is what every Leo woman want, its to be adored by her man and showered with love and affection.

I suggest to any Leo woman to seek a Sagittarius man. He seeks adventures, and a partner who can handle his wild side. He's also very enthusiastic and charismatic and a very optimistic man. We always enjoy each others company and have a good time wherever we go, because this man knows how to make me laugh and connects with me at a level that no one else understands.

So yes Leo women, go for the Sagittarius man.

I'm a Leo woman in love, love, LOVE with a Sagittarius man. This is my third serious relationship (I'm 30) and it's the first time I've ever felt truly IN LOVE. He is my lover, my companion, my best friend. I feel like he's the reason I never settled, he's what I've been waiting for my whole life.

Everything I read about Sag's are true, though! They aren't the most romantic creatures and he sure doesn't put me on a pedestal very often but he shows his love and affection in other ways that make me feel loved and adored more than I could have ever imagined.

If you're a Leo and can put your ego and pride aside and be an equal in a relationship then I say go for it! Best of luck!

I am a 26yr old Leo female and completely in love with a very married sag man. Our connection is unlike anything I have ever felt, he gets me completely and is absolutely everything I have ever wanted. We had an immediate connection, physical and mental, from day one. My heart belongs to him but again he is married. I have no doubt that if he were single, we would be perfect together! So.. until then, I'm waiting on a miracle! (As bad as it sounds, some things you can't control.) Good luck to everyone with the search for happiness...

I'm a sag man, she's a Leo women.... she has a boyfriend though, back in her home country, which I'm currently living in now. she's living in my home country doing or 'trying' to do the long distance thing with her man.... we hung out roughly 3-4 weekends before I left home and moved to her country... eerrgghhhh I miss her heaps and I think she feels the same way... she mentioned the possibility of leaving her current man for me before I left home because we get on like a house on fire, I think we are both very sexually attracted to one another.. well I feel that way, I think she feels that way but am not sure am almost sure but you can never be too sure right....what to do..?

My thought is to tell her how you feel. Life's too short...

I'm a Sagittarius guy and I dated a Leo girl, the relationship all and all was crazy and long. The sex was amazing we did so many kinky things. However the reason why the sex was so kinky was because the spontaneity factor, we would have sex at random times and in any place. There were sometimes where we had sex in the same place but it was very rare.

We even made it half way through the book of Karma Sutra positions. We were never afraid to try new things in bed, we did everything from bringing toys into bed to bringing new people into bed.

The relationship wasn't as good as the sex though. We had arguments just like any other normal couple, we just weren't very good at solving them. Every time we tried to solve a problem it usual ended in sex, good sex but it never solved the problem.

The best part of this whole relationship is the fact that I am a transgendered male, she never had a problem with the fact that I was born a female. We had more sex than the normal male/female couples we knew. Somehow though we just never could deal with our problems in a conventional way. Eventually we just couldn't stand being together, so we broke up. That didn't stop us from being friends with benefits though.

In some odd way once we broke up the sex got even better. I didn't think that was possible but I guess you can never say never.

A transgendered Sagittarius male, and one that was born a man are too different factors... so your relationship was basically a sag woman with a Leo woman... you just had a penis...

I'm a Leo woman and Im madly in love with my Sagittarius man! he's AMAZING! He caters to my every desire, while not being too submissive or letting me walk all over him... The sex we have is Heaven sent! We love laughing and playing together... We have or little tiffs, but because we love each other so much- we generally work them out rather quickly! I say if your a Sag Man and you want a Leo woman- GO FOR IT! and If your a Leo Woman with the hots for a Sag man - Do your thing honey!

I'm a Leo woman in love a Sagittarius man we've been together for 6 years we have 2 beautiful boys. Do you think we are ready for marriage or is it risky for our signs?

I'm a Leo female who is 18 and went out with a 16 year male and he was sweet and honest at first but then became a total jerk .Plus we only was together for a mouth. He would say some petty heartless thing to me, try to make me jealous, and make me think about why am I even with him. I will never do that again.

I am a Sagittarius man in a relationship with a Leo guy. Our relationship tends to be extreme and swings one way and another but so far I like it.

We are both homebodies, which is strange considering that he and I are supposed to be more outgoing (according to zodiac descriptions), but I think I can attribute that part to our rising signs; his is in Scorpio whilst mine is in Taurus.

We have good sex, our communication is great-although we are both stubborn when we disagree on view points: He gets aggressive and starts being passionate whilst I get offended by his "matter of fact" approach and think he is being excessive.

On the other hand, he thinks that I can be patronizing and belittling whilst I believe that he can be so narrow-minded and baseless in his arguments. Sometimes he just wants to argue for the sake of arguing and when I give him a piece of my mind, he withdraws and broods aih.... but nevertheless we survive and love each other tons.

Come to think of it, our relationship dramas often feel like that of a Scorpio/Taurus relationship. I think the rising sign does make its presence felt in a relationship and so does the moon sign. It would be ideal to consider all 3 when analyzing the relationship.

I'm a Leo woman in love with a SAG man. I have been introduced to his brother and sister-in-law. I wish things would move a little faster, but I am being patient and not trying to control his speed AAGGH! I am assuming meeting his brother is a very positive move and that I should just let him take his time. Also, I really like the above entry- thanks for the optimism!

Leo woman. Date the Sagittarius jackass if you love crying and getting hurt. He'll only hold you back with his shitty "smart" comments and would easily trade emotions for sex.

This relationship is "no go". Unless you're into that love/hate routine.

I'm a Leo women who had a 1year friendship with a sag guy! we met at a cafe with a couple of his friends, exchanged contact details, and just stayed in touch through e-mail. after that year went by, we finally caught up with each other. I've been single for 7yrs, and still am. He's been single for 8yrs! Anyway, not looking to have a relationship with anyone, very happy in my own company, something really bizarre happens. Our first meeting was awesome, considering he traveled long and far to visit, but was pressing for time so was real short. A week later, he txtd saying he's on his way over, be their in 20min. My thoughts were! ehh??? anyway like most on here we enjoyed each others company to the point that parting became very teary eyed. Long story short, in just a short couple of weeks he starting having feelings for me and couldn't bring himself to tell me face to face, so he txtd me a question? (would you ever consider moving in with me? My thought was! (Whaaa) Lol. shocked, hit by lighting??? I replied back! with So much to think about and to take into consideration) yeah okay I thought! We made plans and looked at places, it felt so right, but I couldn't help but get this nagging feeling that something was off! Oh OMG, things were sweet one minute than next, it was as if someone suddenly flips the channel over! I knew in my heart he was leaving next day! and he did! Yeah I was hurt and let down, funnily enough, only affected me for one day! I just bounced right back and got on with my life as if nothing happened! Forgave him and just carried on with life as normal. week later he rings me to apologize, I made him feel better and said I had forgiven him, when he walked out! One thing is for sure, I been on a roller coaster ride in my past, and I know how to get off and stay off at the next stop! We had a real solid friendship. But when you cross a line, theirs know going back, the friendship has been salvaged by one simple mistake. Mine not his! I let my protective shield down to let someone in, wrong move! Learn from it, wipe it off and move forward!

I am Leo woman in a long distance contact with a sag man, for a yr & half. We speak everyday. he visited me once & we have plans to meet again next few days. My problem is I m becoming possessive about him. due to which I do accuse him & fight with him quite often, but we some how make it up by next day...I know I am wrong to do this & started being afraid of losing him too. But don't know how to handle it..

Plz sag guys help and advise me..

Leo woman married to a Sag man for 16 yrs, together for 18 yrs. The Sag will never adore the Leo woman the way we expect, but he will love her deeply. Yes the sex will be amazing and the fights will be loud and mean, but the relationship will be fun and spontaneous. You will be friends first. It's in a Sag's nature to not be tied down, but if any woman can do it, it'll be a Leo. That doesn't mean he'll stay. I say tone your ego down a bit, fellow Leo ladies, and keep your bags packed for an adventure of a lifetime. Just remember, he's with you because he loves you. And you're with him because you love him. He's not your subject and you're not his plaything. Communication is key. I always do little things to remind my hubby he's lucky I chose him, just as I know I'm lucky he chose me. Did I mention the sex is amazing?

I am 26 yr old woman who had a rough experience with a sag. man he was real cool and our chemistry was hot...I don't know what really went wrong it was kind of because we both didn't trust each other almost if everything was just to good to be true... when it was good it was good, when it was bad.. oh it was bad!!!

I am a Leo woman who has recently fell crazy in love with a sag man. we met only two weeks ago but it feels like we've known each other forever. we keep saying how incredibly shocked we are at the instant chemistry between us :) neither of us has experienced anything like this before. I agree with one of the comments above: it does feel like he is the one I waited for all my life. (I am 34, never married) but then again it has only been two weeks and if I understand correctly most of the problems between Leos and sags begin after about a month or two.... keeping fingers crossed...

Leo woman dating a Sag man 12 years younger. He's a fantastic man - very intelligent, resilient, humorous and thoughtful. We have fantastic fun together, both enjoy sports, and the sexual chemistry is mind blowing. He makes me so happy when things are great, but he sinks into a negative mood/depression so quickly and that turns me off and pushes me away. I got tired of it and stopped talking to him. We are now seeing each other again after a 3 month split due to his mouth. That Sag mouth where they want to say everything they believe to be the truth I found to be harsh, critical and bordering on verbal abuse. Anyway, we've talked it out and arrived at a truce, at least we're trying to be friendly now.

im a Leo woman 24 years old never had a boyfriend in my life. . I live a happy life until I've met this 28 year old Sagittarius man a year ago. he works abroad and I'm in my own country. he visited me in our home together with his brother in law whom happened to be my father's very close friend. after we introduced to each other and after I said "hi" I went to my bedroom and never came out again. I don't know maybe I don't want him to see me red face because I'm very nervous even my heart beats faster. I felt guilty so my friend advised me to send message through internet so I did it. I said sorry for what I did. and I told him that I felt nervous seeing him. im just being honest with my message. but no reply from him so I don't know what he is thinking. after one year we met again in my brother's wedding. im the maid of honor and he's one of the groomsmen. I don't know but it happened this way. he got the garter and I got the bouquet. I can't explain the feelings I have now but all I know is I miss him everyday and I always think of him at night and even the moment I wake up. to be honest I also think of some sexual fantasies with him reminiscing the day of wedding when he hold my face and kissed me on my cheek in front of everyone and when he hold me in my arms during picture taking. every time I move away I can feel his hands holding me back close to his body. his brother in law told my father that he likes me very much but I cannot feel it. I don't think he likes me. he's not texting nor sending message. right now, im thinking of him. wondering if he already flew to America. am I going to pursue my feelings for him or just forget what happened in the past? I felt like im not important to him.

I am Leo female...secretly dating a sag man who happened to be my first boyfriend. We lost connect over the years and recently found each other again. I cant believe that he could potentially be my soulmate...after all these years...we share a strong chemistry and I am dying to see him. He sends me pics and guys he is so handsome...I just cant wait be with him. Just one problem is married and I am also married. But I know he is my soulmate and its just sad that we both in this situation. I love him more than my husband. sorry, but its the true. I have always loved him and he feels the same way about me. Pls advise

I am a 41 year old Leo woman and I have dated my Sag for about a year. Let me start by saying HOLY SEX!!! Two fire signs are insane in the sack. The flip side o that coin is that a Leo wants to feel...we want to understand...we want respect. A Sag man could care less about your feelings or your understanding. Respect is also a problem. I believe the Sag is a bit more narcissistic then the Leo. Leo just has a large ego. We give a lot but demand return. My advice is remember that a Sag is a bad boy and a bad boy can give you a bad life...but what a good kisser lol

well im a Leo (19) and I just recently start talking to a sag male (20) and I can honestly say its really great soon as we meet we couldn't stop talking to each other its like we just click the attitudes vibe so well so all Leos I KNOW how we are lol and if any one can balance us out its them! lol

I'm a Sagittarius man seeing a Leo woman. I have never felt so much love for a woman than I've felt for my Leo. If we're not tearing up with emotion we're loving each other to death.. lol. My Leo is very very sensitive and I love that in her, I only wish she hadn't been hurt by others in her past. She carries a lot of heart ache in her soul that is taking awhile to mend. Thinking of her gets me threw each and every day, when I see her face my heart is filled with love and joy. How grateful I am to have found her..

My boyfriend is Sagittarius, I'm Leo, and I have the best relationship ever. We are one year in it, and so long by now, there's no any problems or fights.

Sex is great, randomly and spontaneously curious, so much passionate and same time kinky and wild. He is the best friend I've ever had. I love and respect his independence and individual spirit. Matches with my free way of thinking and living.

I'm a Leo woman with a Sag fiance.

And we've been together 8 years now, engaged 1year.

It's been the most rewarding relationship.

Earlier on in our life we had our disagreements but not anymore.

We understand each other and sex is mind blowing

I am a Leo woman who recently met a sag man. It was instant fireworks in every aspect of the relationship...communication, sex, how we relate, etc. I have never met someone with whom I hit it off with so well so fast, it was as if we fit perfectly. However, I feel that the intensity of it all so quickly scared him. He is using his work to cool things down, so typical of a sag....they need their space. I am just sitting back and waiting for him to feel comfortable because he is soo worth the wait. I would recommend to any Leo...go for a sag it is worth it. Oh and by the way stay a way from Scorpio's. I was married to one for 15 years and dated two others, they all were a disaster....I am amazed I stayed married as long as I did!!

I'm a Leo female in love with a Sag man. he's my everything. We have are fights sometimes but I love him so much at the end of the day. He's not the most emotional guy. or romantic. but just hearing him say I love you makes me happy. He's the best sign I ever dated, so Leo women please go for the sag. man. you may have some ruff times but they wont last long :)

We been together to two months I'm 27 he is 20. The sex is crazy the best I ever had we have sex anywhere. We try so many new things in bed we are both freaks I met my match. He is funny as hell and we have fun when we are together. One thing that's good I know I am the woman and he is the man in the relationship which is a good thing because in the past I had to be both. But we butt heads so often he is so unemotional if I'm having an issue he acts like he does not care sometimes. He is very very blunt he does not hold any commitment back which hurts me sometimes. Also he is so jealous possessive telling what I can and can't do that's the only time he shows any emotion is when I do things he dislikes. He is always bored I spend most of my day entertaining him which never works out. When all else fails we have sex. . He loves his independence and we spend the same time apart that we do together but it's killing me because I want to be near him. But I know that crowding him would upset him. I also wonder a lot about if he is faithful to me because SAG men are so flirtatious I would go out on a limb and say I love him but I'm so afraid that the feeling is not mutual because he is so standoffish. A fight is not a fight he either does not respond to the fight at all or he is very mean but no matter the issue the bond we have is some what unbreakable we always find away back to each other once one of us pushes our pride aside and picks up the phone. Which in most cases is me. I feel like it's his world and he control the relationship which is not easy for a Leo we can be bossy but a SAG man can be a hand full

I'm a Leo woman seeing a Sag man now, some of it is true, I want to say, however; let a Sag man win you and KEEP winning you always, if you're a Leo woman, don't pick up the phone first, when he wants you he'll call, not as a Sag, but as a man. No matter how long you're in a relationship, every four phone calls he makes, you make one. And ladies, read the "Rules", it will help you tremendously not to screw things up when you meet an exciting Sag, or any man for that matter.

Sag man trying to date a Leo woman.

Good lord the moment it finally clicked inside my head I wondered why I hadn't been after this girl as soon as she started working at the same place I worked at. She likes the same things I like, almost uncannily. A friend liked her first so I tended to respect his unsaid wishes. After a medium period of time elapsed (in which said friend failed to court said Leo) I decided to start pursuing her (sorry if that comment made you feel like an object Leos). This woman just... seems to glow. The way any light bounces off her face just mesmerizes me. Her actions and words confuse me and enthrall me all at the same time. I also seem fated to run into her nonstop when just thinking of her. Amazing timing and luck are definitely pushing us towards each other, whether she sees it or not (which I think she does). But damn if this girl isn't a hard one to convince. I sense she has a huge amount of self pride, loves me, embarrassed by me, and doesn't want to 'settle' with me and thinks she could do better. But damnit I guarantee you she hasn't been loved by anyone like me. I can feel it. She's been handed around by different guys, heart broken too many times to count, and worst of all, disappointed (When I'm near her I'm pretty sure I can read her mind... (Just trying to be honest)). I'm here to only ask if I can have a chance - and if I get that chance she'll soon see for herself. I notice that there's a competition with her every time we talk - some sort of 1-upping. I'll do something that may make her angry and jealous and she'll try to do something that'll make me just a touch angrier or more jealous than I accidentally made her.

And to the lady who posted above me - You are my problem. A 1-4 call ratio? Are you serious? I think this relationship could get on it's feet faster and we could get to having fun, if you were to just call me for once, invite me over and try to stop hiding your deeper emotional side and -not be scared-. Because that's what you are - a scared lil cat - Afraid to take the first jump because of how hard you've fallen before. Just stop underestimating me. I promise everything will be alright.

And comon you can feel 'it' when we're close. Stop lion to yourself.

I'm a Leo woman and dated a Sag. man for a bit over two months, we actually knew each other for over 10 years. two years after my divorce and 5 months after his separation; He tells me through email that he's always been attracted to me, since the first time he saw me, so I asked why didn't he say anything before? his reply was that I was always "busy" (meaning with boyfriend) he flattered me by telling me how he always looked at me, thinking I was unreachable, reminding me how I like my food, he even remembered my first was amazing. I was not attracted to him before this episode, but after his confession, I became interested. In those two months, we had a lot of fun, the sex was not that great, since I was always in charge, I remember him saying that he never experienced not been able to take control in the act of sex, for some reason I was overpowering him, which he admitted. We talked about what the relationship was to each other, to me it as just a relationship between two adults, who are starting to get to know each other, he wanted to named it boyfriend and girlfriend, he actually ask me if I wanted to be his girlfriend, which I said yes, no big deal. Anyhow, the two months went by, he started to avoid me, for no known reason, he stop calling me; It was a very immature behavior. Finally I confronted him and ask why was he acting like that, he said not to know, he just felt like something was missing, as soon as I heard that, I proposed to end the relation. What I noticed about this Sags is that they are very immature, selfish and mean, and I don't care how hard they say they are, they are so sensitive to criticism, that they will not stand a chance with a direct, honest, mature and very proud Leo woman; Sorry Sag boys, but it takes a long time for you to grow up. Female Leos like me, don't waste time in that kind of nonsense; and no hurt feelings, we are still very good friends, but that line, I will never cross again.

To "Sag man trying to date a Leo woman". I understand that you want to get things fast and furious with your Leo.

That's fire, that's great. Remember that true love stands the test of time and romance has to develop on its own speed. Keep going after Leo, and she will be generous. But take her SERIOUSLY.

My Sag, although it's been only six weeks, has already ran his mouth so that I am offended, and really not into it at this time. The first true, developing feelings for someone are generally delicate and shy, and he has already ran over it. Not smart, Sag, your mouth is your downfall. As a Leo, I'm not sure if I want to come back for more.

I started dealing with a Sag this past Spring and I must say this lioness is caught up! As Leo women (or most women for that matter) we LOVE to have our ego stroked, we live to be adored. Ironically, not getting that goddess attention from my Sag doesn't seem to matter. He's not big on vocalizing what he's feeling as far as being smitten, but he shows it in other ways. He's so attentive. He remembers dates, and places, details, allergies, likes/dislikes, the small things, the big things etc. He makes my heart melt on those rare occasions when he gets mushy. We fit like hand in glove. Our aggression, and confident demeanor are what attracts Leo woman to Sag men and vise versa. Each enjoys the way that power is handled by the other. I admit that I have to suppress my desire to be possessive with this man, the last thing a Sag man wants is to feel tied down. The connection and friendship between a Leo woman and a Sag man is phenomenal. I enjoy my Sag so much! He's special to me, and exactly who I want in my life.

I am Lioness, and have been seeing a Sag for the last 5 months, Actually I saw him many months before at a launch party, we both work at the space center, anyway I hunted him but stayed at a distance next launch party I pursued him and he happily obliged. He text me I blew him off, he text me I blew him off, then the unthinkable happened I ran into him at a store.. crazy he had the balls to come up to me and talk after I blew him off twice. I thought this guys got some balls, or he did not know I blew him off either way I have to go out with him... Well did and have been together ever since he is sexy hot and we have the best sex anyone could ever ask for not only that he gets me, duz not always adore me like I would like but I respect that he is not one of my people he is my man. I melt when he looks at me with those gorgeous hazel eyes and knows exactly where to touch me, the sex is way out of this world I am not embarrassed and he does what ever I ask him to, not scared not thinking I am crazy just way too much chemistry. Plus so sweet and childlike we have so much fun its crazy never thought I could be so happy!!!

Bad part is don't expect a phone call every nite declaring his love it wont happen.. That's the part that bugs me, but when we get together maybe only on the weekends its fireworks every time.... How do I get him to ask me to move in with him without loosing my pride?? that's my quest..

My Sagittarian fiance is kind, loving sexy and thoughtful but he can also be hyper-sensitive emotional and impulsive/ he's also not very good with money but this contented lioness loves him to bits, besides he makes a great dad

:) I rather think my Sag guy is adorable and pretty sweet, people say he can seem a bit blunt and uncaring, but Sag men just need freedom, Freedom, FREEDOM!

Sure, he makes his way of going off in his own little world, but mind you! Leos shouldn't be obsessive and grabble at him, he will come over and love on you, just give him freedom but DO show that you love him. :') it's alright making a first move too!!

Well, I'm a Leo woman that has a serious crush on a sag man. Only thing is, I've tried on several occasions to hint at him, but he just doesn't seem to get it. We talk and talk and talk, and I feel we have something there. I'm really tired of just sitting around and waiting on him to say something, so maybe I'll just make the first move.

I am a Leo women in a relationship with a sag

Man. We have been dating for 7 months, I can

Say this has been one of the best relationships

I've ever been in. I didn't think it was possible

Finding someone like him. He's is honestly everything

I've ever wanted in a man. He's caring loving

Thoughtful optimistic . He teaches me so much

And I am willing to learn. Leo women are quite stubborn

At times. I do believe he could be my soul mate

We get along great we both are amazed how much

We can relate to each other, listen and help each other

We do have tiny arguments but usually we try and resolve

Them right away. Communication is the key in every relationship

If your a Leo try getting to know a sag man you might

Be pleasantly surprised :)

im a Leo women(18) dating a sag. man (21), we have been dating for 9 months going on ten soon, he is my first and I feel like there's nobody else I want in the world right now, he's funny smart, loving, caring, he's everything I ever wanted in a guy but then he has his down falls like he's mouth gets on my nerves at times, at first I felt like I was being bullied because he wouldn't take me seriously so then I had to stop talking to him for a week, he hated it, he would try in find anyway to get me to talk to him and see him by sending me love texts and facebook messages, I had forgave him and ever since then he takes me seriously, no he's not the most romantic person by him not buying flowers or showering me gifts all the time but I can tell how important I am to him by how looks at me when im on the other side of the room or how he always asks how my day was when were not together, its too early to say if well be together till marriage or not but I love him and whatever happens to our relationship, I don't want him out him out of my life.

I'm a Leo woman 28 with a Sag man 30. We have been together for 3 years and have a 8 month old daughter together. My last relationship of 6 years was with a sag also. Let me start by saying it's a VERY challenging relationship. I feel my last boyfriend loved me and would do more for me than the one I have now. I feel my boyfriend now is only worried about sex and mad we don't have a sex life, being a new working full time mother I'm really tired. I take care of our daughter non stop. He is a HARD worker but I feel like all we do is ARGUE. I am very stubborn but I CAN admit when I am really wrong about something, now him other the other hand can NEVER admit crap. He will fight me over anything. He's inconsiderate! I don't feel it will last but then again the sex is wonderful (when we have it) that is one thing I will say about a sag male. My boyfriend has no respect for women I feel, he has put his hands on me and has called me a c*nt. What man calls the mother of their child that? I just don't think we are right for each other. I have a daughter with him though and I came from a broken home so I'm torn as to what I should do? A Cancer has been trying to talk to me but I've read about them and they say they are moody and clingy. Sags are defn NOT clingy so I don't know if I can go to one extreme to another, I need a happy medium! Any suggestions on a good sign. I think I just got the rare as*hole of a sag cuz normally Leo's and sags get along? Any suggestions?

You just have an asshole… Sag usually are good dad's they adore kids.

im a Leo woman and I meant this sag guy the sex is so hot, oh my goodness who he is mysterious I don't get in his way I use to be upset when I had plans to go out and he says I cant go I'll get up set and call and make bad comments and he will tell me your thinking about your past im not like them he melts my heart no other man sign has done, he said to me I'll put you before my friends anytime, he is so kinky my first time ever dating a sag. don't deal with a Scorpio they're more emotional Aquarius sneaky and cant hold on to money, Capricorn cant get it together Aries cheaters, Gemini players, Virgo confusing, Libra stupid and insensitive think its all about them and what they can get out of you.

Hummm... where to start? This is one of the most fulfilling relationships I have ever been in. When we met the entire world stood still and has yet to begin spinning again. I don't see anyone else when I am with him. There is a rather large age difference between he and I, but his playful spirit makes me believe he is younger than I am. I do love him with every ounce of my soul and I feel that same comfort and love from him. This is the best relationship I have ever been in or could ever want to be in.

Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences, good and bad...I feel like I understand Sagittarius man better. I will continue trust God and wait for the mate has for me....God Bless You!!!!

I am a Leo woman and im in love with a sag. man, we have been dating for about a year now. He is first my bestfriend, and we understand each other entirely. I can tell him anything and everything, his is like my soul mate understanding and NOTHING I have ever experienced before. He can finish my sentences, our cuddling and when im without him I relly feel imcomplete. I can be my total self around him and everything with us is fun and exciting. He completes me sexually and make sure I am satisfied and vise versa. We give each other the space needed, and fight just like any couple but we know how to resolve it and let it go and also move forward. He gives me all the attention needed and I do all needed for him. The relationship we have is amazing. This I would say is a PERFECT match.!

I am a Leo woman and I recently started talking to a Sag man. I can't believe the chemistry!! I am looking forward to getting to know him. We have so much in common and I can feel it that we will have a lot of fun traveling, bonding, and just goofing off together.

Coming off a relationship with a Pisces (which is virtually on the other side of the earth), I cannot believe how natural it is communicating with Sag. Pisces could never just be and express how he feels and I had a hard time being myself around him. But with this Sag, from our very first conversation, we clicked! Surprisingly, I can only recall one Sag man in my life and he's a good friend and now that I think about it we've have so much fun over the years occasionally hanging out as friends (almost buddy-like; I guess that best friend thing really is Sag's approach). We laughed at silly things (sometimes at ourselves) until tears come out our eyes!

This new Sag is so different from Pisces and I am amazed at how effortlessly he brings out the playful, funny, passionate sides of me. Probably because he is all those things too.

I am a Leo woman and have been with a Saggi man for 6 years. Relation with Saggi man is a roller coaster ride. Yes, he is d best friend, the soul mate. There is a magical pull. The fites are constant. Saggi and Leo can't live without each other. A philosphical person, He is d 1 who can tame a leo. and it is only a Leo who can tie a Leo in a commitment. But yes he would not compromise on his freedom.

Flirting for a saggi would not stop. This is something that a Leo wil have to deal with. But at the end of the day he will come back to you and love you dearly.

The sex is phenomenal. Any where, any time. :-)

I am a Virgo woman and I am seeing a Sagittarius man for almost two years. Although I am a Virgo, in my birth chart I have a lot of Leo characteristics and they come to play in everything I do. For example, I have the pride, the determination, the jealousy, the compassion, I have it all. Anyways, our relationship started as friends and slowly progressed into a committed relationship. Sagittarius man do commit, but before they do they look at goods and the bads, and they take time to make their decision if they really want you. If they commit they can be the sweetest people on earth. We do have disagreements at times, but we always end up resolving any problems by just talking to each other, giving both reasons to why something bothers us and so on. They are very positive signs, and always ready to have fun. YOU MUST LET HIM TAKE THE LEAD! this is something that it is essential for him, otherwise he can be very angry and rude. Never try to control him or posses him ot doesn't work. A sag. that really loves you might flirt innocently because of their nature, but will always be loyal to you! The sex is so amazing, it is like we devour each other. There are times when I feel emotionally unsatisfied, and I want to leave him, but I can't its like he has a hold of me. We always have such great time together! I am not pushing him to marry me or anything, but really hope that we will be forever together. he is definitely the best man I have ever been with!

( He loves woman that take care or themselves, loves honesty, intelligence. On the other hand he hates sad atmosphere, nagging and negative thinking, if you think you can avoid this you will have the best time with him!)

Good luck to all of you! =)

I just met a sag about 3 weeks ago. his brother lives in my complex. he took my number texed the next day then nothing for about a week. then another tex, hi sexy. then a call this week but it was late 11 pm. I did not answer. then yesterday he tex if I want to hang out. then he called and said he could come over. He brought two dozen roses with him. we talked a lot he did want to have sex but I dont put out that easy, he is going have to work my me. we are suppose to go to a halloween party together on sat nite. he is fine smells good and dresses hot. all the ladies on here say how great sex is with sags. can't wait to find out. also good info for me to sit back and don't push which is very hard thing for me. wish me luck

Years ago, 15 to be exact, I fell head over heals for SAG man. He was wonderful! Traveling everywhere! Sex? Yes! Everywhere, anywhere, always! ALWAYS UNSPEAKABLE! Then...The Leo possessiveness reared her head, constant arguing and breaking up and getting back together. Finally! I ended the cycle, well he kinda did - got his ex-wife preggie! Surprised the hell out of me. Didn't see that coming.

Went thru a string of Cancer men - 3 to be exact - and none compared to my SAG MAN!

Now, 15 years later, finally met another SAG. Just met him. A mutual friend said he was smitten by me. Wanted to introduce us. He seems frantically nervous and BTW - he's 9 years younger. I'm gonna proceed with caution and give this a try.

AND! The phone calls? Since he BEGGED for my number, he's only used it once in a week. That's an eyebrow raiser...

I am a married Leo woman. I have recently met a Sagittarius man (who is also in a relationship) who I instantly had this deep connection with from our first interaction. I have feelings for him, even though I don't know everything about him, all I know is that I feel something with him that feels awesome! It's like he just understands me and when we look at each other, I feel like we are looking at each other's souls. I'm not 100% sure if he knows how I feel about him, but I think he might because of his attentiveness and physical response to me. On one hand I feel so excited about this connection but on the other hand I feel terrible because I am married.

I really like this guy and he's a sag. how do I know if he's into me or not?

-crushing hard Leo

I am a working Leo women &my hub is sag.we have completed 25 yers of our merriage & seen ups & down . & I now strongly believed that the only sag man keep happy to Leo women.coz we both are best lover and best fighter.i wtd 2 share my personal exp.that he is the same person whom I took divorce with two children & I spent 5 yers as a single mother ,aft sepration of 5 yers we got again merry & now I realised that without Leo women is dull.the best part of our relationship is that we both are very sexy and I think jast coz of sexual attraction my merriage is working smoothly & amazing.we both are hot tempered & stubborn.there are so many differenc in opnion but as my exp. if Leo can put her ego and pride a side this is fantastic relation on earth.sag men are little tactless & foolishy courageous.but they are honest.we have great sex life, fun laoughter enjoying full freedom,the omly sag men can keep wild lioness intensity & fullfil her desire.the explosive se x life is the key reason to coming back to sag man.i would say that Leo sag is perfect match. GO FOR IT AND ENJOY PRECIOUS LIFE WITH SAG MAN.

I am a Leo woman who has a deep friendship with a Sag man that is turning into a beautiful relationship the more we get to know one another. We have worked together for 8 months and became good friends, he has been my friend thought a terrible breakup a few months ago and his happy face and ability to make me laugh helped me get through many difficult days. He is overseas at this time for work but thankfully we have the ability to communicate every day.

His Sag characteristics draw me closer and closer to him every time we talk. I'm glad we became friends and are taking our time to get to know one another, he is becoming the best thing in my life more and more.

where to start? hmmmmmm..Well I am a Leo woman (30 yrs old) and 15 yrs ago my first love is a Sag. I have been married for 12 yrs to a Virgo. He is jealous, possesive, was physically abusive before, but loves me with all his heart. So back to the Sag. I ran into his sister like 4 months ago in the grocery store, She added me on her Facebook, So I recieved a message from him the next day asking if I remembered him. I replied back, and we have been in touch ever since. The fist time we seperated was beyond our control..but now, he is single and I am married! not happy =( And everytime we talk to each other its like magic, we never knew we had sooooo much in common, he is so loving, caring and he tells me everything he feels for me. very open about his feelings. We are like bestfriends...He says he loves me and wants me to be his wife! I am seriously thinking of leaving my husband for him! we have not had sex, but I see from reading here it is one of the best and he te lls me that too! I am sooooooooo in love with him! I told him about my doubts cause I know Saggi's love freedom and he said he would never do anything to jeapordize our relationship, he does not want to lose me again! and truthfully I don't want to lose him either...We feel we are each others soulmates! please advice....15 yrs later found first love! lost virginity to each other and all :S

im a Leo who got divorced 13 years ago. Sag workmate was always there as a friend until one day we were sitting at a table with another friend who suddenly says "oh my god! look at you two!!". apparently we were just sitting staring at one another and it was very clear we had a connection.

We began "seeing" one another on a regular basis, I couldnt believe how easy it was to be with him. like we'd been together forever,in another life maybe! I being a bossy Leo wanted to know after 4 months where the relationship was heading as it all seemed so perfect and obvious that we were soulmates. He got cold feet. he told me it wasn't me, it was him (god!).

i still think of him every day and see him in my dreams. I am now in a 10 year relationship with a Virgo but feel that if I were to visit my saggi ex, we would pick up exactly where we left off. For me, this was a match made in heaven,like I was a part of him and he was a part of me on a level so deep that words cannot explain.

Im happy enough I gues where I am now, but I think sagg man would definately be the right one for Leo lady.

i'm a Leo girl (18 years) and he is a Sag guy (19 years)..

actually i'm in a very confusing situation… I've known this guy since six months but never spoke to him ..he is in my college we just started chatting online for two weeks now, and we really connected...i mean really!!

we always have something or the other to talk or joke about...we saw each other a couple of times at college and exchanged hi's ans bye's.... but the problem is that he is a good friend of my ex boyfriend who is a Scorpio(20 years)… I got to know him through my ex when we were still dating...

we are not dating anymore but SAG doesn't know much about my relationship with Scorpio....the only thing I've told him is that my relationship was very rocky and not good....

An advice here for all Leo girls....if your anywhere near a Scorpio make him feel like S#IT....because that's what they deserve....they will only make you feel miserable and try to put you down to the times they will show you no respect at all...and will always scream out the bitter truth even if not needed at all...there is also a big chance that they will cheat on you....their moods also keep changing and you have to go along with it whether you like it or not...they will sometimes make you also feel like a sextoy...they are pathetic b@stard$ if they are anywhere near I suggest you to knee them in their misters...

okay...back to my sweet SAG..about my relationship with my ex… He was asking to know more...but I told him I would tell him all about it later...

I really think we connect a lot....and I would love to be in a relationship with such a fun and outgoing person… but I really need to know if he is okay with dating a friend's ex girlfriend...(i need your help SAG guys...)

Sag and Scorpio have known each other for just 7-8 months… but i'm not sure what SAG wants to do...i know that I should not rush into a relationship but be friends first and that is what i'm doing...but I need to know this so that I can control myself from being so deeply involved with him...he is always sweet to his nature depicts...

so I really don't know what to do...please help me out someone.... :(

Hi! I'm a Leo female and I sorta have been dating this adorable Sag guy for 4 months, with few dates. He and I have agreed to take things slow at the beginning and I actually made it clear that I neither want a casual relationship or a fully committed one, pursueing my dream career is now my top priority. However, the person I date must not sleep around, otherwise I'm out.

On our first date, the guy told me he knew we would make a good couple. He asked me to give him three weeks to clear himself up and get rid of other girls. I said okay and he disappeared. After one month he called to inform me that he had gotten rid of the others. I was thankful that he did this for me. However, many of my friends have warned me not to get involve as he has this bad repution of being a womanizer and would just screw everyone whenever he has the chance. I myself also notice that he is a big flirt and he hardly makes any effort to go on a date or talk on the phone with me. He has always make it clear that he wants to keep things underexposed for now and see where the relationship would slowly take us.

He is always busy with work and his cycle of friends. He usually disappeared for weeks and when I was about to move on, he called to explain where he was, telling me he missed me and hoping I don?t hate him, then he disappeared again! Grrrr!

I keep my jealousy to myself and I give him a lot of space, somehow this sag makes me wonder whether he is ever going to take ?us? seriously or not. Couple of weeks ago I almost sleep with him, he wanted it so badly but I said no. We only made out and he dropped me home afterward. We kissed goodbye and he dissapeared for 2 weeks! He has been trying to contact me recently -as friendly as ever- but I haven't retuned any of his text. Part of me wants him so badly but it maybe better if I just end it now I dunno I'm scared of getting hurt.

He's a Sag/sun with Pisces/moon and Mars with Venus in Scorpio. I'm a Leo/sun with Cancer/moon, Capricorn/mars and Venus in Virgo. (4/8 and 8/12/86) I don't know how this thing works, further insight is very much appriciated!! :) Cecile x

So I am a Leo woman (18) and I've been "hooking-up" with a Sagittarius man (22) for about 6 months, on and off. The reason why I say hooking-up is because we never declared that we were in a relationship, and to this day I'm unsure of where we are going. But anyways, in these 6 months I've met one of the most fascinating guys there is. In the beginning, he was aggressive and unafraid to show his true self. As time went on and we slowly stopped talking, I found myself wanting his company back. We hung out occasionally and let me just say some good points about him and some bad ones. I'll start with the bad. The number one negative thing about a Sagittarius man is NO DOUBT his mouth. He is completely straightforward, speaks his mind without thinking, and is definitely not afraid to hurt your feelings. Leo women, we know how much of a struggle this is for us because we are egotistical with a completely sensitive heart. We get our feelings hurt easily, though some may and ot realize it. The Sagittarius man is not one to lie to you so if you ask for his opinion, you better be ready for his answer. His bluntness/rudeness I have come to realize is a huge part of him, something that is more than likely not going to change or will be very difficult for him to change. I am still trying to get used to it, trust me. Another thing, he indeed does love his freedom so don't take that away from him! It may take a while for him to realize you are the one (I'm still in the process of waiting) but I think if you give the Sagittarius man the right notions and time, he will see you are his number one. One of the best things about the Sagittarius man is that he is an intellectual thinker and loves to have interesting conversations. He sees the world in awe and it is this that makes the Sagittarius man so beautiful. Plus, he believes in living life to the fullest potential, and for most of us Leo women, we salute that idea being that we love to party! I'm not exactly sure how far astrology goes, but I believe a lot of the personality traits about each sign is pretty accurate with some exceptions and differences. However I wouldn't let all of this compatibility stuff get to your head because each individual is different. In the meantime, I hope me and my Sagittarius man turn into something more.

PS- Yes, the sex is awesome. Sagittarius men are definitely talented in bed!

Interesting enough, Cecile... I'm interested in a Sagi sun with Pisces Moon too AND he also has Scorpio Venus too. I hope it really goes well for you. Sagi can be confusing and frustrating, but somehow... I can't resist him. I'm a Leo sun Scorpio moon and Leo Venus.

For you, I suggest to take it slow and find out if he really wants you. Don't expect him to take you two seriously so soon though. You 2 are really compatible, btw (:

i'm a Leo woman had dealings with two sag men. first one didn't call for months and the out of the blue called wanted to come over for sex. the sex for me was ok the oral was amazing but sex for him was great (at least thats what he said calling for more). the last round I didn't call him back (leo ego).

my second sag is recent (like 5 days) but we work at the same job and I thought he was so cute when I first saw him a year ago but he was married so I let it go made it a point not to talk to him cause I knew my Leo passion would be hard to control when you like someone. so this sag asked the whole office to happy hour I didn't show. following monday I get a disappointed email from the sag saying the only reason he asked for an happy hour was so he could see me. of course i'm in shock of aren't you married. so now he is trying to court me hard giving me lots of attention and saying the right things that Leos love and as a Leo woman i'm using the line of well you never have too many friends which pissed him off. sags are very bold cause he came out and said he wanted more than friendship with me smh and as a Leo I said lets play it by ear... i'm a free spirt hard to tame (i have been married for 10 years divorced now)and I feel that him knowing that makes the chase even more h otter for him. so let the games begin, i'm waiting for him to give up and get marriage counseling. I don't think it will happen anytime soon though.

sags are bold that they make me blush and it takes alot. if sex is on their mind it will be on yours cause they will say it and expect it right there. im fine with it but I wish my coworker was not married I would have got a room on lunch break

I'm a lioness, dating a sag for a yr and a half.

When we first started dating, everything was fun. He made me feel secure and just brought joy into my life. Until 2 months into the relationship, he cheated. Sag men are not clingy. They are very flirty and don't want to be tied down. they need plenty of time to grow up... they say and do things that will hurt you, but they are jst to damn charming that you'll forgive them.

I forgave my sag. We are still together. But now the relationship is kinda hard. I have some trust issues concerning him and he doesn't reassure me. The one thing about a Leo is that every wish a sag makes is granted by a Leo. No matter how much we give, we get so little back in return.. and that's the one thigh I hate about sags, they only care for themselves sometimes. They have a hard time opening up..

The spark is still there. I think with just a little work, this relationship can have a fairy tale ending :)

I'm a Leo woman met a younger Sag man. Just like everyone here, we hit it off VERY well. For months we have dated, then all of a sudden he started talking about his ex, & I knew right then and there, she is trying to come back to him. He started acting like I didn't exist. Leo pride, I wasn't having it. So he stopped talking to me for at least 2 months. Recently I got a txt from him saying he would rather continuing talking to me instead of playing the childish games. Leo heart, I forgave him. Weeks went by, he asked to come over in the morning, but then he tried to kiss me . Me being over analytical, my eye brows was raised, & I didn't kiss him*m Because for months of not talking to me, then to trying to kiss me. Whoa!!! So I asked him some questions, no answer. We hugged goodbye, & now when I see him he looks sad, but he ignores me! WTF?? I truly care about him, & just want to know what he wants. Will he speak to me again, or should I just say oh well another 1 be ites the dust? Anyone can help, will be appreciated! Thanks!!

I met a Sag (sun) man w/ a Pisces moon. I was extremely attracted to him, and I was very intimidated by how attracted I was to every sense of the word. He approached me wanting an affair, and I told him that I'd like a chance to get to know him better. I am a Leo, and I don't sleep around. W/that being said, he ran the other way as quickly as he could. It's his loss, and I am thankful I was true to myself! Never settle ladies!!!!!

Sag men can get overly possessive and aggressive when they are in love. I don't think they are the best match for Leo woman because of their blunt mouths. I will never ever date another sag way too draining

I'm 31 and I have been dating my Sag for about 8 months but things aren't going the way I want them to. My sag works a lot to the point where I never really get to see him. He is usually too tired to stop by but sometimes I think he uses that as an excuse not to come and see me. The truth is due to my very moral upbringing I tend to keep him and arms length away. I want to change that but only to a certain extent. I don't believe in sleeping with this guy with one of my family members just a room away. I just can't seem to do it know that a family member is close by and I think it is pushing him away. I'm not a prude I actually want to be more psyhical with my sag but I'm extremely shy and I want to do it out away from my family. The problem we don't seem to have anywhere we can go and well you know. Sometimes I just don't think my sag cares as much I would like for him too. He says he does but he seems very distant and cold towards me. If anyone can shed some light on this subject please enlighten me, I could use the help. Thanks.

I'm a sag man talking to a Leo woman we are about to go on our first . Date and I can't wait and for all you Leo that said things bad about sags we still love you no matter if we say stupid things we just want evrything to be ok. in the end we will still come back and tell you we love you with all our heart atleast I would. And I tell this girl I like her so much tomm I'm never letting her go I hope we do fight so we can spank each other lol but that's it hope all these sexy couples make out cuz we rule the world hahahah I love this now I want to get naked with my leo, that's so wrong but take care

I'm a 35 year old Lioness. I just met a Sag who is literally the age old stereo type: tall, dark and sinfully handsome....and boy, does he know it. Our conversations are really like monologues; he talks and just expects that I listen. He's all brag, swag and quite a drag. Leo women, if you've found love with a Sag, great. But it's certainly not a given that it will be "in the cards". Just saying.

I am Leo woman who recently got into a relationship with sag man. He was one of my best friends for couple of years, we are also co-workers. I never knew I will fall for him. The more I got to know him, I realized this is the man I should be with. I've never seen a man who adored me so much and loved me as the way I am. We always have fun and love joking around. I refused to date him in the beginnig since he was 2 years younger but I see mature side of him as well, way better than other older men I've dated.

He makes me happy and knows how to take care me. Now I have boyfriend and a best friend together..

I am lucky to have him.

Met a Sag man and had instant chemistry. Problem is he's married. Been seeing each other secretly for over a month, but what I'm reading about Sags isn't making me feel like I should bother pursing this beyond the sex. End it on a high note, with him still trying to spoil the daylights out of this Lion.

I'm a Leo Woman (19) and I'm dating a Sag. Man (22). I've known him since last halloween at a party. I initiated talking to set him up with my friend, but it was an instant connection. He didn't leave my side the whole night and he even walked me to my car and kissed me. After, he consistently texted me, was obsessed and we spent almost every day together. He called me his girlfriend after 1 week. Then a month later he moved 30 mins away which wasn't a big deal but he wasn't so close to me, and he began being distant talking to me less and I got furious and self conscious. But every time I'd go to break up it'd end in Sex or us falling for each other, but that passion would only last when I was there with him. Then finally we fully fell out of touch because I was hanging out with his friends less and was done being hurt and not getting the attention I deserved. Suddenly this past month we ended up on a trip together and that fire was there. I saw him almost every weekend af ter, he even made an effort to come for my birthday. The thing is we've talked out all our problems, his communication issues and how I felt and he realized how much he hurt me and I found out why he did it. We realized we rushed into things and now we still get each other so well, but now time has allowed us to see how each other work. Recently he told everyone that he was going to ask me out again and be better, and I am just waiting for that day. Because as much as he may piss me off, he makes me more independent and I love him...a lot.

The thing with Sag men ladies is because they are so adventurous they hate to feel restricted! No Leo woman should ever have to change but you should tone it down. With all signs there are natural traits, but there is nothing wrong with balancing those traits out. He makes us more worldly and less self centered, so that we are able to reflect. A Sag man isn't all too romantic but when he is it makes a Leo woman's heart flutter so high and appreciative, never give up that feeling. You have to know that centaurs are smart and mean well, but they fuck up a lot that is just normal haha they're impulsive and crazy but they have a big heart, which is why we love them so much! a 19 yr. old Leo woman and my love for this 18 yr. old Saggitarius man is like ohemgee lol he has a girlfriend. we went to high school together and ive been crushing on him hard for like a year now sometime ilet my pride get the best of me and ithink thats why we arent together . iusually don't have any problem talking to dudes who ifind attractive but he was the first dude to actually make my heart skip a beat igot so shy when he was around even if he tried to talk to me icompletely ignored him but if only he knew it wasnt on purpose. he knows ilike him thought :) he is just a beautiful person when he first approched me iwas like THUG lol but idid some research and he was perfect he's very religious and that was the icing on the cake...ishould end this cause ican go on and on about him. moral of the story is iMissed my chance to be with someone who ifeel could have been my Happily Ever After , but still praying God puts us together One Day :)

Im a 19yr old lioness who loved a 25 yr sag male but both ov us in differen relationships so it was infedelity lol but he made me feel better than my current ariesboyfriend...who will criticize the crap outta you sags barely shws feeling but dnt mind telin you u da baddest bitch in the world and go home and dnt CAll for weekz...i want thingz to takeoff how I want it it would be over foor jealous Aries

im a sag female (19)and im in LOVE with a Leo female(20(,,she really likes me and cares about me but im not sure what am I to her exactly , im too afraid to declare my love and scare her off ,,well she doesn't know im a lezbo cuz its the first time I love a girl ..she makes me melt ,,waaat to doooo

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